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Isuzu Trooper Transmission Problems



  • farmgoodefarmgoode Posts: 7
    it's the trany the clutch pacs are gone . you can try to flush the cooler but it,s hard you must drain the fuild . but you not going to get much out . go buy the dex#3 flush the trany severl times pull the cooler lines in inertvells.and back flush sevral tmes. then buy tran medic or equal and run though it.let me know.
  • n2rnrn2rnr Posts: 1
    Hello,I recently bought a trooper with a auto transmission.ysterday,in Drive,the truck went into a false neutral,and rev'ed a bit. Im wondering about adjustments as Im Just learning about troopers etc. I have noticed,and a friend confirmed,that the indicator when in Drive is/was feeling a little faint. Im wondering If its the linkage? and Is that adjustable and how. I also want to check,then maybe change the transmission fliud,for peace of mind,so I know where Im at with it, I cannot afford a New transmission,as I just bought the vehicle.So hopefully,I cant Nip this... to prevent futher damage. Thank you
  • farmgoodefarmgoode Posts: 7
    hey, there are a just ments on the linkage . but also theres a nutrul safey switch. with about 1/8 th ajust but if it start in park mod. its not the safe switch. this may not be prob. try to flush the cooler in the radiator. its a pain. but this is a big promb.. with this things you can also take the shifter from the inside has a littel ajustment.look and see if some one as tried to ajust. the link. if not let me know.farmgoode
  • farmgoodefarmgoode Posts: 7
    i have no power brakes you can stand on them and it will come to a stop slowly .its like the anti lock is ingaged all the time.
  • tonloktonlok Posts: 1
    hi i got a 90 isuzu trooper and it wont get it out of first gear and i cant figure out why i have tried to figure it out for two weeks now it is so frustrating so if any has an answer to my problem i would really appreciate it. :mad:
  • ohibuddyohibuddy Posts: 2
    My tranny won't go... as if parking brake is holding it back. And on the dash the 4x4 light is on, brake and battery light. I have replaced the TCM and still no results any suggestions on what to look for next.
  • farmgoodefarmgoode Posts: 7
    this modal hade a prob. the chain in the trans4 case may be broke take the front drive shift out!!!!! try to move the turck slowly. i don,t if this is a auto. or 5 speed? let me know.
  • farmgoodefarmgoode Posts: 7
    is it auto or a 5speed?
  • FYI it was my alternator =)
  • Have a '96 Trooper and the auto tranny popped out of OD gear on the highway. Had to drive home at 20mph as it will not upshift. Mechanic friend scoped and shows "vehicle speed sensor". I am looking to see if anyone knows the correct location and part number for this. There is one I can see on the transfer case and then mech said there is one on top of tranny. When I try to order part online, I get 3 or 4 different units to chose from. Even the Isuzu dealer gave me a part # for an ABS sensor, not the VSS. Any help would be appreciated!
  • I have a 2001 with identical problem. Are you implying that this problem may be fixed by flushing and using transmedic? I'm trying to decide if the vehicle is salvagable.
  • I bought this 2000 Trooper and owner said he never used the 4x4. It will not go into 4high and 4low seems not to work although says it's engaged. what could it be?
  • justanoxjustanox Posts: 12
    I've got a 2002 Rodeo LS 4x4 with 74k miles on it and I was wondering if you Trooper guys can help. I'm getting a P0141 code (O2 sensor heater circuit, passenger side post-catalytic converter). I've replaced the sensor, erased the code with a scan tool and I'm still getting the CEL!

    I've also had an issue with the Trans running 4th gear at high rpm (2900 rpm @ 60mph). If i push it past 70 mph, the tranny clunks real hard and the light comes on. This happened previously this year and I had to replace the tranny. When the truck gets to 60mph, the rpms jump a little then settle back in. I'm thinking wiring issue but no one can figure it out.

    has anyone run into this that's had a Trooper? The Rodeo forum hasn't provided any info yet.

