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Ford Explorer Starting and Stalling Problems



  • jeeps2jeeps2 Posts: 45
    2002 Explorer 4.0. vehicle runs great while under a load. Starts up quick and has no hassitation. Bring it to a stop light and it will start running rough. Feels like it wants to shut off but has not so far. Belongs to my daughter in Va. Any thoughts on where I can start looking for this problem? Don't believe it to be plugs or wires. Idle sensor maybe? Thanks for the insite.
  • cl3cl3 Posts: 3
    I have been experiencing this since Fall of 2007. Just got it back from the dealer after they had it 2 days and found nothing. It stalled.

    I have kept a log of mileage, date, speed, weather conditions. The only common thread is that it always happens at 30 to 35 mph and while not accelerating. And it starts right up after stalling.

    Ford consumer relations cannot help.

    OK, so there is no code and it did not happen when my dealer drove it for 44 miles. But are there no troubleshooting skills in these service departments? I have seen this issue in various places on the internet so I am not the only one it happens to.

    I have also made it clear to the service department and Ford that this is a safety issue.

    Ford Explorer XLT
    45,400 miles
  • mralex714mralex714 Posts: 1
    Was having the same problem with a 2002 with 4.6. The mechanic found a vacuum leak. A line from the right valve cover to the throttle body had a hole in it, only available from Ford. Once it was replaced no more problems.
  • jeeps2jeeps2 Posts: 45
    Found the problem. After taking a good hard look at the engine, I found that she has a hole in the top left valve cover. A closer look shows a better picture of FORDS BETTER IDEA!!!! They put the timing chain in the rear of the engine. Get this, It is on the left side (looking at the engine) under the back of the valve cover. when it starts to get a little play in the chain, it wears the guide and starts to rub a hole in the valve cover. Looks to me like the engine must come out to replace this timing chain. I contacted a Ford dealer in Virginia and they said it would be best to just replace the engine and it would cost less then trying replace this part. 6000.00 is the coet that was quoted. 64000 miles and it needs a engine because the timimg chain went. Like I said, Fords better idea. She will have a Jeep in her driveway before she gets that ford fixed. Fords better idea just cost Ford another customer. :mad:
  • jeeps2jeeps2 Posts: 45
    I may be off base with this statement but my daughter has a 04 explorer with 64000 easy miles on it oil changed every 3000 mi. The timimg chain just put a hole in the valve cover and the motor has to be removed to replace the chain. We are told by a dealer that it would cost less to have another engine put in the vehicle then to replace this chain because of the labor involved in pulling the engine and tearing down the engine to replace the parts involved. 6000.00 was the quoted cost to fix this wonderful product from Ford. My advise, save your money because this is not a cheap fix and Ford Motor will not stand behind there product. If I wouldn't go to jail, I'd drive it through the showroom.window. Never again will a Ford product take space in our driveways. We own 2 Jeep GC and never had to spend a fraction of this on repairs. Buy a jeep, you pay a little more for fuel but it stay clear of the repair shop.
  • neynelsonneynelson Posts: 1
    I have problem with my 1998 Explorer. It only occurs when we are doing a cold start in the morning, ... Anybody could help? Please!?
  • Hello out there! I have a 1995 ford explorer and it seems to be having starting issues. If it sits overnite it will start just fine, but if I use it throughout the day at times it will take numerous tries to start. If and when I do get it started and press on the gas it will die, if it starts and I don't press on the gas and throw it in drive it will go. We have changed the fuel filter, battery is great and plenty of gas we just can't seem to figure out what is going on with it.
  • tlstonertlstoner Posts: 4
    My daughter just bought a 1994 explorer 4.0 automatic 4X4. Ran pretty well when she drove it and bought it but next day it died, wouldn't start. Primed it and it started and drove but was rough running. Next day it starts, she drives to work ok, goes to bank then it won't start again. I went and tried all I knew but wouldn't start. I picked her up and went down to tow the Explorer home and it started fine and she drove it home. Few minutes later, won't start. How do I check and see if it's fuel pump. Any Idea's or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks,
  • danman89danman89 Posts: 1
    I have a 95 exsplorer that will not start. It has been running great but today it will crank over and almost start then die off. There is spark at the plugs and plenty of fule pressur at the injectors.
    Any ideas?
  • I live in Texas and have a 2000 Explorer. I bought it used a little over a year ago. When the weather is in the upper 90's or 100's the car will turn over, but won't start.The theft light blinks rapidly. Early in the morning, up to mid afternoon, I have no problem, but in the heat of the day is when I have the problem. I had an exhaust leak fixed and the intake manifold replaced and removed the 3rd party alarm system, because we thought that it was malfunctioning and not letting the car start. It's been in the shop 3 different times now for this problem. Any ideas as to what's going on??

