Ford 3.8 head gasket, AXOD transmission failures Windstar Taurus Sable - Ford secret warranty?

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These items seem to have an incredible failure
rate (I have heard of both occurring at 15,000
mile. So far, there hasn't been an official Ford
recall that I know about. Has anyone successfully
gotten Ford to fairly address the issues ? How ?

PS- I just got a 1993 Sable with only 24 K miles
and the transmission is chattering on acceleration
after it gets hot ! Help.


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    The 3.8 engine and transmission is not good. I have a 92 and my second transmission is starting to go. It seems only to last about 80,000 miles and costs about $2200 to put a new one in. Also the motor mounts went twice also. I have never had motor mounts go in any other car I have driven before. The first set was covered on a recall. But the second set was on me. I really like my dealers service dept. but there is little they can do if Ford doesn't back their products. I think that the 3.8 has too much torque and that destroys the transmission and the motor mounts.
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    I had a headgasket leak into a cyclinder at 90K on my 3.8 L. Garage replaced head gaskets and planed heads for $1,200. At 120K the same thing happened. Temperature gage goes nuts and you lose antifreeze. I used a jar of gooky (can't remember the brand) head gasket/radiator sealer and I'm up to 170K with no problems to my radiator or engine.
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    I've got a 95 Taurus 3.8. Head Gasket issue cost $1200 and I got it down to $750 after much it absolutely guzzles gas (12.6mpg) and has developed a transmission clunk at 67,000. It has been a giant sucking sound on my wallet for 2 years. It will be gone in a month or so
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    I have a 91 Cougar with the 3.8 and had the head gasket go with 89000 miles. Anyone had any luck with the 3.0 24 valve sable?
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    I'm just getting ready to put in a new transmission in my 95 Windstar. This is the 2nd one in 12 months (less than 10K miles on this one!). Ford will cover the part under their warranty, but because I had an independent mechanic they won't cover labor ($450). I guess its not their problem that the gave me another defective part. Watch out for loopholes in their warranties!!!!!! And here I've been thinking about buying a brand new one!!??
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    Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but do these problems appear unresolved in the 99 Windstar? Any help is appreciated.
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    I have a 1993 Sable. The A/C died at 60k, I replaced the trans at 80k,the head gasket at 90k. 2 weeks later the shop again replaced the head gasket. I am still losing antifreeze. I get no satisfaction from Ford. Has anyone?
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    I have a 95 Windstar - speed cable at 18k and 39k, A/C at 43k, water pump at 64k, transmission, head gasket and both window motors at 86k. I will never buy a Ford again. Same happened with my 87 Sable. Except the Sable had two transmissions. all AXDO.
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    I have a 95 Mercury sable in which I thought I had taken very good care. I noticed some hesitation in the gears when I tried to engage. I took to an independent shop to check out transmission. The shop told me the trans fluid was varnished in color and had a slight burnt smell. Only have 67K on the car. Question - anyone tell me about Ford "secret warranty" and how I can pursue. Trans should not be going out at 67K.
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    come? Should I dump or fix? Scared. Haven't had any problems up till now, and now only occasional hesitation when pulling out of a turn. Ford will cover half, but I fear head gasket problems I've heard of, and the extended 5 yr warranty up in Nov. & I have such low mileage. Drove new 99 Windstar cause have 1700 credit on credir card, and thought engine noisy and wind noise.

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    95 Windstar - Head gasket was replaced at 50K due to water in #4 cylinder under a recall. Engine blew up due to water damage from previous leaking head gasket at 53K. Called Ford Customer Service and eventually Ford covered putting in a rebuilt engine. No transmission problems as of yet.
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    I have a 95 3.8 Windstar with over 90K miles. Head gasket blew at 59K. Shelled out $1900 but was later reimbursed under some sort of recall program. I have a friend with a 98 or 99 that just had the forward clutch piston replaced. Mechanic told him it runs $1500 - $1800 dollars (his was under warranty). Anyway the mechanic told him it is very common. I guess the pistons crack. The mechanic told him the 95s are the worst because they have aluminum pistons versus cast iron or steel pistons in later years. I,m very nervous and looking to dump my 95 ASAP.
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    I purchased a 96 Ford Windstar GL. From the 1st
    day of ownership, it has been a disappointment.

