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Q45 Troubles

easoneason Posts: 4
edited April 2014 in INFINITI
My '92 Q45 has 117,000 pampered, hwy miles and now
it has developed a very slight flutter (soft
vibration) at about 25mph. Not that annoying, but
took it in right away. Infiniti tells me that I
need a new driveshaft. Actually, and with no big
suprise, it's the U-joints that need replacing.
They tell me that they cannot just replace the
U-joints, but they must sell me the entire
driveshaft, which will come new joints.
Well, this is the first repair after all of these
miles, but I find $900 a bit much for a driveshaft.
Does anyone know where I could obtain one without
losing my pants???


  • I have a '94 Q45 with 49,000 miles and experience the same vibration problem. Mine occurs once between 50-55 mph and again between 70-75mph. I actually had the driveshaft replaced by the dealer, but the problem persists. Not sure what to do.
  • jmilnejmilne Posts: 1
    My 1990 Q45 is getting a bit hot. The dealer says I have a leaky water pump (I didn't see any puddles), bad lower hoses, and need a new thermostat. The price the dealer quoted to fix was (gulp!) $1500. Parts are only about $250, the rest labor!

    8 Hours to change these parts? Can this be for real? Also, shouldn't I see some steam, puddling, or notice the fluid going low? Shouldn't the overheat light come on? Do I need a second opinion (scheduled at another dealer tomorrow)?

    Any information or advice would be appreciated!
  • I have a 94 q45 with 76,000 miles. I also experienced vibration at 55 mph and above. It turns out to be a relatively simple problem to solve. The suspension in the Q45 is very sensitive to the type of tire used. Most tires are manufactured in an asymetrical process, except for Michelin, Toyo, and possibly others. I had a set of Pirellis on mine that were constantly needing balancing to get rid of the vibration. When I got a new set of tires, I switched to Toyos. I have had no problem with vibration since then, about 1 year ago.

    My experince, for the record, is good for the q45. At 60,000 I had to repalce the freeze plugs because they leaked, and a new water pump, too. The most recent problem was the A/C compressor which had to be replaced (ouch, major bucks!). Otherwise, no problems. I love the car after 3 year ownership (I bought used). I liked it enough that I just bought a new 1999 q45! I think it's the best value today in the luxury car market.
  • I have a 1990 Q-45, purchased new and it is the best car I've ever owned. The only major repair was to replace the A/C--major bucks as "macapote" indicated. It's fun to drive and handles like a dream. I also had some balance problems with Pirell's but now have Bridgestones and the car handles better than with the original Michelins.
  • I am thinking of buying a 95 Q45. I hear to stay away from the models with traction control. I believe it is the Q45A. Any advice on this, for a Q45 buyer....
  • I have a 91 Q45 and I had the same problem where the engine was running hotter than normal especially on a warm day, and the air conditioner did not seem as cold. I didn't have any puddles or other indications except for some residue under the hood. Took it to dealer and they gave me some lame excuse about a hose clamp needed to be replaced to the tune of $135. Took it to my mechanic, he told me to have the radiator bored out. I had never had that done before so I bored it out and it made a HUGE difference. Everything is back to normal on the heating end. Several years ago I had the water pump replace on this vehicle but this problem was obvious when you shut the engine off you get a leak big enough to puddle under the car. Dealers are rip offs I have all my work done by local mechanic. He charges less than half than the dealer and does a much better job.

    My problem now is that my rack is leaking so I have to replace the entire rack. Dealer charge 1700, my mechanic wants $800. I'm worried other things might go like fuel injectors, tranny etc. Thinking about getting rid of it. How many miles do have on your Q and have you had any other problems?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    The Q 45s are great cars, I love 'em, but they do have their quirks. The engines are difficult to work on and consequently expense to fix and that's just the way it is,so you have to live with've got a very powerful and hi-tech V-8 under the hood. The timing belt replacement is the real killer.

    I don't think it's the traction control that you need fret over, but rather there was a special suspension option..some kind of adjustable setup that is quite troublesome.

