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Who is Happy with their Jeep Liberty CRD?



  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    Your question implies to me that you are concerned about your Liberty because of your mileage. My overall mileage since new is 24.5 mpg. However, my overall highway mileage is 30.5 mpg summer driving on cruise at 65 mph. I am leaving on a 750 mile trip this weekend where I expect to get some where between 26.5 and 34.5 mpg depending on wind speed and direction. It takes a serious head wind to knock me down to 26.5 mpg.

    If your overall mpg is 24 mpg then you are doing pretty good. I don't think anyone is getting much over 25 mpg for an overall average - certainly not 28 mpg. If you are only getting 24 mpg highway while driving on cruise between 65 and 70 mph then there is something wrong.

    As far as your lease is concerned you know your vehicle and what it's worth. I would be hard pressed to pay $15k for a CRD off a lot right now, but I would have no problem paying $15k for mine since I know the vehicle.
  • crash227crash227 Posts: 45
    I bought my '06 Liberty CRD new about 2 years ago. It has a little over 50k miles on it now and everyone in my family loves it. I have had some problems, but I would buy it again. Mileage (28/20) is great, power/torque/towing is incredible and it is a SOLID vehicle. I use it off-road a dozen or so times in northern Michigan per year and it is very capable. Last winter I pulled my 6,000 pound Ford E-350 van out of a ditch with surprising ease. I was about to call a tow truck when I decided to give the Jeep a shot. I had my doubts about that little jeep pulling a vehicle twice it's size out of a rut-filled muddy and half frozen ditch, but out it came with a few attempts with a snatch strap.

    I have not had the EGR or torque converter/pump problem. One really weird problem happened when my water pump sprung a leak and pumped out most of my coolant without any overheating registering on the gauge. The "low coolant" idiot light came on but it was the middle of the night in winter so I tried to drive to a service station. I pulled over right away when my heater started blowing "COLD AIR" but still no overheating indicated by the gauge. I ended up with a blown head gasket, engine knock, and wasted turbocharger. My Jeep Dealer replaced the entire engine and turbocharger under warranty at 36k miles. All I had to pay for was a serpentine belt (wear item). I did get a nagging CEL for the turbo boost pressure sensor quite a few times afterwards, but I learned that I need to clean that sensor by reading posts in this forum. I recommend that you invest in a thorough inspection by a good diesel mechanic before you buy a used CRD.
  • buckmcbuckmc Posts: 4
    New to forum,and just wanted to say out of all the topic's discussed here,that I haven't heard anyone say that the CRD jeep is a great 4WD.Given the great low end torque of the diesel,and low range in 4WD,it will creep just about anywhere.I have a ARB bumper setup on mine,with a winch,but have only had to use it to pull other vehicle's out.I had the issue with missing around 55-60 mph.Turn's out it was a faulty fuel filter housing,which was fixed on a recall.I do my own servicing on it,and the placement of the fuel filter is terrible.Have to go under vehicle to unplug,the water sensor,then up top to get the fuel filter off,and out.I'm currently looking to move it's location.I make my own Bio diesel,and it run;s great on it.I did hate when they dropped the CRD from the Liberty,bad mistake in my opinion.
  • bmartinpebmartinpe Posts: 51
    Don't go under the vehicle to unplug the fuel filter. Simply remove the filter housing from the firewall. Then you will be able to unplug from above and unscrew the filter from the housing. After changing the filter, just plug back in, and reattach to the firewall.
  • I am very pleased with my 05 Libby. Great visibility, awesome brakes ( got the trailer tow pack) turns sharper than many small cars, shoves through three foot snow drifts. What's not to like? Oh, and 30mpg at 60mph!

    Mine has no irritating qualities. I am sorry to hear yours has.

    I did NOT like the factory tires. I drive easy, with only 35,000 miles on the Jeep and more than half the tread remaining they were getting slippery in the rain.
    So I chucked them and bought a set of beastly General AT tires. Big difference. They are a bit noisy but man do they bite. Mud, snow, rain, ice, nothing fazes them. I rotate all five tires so the tires really only had about 24,000 miles on them.

    OOPS, I forgot. The beloved optima battery gave up the ghost after only five years. I almost got a hernia pulling that thing out. But with Wisconsin winters I reckon that is hard on the battery. So I kind of forgave that.

    There was a recall for the EGR which was replaced at about 20,000 miles and the new stainless steel one is still working fine with 75,000 miles.

    That thing starts and runs perfect.