    1. Front brakes squeak. Replacement of pads every 10-12k miles. Rotors replaced 2x. (They had to resurface the rotors each time). Ford claims the squeak is normal.

    2. Ashtray broke 3 times.

    3. Transmission clunk noise from Park to
    Drive.(not normal).

    4. Speedometer assy made noise. Est cost to repair $500.00.

    5. Tierod ends replaced at 40k.

    6. AM/FM radio went out.

    With all these problems and possible long term
    Problems (transmission and head gaskets) I traded in the vehicle (at 45K)and purchased a Honda.
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    I bought a 95 Ford Windstar 3.8, one year later at 57k the head gaskets blew.
    It took Ford two weeks to fix the problem. They said they couldn't get to it right away because I did not have a appointment.
    They also refused to give me a rental car for the duration of the two weeks repair time. I have met two people who went through the same mess with Ford. Now thanks to this web site, I read there could be transmission problems as well.
    Is there a solution to this mess? should I sell? I would feel bad about selling a Ford Lemon to someone else.
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    Bought a 1995 Windstar GL.
    The transmission was replaced under warranty in April of 1996.
    The Oxygen sensors were replaced 2 times before the headgasket recall.
    The dealership wrecked it while they had it in for the headgasket recall.
    the thing is 300 miles away right now in a transmission shop having the transmission rebuilt.
    The check engine light has ALWAYS come on during long trips -- over 3 hours -- but no one can determine what the problem is.
    This is the shortes possible version I can come up with of 4 years of CONSTANT breakdowns, ENDLESS major maintenance problems, empty promises, and the end to any brand loyalty I've ever had toward Ford.
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    I, too, have had what appears to be the norm for problems with a 95 Windstar (head gasket went 3 months beyond the Ford repair notice deadline, fortunately it was still under an extended warranty).

    I have also had the check engine light phenomena. After about 3 hours of highway travel, usually after a pit-stop, upon returning to highway speed it comes on like clockwork. The engine hesitates a little then the light comes on. I have tried changing to a higher octane fuel for trips like this, it doesn't help. I am beginning to wonder if it is related to driving with the cruise on.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    Ford has a service bulletin (94-26-04) that addresses better testing procedures and a revised TPS for some cases like this... the problem with the testing is that the problem that caused the light to come on for you is often hard to duplicate in the shop.
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    Just after warranty expired, my 95 Sable 3.8 overheated due to a coolant leak, at 36000 miles. Dealer said fan had failed, wanted $300 plus to repair. Found used one for $60, replaced myself. Then saw the "silent warranty" on the 3.8 headgaskets, and returned to the dealer. They shaved the heads, and replaced the head gasket. Going home, I noticed a strong antifreeze smell. Took it back, they tested it and found no leaks. The smell persisted. I inspected it myself, and found a leak around the small coolant hose connected to a fitting on top of the engine. Took it to them again, they wanted $400 to repair. Went back home, fixed it myself with a new hose clamp.
    So far, no failures, but antifreeze smell persists, and antifreeze is being lost slowly somehow. Now at 40,000 miles. Was considering a new windstar, but after seeing these comments, will consider another choice.
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    Reading here, I don't see too many appends regarding the 1996 model. Up until July 4th, I liked the Windstar.

    I had the usual problems...power door lock failures, vent motor doesn't work, power windows broke. Also, the AC fan motor at 800

    Pulled up to the stop light, all was fine. It turned GREEN, pressing the gas, motor rev-ed, and finally inched along. Up to 3500 RPM, and I could push it faster than it was going. After about
    100 feet, I 'caught up' and was drivable.