  • I took out a loan for $1700 to have my transmission rebuilt. I have a few issues, most of which I think have a lot to do with my being a single 50ish female. The shop that worked on my car has been extremely evasive and abusive about everything that's gone wrong ever since the work was done. I truly believe that the
    shop took short cuts, and perhaps are not well-versed in the transmission problems
    of a 2000 Isuzu Trooper LS. I NEED WHATEVER FEEDBACK I CAN GET to identify the realities of my situation. I must find a job asap, and I need my car!!.
    One of the first interesting things I read was that my car has a sealed transmission,
    which needs to be replaced, not repaired. Is this true?
    Secondly, the shop that did the work considers anything electrical in nature that
    may be causing the problem to be outside of, ie: not included in the price of the
    work they did. Is this common, acceptable practice?
    Also, another mechanic (very recently) showed me that 5 of the pan bolts were stripped and therefore would not achieve the necessary torque. In one of the pan bolts the original mechanic had placed a wire in the threads in an attempt to have the bolt tighten against it !! Not only had the original mechanic not advised me of the problem, but what he did say was that he "fixed everything he came across like new". Within a couple of months the car wasn't shifting properly, was out of fluid, and when I had asked the original mechanic what the problem had been he snapped at me that "it blew a seal!!, it happens!!" Is it considered acceptable prac-
    tice to rebuild a transmission without making sure it all bolts back together properly?
    The last time I took it to the original mechanic, the transmission would only shift
    manually. The mechanic insured I didn't go anywhere else by insisting I leave my
    car that moment, while taking 3 days to tell me that it was an electrical problem,
    HAVING "NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RE-BUILD". He gave it back to me saying the repair cost $140.00. The transmission worked for about 10 miles, then reverted back to manual-only operation. When I called the mechanic, he yelled at me that it worked when I got it, and when I asked him what had been the problem he fixed,
    he said he fixed a burned wire, and further yelled that he "could spend all day
    explaining it too me but I would never understand!!" I didn't go back. I did, though,
    have two other mechanics look for any trace of a burned or recently repaired wire,
    and there was none.
    I have since done more research and learned that the electrical system needs to
    be "reset" following a rebuild. Maybe he doesn't know about that? I also read in my owners manual that the NEED FOR MANUAL OPERATION IS A MODE THAT THE COMPUTER SETS THE CAR INTO WHEN THE TRANSMISSION IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY.
    Through all of this the original mechanic has been telling me I only had a 90 day
    warrantee on the work, but when I pulled out the original invoice, it said 12 months.

    The mechanic that showed me the stripped bolts also pointed out that what trans
    fluid was there was burned. Does that necessarily mean that the tranny needs to be replaced/repaired again? I have been driving the car manually, but only around
    town, no more than 35mph. Can that alone burn-up a transmission if there is fluid?
    Or is the overheating directly related to the leaking transmission fluid?.

    I have 30 days left on my 12 month warranty, but I don't want to go back to these
    guys without some ammunition. I have already filed a report with Fl Dept of Consumer
    Services, which I'm told is supposed to regulate business practices. When the trans shop finally responded, they said two things: my model of "transmission is re-buildable, and the transmission works fine." DCS did nothing and closed the file. I contacted the Attorney General, and they answered back that it was the DCS I had to speak to.
    I can't believe that NEITHER of them has addressed my very specific complaints.
    All of the other mechanics that have seen the car say that I need to take the car
    back and demand that they do it right, but I have absolutely no confidence in that
    idea, and no confidence in either the ability or integrity of this shop.
    I've already come very close to loosing my home. I have to get a job right away, but
    I live in a smaller town, with very few open positions in my field, at my salary range.

    I welcome any input that may help me put this to rest.
  • Wow! It sounds like this mechanic is a piece of work. I hate when people don't take responsibility for their work. Honesty is so hard to come by with mechanics these days. Obviously this mechanic also lacks social skills if he can't be courteous with you.
    My suggestion is make sure you document every bit of communication and work that you have with them with dates/times. You can also consult an attorney. Some attorneys will even write a letter on your behalf with your expectations to the repair shop. Just having it on legal letterhead may add some persuasion that they need to get it in gear and help resolve the issues they've created. You might also see if one of the other mechanics you've spoken with will go with you to the repair shop and have a sit down with those guys. That way you can have it all laid out for you and the mechanic you bring with you and can call BS or ask questions if things are unclear right there on the spot. Again, document everything. The only problem with trying to take another mechanic with you is that it might be taboo to do so...since they are competitors. But doesn't hurt to ask. Offer them some cash for their time. It may be well worth it.
    You can also talk to your local news agencies (TV and newspaper) to see if they might help you set things right if the above doesn't work. Our local TV news has a segment where they confront bad businesses on consumers behalf on the news.
    Good luck. I know it is frustrating.
    I just took my 2000 Trooper in yesterday to begin having it's transmission rebuilt today. I am hoping they are an honorable shop. The Better Business Bureau gave them an A+. That reminds can file a complaint with the BBB also.
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to read my long message and respond!.
    I have found a low cost atty service, they're next, and hopefully more readers will
    respond, especially transmission mechanics, so that I can show technical as well as consumer responses to the atty.
    I was hoping the Dept of Consumer Services guy would stand beside me on this, he
    even told me on the phone that he would keep pushing until we got a satisfactory
    response, then the next thing I got was his letter completely dropping the ball.
    Believe me I've thought alot about paying one of the other mechanics to go in with me, but they're in another city, and likely to consider it too much an imposition to
    begin with. And I have contacted a couple of "investigative reporter" scenarios, but
    they have either not responded or brushed me off with a form letter.
    Thanks again for your support, a little outside empathy goes a long way for me
    these days.
  • etopetop Posts: 1
    My buddy had the same problem. We jacked it up
    and checked to make sure the drive shafts to the front hubs were
    turning, they were. We pulled the wheels and the snap ring on
    the right front was broken. Replaced the 16 cent snap and the
    drive on the front worked.
  • my trooper did the same thing today, thats why im here. got answers? let me know
  • i had this too and it also was my altenater. had to unplug from battery, charge system overnight to reprogram the brain, it works fine now
  • My 94 trooper with 235,000 miles recently had the transmission completely rebuilt after the original tranny finally went out: new clutches, torque converter, valve body, solenoids, the whole nine yards. After the rebuild, everything worked fine except cruising on the highway in OD. When not deliberately on the throttle, the car would shift from 4th back to third with high rpms, until i pushed the accelerator again. The transmission shop has worked non-stop for the past 3 weeks, going back through, disassembling, reassembling, replacing all solenoids again, vehicle speed sensor, throttle position sensors, wiring, etc. After weeks of combing through everything again and again, we are at a loss. The car works fine, except in Overdrive on the highway. Any thoughts?
  • I can manually shift the car and 1st works fine. The problem is only when the car is in drive and from a stop it goes to 2nd and bypasses 1st.
  • Hello my trooper's trans was not upshifting and the tachometer was higher than
    normal. and then the check trans light came on. now I have to find an honest
    shop to take it to.... Cottman and Aamco seem like a rip off shop.