    I am concerned about the hose that feeds oil to the turbo. It leaks right through the rubber kind of like sweating. It makes me a bit nervous to have oil that close to the turbo. Anybody else notice that?
  • gmc11gmc11 Posts: 9
    My advice is to stay clear. This vehicle has been nothing but problems. Here are just a few:
    ball joints replaced
    turbo replaced
    windshield washer pump replaced
    brakes don't stop in emergency situations
  • dassondasson Posts: 1
    I bought my 06 Liberty CRD to appease my diesel fetish and I've never regretted it. I'm only now getting around to exploring any fuel saving options like mods or chips etc. The thing I love about this vehicle is that it is a small diesel. With American car companies' obsession with big diesels, it couldn't last. Right now I'm at about 23 combined, but I think I could do much better. Safety-wise this vehicle rivals a Mercedes for features, and I really like not hauling 20 gals of explosive gasoline around with me.
    I've had to replace the crappy stock booster hoses with high quality Samco at half of the stock price. Anyone seeking to demystify the maintenance of this vehicle should join LOST Jeep Forum, a wealth of info and insight on this unique vehicle.
  • I couldn't agree more with you, I love this car. I purchased the Libby CRD 2005 with 46k on it. I am able to speck fuel prices and get delivery of the cheapest, which I get delivered to my home in Miami. I frequently use B100 as I can get cheaper than the Petro. I too love that it is a small diesel. I hope the US gets more of them!
  • my06crdmy06crd Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    I have a 06 CRD Limited! 56550 miles, bought new! I am having a problem with the "Air Cleaner hose" (part # 56013104AE) my understanding it runs from the air box to the turbo. This has been leaking for months. The dealer is having trouble with the manufacture getting the correct part. Evidently this is a problem (getting the part) the dealer stated the manufacture had about 42 problems with this part.

    I have had problems with my turbo, transmission pump, elec system, and all 4 windows. 2 windows completely replaced and 2 worked on. Worn sway bar links and bushings. And a few more!
    My warranty is at the purchasing dealer and not knowing when I purchased they did not have a diesel machenic, until recently, I bought my crd in July 2006.
    I had a friend that bought a Sport CRD 2 days later and has not had all these problems.
    If you have any info on getting the rare parts, please post them!
    The size is great for me and my mutts, just wished I didn't have so much trouble!
  • I love the whole diesel concept. My first diesel experience was my uncle's 240D that he would let me drive on occasion. I loved picking up my other 16yo buddies, headed to the movies, in that lime green, noisy, smelly, wonderful car. I've been diesel nut ever since. I even had a Jeep Wrangler with a Nissan Diesel engine installed in it. The concept was cool, but the finished product had its short comings (but that is another story).

    So, a couple years ago, I bought a used '05 Liberty CRD unseen off of eBay at a dealership some 750 miles away. I flew up there and drove it home - awsome! Tons of power, my best diesel ever. I transferred the warranty (7/70K) and gave it to the wife to replace our (yucky gas) minivan. She loved it too. Since we've owned it, we've had 4 EGRs and the brakes done twice. Maintenance is every 10K at the dealership. They did the "recall" TC 37, and the car is no longer peppy. Had I known tey were just going to detune the engine, I would have passed. Still, even at 80% power, quite worthy of a truck.

    Then one day, while I was driving in Atlanta, I spotted an identical CRD on a used car lot. I asked how much, and they said $5K less than what I paid for my wife's. I bought it on the spot. Sweet! But off the lot I knew, it didn't have the power of my other CRD.

    Out of the nine months I have owned it, the Atlanta model has been in the shop for 6 of those months. EGR's, turbos, hoses, every computer and gateway, every firmware patch... nothing resolved its issues, until some bright whipper snapper found that when he mashed on the wiring harness a certain way, the car would blow fuses and set fault codes. Eureka! A quick wire patch and she sprang to life - well almost.

    She shudders and has a loss of power when taking off from a stop after towing some weight for an hour or so. So the dealership has offered to rebuild the transmission and I'm installing a Suncoast Torque Converter and shift kit, and she should be as good as new.

    Some would ask, "Why spend all that time and energy?" Well, these cars are awesome! There is no diesel out there that fits the bill of a compact SUV, 5000# towing, nimble, 4WD (full and part time) and descent mpg.

    I'm also planning on installing a Green Diesel Energy ECU upgrade to restore my power, reduce my EGR wear, and minimize my tailpipe particulate. If my CRD survives the upgrade, my wife's will be next. That way we will have two matching, perfectly tuned CRDs, and we will have reached Nirvana.

    Who is happy with their CRD. I am, twice.