    Karen Stephens
  • pryprsnpryprsn Posts: 2
    Sorry...months ago we found the fix for this but I just realized I hadn't posted it to this forum.
    My daughter's '94 Explorer would start sometimes, then not start. We had the fuel pump replaced, fuel tank replaced, you name it. Finally my mechanic found the problem and it's worked ever since.
    Under the hood is a black box containing fuses and relays. Replace the relay (those black,square plug-ins inside the box) that is marked EEC (it's the first relay on the right side for this Explorer).
    The relays cost $10 . We have not had a starting problem since, and it's been months.
    Try this before you do anything else and good luck! Not sure if this will help the newer models but it might be worth a try.
  • Thanks! They had it all week and finally did replace all the relays due to some other info I'd gotten off this site. They weren't sure if it would solve the problem,so they didn't charge me for it!
    I got the car back yesterday, and so far, so good. I have a job interview on Monday so I sure hope the car is fixed this time..LOL

  • pearl5pearl5 Posts: 2
  • If you'll read my previous postings you'll see that I wasn't having a stalling problem. Mine just wouldn't start when the weather got hot outside. It would sit all day in the parking lot, and if the temperature outside was in the 90's or higher, the engine would turn over, but not start.

    Changing all the relays apparantly solved the problem..Keeping fingers crossed!!

  • pryprsnpryprsn Posts: 2
    Please see my previous post - #77.
    My daughter's '94 Explorer had the same problems as yours. It's the relays...I don't know why mechanics never think of them...maybe because they are the cheapest fix. You can buy them for $10.00.

    A quick test would be to exchange one relay for the EEC relay (they are marked on the inside of the top of the black fuse box under the hood). My friend/mechanic exchanged the relay marked EEC with the relay marked ABS and it started up immediately and did so for the next 20 times he test started it.

    Please try this...go buy one relay (they are black square plugs) yourself at a car parts store (I went to Carquest). Remove the EEC relay and put the new one in. See if it has for my daughter's rig for the past 8 months. I'm trying to let every Explorer owner know (& trying to find the guy who gassed up his Explorer in front me one morning a week before I learned of the relay fix...he had the exact same start-no start problems). Good luck.
  • 97 explorer has failed to start about 10 times over the last 3 months.Sometimes if I let it sit for an hour (or sometimes it takes a day) it will start.The battery is strong and the engine turns over, it just won't start. A mechanic tested the fuel pressure and said it was perfect.I can hear the fuel pump when I turn the key to where the dash lights up.We replaced a relay and it was fine for 2 weeks.The last time took about 15 hrs and 8 attempts. Yesterday and today it was fine,but I know it will happen again.A friend told me the fuel pump can work fine,not work,then be fine again.It may be fine for another few weeks,so I know the problem would be hard to diagnose while it's running.I also know that it's gonna strand me,and I just don't know when. Help!!!!!
  • 1995 Ford Explorer w/ 200k miles. This old work horse has started stalling a few minutes after start up and short drive. Power is instantly gone. Put it back in gear, and it starts back up. It does not happen every time, but intermittantly. Sometimes not for months. Plenty of gas. It's hard to diagnose as it doesn't happen when I get to the mechanic. I'd love suggestions to give him.
  • My brother in law had the exact same scenario, start-no start and I changed out the relay and it started right up. Thanks for the advice.
  • Help: My Ford just started acting up: At a stop light or stop sign-it will make a click noise 1st then it will shift down in idle speed-sometimes it stalls-I hold gas down at same time as brake-I know this is not good to do-but I dont want to stall-very dangerous at times. Do you think it could be some kind of idle sensor or relay fuse(blk box under hood-drivers side) and is there a EEC relay fuse on this year or is it called ABS on this model. I bought a new battery-and it has all new spark plugs and wires. Please can someone help me. :cry:
  • I have a 98 Explorer, 5.0 V8 AWD that won't start. The starter seems to spin but does not engage the engine. The headlights are bright so I assume it is not the battery. Any ideas?
  • My daughter has a 2000 Ford Explorer. It has an intermittent problem where she will drive it for about 20-30 minutes, turn it off for 5-10 minutes, and when she tries to restart it, it won't crank. It's like its battery is totally dead - except all the electrical components work - headlights, radio, etc. If you let it sit for a while (5 min - 1 hour), it will start up fine and run fine.

