Pontiac Torrent Noises

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i have a 2006 torrent with 40000 km on it and i have developed a very loud humming noise from the front end any idea what it is


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    I have a 2006 with 20000km and I haven't heard any noises yet if you figure it out let me know
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    i got my torrent looked at finally and it was the driver side wheel bearing its good now ;)
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    Thanks for reporting back - enjoy the ride!
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    I love my 2007 Torrent, 9000 miles on it so far. I have had it in the shop 5 yes 5 times to find the reason for the brake squeaking, intermittent of course, that occurs when I am going downhill or backing out of the garage. They repaced the brake pads,turned the rot :confuse: ors etc, still the same. Cold weather makes it worse. The dealer suggestion was to wash the truck weekly, as I live on a gravel road, since they couldn't figure anything else out! Any thoughts?
  • Hi I have a 2007 Torrent, 3 or 4 weeks ago it started with a noise in the steering wheel column, exactly below the steering wheel, I thought that was the rack, but yesterday I went with the dealer, and the service manager told me that the noise is normal, for the system of electronically assisted direction, in some cases is louder than mine, and is normal in Torrent, G5 and G6, I´m going to call to the GM plant in Mexico to find out if that it´s true, because the service manager told me that the GM plant is going to make a new kind of steering column that is going to avoid that kind of noises, have you heard something about it, if so I´d apreciate you comments and oppinions.
    Greetings from Colima, Mexico

    PS. The warranty is valid to November 2008, and it´s 12500 miles.
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    Read previous posts about this apparently there is a wire under the steering column that is rubbing making this noise and it can wear out the wire. Not a problem on my torrent but I guess some have this issue. just a thought
  • Danny, or somebody else, do you have steering wheel column diagrams to know what´s that wire and if I can see it, to know how to fix it, or find another solution, thanks and grretings :confuse: :confuse:
  • Ok so i have a 06 torrent and about 5 mos ago i had it in for the heater, it just stopped working. They fixed it but a few days later it was leaking coolant so i took it back.... they fixed it. A few days pasted and it started leaking again.. So i took it back to the dealer and they put on a different clamp and it hasnt leaked since. Well pretty much ever since my truck makes a gushing sound when i accelerate, kinda like if u blow in a straw while it in water. It only does it when i stop and then accelerate... once im past like 5 miles per hr it stops. Also since i got it back from the dealer it sputters on start up, only till it warms up maybe like a min or so but only when its been sittin awhile, like overnight. Could these 2 problems be linked? The truck is no longer under warranty so i cant take it back to the dealer. Any ideas??? If so how can i fix it??? Ive been told maybe theres air in the coolant system???
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    I have an '06 Torrent and also have the sound of running water noise. Mine is coming from under the dash right in front of the driver. When I stop at a light it is a sound like a babbling brook. When I accelerate is is the sound of a rushing river. I've been told it is probably related to the AC compressor though I've never had AC problems. Perhaps it is not draining correctly?

    The other problem of rough starts is also familiar and may be a major one. Check the level of your engine coolant. Is the exhaust white smoke when you first start up. Mine has been leaking coolant into cylinder #1. May be a leaky intake manifold or worse yet a head gasket.
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    Have you had your vehicle into your dealer? If not, I would definitely recommend doing so! Please keep me updated.
    GM Customer Service
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    so i have a 06 torrent same issues as u it was my head gasket ask shop to do a pressure test on your car however got out of shop and still here gushing sound took back they pressure test everything was good no coolant leaks but they said air was getting into the system some how and need to look into why they don;t get it when i first brought in they understood why gushing sound because of the head gasket there was air in my line now that it is fixed they don't no why they think i may have a clog in the heater core or a hole in the heater core still trying to figure it out but my car did the same ruff idle when first starting adding coolant and the gushing sound

    \also had white smoke from exaust and was leaking into cylinder 1 like someone else was stating
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    Please keep me updated on your progress at the dealer.
    GM Customer Service
  • borst-

    Did you ever find out what the "When I accelerate is is the sound of a rushing river." sound was?

    I have an '06 Torrent and i started noticing the same sound when i first start driving few months back.

    Thank you for the update in advance.

  • I understand it isn't always a viable option for everybody, but if you decide to work with a GM dealership towards getting a diagnosis, please let us know!

    GM Customer Service
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    Could someone help me out? I have a 2006 pontiac torrent with bout 180,000 miles on it. Well it's happened once before, smoke came out of the turn signal switch, so i thought ok no biggy, because it was barely coming out, well now 2 days ago i was on my way to work about a 20 minute drive from my house, and as i came into the town, smoke just started rolling from my steering wheel, and had called the police, any thoughts or suggestions? Would be scared if this happened again, because by the looks of things its getting worse, and its very very scary. Anything would help!
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    The waterfall under the dash is a head gasket, I have an 06 torrent and we had to replace head gaskets. It also started hard on cold starts, due to coolant getting in the combustion chamber. mechanics can run a test to check for combustion gases in the coolant.
  • I have Pontiac torrent 2009 . It runs great , but I feel it takes lots of Gaz around 18 litre per 100 km .

    moreover when the heat is on it clicks as the condinsor and belt of the AC fan work together when heat is on 

    anyone can help me 
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    If my conversion is correct, that's about 13 mpg. EPA estimates for the '09 Torrent are 16 city/24 hwy, so that does seem a bit low. What kind of driving conditions do you normally encounter? Mostly city/short trips? A lot of highway? What kind of terrain? Lots of factors will affect your mileage.

    Does the click sound more like it's coming from a blower fan, or is it an engine noise? Since you said it's when the heat is on, does the click speed vary with different fan settings?
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