    Flash :) :)
  • nottowaynottoway Posts: 67
    Anyone replaced the timing belt on a CRD?? I live in Southern California and none of the dealers here have the proper tools or knowledge. I just called the dealer in Scottsdale where I purchased the Vehicle and they quoted me $1,448.00...WOW !
    Any suggestions ??
  • 2006 CRD with 76000 and the cruise just stopped, checked fuse box and couldn't find a fuse for it. Looking for help before I take to the stealer, opps, dealer.
    Thanks for the help
  • Not sure if I'm alone on this one but I get a warlbling sound from under the hood every once in a while. Sound usually happens when changing gears at low speed under load. Seems to be coming from the turbo side of the engine compartment. Any help would be greatly appeciated.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Check the viscous fan clutch; mine had too much play from day1.
  • weeze1weeze1 Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me what recalls have been done on a 2005 jeep liberty diesel.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    The only two that I am aware of are balljoints (all Libertys) and the F37 for the trans/TC.
  • diesologydiesology Posts: 3
    just had my liberty diesel in for "check engine" light and wheezing or warbling sound. dealer replaced the egr valve and two hoses, one was the air cleaner to turbo hose which was prematurely cracked almost all the way around.. looking to buy another liberty diesel in any condition, running or not.
  • rotdoxmomrotdoxmom Posts: 1
    My husband and I are looking to buy a liberty diesel and I am just trying to find out if they are really as good as people say. We have a GMC truck that is diesel and have been very happy with it, but was wondering why jeep only made this model for two years? Is the mileage really better than the gas and does it pay off in the long run?
    Thanks for any info you can give me.
  • diesologydiesology Posts: 3
    bought mine new as a leftover 05. overall happy with it, but did have some warranty repair issues on egr valve and egr cooler. jeep only made this for two years because, reportedly, the engine would not meet the new emission standards for 2007. also the 05 and 06 were reportedly not available in NY or CA due to not meeting emissions. my mileage is about 25 combo city and hwy. it pays off if the fuel price difference is not too much disparity between gas and diesel. the crd diesel was still produced up to 2010 model year, but apparently only for export.
  • nottowaynottoway Posts: 67
    128,000 miles and finally bit the bullet and had the timing belt replaced. Could not find a dealer in SoCal who had the proper tools so I drove to Scottsdale, Az. to the dealer where I purchased this piece of Junk. The belt it self was $200 and the labor for 3 hours work was $1,200.00. Total $1,400.00.
    The old belt looked brand new.
    I asked them how much for an oil change and they quoted me $250.00...
    A message to the young people out there who are planning to go to Medical School. STOP !!!
    Go to Jeep CRD Mechanics school....$400.00 per hour is hard to beat.
  • Hello, all I was advertising my CRD for sale and today I spoke with a perspective buyer who told me he had changed his mind because he had found alot of info. on the net about an erg valve
    needing replacement and that it costs too much, $1,000.
    I have had no problems yet with it and is still under warranty till 70k and I am at 66k. It did shut down recently, but had all the symptoms as if caused by the fuel filter needing replacement. The dealer said after it was towed to him, that it started up and ran fine. I made him replace the fuel filter anyways. I never heard about the ERG issue till today. How much does it cost and how do I know when it is to be replaced ? I do not trust that the dealer is being thorough and jumping to catch these things while still under warranty. The dealer has been more ambitious trying to get me to trade in and buy new.
    I am not so sure if I even really want to sell it, as I am the first owner and originally intended to convert to bio-diesel or veggie. Since the BP spill and prices upping ,I am reconsidering. Any replies and comments welcome thank you in advance. Also, anybody know how I can purchase extra warranty coverage at this point past the original 70 k coverage?
  • diesologydiesology Posts: 3
    egr from the dealer is about 250.00 . you can buy one on ebay new for 180.00 and put it on yourself.
    did dealer put car on the drb III scanner to see if there were any egr or turbo codes?
    many dealers do not want to put any effort into repair of these vehicles under warranty. i guess chrysler does not pay them enough.