    In the last month, it takes longer and longer to sit before it will start. I've had it towed twice to garages becuase it won't start (and you can't jump it). Of course when it gets to the garage, it starts up fine. The battery, starter, altenator, etc. all check out fine.

    Any thoughts? I don't want my daughter to drive this and wind up stranded in a bad spot. Help?!?!?
  • Hello: Sell it! No I am not sure-I too am still working on mine-so far I changed the battery-ignition coil-all plugs and wires-still runs rough-mine is a 2002 4x4 Ford Explorer-6cy XLT---I just relearned the trucks idle speeds computer(reset it-by following the instruction in my handbook) Still runs the same-hesitates and putters at times. I am know going to change all the filters and pcv valve-cost about 50.00-I should of tried this 1st-but I am doing it tomorrow. I will post after to let people know what happened-good or bad.
    Good Luck on yours or your daughters Explorer
  • I jump started the Explorer and it started right away. I have left it in the garage and it has started a number of times now. I checked the indicator cell on the battery and it was red, which supposedly means a low battery. Then I connected a battery charger and charged it overnight. The indicator is still red, but maybe it isn't working right. I cleaned the battery posts and when I reconnected the cables there was a small spark, but nothing was on in the vehicle. Maybe a drain on the battery somewhere? I'm using the car until the snow flies and then I'll need the Explorer. Still think something is wrong.
  • Sure sounds like there is still something wrong-my truck after another 700. dollars still runs like junk. I need to change the no#5 cylinder -so that is what the code indicates. I need to make more money before I can do this. So far nothing but a heart ache :sick:
  • I have a 98 explorer and when approaching a stoplight it will sometimes stall out. It cranks right up after but i have to rev it pretty good before putting it back in drive or it will stall again some times as i am pressing the breaks and it is down shifting it feels like it wants to stall. I changed fuel filter and full tune up ect. but it still stalls no codes either. mechanic cant find problem. Thanks.
  • So far my truck is running pretty good-after cleaning all the filters-I need to change the fuel filter and that will be done Thursday morning. My problem was when the plugs and wires were changed they didnt push down on the no#5 plug wire-caused a miss fire and ran like crap. I wish I would have noticed this before I spent 700. into all the throttle body cleanning and stuff. It was a good thing to do any how since I am a sales woman-I travel a lot and love my truck. A mechanic suggested that I do a flushing of the antifree and then I should be good to go back on the road. As for your truck I wish you luck-it sure does sound like it is plugged somewhere or bad gas. Let me know how it turns out!
  • Well no word yet on it im going to try a different mechanic if any ideas let me know please
  • I jump started it and it has started every time. I took it to my Ford garage and the service manager said a new starter would cost $300. But since it started with a jump he said there could have been a piece of rust on the starter connection and when I gave it the boost it spun the rust off. He said don't do anything as long as it starts OK. I have an honest garage that won't do anything unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • would a bad o2 sensor make the truck stall?
  • Thanks for the reply; but my problem is it starts fine if it's above 0 derees. If it's below 0degs it will turn over but not start. I'm trying to find out why it's not starting up below 0 degrees other than it being cold because if it's above 0 it starts easily.

    Thanks for your reply. CARL
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