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Infiniti G37

sheikh1sheikh1 Posts: 8
edited January 2014 in INFINITI
Anyone know when it's coming out or how it's supposed to compare to the G35? I've heard about it but haven't seen any spyphotos.


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Did you see this discussion? Article Comments 2008 Infiniti G37 Coupe First Drive

    There's a link to the Edmunds First Drive in the header of the discussion. If you haven't seen it, check it out!
  • storrk1storrk1 Posts: 17
    Hi. Does anyone know if the G sedan will receive the 3.7 liter, coupe engine? I'm considering the purchase of a sedan but will wait if it will get the 3.7 liter engine. Thanks.
  • ameeth77ameeth77 Posts: 1
    Hi ,Could someone please let me know.. the pricing of G 37 .. , I beleive the dealers are requesting 1K deposit..
  • chirpchirp Posts: 194
    Pricing for the G37 was released today. Search the web for the full breakdown of models and options.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    Base G37 is $34K ... saw one yesterday. Has lots of "quicks", is beefed up a bit for a quieter ride, and slightly stiffer suspension. Bart
  • I saw it the other night. It's weird b/c i was so eager to see one--but in the end---it just didn't do anything for me. The ride felt almost 'towncarish' to me. Oh well---going to keep looking.
  • chirpchirp Posts: 194
    That's just retarded right there^^^. I own it and it sounds like an exotic and drives like a rocket. This is the best value of performance/Sport/Luxury available today.
  • Want to purchase G37 Sport but it doesn't appear there is any tire option available other that the "summer rated" 19 inch tire. This is a concern since I live in the Northeast and will be driving thru the winter. Anyone aware of a 19 inch all season tire option for the "Sport" model or package?
  • chirpchirp Posts: 194
    I live in Chicago and have the Sport package with the 19's, but I will not drive this car in the winter. There are lots of packages you could put together for the G37. Tirerack has the new G up on their site now, so you can look at different combinations. I had a complete winter package of wheels/tires for my C32 and it was an easy swap every winter. The issue that you will have is this car is set up with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) as you know and if you don't get TPMS sensors for your winter setup you will get the warning light on the dash cluster. The sensors are not cheap, but just be aware that the warning light will be on all winter unless you have them installed. You can mount and remount a winter tire every season to the 19" wheels, but that is also costly and I personally would not recommend it (I do believe 19" winter tires are available). If it were me, I would get an 18" cheap wheel and winter tire with a similar aspect ratio as the 19" Sport wheel/tire, and I would avoid the TPMS for the winter and just ignore the light. Good luck!!
  • Hey everyone...advice would be appreciated. I had tought I was going to get an Altima Coupe, but have been dreaming of a would be an extra expense that would be do-able, but I sometimes wonder if it's worth it. I have two main concerns: are the 18-inch tires that come standard on the Journey truly good for all seasons? I've read so much about G35 issues with tires being bad in winter, and I don't ever want to have to change tires simply because of the season (live in the DC area, so winters aren't as bad as they could be, but defintely an issue for a period of time). Also, what can I expect in terms of maintenance expenses and upkeep with a G37 as opposed to a car like an Altima Coupe? Will things like fixing breaks and other problems be significantly higher? Pardon my the G37, but want to make a smart decision. Thanks!
  • For California G37 fans the 2008 G37 Coupe will be on display at the Orange County Auto Show which is running from October 4th -7th at the Anaheim Convention Center. More details: Orange County Auto Show
  • jimb67, novaguy2000, I've been exhaustively searching for an all-season tire for the G37 Sport as well. In Philadelphia you can't get through the winter with summer-only tires, but the winters aren't severe enough to need dedicated snow tires (which are inconvenient to switch back and forth anyway). After extensive research and lots of pestering of dealers (one of which has been very helpful in trying different options), I have found out:

    1) The 18 in wheels from the Base and Journey cars (which come with 225/50-18 all-season tires) do not fit on the Sport Package cars. Cars with the Sport Pkg (either manual or automatic) have larger brake discs (14 in vs. 13 in), which makes it impossible to safely fit an 18 in wheel (it barely fits, with about 1 mm of clearance between the inside of the rim and the brake caliper - far too close for safe driving).

    2) There is no tire manufacturer which makes a matched set of 225/45-19 front and 245/40-19 rear all-season tires that would match the OE sizes of the Sport Pkg. Goodyear makes a 225/45-19 front size, and Michelin makes a 245/40-19 size for the rear, but it would not be a good idea to mix different tire brands (different tread patterns and sidewall stiffness).

    I am actively looking to buy a G37 with a manual transmission (therefore must have Sport Pkg, since Infiniti only offers the stick with the Sport). If I buy one, I will go with fitting the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S in 245/40-19 on the front wheel (optimal wheel size spec for that tire is 8.5 in, same as the OE front wheel) and probably 255/40-19 in the rear (optimal wheel spec 9 in, same as the rear wheel). Alternatively, it also seems possible to fit the 245/40-19 tire on both wheels, but I personally might go with the 255 on the rear, to preserve the balance of a slightly wider rear tire on the car (equal size tires on both ends would dial out some understeer in the car).