    Of course, time-line was 37 mo., and 44K miles. Totally out of warrenty. In checking out the NHTSA site, I discovered there were many complaints regarding the AUTO transmission. Also I think the Office of Defect Investigations did a study (DP98-004 ?) and the 'action was denied.' I'm calling them tomorrow to see where I can get a copy of the report.

    Called dealer... all he could tell me was that "you have a catastrophic transmission failure" after I paid the $130 to read the computer
    codes. It needs a new/rebuild transmission.

    Interestestingly, I called a local shop and described the symptom.. stopped at light... transmission slipped... and right away he
    told me about the aluminum piston inside that is more than likely cracked. This is consistant with the info off the government web site. (Maybe he reads it too..)

    Resolution: unresolved. Ford is 'working with me' to try to resolve.. but needs a week to get back to me. In the mean time, the wife has been to a HONDA dealer twice. She wants to sell this LEMON and get the new HONDA... thinking the head gasket will go any minute. The ABS light has started to come on frequently.
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    I have Sable 95. Few months ago the rear defroster stopped working. I got a mechanic examined it and discovered that the defroster wires from inside has been scratche. Is there any way to repair this? Since Fall and winter is nearing, guess I'll have touble if this is not repaired.
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    There is a repair kit available to fix this. I just saw one yesterday at a auto parts store. Just go to one and ask the clerk for one. They should have it.

    What it is is a small bottle of fluid with a brush (like a fingernail polish bottle) that you use to paint on where the element has been scratched off. The paint contains a conductive material that will complete the circuit and the defroster should work again.

    I haven't personally used this, so I don't know how well it works. But it is worth a try.

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    I am going to buy a Ford Windstar 99, I am comparing it to a Chevy Astro, What car would you recommend
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    I have a 1995 Ford Windstar 3.8. While under warranty, after the engine was real hot, I would press the gas and the engine would rev up and then the tranmission would catch. Ford said they could never duplicate. After warranty, the transmission went out. ($1,200) Two weeks later the head gaskets blew. ($1,400) Went thru appeals process with no luck. About 8 months later, I receive a letter from Ford about a head gasket problem and they reimburse me for the $1,400. Engine light comes on ofter. Usually has something to do with the fuel injectors. The door
    ajar is constantly on. Everytime I stop, the beeping noise comes on. The Quality department must have been on vacation when they made mine.

    Looking the the new Chevy Silverado's.

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    I also have a 1995 3.8. All worked well until last Christmas (50,000 miles) I noticed that she was running a bit roughly and my coolant level was very low (but not running hot). On my way to the dealer, a huge plume of blue smoke billowed out the back- yes, head gaskets were gone!!

    Dealer contacted Ford for me and although well after warranty, Ford authorized a new block. After a month wait, I got my van back. The alternator immediately began to wail after a month's hiatus and the transmission acted just as described by Zapf03 (Post #26 above). The dealer wouldn't take any responsibility for that, so I'm looking forward to dumping this pig soon!!!
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    I was on vacation over 300 miles from home with my windstar... 73,000 miles the head gasket blew leaving my family stranded... we rented a car to come home $369 and had the van towed to the local Ford dealer... they wanted over $4500 for a new engine!!! we then had it towed back to NY $300 and still had to rent another car, $269... the local Ford dealer here fixed the head gasket $1700... we are now trying to re-coup some of the money from Ford without any luck... we never received letter about the head gasket from Ford.... looking to trade it in...
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    I have a 95 Windstar that has had Head Gaskets done twice, at 37,000, and 59,000 miles. I also have had the Door Ajar light staying on and it appears to be a problem with the switches in the rear tailgate. Now, with 82,000 miles the Transmission is hestitating when upshifting from first to second. I have been looking to trade it in but I am disapointed in what I'm being offered for it. It is still a nice driving vehicle and the body and interior have held up well, but I am not interested in paying $2200 for a trans and then having the head gaskets blow again. I would like to Ford offer an owner loyalty credit to its Windstar customers, maybe $1000 off a new Ford to help compensate for their quality goofs on this model.
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    the new head gaskets you should be better. ford designed new ones and retorqued the heads tighter. some coolant conditioner I heard helps too, preventing rust which sometimes can cause the gasket to blow.
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    I still don't know what is the so-called "Secret Warranty". Can someone explain?
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    we have a 95 windstar . . . transmission replaced @ 61000 mi (no Ford wouldn't even think of paying); head gasket replaced @ 63000 mi (expensive month); recently ford offered a $1,000 "reimbursement" for repairs; we took it. They also offered a $3,000 coupon toward a new Ford vehicle . . . NOT ON YOUR LIFE. We sent all original receipts w/letter as requested . . . they sent back the head gasket receipt as "unneeded or not reimbursed expense" and that was that.

