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Infiniti G37



  • steven48steven48 Posts: 21
    Hi Steven, can anyone recommend a good all season tire for a G37 2008 coupe. Thanks. SRF.
  • busman01busman01 Posts: 46
    Hi Steven. I bought my `08 G37 last Christmas. It currently has approximately 8700 miles on it. Most of my driving is around town and I get 20+ mpg. We just returned from a 600 mile trip (averaging 80mph), and recorded 23+ mpg.

    Granted, I don't drive aggressively, but I don't just cruise either. Unless you are driving it at or near its full potential, I don't know why your mileage is so poor.

    Maybe the retailer's service department can give it a once over and find something for you.

    Good luck.
  • steven48steven48 Posts: 21
    Hi,thanks for the reply. This 20-mpg that your getting, do you know this information because of the "Status Botton" on the center dash, or is this calculated? I know that the window sticker said 17-22. Thanks.
  • busman01busman01 Posts: 46
    Sorry for the lag in reply. On the road again.

    Anyway, these numbers are the pencil and paper real deal. Surprisingly close to the trip computer calculations.
  • qaiss71qaiss71 Posts: 1
    My g37 ipod adapter is not charging my new 3g iphone, it used to charge last years' iphone. Anybody with similar problem and how do i solve it?, external car charger will not do,since it beats the purpose of the intregrated ipod system.
  • steven48steven48 Posts: 21
    Thanks for the reply, I'm going to try a different brand of gas. I was told that a better quality of fuel might help to increase my mileage. I didn't know this, I've been using WAWA Gas. I'm hoping that after I switch to Sunoco or Shell, I'll do better. What brand of gas do you use in your G? Thanks Again.
  • steven48steven48 Posts: 21
    What is a good All-Season tire for the G37S ? Thanks for the help.
  • busman01busman01 Posts: 46
    Here in metro Atlanta/North Georgia, I use Racetrac premium (93 octane). While not a "major" brand, it is offered all over our area, and it gets the job done. My retailer told me as long as I use a premium w/detergents, everything will be fine.

    When traveling, I usually look for Exxon/Mobil.

    Don't know much about the tires. I am not at that point yet. However, I probably will look toward Michelins when that time comes.
  • steven48steven48 Posts: 21
    I wish my G37S had a little less horsepower and more torque. I would probably get better gas mileage. More torque would be nicer "off the line". I have to get to 4000rpm before a nice kick, I can appreciate it's a luxury brand, but more torque!!! The horsepower @ 315 would be fine, that's still very fast, and increase the torque to 300 foot lbs. up from 270. Just a thought, thanks.
  • lovemyclklovemyclk Posts: 351
    I've used Pirelli PZero Nero A/S's as well as summer's on my BMW (530SP). Also Dunlop SP Sport2000 A/S's. I have found the Pirelli's to provide a good balance of grip in all conditions with decent wear/noise characteristics - having switched to the A/S's to squeeze some additional mileage out of a set of tires. Believe there is a price/performance ratio to be considered, so look into doing some research on Tire Rack and using that info to negotiate with your local performance wheel/tire retailer. My guys in Atlanta are superb.

    BTW, totally agree that Michelin builds a superb tire, but will cost you more. Only you can determine if they provide the value & performance you need. Again, Tire Rack can provide excellent insight.
  • Same here, Apple disabled the 12V/Firewire old way of charging starting with the 3G Iphone. Now it will only charge with 5V USB power. I contacted my dealer about some kind of a solution and waiting to hear back from them. In the mean time there is an adapter that Kensington makes with USB charging and Dock pass though that according to the apple forums will do the job. - 54.html
  • steven48steven48 Posts: 21
    Hey, Thanks very much for the reply on the all season tires, appreciate the help.
  • steven48steven48 Posts: 21
    Nice car, I just got one in black, they're MEAN!!! I'm affraid to race anyone, I finally cleared all of the points off of my license, don't want to mess it up yet. It's hard to resist the power. Best of luck.
  • I have a G37S, and searched exhaustively for all-season tire options. Unfortunately, there are very few, and none in the exact OE sizes for the 19 in wheels of the S.

    I ended up going with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S, 245/40-19 front, and 255/40-19 rear. They are each about +1 size over the OE tires, but fit just fine (10 mm is about 1/3 of an inch more tread width). I have used the Michelin's on several cars in the past, I think it is an outstanding tire. The dry weather performance sacrifices very little to pure "summer only" tires, you will not notice a difference unless you autocross the car. They have a big advantage of not only allowing driving in light snow and slush, but superb rain/wet weather performance (which the OE Bridgestone's are not good in).

    Good luck!
  • jakk100jakk100 Posts: 7
    I would not have bought a G37S if it were my only car to use for winter driving. If you want all season driving consider a model with AWD. The G37 is engineered to be a sports car not a winter driver. When the roads ice up here in WA state, I’ll leave the G37 in the garage and drive the AWD vehicle. On another note: I have owned the G37S with auto trans and all options less the tech package for about six months. The only complaints are: annoying rattles that come and go-like the vanity mirrors and the sunglass box, the tranny shifts into high gear at very low speeds, and the display does not display what gear the tranny is in when shifted to manual shift. The car wants and is engineered to be driven fast and exceeds my expectations when pushing the limits. The Sport model has a very firm ride, as it should be, don’t purchase it if you want a cushy ride.
  • ingvaringvar Posts: 205
    The G37 is engineered to be a sports car not a winter driver.
    All you need is a good winter tires.
  • I noticed an unusual noise coming from the engine several weeks ago. I took the car to my retailor who researched the problem and found the 3.7 engine has a different technology from other Infiniti engines besides the obvious.