    some of these liberty diesels including mine and my friend's, decide (ECM) to stop providing highway power, and just go into limping mode. in both cases, just shutting off the engine and letting the ecm reset, cured the event. this happened one time to each of our vehicles.
  • nottowaynottoway Posts: 67
    I had a problem with my CRD losing power and running like only one cylinder was firing. Replaced the Mass Airflow Sensor on the air intake next to the air filter and seems to have corrected the problem. Still have the "check engine" lite on for past 5,000 miles saying there is some intake air imbalance. My mechanic says they don't know exactly what it is and they want to go exploring.They turn it off and it takes about 3 days and a few hundred miles and pops back on. At 131,000 miles, I am just going to run it. Fuel mileage still same as new 20 mpg. Sometimes 100% Bio and sometime low sulfur #2.
    What are symptoms of bad erg valve ???
  • gabednargabednar Posts: 3
    While looking for another car for myself, my wife and I stumbled into a 2005 Liberty CRD 4x4, immaculate, with only 48000 actual miles. I hesitated buying because of the engine, but ended up getting it 5/30/10. All the neighbors thought it was brand new. I am waiting to see what kind of mileage I get, hopefully at least the low 20's in town.
  • gardener9gardener9 Posts: 5
    I'd be happier if I could find where the throttle body is so I can replace it. :mad: :confuse: :surprise:
  • I was informed by the jeep mechanic at my dealer........get this......There IS no throttle body on the Liberty diesel.

    How do I know? I took my gas Liberty in because it was sputtering and they cleaned the throttle body. When I took my diesel Libby in for the same problem that was when I throttle body on diesel. They changed the exhaust gas recirculation valve and that solved my sputtering problem. It only had about 12,000 miles back then and the new one now has 90,000 trouble free miles. I think the new ones are made of stainless steel so they don't clog up.

    I have studied auto mechanics all my life. I couldn't imagine how to control an engine without a throttle body.

    With gas, the carburetor uses the airflow to draw the gas into a spray mixture before introduction to the combustion chamber. Opening the throttle causes more air to enter at a faster rate and it draws more gas which translates to more power.

    With injection such as the diesel has, the air is constant. There is always pressure from the outside atmosphere. If you wish to add power, first add fuel. That causes the pistons to be pushed downward with more force, thereby drawing in more air to which you add more fuel and away you go. Why doesn't it rev out of control? It can't because the injectors are limiting the amount of fuel.

    Think of a campfire. There is a constant amount of air available. If you want more heat (power) add more fuel. The amount of fuel controls the amount of heat (power). If you blow on a campfire, you are adding to the amount of air available as with adding a turbo charger to a diesel.

    I guess the bottom line is this, even with a wide open air intake, the diesel can only rev as fast as the amount of fuel available. And the injectors control that.

    Seems to me they could eliminate the throttle body on gas engines too if they have fully controllable injectors. I do know the gas throttle body is used to measure the amount of throttle pedal being applied but since gas is so much more volatile perhaps that is why they still use a throttle body on gas.

    Who knows, in time maybe the throttle body will be a thing of the past just like the distributor and points on pre 1970's cars.

    I use Howes diesel treatment with every fill up and I have not had any problems related to the engine or fuel system.

    EXCEPT, you need to change the fuel filter at least every 15,000 miles. I aim for 10,000. AND be sure you use the fuel treatment that removes water and prevents gelling in cool weather. Not just COLD weather, cool as down to 40 degrees F. Water can cause running problems if the filter gets too much water in it.

    One time I had almost no power when I left the house. I stopped at a station where lots of semis stop for meals and was told to add Howes. I used about double the recommended amount and let it idle for about five minutes to circulate. When I took off, still no power but about five miles up the road the power came back and problem solved. There was too much water in the filter and the Howes split it up little by little so it could be drawn through and burned. Using a good fuel additive wil prevent that little frustrating problem.
  • Maybe I am just blessed. Blessed by having a five star dealer who sent his tech to diesel school as soon as they hit the show room and blessed that I got a cherry CRD. At about 12,000 miles it quit going into lock up two days before I got the recall. The tech at the dealer replaced the torque converter and completely disassembled and cleaned the transmission. About a week later it started sputtering, this time it meant a new EGR valve which now has 90,000 miles on it. Maybe a month later it acted up and I took it in for what ended up being a fuel filter problem. That fixed it for the moment. Later I learned to use Howes fuel treatment summer and winter.

    About 18 months after I bought it they called and suggested I bring it in for software updates. It shifted into fifth gear a bit later but I have had none of the problems experienced by other owners. That must have been the magic bullet.