  • Automatic transmissions in todays cars are the most complex and sometimes the hardest things to fix in your car.The transmission depends on so many things outside of the trans itself to work properly.
    If anything goes out of the normal in the computers mind it will say 'what the?' and put the trans into a thing called 'limp mode' to help you get the car to a shop for repair.
    Sounds like your car may have a sealed trans,that means the trans fluid is a special type that does not need to be changed for a long long time.That does not mean that the trans cannot be opened and repaired.
    In your message it sound like your mechanic is just that,a mechanic,a guy that gets paid to change parts and wreak things.You need to find a Technician,a person trained to diagnose then repair if needed.
    I'm one of those guy's and if I was experiencing your problem I would find a shop that only works on isuzu that employs only guys factory trained at a dealership.Or I would take it to the dealership.Reason being that unless you have a supercomputer for a brain you cannot know how every car works and repair them,It's better to focus on one car line.
    That said,take you broken isuzu to an expert and get a expert repair.
    As for the 'mechanic' who 'repaired' your car,do'nt waste any time or money with that guy or his shop.Call the bbb and If you live in california call the bureau of auto repair.And move on,find a good technician and only let that one guy work on your car.
  • hitthitt Posts: 1
    mine is doing it toooo
  • i recently built a 2.6 (4ZE1) 4 cylinder motor for my '89 trooper. i have about 10,000 miles on the rebuilt motor. i installed a new clutch with the new motor. i have recently been hearing a chirping noise coming from the bell housing of the tranny. pushing in or releasing the clutch does not effect the sound. i hear it at idle. when i raise the rpm's abit it seems to go away? (not to say that engine noise is now masking it?) and it only does it after its been driven for awhile. not imeddiately after its been warmed up. anyone ever experience this befor? i re used the old tranny and the miles were at 228,000 when i rebuilt it. shifts fine, runs fine, i re did all gaskets on tranny (no leaks) and its full of proper oil.
  • gary110gary110 Posts: 1
    I'm having the exact problem as you describe. Was wondering if you had solved the issue. Thanks!
  • tikkertikker Posts: 2
    GM 4L30E Trancmission is shuttering in 2-3 & 3-4 in over drive. This is a completely rebuilt with all new parts with only 40,000 miles on it. Changed the oil & filter & added Dr tranny shutter fix, Worked for 2 weeks & now shutter is back. Any suggestions? THANKS!!!!! Walter
  • dotson2dotson2 Posts: 1
    i have a 2000 isuzu trooper and i need to change the plugs. its been acting up. i pulled the plugs to check them and they are all different. when i drive sometimes it doesnt want to rev up and it causes the transmission to act up. now my transmission light is on. can bad plugs cause your transmission to act up?
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    My first thought is no, but with all the electronics I guess that would be possible. The plugs are critical to the Trooper running correctly. Use the wrong plug and it WILL cause issues. I have this note from when I change my plugs several years ago, almost time to think about doing it again since I am around 150K miles on my 2000 Trooper LS.

    Trooper spark plug Denso
    NGK PFR5G-11

    I used the RC10PYP4 Champion plugs, seems they were around $4 each at WalMart 3-4 years ago. It turned out my Trooper had those plugs installed at the factory. BTW, if you have trouble getting the rubber boot off the plugs, a little shot of compressed air will pop them right off.

    Good day

  • brown25brown25 Posts: 1
    i think my trooper needs transmission fluid but i cannot find where to add it. Do i have to take it into a mechanic to have it done?
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