    No more fords here . . . can't wait to unload this one.
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    It too have a very bad taste for Ford and I think others should know about types of problems I’ve encountered.

    Only 15 months ago, in July of 1998, I spent $3,600 to replace the engine in my ’95 Windstar only to turn around and find out that it now has bad head gaskets. The engine replacement was due to a thrown piston rod, which I suspect was caused by antifreeze possibly getting into the crankcase because of faulty head gaskets. Unfortunately, I had know way of proving this. When I did reluctantly purchased the engine, I was told that it would come with all of the corrections that recalls had been issued for (the head gasket recall, as I understand, was issued in May of 1998).

    This most recent problem started with a check engine light coming on. When I had my local dealer diagnose the problem, I was told that the oxygen sensor was bad. No big deal except that I had the same oxygen sensor replaced only 5 or 6 month’s prior. Keep in mind that this was on an already replaced engine! Upon further diagnosis as to the cause of the oxygen sensor going out, I was told that head gaskets were bad and that the antifreeze leaking was contaminating the sensor. I of course brought up the fact that the engine should have had new head gaskets since it is only 15 months old. This is when I was told that the engine doesn't have the new head gaskets required by the recall.

    As you can imagine this is becoming a battle between the dealership and Ford about who's responsible. The engine has 23,000 miles on it, which puts it outside of the 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty. I have told my local dealership that the warranty should be of no concern because the proper head gaskets should have been on the engine in the first place. I also pointed out that even if they try to get out of it because of the warranty not being in effect, the fact still remains that the engine was recalled for this very problem. So far I have been told that Ford is sticking to the recall limits which were 60,000 miles or the work had to be completed by December 31, 1998. Therefore it no longer applies since the vehicle has 86,000 miles. This is absolutely ludicrous! The engine only has 23,000 miles. Why they are looking at the miles on the vehicle when evaluating this situation I'll never know.
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    I have a 1995 Windstar LX with the 3.8, and it has been a great vehicle (about 72K miles). I took it to my regular Goodyear dealer because of rough running/check engine light. He replaced the plugs and wires, but said that the number 4 spark plug was seized to the head, and that forcing it would possible crack they head. He also said that this was a "known problem" and that the Ford dealer should be responsible. The van runs OK now, but I am concerned with problems down the road.

    Any advice?
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    My 3.8 Sable blew it's head gasket at 84K. I've had no luck from the Assistance Center. This was after the A/C compressor failed. I have a Taurus and Aspire with premature A/C compressor failures. Both Sable and Taurus had motor mount failures and radiators replaced early. The Sable's windshield cracked within the warranty period. The Taurus trans is failing at 140K. Send Ford a message, look elswhere for your next car!!!
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    I had the transmission gasket replaced along with so-called transmission service for $127 on 8-28-99 on my '91 Linclon Continental with the 3.8 engine.The mileage was 66,372. Now, on Oct 26, mileage of 67501, I am told I need the job done again. Every 1,129 miles!! Come on, Ford
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    We are thinking of getting a new 1999 or 2000 Windstar SE, does anyone know of any design changes that might have alleviated these engine/transmission problems?
  • olegphilolegphil Member Posts: 30
    Hi guys!