    Last of all, the transmissions were weak, but apparently none of you have had problems, which is great...maybe these were corrected earlier.
  • I own a 1991 Infiniti Q45, can anyone suggest a good mechanic in San Jose, CA. who specializes in fixing Infiniti cars. Thanks
  • bigezbigez Posts: 1

    I hope you did not buy that Q45a which has the fully active suspension (FAS).

    I took my Q in to the dealer at 32,000 miles which was after the warrantee period and was told the FAS needed repair to the tune of $10,000.
    I was told to call Infiniti Corp in CA. They initially offered to pay half but withdrew the offer WITHIN minutes because I told them that a major failure to a first of its kind system, at 32,000 miles, should be fully paid for by Infiniti....Partically since the $10,000 repair would only be guarenteed for one year. $10,000 EVERY 32,000 MILES is TOO high a price to expect a customer to pay.
    As you can see these great cars are backed by a company that drops their customers after the pampered 4 year warrentee period is over. I would expect that from GM or Ford, but not a so called Japanese luxury car maker.
  • psm3psm3 Posts: 1
    I have always liked the Q45, especially the 94 - 96 models and am looking to buy a used model. But, while reliability in general looks good, the costs of repairs when they do come up look shocking. $900 driveshafts? Yikes! Just how reliable is the car or am I seeing exceptional stories here, and many others are having little trouble?

    While the Q45 is not perfect for me (rather larger and opulent), I am continually attracted to the potent V-8, rear wheel drive (tired of front drive), appearance, and better than expected handling for a two ton car. Factor in the super low used car prices, and the thing is hard to ignore.

    Lastly, in mixed highway/city driving, what kind of mileage. I know premium is required.

    - Phil
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    The best used buy in this class is the Lexus LS400; while not all Qs are that trouble-some, they have had lots of suspension problems, brake problems, and electical glitches. I know the LS and the Q appeal to different tastes, but...there is a very good reason while the resale value of a Q45 looks like the side of a cliff. And yes, none of the cars in this class are inexpensive to repair. (Probably best overall from a reliability and low mtc standpoint is the Acura RL, but it doesn't get the respect it deserves in the enthusiast community because of front drive and alleged "lack of character"...uh...OK...whatever...)
  • Depreciation of the luxury car like Q-45 or Continental is not because of the reach people that dumping them for pennies in volume, but because of expecting repairs whether real or very probable
  • I have a 1997.5 Q45. At 48,000 miles I noticed a slight hesitancy in the transmission shifting into over drive when cold. The dealer said he would check it out. When I called back that afternoon to check out the progress, the dealer had already remove the entire transmission at the factory reps request and had ordered a new transmission. Sounds good, but after owning 23 cars in my lifetime, this is the first time I even needed transmission repair. This car has had so many parts replaced in the first 48,000 miles of use that I don't think I can afford to keep it after the warranty expires.

    Window regulators, seat motors(2X), lumbar adjuster,and the list goes on. This air filter replacement that it seems to need every other service interval ($150) is ridiculous.

    I think the only way to own this car is to experience the excellent service while in warranty and then dump the car and take a beating on the horrible resale.
  • It was a love hate affair. I really loved my Q. I pampered it like no other car. Bought it with 51K miles on it and immediately, under warranty, replaced the sun roof switch, side seat molding, ashtray, cruise control, a 1k miles later water pump went out, then as time went on multiple problems continued. Luckily I bought an extended warranty for 7 years 100k miles. The next 40k miles saw them replace window regulators, power steering hoses (5). Injector went out with the coil. Then the entire Air conditioning compressor blew. The suspension needed replacing and of course the brakes were replaced about every 12-15k miles. Freeze plugs were replaced, radiator started overheating (cored it out)The list goes on and on. All said and done between warranty repairs and my out of pocket repairs, more than 12k was spent. But the worse part was with only 114K miles on it, the rack needed replacing to the tune of 1.2k, another power steering hose started leaking, and the transmission was going quick. Transmission according to Infiniti should never be rebuilt because not reliable, so the cost on tranny 5k. I finally traded it for an Audi a6. I only got 6k for it in perfect body condition. I considered myself lucky.

