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Who is Happy with their Jeep Liberty CRD?

fairchfairch Posts: 3
edited March 21 in Jeep
Im a potential 05' Limited owner. But after reading these forums I am very cautious. I know complaints are always the loudest so I was wondering who was actually happy with their CRD? Thanks in advance.


  • vtdogvtdog Posts: 163
    50k- 2 1/2 years. 1 repair (EGR) beyond normal maint and recalls. 25mpg +/- in the summer, 22 +/- in the winter. I turn the key and it starts. What else is there to say?
  • fairchfairch Posts: 3
    Thanks vtdog its good hear that there are some reliable CRDs out there. I think it would be a great rig for us but I don't have the time or money for a shop queen. BTW does the ORM solve alot of issues?
  • I have had my 06 CRD for about a year now. Other than recall work no problems.

    I have run B5 and B20 Biodiesel pre blended at the pump from day 1. Currently I have 11000 miles and use oW-40 motor oil changing between 3-4 k. I plan on changing the fuel filter once a year as I have done in all my vehicles over the years regardless of mileage. Perhaps this helped me avoid the problems others have had?

    I do get a bit of smoke if I accelerate abruptly. I have driven diesels for years, all smoke if heavy throttle is given or air filter is restricted or clogged.

    I highly recommend the Diesel Libby for extended interstate highway driving at 65+ mph. Mine maintains her speed well on inclines.

    I get about 25mpg mixed and often 30+ highway low load.

    I would go CRD Libby again :)
  • boredbored Posts: 300
    I'm happy. :)
  • bullheadbullhead Posts: 125
    I am more than happy with it. However, be cautious of a used one, because it seems there are few with knowhow in correcting certain problems.
  • gooliegoolie Posts: 5
    I have an 06 Liberty Diesel, 12,000 miles, love it. Did a trip last year when we bought it, from Vancouver, BC, Canada to Prescott Arizona in the summer. We towed a trailer with an Austin Mini on it, total weight about 3,000 lbs. we still managed over 30 mpg!! On the way back, we parked the trailer in Moab Utah and went off roading 30 miles in, performed great! We had a gas liberty before and we now get more than double the distance on a tank!
  • ecramanecraman Posts: 25
    Although I have had 2 torque converters, one transmission, one EGR due to the fact my dealer has a good tech and service advisor I have had it back pretty quick. I added the 100K warranty to it but overall am pleased. Mileage has consistently improved and is now in the 27-29 range. I have 54K miles and bought it in March 2005.
  • synlubessynlubes Posts: 184
    about the same problems as everybody else egr torque converter pump etc march 2005 build last problem at eighteen thoushand moles none since 31000 miles would by again
  • arvmanarvman Posts: 95
    This vehicle has had all the normal problems and recalls as the others.I find the difference is in dealer dealership is very good and they have a few senior techs that are on the ball.thanks to a few of the more tech savvy owners on this forum I have found that cleaning the maf sensor and bleeding the fuel filter monthly will alleviate a lot of problems.Of course,when I have issues with the truck I start thinking why did I get it.I hope that by the time waranty runs out all the bugs will be worked out and i will have learned enough about the rig to work on it myself for most small problems.It is great on fuel and will pull anything I need.I can see parts being expensive but it seems it is mostky computer issues which i do not have the equipment to deal with.overall i am happy with this truck.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    I have a 2005 Limited CRD with just over 23K miles on it. I am very pleased with it. It has been quite reliable save for an EGR valve, a couple of recalls and a couple of sets of air intake hoses.

    FE is wonderful. Over the past two weekends my wife and I drove up to New York City and Western Massachusetts respectively. In both cases A/C was used for the greater part of these trips and we averaged more than 28 MPG overall for both and greater than 29 MPG for some segments. Must use speed control otherwise the CRD will run away on you. When I commute to work in D.C. metro traffic, I get between 22 to 24 MPG.

    If you purchase a CRD, make sure you have a good mechanic/dealership. That will make all the difference in the world.

    Good Luck on your decision. :)
  • fairchfairch Posts: 3
    Thanks for the replys, I may be getting my hopes up but it sounds like most of the bugs are getting worked out of the CRDs. It will probably be the fall before I purchase one. I'll definately call my local dealers and ask their techs. how familiar they are with the CRD.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    Good move. Speak directly with the techs if you are able to do so. Pick their brains while you are at it.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    just buy an 07?
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    I thought that 2006 was the last of the Liberty CRDs? You can get a Grand Cherokee with the Mercedes blutec for about $40 grand.
  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    I’m happy with my CRD but I have masochistic tendencies. If you actually need a tight turning radius, very good fuel economy, 5,000 # towing capacity and excellent off-pavement capabilities then buy one and live with the consequences. We have a late night remote stretch of no shoulder highway with no cell phone service that we drive frequently. We face the east to praise Allah, say 3 Hail-Marys, read a quote from Buddha and make as statement the we do not absolutely reject reincarnation. In fact, my wife wants to come back as a turkey buzzard because she loves the effortless flight. I want to come back as a functioning CRD. I reminded my wife what turkey buzzards eat and she reminded me that we eat at McDonalds on the road.

