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Ford Explorer Starting and Stalling Problems



  • tjc1tjc1 Posts: 2
    I have fuel pressure and spark but no injector pulse. I have a new cam sensor and it will turn over but it still will not start. Please help.....
  • tjc1tjc1 Posts: 2
    I have fuel pressure and spark but no injector pulse. I have a new cam sensor and it will turn over but it still will not start. Please help.....
  • my 2001 ford explorer xlt dose the same thing.the ford dealeship cannot diagnose,and they had it for 3 weeks.
  • i have the same problem with an explorer 2000 xlt with 80, 0000 km on it.
    its very frustrating, out of nowhere just will not remain on idle unless i hold the gas pedal down. and later start like nothing happened. no error codes nothing.

    any ideas what one can try.

  • have the same problem with an XLT 2000 any ideas or solutions you found .

    please let me know.

  • Guys having this problem for about a month now my explorer runs great some days then the next day it will not start! my battery isn't dead my lights work,radio works and when I connect my jumper cables I do get a heres the tricky part if I leave it alone for a day or two all of a sudden it works again and I have no problems.. I drove it all day back and forth earlier today and I got ready to go to the grocery store tonight and it did not start. It will start if I hold the gas down but as soon as I let off the gas the truck dies any ideas????
  • Thank you so much mschmal! I was having the same trouble starting my car as tutuchi and I thought it was toast and would cost a fortune to fix. I never knew I had a theft protection system. Your message made me realize I did have one and that the key was the problem. I found my my other set and it started right up. You saved me from getting my car towed and looking like a total idiot when they told me it was the key. Thanks again.
  • The car starts and runs great most of the time. But, sometimes it will not start. The engine turns over (Cranks) - But, it doesn't start. If we wait a while (15 minutes or 24 hours) - It suddenly starts up. It doesn't seam to matter if the engine is cold or hot. We tried a tune up & gas filter - NG. Does anyone have a solution? Thank you.
  • Hey phil41 just wanted to let you and others know that i was having this exact problem.. At first it worked fine one day and wouldn't start the next day I thought that it was because it was cold so I let it sit for awhile then it started..About a week later it would not start again but this time i took about 4 days to turn on....Finally it turned on again and worked fine for about 2 weeks then the same thing happen I talked to my brother about it and he took a look at it changed the fuel filter but this didn't fix it and he found that the accelerator cable was loose he tighten it up and FIXED IT now my truck run great!!! for some reason when this was acting up the only way it would start was when you pushed the accelerator down and hold it while you turn the key and when you released the accelerator the truck would die... Take a look at the accelerator cable and hopefully that solves your problem....
  • spent many years diagnosing Fords at a dealership where they actually paid me for my knowledge....For you I have 4 words....IDLE AIR BYPASS VALVE,will run anywhere between $50.00 and $115.00,recommend the original one,they seem to last the longest...good luck
  • Idle air bypass valve
  • There is a fuel pump relay under the hood on th passenger side,i believe,try that first,it's a cheap stab in the dark
  • I have a 2002 Explorer eddie bauer 8 cilynder. every time that the ignition is cranked all spark plugs get wet with fuel so much that it won't turn over..I take them out clean them and it does it all over again....NO one has found the problem, if is one of the sensor or something else..please if anyone knows let me know what to look for.
  • After nearly 8 problem-free years and almost 170,000 miles I traded my trusty 2000 EB Expedition in for a 2008 EB Explorer. I shed tears a bit, but quickly began to enjoy the new Eddie. Well on the 4th day of ownership, I had parked, locked, and run into a store for 20 minutes. Upon return, the truck wouldn't start. The LED on the dash was flashing and my message panel said "Low Fuel" (there was 3/4 in the tank). After fiddling with the ignition and leaving it turned on for about 30 seconds, I had a "Service RSC" Now message. We tried jumping the battery just in case it was the problem, but it looks like a PATS thing, hopefully. I would hate to have major electrical problems already. I hope this is just a new car kink that can be fixed so I have the dependability my Expedition gave me. I see there are no posts for 2008 Explorers yet, so that i encouraging. I never expected to use my roadside assistance so soon.
  • I have a 99 explorer 4wd that, started once for me, then i shut it off then tried to start it again now it will not start. Turns over and trys to start but will not I can hear the fuel pump kick in also tried tapping on the tank to try and get it to start. Also thinking it might be frozen gas line somewhere, live in northern wisconsin so its a bite cold. just filled the tank to about 3/4 so not really sure whats going on would love to hear some suggestions. REad a few posts on here also wondering about the theft light if that could be something there? HOpe to hear from someone.
  • .
    When it gets around zero degrees or below, the truck will crank over and sound like its going to start- but won't start. Does anyone know what would cause this. I put in a new fuel pump and filter. I dont have this problem when the temperature is above zero, it starts upwith no problem and runs just fine. If someone has any ideals, i would appreciate it.
  • hey i just traded for a 95 xlt an i have similar probs but it basicly chokes but same as starting an my problem is the idle air pump locatd on the side of the throttlebody hope that helps ...
  • Truck would not star when turning the key,no sound at all. I checked the battery and it is good.All the light would come on the dash board,head lighs and strong horn,but the engine wud not roll over .. Please help
  • My computer shut down just after I finished my reply so I had to retype. Please excuse if this comes thru twice