    If anyone has any other suggestions, please let us know, I think there are many people looking for an all-season tire solution for the G37 manual transmission.
  • jraysjrays Posts: 20
    I've had my red G37 for about 2 weeks now. I am loving it! It is a red Journey with graphite leather and Premium, Tech, Nav and Sports packages. It also has the spoiler, splash guards and cargo net. I also had a clear bra installed after I got the car home.

    It looks good, handles like a dream and has a sweet exhaust note. The number of "toys" on this car is amazing. The backup camera, adaptive front lighting, intelligent cruise control, touch screen navigation that accepts voice commands, and intelligent key system are among my favorites. To help the doors close easier, it even automatically rolls the window down and back up about a half inch when a door is opened and closed.

    For a car with a sports package it rides really well and is quiet. I've received many positive comments on the car so far. The car feels solid as a rock when driving it.

    I live in Florida and it was hard to find a red one. I wasn't even sure I would like one of these, but as soon as I test drove one, I was hooked.

    Everyone, meet my new love:






  • I couldn't find any info so I had to go it alone. Just picked up last night: Didn't have to ground my 06 6mt yet, so I've got 2 of them for 1 week. Gonna burn the remaining miles on the old one.

    Blk 6MT, Premium pkg, splash guards, trunk mat, cargo net for 38,825. Lease MF .00285, residual 63%, 39 mo
    I did the unmentionable and paid 2990.66 down because I wanted my payment close to 500 per mo. I didn't tell them that though, just added money in the end. - Drive off was 4122.50. Contract says base monthly payment 475.16 and tax 39.20 for total mo payment of 514.36

    Below are fees on contract:
    Acguisition Fee 595
    Registration Fee 317
    Tax on cap cost 246.73
    Doc Fee 45
    CA Tire 8.75
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    Congrats, choosinu -- glad to see that you found the Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion too :-)


    Need help getting around? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • kxhkxh Posts: 7
    I've been a lurker on these boards (G35 board mostly) for a long time, but I did use a lot of information I've found here so I just wanted to share that I was able to buy a 2008 G37 6MT Sports coupe this past weekend and take delivery as well. Its Ivory Pearl with the Black Interior, Premium, Nav, Splash Guards. Coming from a Mustang GT I was afraid it wouldn't be as fun to drive, but so far I am giddy with it. It feels as fast the as the Mustang was but with more luxury and tech toys and no body flex. Not to mention the independent rear is so much easier on the back with these awful NJ roadways. But its not really fair to compare the two, one is like a surgical scalpel, the other like a butcher knife, they both do the job of cutting but in very different ways! I had tested out the 335i Coupe as well, but after driving them both, the G37 just 'felt' so much better. I guess the best way to describe it is the positive sensory stimulation it gives when you drive it. Anyway Thanks!
  • I believe you are mistaken. I have the 19 in wheels and change my wheels/tires for the winter. The warning light does not come on when my winter tires are on.

    The first year I swapped the sensors and put them in the winter wheels, but then on the second and third years, I left the sensors in the summer wheels and just mounted the winter tires without the sensors. No warning light comes on.

    You are correct on the price. If you want a second set of the sensors, it costs ~ $400.
  • chirpchirp Posts: 194
    This car is not even two months old. How have you driven three winters already?
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    Very sharp. What can you do with the nav while driving? Can you enter an address, access your address book or look for a POI?

  • bsc1114bsc1114 Posts: 25
    Does anybody know if Infiniti will come out wih a convertible?? What a sweet car that would be!!
  • jrivrjrivr Posts: 3
    I have finally decided to stop lurking and stop posting. Here is my situation. I have had a Honda for the last 7 years and I have not had problem one. The only money that I put in was a timing belt, oil, gas, and tires. I am now looking for a new car so I was thinking that I would want to get another Honda and I was well on my way. Then I looked at a magazine article about the new G37 and I loved the look and engine. I then went to an infiniti dealership and test drove the G37 manual. I had a huge grin the whole time and I was ready to throw my money down. However I have never nor have I known anybody that has had an infiniti. I am worried about the reliability. I have heard and read good things but I wanted to hear from people that have owned infinitis. Thank you in advance.
  • When you get the Nav option in the 2008 g37, you also get voice recognition. You can operate the audio, climate, and navigation features just by using the button on the steering wheel and telling the car what you want it to do.
  • dpmandpman Posts: 2
    I got quoted this for a infiniti g37 sport
    Nav package
    Tech package
    Sport package
    Primium package
    splash guards
    trunk mat + net
    door foot guard light "infiniti" word

    Quote $42000 + $99 documentation fee. The 42k includes a $600 or so charge to truck it in from another dealership.

