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Isuzu Trooper Transmission Problems



  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    There is an access plug on the side of the transmission. Difficult to get to and I could not find a diagram last time I looked for one on-line. The trick seems to be.. with the transmission warm, engine running and in neutral, using a flexible hose .. add tranny fluid into that top access hole until it starts running back out and it is full.

  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    What is your transmission doing? Read this discussion on the transmission mode can cause really rough shifting

    also search for the transmission 4l30e
  • its nice to see everybody coming out with a solution.......... we must start an mechanical discussion forum soon.....
  • cajphoto1cajphoto1 Posts: 2
    I purchased a green 1997 Trooper 109000 miles for $2300. The dealer changed the brake pads in May and I did an oil change. Today the right front brake caliper locked (its been grinding for a couple days) and new front brake pads, rotors and calipers will cost $566. It will also need CV boots/axles for $125 left, $95 right. The Trans light came on with the same erronious 1870 code that so many people have posted about. A few suggestions were to change the trans fluid and it may go away. Granted, I feel I didnt get it checked out properly first but all things considered, I'd like to know if this is considered routine for the year/miles? Or should I trade it after getting the brakes fixed? This site has been very helpful, thanks!! :lemon: ??
  • tikkertikker Posts: 2
    GM 4L30E Transmission is shuttering in 2-3 & 3-4 in over drive. This is a completely rebuilt with all new parts with only 40,000 miles on it. Changed the oil & filter & added Dr tranny shutter fix, Worked for 2 weeks & now shutter is back. Is there things I can check before replacing the solenoids? ANY SUGGESTIONS AT ALL? THANKS!!!!! Walter & Kathleen
  • mackwon1mackwon1 Posts: 1
    We bought a 93 Trooper today. When we originally test drove it everything was fine. After we bought it we drove it up a hill and the check trans light started blinking and the car slowed down. We cut the car off and started it up and the light went out until we went up another hill. Does anyone know what this is. The dealer said that he would take the car back if we cant get it fixed. Any suggestions?
  • I just bought a used 2001 isuzu trooper with 86k milieage. It didnt seem to have a problem until couple of weeks later the transmission started to show problems... when i drive, it only runs up to 25 mph and it seems that it doesnt shift to 3rd to 4th gear....and the tacometer is on 4k rpm or something with a loud reving sound. I had the transmission flush and replace the filter...and still having the same problem....please reply on this i need ur suggestions or best option on what to do thanks....
  • Hello i'm new to this ,,, i have a 2001 trooper i bought in 2005 it has had no problems until now . it was driving and all of the sudden it stopped i coasted to a near by church call for help and left it there and went to work after work i had my sister take me back by to see if i could tow it home it started with no problems ran all the way home . the next day i had my neighbor take a look at it he said i needed trans fluid so i added some (with major difficulty) it did OK until i got to the main road and stop again . i paid a man who said he work on cars to fix it . it drove about 95 miles and it quit again and now it will only go in reverse ... please help ... do i dare take it to another shop or just give up. ...... kim :sick: :sick:
  • tim_ntim_n Posts: 1
    Hi guys. Plz help me. I've got an ISUZU trooper SL '98 with abt 88000 miles on it. Sometimes it fails to shift from 2nd to 3rd and goes neutral yet the hand is on D. It will stay in neutral till tha car slows down to abt 30 - 35 kph and the 2nd will come in. Moving down to "3" will put the car in 2nd and stick there for some time to reach a high rpm then it shifts to 3rd and the "CHECK TRANS" light starts to flash, till I pull over, shut the engine off, start again, and it goes fine. I was used to it but recently it is doing that quite often, many mechanics scanned it and couldn't find nothing. We changed filter and oil and it is still the same. I appreciate any help, thanks.
  • jchinnjchinn Posts: 1
    Starting to have shifting problems with my manual 5 speed . I think maybe the oil level might be low. How do I check the fluid level. I have looked for a place and as yet see none. I have not crawled under it and would like to know , before I do, what to look for.
  • i have 1991 trooper roof rack & air diverter on rear had been removed looking foe one to put back on does anyone know where i might find one thanks
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • First time posting, but like what i have read thus far. I have a '99 Trooper and recently had Check Trans (flashing) and Check Eng (steady) lights come on at the same time. My mechanic has said there were codes, including slippage code. Trooper shifts fine when noticeable issues. Mechanic reset codes, and after about 30mi, both lights came on again. I have read different theories...more prominent one is that the alternator could be on the fritz. I had this checked by a friend by connecting volt meter, stays steady at around 14V with everything on. I have read about alternator spikes (>16V) possibly causing this...but not sure how to troubleshoot. Not sure what to do...would like to exhaust all options before considering rebuilding the tranny. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  • I have a 2002 Trooper with 124k miles. Just recently it has started to chatter or slip at initial take off. It shifts well in all gears and I figured it might be the Transmission Control Module as it seemed to be electrical but now I'm not sure as I have started it off in L and manually shifted through the gears. Occasionally, it still chatters in first even shifting manually. There are no lights indicating a problem. When slipping the engine revs slightly while the transmission occurs then it catches and goes but not hard as if dropping into gear. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • I have a 94 Trooper LS - 5 speed and need to replace the transmission. What other years can I look to to find a replacement? I have found a 86 ..... can I put it into my 94?
  • I also have an 89 with the 2.6 4 cyl and the exact same problem. I bought it used and then it only worked in low range. I inadvertantly didn't tighten the fan belt and the engine got hot enough to show both engine and AT on the light panel (no damage to either) and then the trans worked in high range, but in the manner you are experiencing.
    First to second: 4500rpm (4200 downhill_
    second to third: almost 5000rpm
    I don't know if it ever gets into overdrive.
    What does the POWER SHIFT do?
  • You can but with a lot of "workarounds". There were changes in the '92' model year and that complicates things. Cheaper and easier to just buy a 'parts' one and use the tranny out of it.
  • It 'sounds' like you're getting noise from the throughout bearing, which disconnects the engine from the transmission when you step on the clutch pedal to shift gears. A new one should be installed any time you have the trans out but unless/until you get some God-awful noise or are unable to shift, it's probably OK.
  • Take off the boot at the base of the shift lever, lift the cap and add fluid there. You will see if it's low or not. You might get a Chilton's or Motor's Manual (different doors in the same printer's place) and see what they say.
  • Does anyone know if a 5-speed from a 1987 trooper with a 4-cyl will fit in my 1989 with a 6-cyl?
  • I have put a number of heater cores in my 1989 trooper over the last few years. Does anyone know where to get a good one that won't rupture after one year?
  • hugoghugog Posts: 1
    I have an 86 trooper, 4X4, manual transmition. What years are compatable with the 86?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I have a 1991 trooper, while driving, the car decided to stop shifting and it stayed at pretty low speeds. There is plenty of transmission fluid in it. I don't know what it could be but it is my only car and i really need to get it fixed. does anybody know what could be wrong?
  • That same exact thing is happening to my trooper.. i can't figure it out. but i really need my car. You should check the filter and make sure that it is clean. Somebody told me that it could be that if the filter is dirty and clogged up enough, there may not be enough transmission fluid or no transmission fluid going through it.. but idk.. i don't think that is the answer.. cause it only happens to me when im going up a hill or im on pretty flat land.
  • gap79gap79 Posts: 1
    Anyone know the flat rate time on a timing belt/waterpump kit?

