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Ford Explorer Starting and Stalling Problems



  • danniec206danniec206 Member Posts: 1
    My car is doing the same thing ... did you ever find out if that helped or not??
  • gafarmergafarmer Member Posts: 2
    @003 sport trac doesn't want to start sometimes when its hot. It sound like it isn't getting fuel and when i spray starting fluid it cranks and runs. I smell fuel around the drivers side door and can't find any leaks.
  • the_dude_343the_dude_343 Member Posts: 1
    My girlfriend ran my explorer out of gas and after putting gas in it, it wouldn't start. I've kind settled on the fact that the fuel pump needs to be replaced but, could it be that I just need to reset the inertia switch? I don't know if my explorer has one or not, I just got it not too long ago.
  • jmac95jmac95 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, my wife has a For Explorer 1995 sport in Mexico. BACKGROUND ISSUES: It has the engine check light on and has for some time. Intermittent fault - OCD I reading (Beeper) indicates EGR valve and sensor. Sensor replaced and EGR valve cleaned. Suspect the latter hasnt worked and looking at replacing the EGR valve. MAIN PROBLEM: Vehicle fails to start, especially when hot / in sunshine. Vapour lock? Fuel filter? Fuel pump? Ignition? Please help with any advise as throwing my wallet at this pain!

    Background: New sensor on air intake. New battery (Good one). Cleaned EGR valve and AIC (Carb cleaner). Intermittant cutouts during driving fixed through replacing vehicle speed sensor on the exhaust system. Intermittant fault led to difficult detection but OCD I highlights air intake sesor and EGR valve. Sensor replced with new. EGR cleaned with carb cleaner. Computer been reset a few times. 3 months no computer reset, hard to start now if at all. Engine check light still on and gas consumption high. Again vehicle REALLY struggles to start if left parked in the sunshine downtown.
  • matuzamatuza Member Posts: 1
    How u doing . . I'm having the same exact problem than u .. im going crazy ...every thing looks fine . fuel pump etc... I'm wondering if u ever fixed it and if u did can u tell me how ...thanks ......this is annoying
  • gafarmergafarmer Member Posts: 2
    It was my fuel pump . It finally quit on me . I just never had one that would stop and then start back up but this one did. I think the ethanol in our gas did it.
    Hope you find your problem you might have to dealer do a scan on the computer maybe that will show it.
  • rda160rda160 Member Posts: 1
    I recently had my 2002 Explorer XLT 4.0 v6 stop running the day after I went back to putting a tan of E85 in it.
    Irronically the last time I put in E-85 (about 9 months ago) I had the same thing happen but the shop juggled some fuses and it started running again. This time it cranks and wont start. I dont hear the fuel pump come on or smell fumes when it starts so I guess it could be the fuel pump out but wonder if the E85 could cause it to go out? After I put it in I drove around and turned the vehicle on and off several times and it ran fine. Was only after sitting over night it did this. Any ideas?
  • belaircarguybelaircarguy Member Posts: 107
    Your Explorer (2002) was never designed to run on E85. Normally, most gas stations are limited to about 10% ethanol, as that is the maximum amount that a non E 85 designed car can handle without damage. The ethanol is highly corrosive, and will eat away the rubber gaskets and other components of older engines. Cars / trucks that can run on E85 are normally clearly marked on the car (many on the rear truck or on the fuel filler door). I would not use E85, and I believe that is what is causing your problems.
  • tsoneill76tsoneill76 Member Posts: 1

    My 2001 Sport Trak is doing the same thing. It stalls when you are driving. When you accelerate from a dead stop the harmonic balance sensor located behind the harmonic balance flywheel picks up the pulses from driving hard. The sensor gets old after time. The sensor should read about 500Hz when working correctly or so I think, and mine was picking up pulses of 5kHz when running rough. It will cost you about $450 to replace, parts and labor (Austin, TX prices). You will have to replace both the sensor and the flywheel as they are a set. My mechanic found it on mine when it started doing this and he said it is a common problem on Explorers. He fixed it on his Mother's Explorer.

  • ernestine1ernestine1 Member Posts: 2
    I have an 04 Explorer XLT with 164000 miles just last week after making a right turn my truck shut down and my service engine light came on and I waited a few minutes and she started right up, I then had a computer diagnosis done and my mechanics said the computer said nothing was wrong that was last friday now on Sunday coming home from work on the freeway the truck started slowing down then shut off but this time the check engine gage light came on but again she started right up but within 15min. it did it again 2 more time before I reached home. What could possibly be wrong and can it be fixed?
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,572
    First it can be fixed, but its going to take testing while the problem is occurring to figure it out. Did the shop attempt to pull codes from all of the modules on the car, or just the PCM? It appears based on what you wrote that there are no codes setting. Codes would help, but their absence actually helps too. If there are no codes at all setting that suggests that the engine stalling could be system power related and with a full function scan tool that is data that can be monitored during an extended test drive. What the shop (technician) is going to need to know is the conditions that need to be reached that get the symptom to occur. Things like, how long (or far) was the vehicle driven when the problem occurred? Did it happen on deceleration, or cruising, or does it not seem to be related to an engine load?

    The one thing that doesn't work is for someone to just try and guess what is going on and start tossing parts.
  • ernestine1ernestine1 Member Posts: 2
    Ok I left a comment this morning about my 04 Explorer XLT shutting down I just found out after the my mechanics took the truck for a drive themselves and it shut down on them it is my Fuel pump!
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