    Is it the same 3.8L V6 engine that powers Thunderbird? My nephew blew gasket on it at 69K. I guess I shouldn't have harassing him that there are other ways to impress girls from his college...
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    These messages are making me rethink the purchase I am about to make of a 2000 SEl. An acquaitance told me that FORD means:

    Fix Or Repair Daily or Found On Road, Dead

    Could this be true??
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    Our 96 Windstar has been a reliable well build minivan. I wouldn't have a Ford automobile, but their trucks and the Windstar are excellent. We had a persistent "Check Engine" light and discovered the exhaust gas recirculation (into the cylinders) passages were blocked. They were cleaned out (required the removal of the intake manifold)and the problem is gone.

    The Windstar has returned from trips to the east coast with a filthy interior (3 boys 6,4 & 2) and cleans up like *new*. Very durable interior materials used in the Windstar. I am a fan.
    Geoff Lockett
    Defiance, MO
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    From 1991-1996, ANY Ford car with a 3.8 in it had the head gasket problems. Our 95 Windstar had head gaskets replaced with less than 1,000 left under the "extended warranty" (that Ford never notified us about). My 1993 Thunderbird blew the head gaskets at 75,000 miles. That cost $1,970 to fix, and the car was not running right. Ford could care less. I traded the T-bird in...and NOT on another Ford. Both vehicles followed Ford's recommended service procedures.

    If you are considering buying a Ford, just remember that this company KNEW they had a problem with head gaskets since 1991, yet they didn't make any corrections on that design until about halfway through the 1996 model year. Quality wasn't job 1 then. I seriously doubt that it is now.

    For information, just check out the NHTSA web site and look in the consumer complaint database. For 1991-1996, look at Taurus, Sable, Cougar, Thunderbird, and Mustang...with the problem "Engine gaskets - valve cover". Judge for yourself based on the windstar posts here. Happy reading.
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    I have a 92 Cougar with a 3.8L engine blew a head gasket cost me $900 bucks to get it fixed.. Ford no help they couln't care less. I even have the "old" defective head gasket when they manufactured the engine the head gasket was bent over on it self. that is why it blew. only 55k on it. Ford you blow. Quality if Ford one my A_ _!
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    Can anyone give me details on this "secret or silent warranty" Ford offers for those of us with problems with our 3.8 engines relating to the head gaskets and/or transmissions? I've got 65000 miles on mine and just replaced the head gasket, trany and etc. In the last several years, I've virtually replaced everything under the hood and Ford has done absolutely nothing to rectify the problems.

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    The "quiet recall" was good thru 12/31/99 and offered an "extended warranty" of up to 60,000 miles. If your gaskets blew after 60,000, you'll have to fight to get Ford to pay. The warranty only applies to 1995 Windstars. They did offer an other "quiet recall) on some 1994 Taurus and Sables, that program expired earlier this year.