    If you do not need the unique combination of capabilities of the CRD, just walk away. If you do, then be willing to live with the unique combination of irritating qualities
  • coolridercoolrider Posts: 84
    I guess the price would have to be real right to go thru it again and take a big chance. It did everthing you could ask just not always when you wanted. I know better than to buy a new vechicle out the first year of production. It was just a new engine for the US that the rest of the planet has had for years, no biggie, opps, ouch.
  • We have 2006 CRD purchased Jan 2006 new, 30,500 miles on it now. No problems. Wonderful vehicle and we are pleased.

    It is good in town, on the highway, on grades, towing and terrific in heavy rain. My wife and girls love it, too.

    Mileage is 19-22 in town, 25-27-29 on the highway at 75-65-55 respectively.

    But, I have several recalls to follow-up on including one
    received today on the heater blower mower. I am not wild
    about possibly having the engine detuned because of the torque converter recall.

    Our local Jeep dealer was sold to the Dodge house so I'm not sure about that situation. I do plan on purchasing an extended warranty as the 2006 came only with a 3/36 warranty.

    I have used the Diesel Kleen additive from day one in generous portions, buy diesel from busy locations mostly Murphy at Wal-Mart, have the oil changed every 6500-7500
    miles and every other oil change have my mechanic inspect
    the engine and undercarriage. Worth every penny, too.
    BTW, the CRD calls only for synthetic.

    Biodiesel is available here but only at 100% and I am not equiped to mix it at the moment so stay with regular diesel.
  • keliraekelirae Posts: 1
    I purchased my 06 Liberty Diesel New, and have had nothing but Problems with a Constant Jerking/Surge at 80Km - 120Km almost like an Engine Miss. Have had it back to the Dealer numerous times ~ First they said Torque Converter/Pump so Replaced that ~ No Fix. Admitted a Problem then but Now they say nothing is Wrong? Does anyone else out there have a similar problem, like this? Or any suggestions, short of a Trade In.
  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520

    There has been considerable discussion about jerking on this forum and other forums concerning mostly the Liberty CRD, some VW TDI and other. There is apparently jerking (passengers would not know if vehicle or driver) and JERKING (passengers would wonder WTH!) both frequent and rare. It has been blamed on the torque converter clutch, fuel system, fuel, air in the fuel, EGR valve, cruise control, computer, and other.

    I have had several instances of JERKING over 40k miles after hard acceleration up an interstate onramp to 65 or 70 MPH and setting the cruise immediately. The JERKING lasted maybe 5 or 6 seconds. If I accelerate up an onramp with overdrive off and set the cruise at 65 or 70 MPH and wait 5 or 6 seconds before turning overdrive on I never get JERKING.

    Once in a while I get subtle jerking when running at 45 to 55 MPH in hilly terrain with cruise on and overdrive off. I am not sure, but in either case I don’t think cruise has anything to do with it – I think it has to do with transition from load to no load where systems are not responding quickly enough or over responding. When driving with my foot with cruise off and overdrive on or off while making changes in throttle setting slowly and deliberately I have NEVER had jerking or JERKING.

    On another forum writers claim much success eliminating jerking (don’t know which kind) by bleeding the air from the fuel filter head at the bleeder screw. There has been some discussion about where the air comes from – poorly sealing filter, fuel hoses not clamped properly and a defect in the filter head itself causing air to be drawn into the system. Don't know if this info is good or not.

    Apparently, a good working CRD is borderline okay because it doesn't take much to make one not quite okay. :) or worse :(
  • I've had my '06 CRD for 14 months now and have 21,000 miles on it and am really happy with it. I've kept up with the recalls, though abit annoying. I am surprised that my gas mileage isn't much better than 20-22 mpg. I travel to work 20 miles each way, half highway, half local. I was hoping to see 25+. bio is not sold anywhere around me in the South Jersey area, so its been usld dino since new. I do have problems with engine stumble at 55mph for some reason, if I level off at this speed it does feel like the engine is missing.
  • HMMM, They are numerous fixes (recalls) out for this and many other problems for the Liberty CRD. Especially the transmission parts and the electronics in it. Find another dealer or make the service manager show the current recall campaings. Find out what your state has for lemon laws. If your Liberty CRD follows the pattern this will only get worse.
  • My CRD and I get along quite well. Sure it has some quirks, but what car of great character doesn't? I could tell you tales of my '62 Triumph TR-4 that would trouble many car owners - but I still harbor fond memories of the old girl...

    Back to the CRD. I've had all the various TSBs and recalls done. And they themselves don't bother me. At least it shows that DC did attempt to fix some of the initial shortcomings in the Americanized version of their CRD.