    Also looking for a gray cargo cover and the cross bars for the roof rack.

  • sxkittensxkitten Posts: 1
    hey, i have a 2000 and its was doing the same thing. Now its transmission is completely gone, and we just had it rebuilt last year. so i guess this probably doesnt HELP but its a warning. find out how to fix it, and FIX IT NOW :(
  • chrisslpchrisslp Posts: 1
    I also have a 2002 Trooper with 99k miles and it recently started doing the same thing("shuddering" at take off and slipping/surging going from 2nd to 3rd). The Isuzu dealership said the transmission was shot and would cost $4800 to rebuild. It is now at a transmission repair shop and I was told today it needs a transmission pump, but they have been found to have a high failure rate, aren't being made anymore and he cannot locate one. So I don't know when or if I will ever get it running. I wanted to make others aware of this as I would not have taken it in for repair and traded it in instead if I had known.
  • coanglercoangler Posts: 2
    I have had three trans. rebuilds in my 2002 trooper. Found out that the toque converters are poorly designed and you can get a heavy duty one in Denver. Also putting in a after market cooling system, which I am in the process of doing right now should realy extend the life of the trans.
  • wcouthrywcouthry Posts: 1
    to all my driveway mach. buddies the best way one man can replace the cluch in a 4x4 trooper is not lying on ground .if you really like your trooper and dont want get hurt take it from a pro. color code the electrical and vac lines and remove the little engine.clean then sit down in the engine bay and replace cluch.with engine out and on a stand clean and make minor repairs. safe 8 hr job. :) :)
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