    There is variable valve timing for intake and exhaust valves. The exhaust valves are adjusted by an electric motor. The intake valves are adjusted internally from oil pressure.

    If you cycle the key(turn it off and restart), the noise goes away for a few seconds. then the engine goes back to its original state and somehow does not transmit the excessive noise.

    The fix is something called ESTER oil. It comes as the OEM oil from Japan. This oil accommodates the intake valve lub specs. Internally, no one told Infiniti to use ONLY this oil for oil changes in the 3.7 engine.

    I was assured by the territory (factory) rep no harm has been done to my engine, and my retailer has learned something as well.
  • Does your 2008 G37 idle rough for about the first 30 seconds after it has sat overnight?
    Mine does, then it settles down. Has done this since the day I picked it up.
  • No. The cold idle is fine. A little fast but it does settle down after several minutes on the road. It was suggested cold idle, and other throttle issues would be affected by this ESTER oil issue.
  • When you first start the car, it has that heavy rumble. That is normal, my g37s does the same. The car is very cool... I just have to try not to get any tickets. Good luck with your car, you should'nt have any problems.
  • Considering g35 or g37. Like the lines of coupe better. Is the back seat in the coupe ok for kids 9 and 14 or is it too small and claustophobic?
  • The back seat of the coupe is very tight. Our granddaughters (all under 5 yrs) are cramped back there. As your kids will only grow larger, I highly recommend the sedan.

    I get one as a loaner during service, and it carries everyone with room to spare.
  • anh3anh3 Posts: 58
    does anyone have any experience with snow tires on a 2008 G37S ? What is the smallest (diameter) rims/wheels that could fit on that model?
  • anh3anh3 Posts: 58
    I had the same problem at start-up when cold (lower than 50 degrees or so outside temp). The noise is almost like when you have just change the oil in your car, everything drained, and the car is filled with new oil. It had that clicking noise, valve-tap almost. I called the dealer and they also mention an oil change with Ester oil, for free (only the first time I supposed?!).
  • The noise was definately from the valvetrain, and was at random. Ester oil corrected the problem immediately with no further occurance (1500+ miles). Yes, the first Ester oil change was free, but I own the rest of them.
  • I’ve read the “Ester” oil remark here before. Is there a brand name? Is there a service bulletin?
  • Ester refers to a synthetic blend of oil that has certain high end lubrication properties. Don't know where the name "Ester" came from.

    Infiniti has a technical bulletin addressing this. Apparently "ester" oil was shipped in the vehicles from the factory, but at the 1st oil change after purchase, non-ester oil was used. Hense the valvetrain noise. The problem was identified and the the fix was the reintroduction of ester oil.

    Happy motoring.
  • hi,
    congrats on your new car it looks great. can you tell me if the 09 trunk has an obstructed trunk opening due to the nav/cd system? i know the 08's did and it made a small trunk even smaller. what did you end up paying? i'm sure there not offering the 0.9 financing like the 08's have.
  • "Ester refers to a synthetic blend of oil that has certain high end lubrication properties. Don't know where the name "Ester" came from.

    Infiniti has a technical bulletin addressing this. Apparently "ester" oil was shipped in the vehicles from the factory, but at the 1st oil change after purchase, non-ester oil was used. Hense the valvetrain noise. The problem was identified and the the fix was the reintroduction of ester oil."

    Let's clear up a few things here. The Nissan Ester oil is NOT a synthetic blend. It is conventional 5W-30 oil. According to the European Patent Application for this oil available on the web and referred to in a number of other G37 forums, the claims for this oil are that the carbon-based additives increase fuel economy. According to the Infiniti VVEL Technical paper, the carbon-based additives reduce friction across the VVEL valve stem diamond-like carbon coating. That seems to be the gist of the Nissan Ester oil.

    Esters are PAO based substances added to oils and lubricants. Based on the European Patent Application, the Nissan Ester oil does not seem to have additional esters or greater quantities of esters.

    Are you referring to the "out-of-sync" VVEL Technical Service Bulletin? If so, the newer software seems to be the key to getting the VVEL to return to idle, even though the amended TSB calls for an Ester oil change after updating the software.

    Nissan has only recently stated the Ester oil is a factory fill. Most people with Ester factory fill may not have even performed their first oil change yet. The "change" from Ester to non-Ester oils does not appear to have any effect on the valve train noise you refer to. And, I am not sure what noise, exactly, you are referring to. The "identified" problem is the VVEL software which does not return the valve timing to idle setting after the car has been driven hard. The updated software is the "cure" for the out-of-sync VVEL knocking. Unless a different "noise" could be caused by the valve stem diamond-like coating, and the Ester carbon-based additive is the only way to the quiet this noise, then the cure is not the Ester oil.

    This information is all available elsewhere on the net.
  • Thanks for the great response.
    Has your G37 been updated with the software referred to?
    I am using Mobil 1 synthetic. From what I have read this oil does have the Ester properties.
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