    Unfortunately I loved the handling and quickness of the Q. That is why I kept repairing it hoping that the problems would eventually go away. But it just got worse.

    Anyone else have a similar experience with their Q45.
  • It was by far the "best" car I ever owned as far as speed, handling, ergonomics. But by about 70k miles, it also began falling apart: water pump, suspension parts, hoses, steering pump, radio head unit. I traded it at 117k but after spending at least additional $10k on repairs over about 2 1/2 years. Great cars but I would be very hesitant for any Q of that model type off warranty.
  • Did you get another Q?
  • No, believe or not I almost considered purchasing a new one but only as a lease. However I just couldn't do after seeing all the problems with prior vehicle. So I instead leased a AUDI A6 AVANTE. Not nearly the power of the Q however very luxurious and terrific handling. Really a different type of car. Still I miss the Q ride but not the problems.
  • I just realized that I answered my own quesion. HA
  • No, believe or not I almost considered purchasing a new one but only as a lease. However I just couldn't do after seeing all the problems with prior vehicle. So I instead leased a AUDI A6 AVANTE. Not nearly the power of the Q however very luxurious and terrific handling. Really a different type of car. Still I miss the Q ride but not the problems.
  • I bought a 94Q in April. It had 35,000 miles on it. Rear brakes were 100% worn, front 40%, and I had to have the right rear bearings/axle?? replaced. It began making a whining noise a month ago, I took it in, needed a new fuel pump. A couple of days after getting it home, it wouldnt start. They advised me it was flooded. Smoke now coming from exhaust that wasnt doing that before. Dont know if repair done properly. It now has 61,000, and I am scared of what the future will hold for repair bills...extended warranty ends soon. Cost for 60k mile service is going to be $750.00 at Infiniti dealer. Good Lord!!!! Wondering how much I should get for a trade?
  • nutsnuts Posts: 9
    I'm currently looking at a Q45a the car itself drives better than any I've tested to date (15 or 20 I would guess in the past 4 months) but this one looks like someone beat on it pretty hard (scratches on all the seats, dog hair, serious burns in the ash tray, and crud on the headlight switch) I doubt if the oil was changed 1 time in the last 4 years. Besides that though, what about the a? Any ideas on repair bills, I saw the earlier post about 10K and I think that is more than of a deterrent, but I thought I would ask the populous about their opinion.
  • laarslaars Posts: 1
    Avoid the A model at all costs. The automatic suspension is heavy and not really useful and when it goes it costs a fortune.

    Any Infiniti sold by a dealer used has access through the dealer computers to the complete service history... no history no buy!
  • Just sold my 91 Q45 with 120K miles on it. Had it since 1994, and it was definitely a love/hate deal all the way. What a sweet handling car, I loved driving it. And that BOSE sound system, sweet!! It was a real pleasure to own while being covered under the 6YR/100K mile extended factory warranty, the dealer service was exceptional. However, a *lot* of parts went out, more than I would have expected on a high end Japanese luxury car. Had new fuel injectors at 58K, 2 sunroof motors, U joint (driveshaft) and front rotors at 60K, A/C compressor at 70K, window regulators at 72K, new tranny at 80K, water pump and radiator at 85K, tension rods, power steering pump and master brake cylinder at 90K. And, of course many power steering hoses along the way. That's just the major stuff, there was also lots of little items as well. As I said, dealer service was great, but if I had not had the extended warranty it would have broken the bank.

    After the warranty expired, had to put a new alternator in at 110K, and a new thermostat (3 hours of labor charged for that!!), brakes twice, and now the mechanic said the power steering rack is starting to leak, which is 1200 bucks, and the catalytic coverter also needs replacing. No Mas!!!!