    You're not alone. Send an e-mail to Chuck Catanese ([email protected].) He can put you on a list of Ford head gasket "victims", with some success stories of folks who fought this and won. Good Luck
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    My 1995 Windstar, which has been a great vehicle (up to very recently), also has the head gasket problem- it has about 72K miles on it. After the runaround by the dealer, I threatened an individual lawsuit through General District Court, which in this jurisdiction allows you to sue up to $15,000. You don't need a lawyer, the company you are sueing does. Well, needless to say, no company wants to meet disguntled customers in a court of law, so they are doing the repair free, but... did say that there was another problem (some other thing I had never heard of) that I needed repair for $600. This Windstar is my 3rd Ford vehicle, and the other 2 (Taurus models) have been great- but after this incident, I don't know if I'd buy Ford again. 100 years making cars and this is their mode of operation?
  • pjyoungpjyoung Member Posts: 885
    This website will link you to all kinds of information about the 3.8 liter problems with Ford. It's a pretty useful site with links to 3.8 problems, success stories, and action plans. The address is:
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    I have a 1995 Windstar that I bought from RE Barber Ford in Holland, Michigan. The head gasket blew at 69,000 miles and resulted in the need for a brand new engine ($3,700 later). This occurred just after the extended service program on the acknowledged manufacturer's defect. I never received notice from Ford regarding this defect. Ford and the dealership have refused any help at all. Ford just apologizes for the inconvenience and Barber does not even give me the courtesy of returning my calls or letters.
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    Our 1995 Ford Windstar Van
    I would like to be able as Ford Motor Company policy and advertises states value benefit of driving a vehicle (95’ Windstar) that I could trust.
    However with the problems I had with the 3.8 engine defective head gaskets failures costing me the expenses of $3609(to install a Ford rebuilt engine) I cannot have this trust and loyalty to my Ford Product. It turned me into a very negative attitude toward the van and Ford Motor Company.
    I tried to resolve these problems with the local Ford dealer, Ford Customer Assistance Center, and the Dispute Settlement Board. However, nothing has resulted in offer for Ford to provide the Customer Service, and to stand behind their product.
    I feel with this being such a widespread problem on the 95’ Ford Windstar that there should be someway to come to a mutual settlement adjustment on this problem.
    They should be more responsive to this engine problem and be supportive of the owner with this problem.
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    Sorry to all who bought a ford 3.8.These are junk as your finding out.They have known about these problems since backin the 80's when they were in taurus and 84-86 mustangrwd motor.I am a mechanic and cant tell you how many Lincoln continentals I have replaced the engines on!Ford should be held liable for each and every one of these boat anchors they produced.The reason is they knowingly put inferior engines in new cars when they knew about the problems and just kept building them.Oh,BTW,the 4.2 base motor inF150 is the same motor with the old hotrodders tricks done to it.Bigger bore+stroker crank and lots of breathing improvements. Has anyone sued Ford yet?
  • pjyoungpjyoung Member Posts: 885
    A few have tried small claims court, but Ford seems to get it moved up to district court so their lawyers can do battle with you. In other words, they are doing everything they can to make it cost more to reach a settlement that you paid for repairs. The Center for Auto Safety is working on a class action lawsuit against Ford.

    I was shocked when looking into the failure of the 3.8 in my 93 t-bird of the number of NHTSA complaints there were about this engine...with the cause of the problem identified as early as 1991. You being a mechanic most likely did know about the cause of the problem in the late 80's.

    The real problem is that it cost $2,000 to fix the head gaskets, but you're not really sure of any other damage that might have been caused by blowing the head gaskets at 70 mph on the freeway. Having read stories of people who paid two grand to fix the gaskets and three months later throw down three grand to replace the engine with a rebuilt one, I dumped the car before it cost me any more. Hell, the trade in value was only $3500.
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    I'm the original owner of the Windstar with 72,000. Have not encountered any of the major problems on the transmission or engine, yet. On the last two oil changes I noticed that I lose about a quart every 3,000 miles now and just recently my temperature gage does register any value. I need to know is this a precursor of the bad things to start falling apart?
    Can someone tell me if Ford's computer is depending on this temperature sensor to be operational and am I losing oil because of a clogged EGR or some other enviromental system on line? By the way where are these valves located.
  • pjyoungpjyoung Member Posts: 885
    There isn't much to warn you of the head gasket failure. Look for these signs though. Temp gauge will show HOT when at idle for an extended period (like waiting in line at a drive thru). When your oil is changed, are they adding coolant? If you are using a lot of coolant, your head gaskets are about to go. Also, if your "check engine" light has ever come on, it could be caused by the head gaskets. I didn't think much of either one (ignorance was bliss), but in hindsight, those were the warnings. At 72,000 miles, you won't be covered under the "extended warranty" program. If you have a 75,000 mile extended warranty, I'd take it in before it expires and talk to your service department about the head gaskets. Most likely, they will replace them under that warranty.

    Our Windstar doesn't use oil at 65,000 miles. If you've got any kind of extended warrany, I'd urge you to talk to them about the head gaskets, and replace them before they blow out while driving. If that happens, you'll be looking at BIG repair bill.
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