    I am having the exact issues with my 95 XLT 173,000 miles. Cranking but not firing. Fuel pump and relay were replace in 05 & 06, can’t exactly remember what the issues were at that time but definitely not this. My engine is the original and everything else is working fine. The first time it happened it started back up in about 5 min, I got 442 miles before it happened again. Then 1,274 miles before it occurred, this time I waited about 3 min. before even trying to get it to fire and it fired on the second start. I took it to the dealer and they kept it a week but wouldn’t you know it fired up every single time. I think they did put it on the diagnostic machine but since they couldn’t get the problem to re occur nothing showed up. Like you this never happens on a cold start but after having driven for awhile and shopping then trying to start up. The mechanic thought that maybe the fuel pump was not factory authorized and said he had seen problems with them. I had an independent service station install so it wouldn’t surprise me. I am trying to sell my car and would love to resolve the issue before a new owner has to deal with this. If you find out anything please let me know and I will do likewise. Seems hard to diagnose since it has a funny way of starting back up again.
  • sdmlsdml Posts: 3
    i have a 95 xlt 90,000 as well and this happens to me about 3 times a week. it just happened yesturday after i got out of the grocery store. i was told that it was a problem with my computer by the dealer. and then a shop said it would help if i replaace my sparks plugs and wires. also to replace my heater hoses and control valve. so far my problem isnt fixed. they also cleaned out my trottle body. im leaning toward the idle air pump being replaced. but if that doesnt work.....then what???
  • I have the same problem with my 1997 Explorer. It only occurs when we are doing a cold start in the morning near Lake Tahoe, i.e. when outside temp is 4000ft. The starter and alternator are fine, but it just won't turn over. Very frustrating as it is hard to replicated in the shop. Fortunately it always seems to start up after waiting 15-45 min.

    Could never figure out the solution (fuel line?) but fortunately we aren't in cold weather country very often.
  • i have had the whole won't start after running problem.. well a new problem has occured.. It will not even crank now... I have replaced the ignition switch the control modular and the cylinoid. Now it will start with me jumping the cylinoid but not with turning the key... what is going on and how can i fix????? HHHEEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I have a 98 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition. I am coming up on inspections and I started to notice that sometimes the car shuts down when i am stopped or if the car is in park and I step on the gas peddle. I am not sure why this is happening but I have put in some repairs so I am not sure why this is not picked up. Could it be the gas that I am using or maybe I need to put some dry gas in it and run it on the highway.
  • I don't know if this will really help anyone and I am not a mechanic, but I have had same problem when it was really bad weather and my small children in the vehicle. I had tried everything thinking that it might be vapor lock, water in the fuel lines and bought all the crap to try to fix this and yet still had problems. I ended up finding out that the PLASTIC airflow piece on the under side of it had holes in it and was unrepairable. I ended up ducktaping it until I could order a new one. It helped a lot until I got the new one. I had also looked in salvage yards to see if one would just be cheaper that way but they were all damaged like this as well. My explorer is a 92 and it isn't just that old of vehicles newer that had been damaged in wrecks were bad as well. The mechanic that I had look at it never even seen this (and he is a great friend of mine). He had another Explorer a 99 in his shop doing the exact same thing, it also ended up with the same problem. Mechanics and us don't think about looking at the under side of these when we even take them off do any work just as in changing the serpatien belt. I hope this helps anyone that has or is still having this problem.
  • What did you find was the problem with the RSC light? I am wondering because I now have that light myself on. Thanks
  • My 2006 Explorer started stalling with no warning at around 18,700 miles in sept. 2007.The explorer has stalled many times and i have brought it into my local ford dealership to be serviced 6 times right up until april 2008.The dealer keeps saying there are no codes in the system.The ford dealer called ford motor company and they were told some drivers had their throttle plates replaced for stalling but no verification of correcting the concern.
    My local mechanic wants to know when drivers had their problem fixed with ford, what parts of the throttle needed to be replaced with success.Is there anyone here that can tell me a detailed description of the exact parts of throttle replacement?
    Thank You In Advance
  • The 2006 ford explorer stalling problem was repaired.
    The local ford dealer replaced the throttle body & motor asy.
  • ancarmonaancarmona Posts: 2
    I am having an issue with stalling in my 2003 Ford Explorer. I have had it serviced and they (of course) can not get it to stall for them. I will be coming up on a light and it jerks and then stalls, seems to happen in the same spot. This happens about twice a week. Any help would be appreciated.
  • I can tell you this,if your local ford service manager can't duplicate the problem leave it there at the ford dealer for a few days depending on how often it stalls for you so they can get a code on their computer to address the problem.(also mention to them about hooking up a VDR Video Data Recorder)which they will lend you and you can drive around with it in your truck and when it stalls you can press the button and it will record into the computer what the problem might be.
    2nd i will tell you to call ford motor company and ask them if the computer is not reading the codes because everytime you start it it resets the computer.
    if thats the case you may have to get a tow truck and flatbed it in to your local ford dealer,so they can plug a computer in before it gets started again.i hope this info helps,good luck!
  • ancarmonaancarmona Posts: 2
    THANK YOU SO MUCH. I was ready to call a Lemon Law Lawyer.
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