    IMHO, these cars are great cars to own and drive if you're covered under warranty, but if not they can eat big time. Cost for parts and service are obscene. Still, there aren't many cars out there that are more rewarding to drive......
  • Take a look at Think Twice about a Q45
  • q45manq45man Posts: 416
    As an owner of a 1990 Q45 with 200,000 miles
    (a friend's has 340K) I must agree with some of your comments. The Q requires steady maintenance. Much like all High Performance Sport luxury cars( 1990-1994) or sports cars which are worse. My car has a trade in value of <$4k, but I spend that much or usually more in annual maintenance over the last 100k or 4 years ($15K).
    As opposed to depreciation it seems a good value.
    Find a good mechanic who doesn't have the dealer overhead and rigorously flush and change all(brake,differential,transmission, coolant, power steering) fluids every 30K. Never put green antifreeze or tap water in a aluminum engined car.
    Tokico the OEM of factory shocks has a half priced alternative, anyway you're supposed to change shocks at 60k. The suspension design and weight of a Q will eat tires at 30k even Michelins Pilot H4 235/60/15, real tires which take advantage of the Q abilities may only last 20K. Brakes life can be improved with larger more open wheels and aftermarket rotors and pads but these still warp later. See for maintenance help.

  • I've read several posts here and everything is regarding 1994 and older Q45's. I'm assuming the "newer" Q's do not have the same type problems? On carpoint's web site, the Q45 from '95 on had the highest reliability rating possible. It did show some issues on the older Q's as has been mentioned here. I have been looking at used Q's, from '97 and newer and they look to be good buys but I was concerned about reliability but it looks as though if you stay newer than '97 everything is OK. Input?
  • I have owned two Q45's, a '95 and a '99 - it has been night and day maintenance-wise. I liked the first one so much I bought a second one in October '98 despite having fits with the first one. The '95 had a terminal problem with the front end that all the kings horses and men could not remedy. I bought it slightly used - 9,000 miles and three months old. I went through three sets of tire changes (two paid for by Infiniti) trying to get rid of a slight shimmy and wobbling noise in the front end. I also went through 2 CD changers. Oh, did I mention the total transmission replacement after three years (under warranty)? I convinced the dealer to take my old car in on trade for a bargain priced second generation '99 (try getting the discount you can get on a Q from a Lexus dealer). Perhaps not a rational choice given my history but I really liked the car and the price compared to other high end choices. Well (knock on wood) the '99 is a dream: 14 months and 15,000 miles later it has been in to the dealer NOT ONCE. Nothing has gone wrong - nothing, nada. I keep up with the book maintenance and it is nearing a need for a brake job due to my stop and start 80mph to zero commuting, but that's it. Comparing the two cars - I don't really notice the reduced horsepower as much as I continue to notice the American sedan-like body roll. Come on Nissan - tighten up; just a little more sport please. I am hoping that the rumors of the 2001 model will be true and that Nissan bets the farm on a true luxury sports flagship. I'll probably be there in line assuming Renault can get them back on track.
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    You have one answer to your question at #29. I'm not sure if you realize that you have posted identically at 27, 28 and 30. You can click on the post number of 28 and 30 to find an option to scribble (delete) the duplicate posts.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • I've been reading alot of these statements and responses and am getting a little concerned about buying a Q45. I test drove one this last week and had decided that my long search for my perfect car was over...

    I currently drive a Camaro Z-28 with a Corvette special edition 5.7L engine in it. I wanted to make sure what I bought next wouldn't be wimpy... and the Q blew me away... I loved everything about it... But another thing is reliability... My Z-28 was one problem after another as one would expect a high performance car to be... The Salersperson told me that the Q was a realiable car but from what I've been reading this isn't so...

    So advice from all you Q owners... I am Planning on purchasing a Q45 between the years of 94-98...
    I am 23 and in college and now with all my commuting for business and formal gatherings, I need something classy but fun and ideal for nights out on the town or taking a road trip... But if the Q is going to require a lot of trips to the dealer for repairs, I will have to think this over because I want to keep my wallet from wearing thin...

    I would love all of your honest responses in regards to this... I want to make sure the car I get wil help me and not make life more stressful then it already is.
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    Have you been to our Sedans conference? That is probably the best place in Town Hall to find opinions on the merits of purchasing this car. Some folks here may chime in, but in the meantime, you can find other active discussions by keying Q45 in to the Search window on the left of the page.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
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