    But I AM troubled by the condescending attitudes of the tech writers at my local 5 Star dealership. It seems that if you take the time to read the various CRD forums and show up at your dealership as a relatively informed customer, you will be immediately treated as if you are there for the sole purpose of trying to pull the wool over their eyes or something. NOT ONCE did I receive an understanding remark from a tech writer with regards to my concerns over TSBs, needed re-flashing of my ECM firmware, or even the recalls for ball joints and the TC (F37) recall. They could do better - they SHOULD do better.

    The irony here is that ALL owners end up spending more time dealing with tech writers than they ever do with sales people. So you'd think Chrysler would realize how important that relationship could be for repeat customers. While I love my CRD and plan to keep it a long time, it will be a much longer time before I buy another new vehicle from this Jeep/Dodge dealership.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Hawk521 beware, all automobile manufacturers buy the dedicated bits and pieces from the same suppliers. They just change the program parameters according to local specifications. What you can choose is mechanical versus electronic transmission elements. We have a transfer case, others rely on ABS sensors to improve their traction.
    I would accept giving back 50 HP out of the 150 I have for an old fashion diesel with a chain driven camshaft. This would save a lot of money and I usually never use more than 100 HP anyway!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    You could try the approach set out in You, Your Vehicle and the Technical Service Bulletin (TSB).

    Taking donuts may help their attitude too.
  • I bought my wife a new 06 liberty crd limited over a year and a half ago. It now has over 33K miles with no problems, except for getting the silly recall services. We both love it. I drive a navigator for my own car, but when she is home, I take her liberty!

    Having had two new jeeps in the past as well as Mercedes diesel vehicles too, the Liberty CRD just made sense to us.

    Mileage really depends how you drive it, my wife gets 27 mpg hwy/country driving. I get 20 driving the way I do like I'm in a race to get everywhere, very hard on the pedal.
  • ducatigirlducatigirl Posts: 1
    Okay I've read peoples posts and know that I am not alone. I never knew what an EGR valve was until mine went out (35K miles). I have the 3y/36k factory warentee but I bought under the miles of freedom promotion so I believe that I have another 2y/20k but where I take my car for it's fixin's they believe otherwise. (Worries me! ~ I have all the paperwork so I think I can prove it...) Here is what my 06 Liberty CRD limited has experienced...
    3 week shop visit (no loaner car) to take care of the worlds largest cricket noise that was living under the hood of my car. Idler pully (not a mechanic so bare with me) after they figured out what it was they had to wait to get a replacement, and damaged the radiator while doing installation or removal of old idler pulley.

    EGR valve was completely clogged took approx. 1 week to fix upon picking up my liberty from the shop, I put it in drive only to hear cricket again. ((Loud cricket too, suspect the worlds largest cricket!)) Brought out service manager to hear the noise, had to open hood and leave it in drive with foot on brake (was tempted but didn't run anyone over LOL). So it's scheduled to go back in. Only got 200 miles before factory warentee is over! On way home, cruise control dissapeared!

    Oh service tech when listening to cricket noise at shop mentioned that the P something (Computer) had to be replaced. Great! Perhaps they replaced it with one that doesn't understand cruise control? Dunno, but I do need my cruise control back, suspect it will take another week or two to even get that part fixed, it's parked in my driveway and I have been carpooling to work. Some new car! I loved it up until about 1/2 a year ago!

    Am researching lemon law now :lemon: , hoping that I can get my repurchased. I would trade it in for another car but I'm slightly upside down on the financing note. Grrrrrrrr hate dealing with car issues, that is why I bought a new car instead of a used car!
    Angry Liberty owner in Washington state! :lemon:
  • semperfi06semperfi06 Posts: 20
    We are also very happy with our 2006 Liberty CRD Limited. Only minor problems (window regulators, battery), all taken care of at no cost under warranty. We originally purchased the full additional warranty from Chysler for 6 yr/100,000 miles with no-deductible. We have 45,000 plus miles now. We did unplug the MAF sensor, which allows it to run better, less smoke, better fuel mileage, with no operation of the EGR valve. It does leave the engine light on, so if we need to take into Jeep for service, we plug it back in, and the light will soon go off. We love the torque, economy and the sound of the diesel engine. I have someone who works for me with an identical Liberty, except it is a 3.7L gas version. She gets only half the fuel mileage that we do. We also love the way the Liberty handles. It turns tighter than any other vehicle we have ever owned, which is great for parking lots. We can see out of it well, great brakes, but terrible original tires. Navigation system works great as well.
  • synlubessynlubes Posts: 184
    my 2005 crd gets about eighteen miles per gallon in town about twenty four to five on the highway had all the recalls by eighteen thousand miles no problems after that i have forty thousand miles now
  • debbymtdebbymt Posts: 1
    I have had my Liberty CRD for 3 years with the lease about to expire. I can buy out for about 15K. I can't decide--with the high cost of diesel--if I should switch to a lower mileage Liberty (not diesel).....Any thoughts anyone? I am getting about 24 MPG (not nearly the 28 suggested).
  • jimhemijimhemi Posts: 223
    I'll sell you mine ;)
    They're not booking well. If you love it buy it. Usually doesn't make sense coming off of a lease unless it's a foreign make that residulizes well.
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