    This a rip off or good?

    I added it up and it seemed like invoice price should have been around 39200.

  • Just got a 100% FULLY loaded G37 Sport (MSRP $45,345) for $500 over invoice ($41,679) and, in addition, got the $1000 rebate due to being a current Infiniti owner :) . No haggling at all. Called and made the deal on the phone in 10minutes.

    Once the $1k was applied to the deal, the 24month/12kmiles/yr lease came to $521.25/mo+tax with $646.31 due at signing (whish is the 1st and title/reg).

    This is a great lease deal (cheaper than Journey or 36&39mo lease) because the sport has a 75% residual for 24mo. Some people are getting deals at invoice but I'm only kicking myself a little for not going for it because I think I still got a good deal.
  • Has anyone else been lucky with getting a deal around invoice in the month of December 2007 for a G37? I am looking now, ready to buy today!
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    The car industry has been more than sluggish recently including Infiniti. Even new entries into the market such as the G37 are getting discounted aggresively. A local dealership near me has around 40+G37s. Buying at the end of the month and choosing cars in stock will get you a good deal. $500 over invoice is happening for all Infiniti models regardless of what the sales people tell you. Shopping on the internet can save alot of leg work as well. Than you can get the dealers to compete against eachother. The downward housing market has affected many industries as well but will be helpful to a educated buyer looking for a new car.
  • jrivrjrivr Posts: 3
    I am trying to decide between a 2008 G37S and a 2008 manual v6 accord coupe. This will be my first new car. The criteria that I am making a decision on are:
    1. Reliability
    2. Performance
    3. Safety
    Meaning that I intend on keeping this car for 8-10 years. I come from owning a honda civic for 12 years with no major problems. I am also concerned about a rear wheel drive in snow, I am used to front wheel drive and I will be living in Cali for the next few years but beyond that I do not know where I will live. So with this criteria what is everyone's thoughts on this? Thank you for your time.
  • jrivr,

    A few thoughts since I have done quite a bit of homework on both of these vehicles (including drives)...

    ARGUMENTS for the G37:

    1) Handling - the single biggest distinction between these cars (for driving enthusiasts) is in fact RWD (G37) vs. FWD (Accord). If you are a sports car purist, FWD is much less appealing and for this reason alone, many G37 shoppers would not consider the Honda. You said that you are used to FWD (and may even prefer it for snow performance, although in Cali...), so you may not care, but there is a noticeable difference in handling/steering feel as a result. The Accord handles very well for a FWD, but there is a difference.

    2) Acceleration - this also favors the G37, but the V6 accord coupe has plenty of punch for most drivers.

    3) Gadgets, especially iPod integration. The Accord does not offer iPod integration, but does offer MOST of the other gizmos that the G37 offers. However, if you want things like advanced cruise control and backup cameras, look at the G37).

    4) Luxury brand association - worthless to many, priceless to others. Granted we aren't talking Mercedes prestige, but the Infiniti brand has some luxury cache, whereas the Honda brand represents different characteristics. The G37 might also be a bit less common on the road, but neither one will be exactly rare.


    1) Better snow performance from FWD

    2) At least as good (if not better) build quality. I personally think the Infiniti feels VERY solid, but the Accord even MORE solid (very slightly). I don't mean better long term reliability, but things like material quality and fit/finish.

    3) More room (significant difference in rear seat legroom/headroom and pretty big difference in trunk size).

    4) Price - comparably equipped, there will be about a $5K price difference give or take.

    5) Fuel economy - the Accord is noticeably better.

    6) Other long term ownership costs (insurance, oil changes, repairs when they are ultimately needed). Over the life of the car, the Accord will be noticeably less expensive to own.

    I think the two cars are close enough to equal on long term reliability and resale % to call those items a wash. (Accord probably a tiny bit better on reliability, G37 a bit better on resale). Styling wise, I am torn between the two, but you have to make your own call on that front.

    I personally am about to buy the G37 (second and third place went to other RWD/AWD cars from BMW/Audi), but it is almost entirely for the handling/performance differences, gadgets, and luxury brand association.

    If the Accord were RWD, I might buy it (for me) instead and pocket the savings. In your case, I would probably go Accord unless I read more into your RWD/FWD comments than I should have or (like me) you really want iPod integration and a luxury brand.

    Hope this helps. But the best advice, go drive both (back to back if possible). They drive somewhat differently. Then decide if the Infiniti feels $5-6K better. It does to me, but not because of reliability, build quality, or safety.
  • Just took delivery of my G37 and was uploading my phonebook. I made an error and want to erase a complete item from the phonebook. The owners manual does not address this (it only addresses inputs), and the dealer is perplexed as well. As the dealer is working on it, does anyone have a short answer?

    Also, how do you enter a "voice tag" on an existing item in the phonebook?

    Love the car!!
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