    The only problems I have had since are all related to fuel filters. So now if there is a problem that is the first thing I do.
  • First thank you to those that answered my last post. Last Friday I was heading home after a trip to California and again with no warning what's so ever the jeep started loosing power pedal to the medal. 2k miles ago the dealer found nothing but I made him replace the fuel filter anyways. Which he forgot to do and I had to bring it back in 200 miles round trip and no discount or consideration 150.00 ff replaced.Now 2k miles and far from home traveling with pets and valuables I had thee worst ever experience with the dealer in Burlingame Ca ! I sopke with the service mgr. at 4 pm while waiting for the tow. I explained that I had pets and valuables and that I needed a rental car asap to tranport all of us to find lodging.
    He was un-willing to do anything twlling me by the time I arrive the rental place next door would be closed and that I would have to get a car from the airport. Guess ? no pick up. The service people at 7 pm were un friendly un accomodating and all spoke english clearly as their 1rst language. After 3 hrs. of inconvienance and I recalled what I read on this forum and calmly started my jeep up yes it was resetted and drove away knowing I was not going to trust this dealer to insure that the problem was addressed before I drive through 2 days of desert to get home. Now the Jeep Chrysler road service could not even give me accurate dealerships as I found 2 no longer existed. So I had them tow the jeep from a motel to Dublin. Both Dublin and San Jose dealers could not even look at it until Tuesday. So since it and we are sitting from Friday to Tuesday idol awaiting hopefully a reliable solution so that I do not end up broken down with my family again. WTF, I am outraged that we are treated this way. A homeless person with no credit and nothing ,gets better regard than I have gotten from Chrysler Jeep after purchasing this CRD new in 2005. This is like if your stupid enough to buy my poorly made throw away product for over 20k, then you deserve to get f'ed.
    does BP own Chrysler Jeep as well? I had an alternator go out at 30k and have had so many other things that should not have been.100.00 deductable a pop and countless inconvienances and after reading others experiences esp. with the gas non crd, I cannot sell this jeep fast enough!
  • Wow, this is most disturbing.
    I suggest you write to the chrysler complaint dept. the address should be in your owners manual and let them know how you were treated by that dealer. maybe they should have let that one go under and keep one of the others that are now gone. I sure hope they get a definite answer to this problem. Makes me wonder if the other dealer actually changed the filter.
    You might have had a lot of water in the fuel tank.
    Call it overkill if you wish, but I use a treatment summer and winter. Pick a brand that removes water and use it every fill up. From here I can't be certain that was your problem but it would at least rule that out.
    Something else just came to mind. Twice traveling on interstate, I pulled into rest stop and left engine running to be certain the turbo had time to cool down. With the air conditioner running. When I came out and tried to leave, I headed down the entrance ramp and punched it to merge into traffic and there was no extra power. I had to dive for the shoulder because there were semis coming. Not knowing what to think, I coasted far off the road and turned the key off. After about a minute I restarted and this time it ran perfect. Two times that happened.
    I mentioned that to my diesel tech and he said there were no reports of that in any tech bulletins. But twice it happened in exactly identical circumstances. Now if I leave it idle when I hit the rest stop, I turn the key off for a minute and restart before I head back into traffic.
    I sure hope your problem gets fixed and that is the end of your troubles.
    My CRD has been trouble free for almost 50,000 miles. I hope yours will to now.
    Best of luck to you.
  • gardener9gardener9 Posts: 5
    Hey there, this just happened to me as well. I also have a 2005 CRD. Here is what I know is going on with mine and I believe that this slowing problem is related. (and like you I can't sell mine fast enough, I'm very disappointed, it was the worst decision I've ever made as far as cars go). Ok, so I had a check engine light on in my car. I took it to the dealer, they said it's a throttle body malfunction. And that I needed it replaced. But there is no real throttle body on a diesel. So I was skeptical. I did a tremendous amount of research learning about the CRD, and after finally calling my dealer and asking for part numbers was I able to figure out what really is wrong.

    A little background: My check engine light said P1140, the part numbers they said I needed were: 5142799AA (this is what the dealer called the throttle body) and 55037730AD a hose (not quite sure where to).

    5142799AA seems to be related to the EGR valve and is number 6 on this diagram link title Still when I look up the part through a Mopar catalog, Mopar calls it a Throttle valve, so go figure??

    Anyhow, it is this throttle valve that is the largest problem, I have read on several occasions others with this same problem where their throttle valve is not working correctly and they have a hard time with their car and it ends up stalling from time to time, slowing or not able to accelerate when you get to a certain RPM, mine did this getting onto the highway and my pedal was floored. Shaky starts and stops where the engine kinda rumbles beneath you. (more than normal)

    The kicker is that at least in the USA, this 5142799AA part is on back order, and not even available till the end of this month. I've been waiting for quite a while. The only good news is this part is held in place by just a few screws and it is pretty easy to get to. I am going to try my hand at fixing it myself. Maybe you can too, (if you're out of warranty.) it looks pretty easy, and I'm a girl. LOL.

    Well good luck and hope it turns out well for you :)
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