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Q45 Troubles



  • I as well am looking at a 28K mile 1996 Q45. I am hearing a lot of concerns re. repairs and high maintenance costs. Is this the norm or am I just seeing the 1%? My other option is an Audi A6. Comments? Thanks!
  • q45manq45man Posts: 416
    The 96 was the transition year for the Q to get people used to lower power of 97. The engine contains no VVT and fixed lower duration cam timing (less torque). A 94-95 would be peppier. Watch out for AUDI in some respects the maintenance can be worse.
  • I just read bosco55's story and I shared everything bosco did, except I wasn't very bright and kept my car beyond warranty. I too, had the love/hate relationship with my Q45 and gave the dealer dozens of opportunities to fix the car. Then I tried to get them to work a "good deal" on trading my 94 in on a new deal; then I tried to get a "good deal" on a deal. They wanted to give me $11K on the trade-in. My car looked like new, and they told me they could find nothing wrong with the engine, therefore the car was perfect-----$11K for a 94 with 80,000 mile..give me a break.

    Well, I broke for the Lexus and Acura dealerships. Trying to business with the Lexus dealer is like trying to get reservations at Wolfgang Puck's latest resturant...IMPOSSIBLE. I decided to lease this time (should have done it on the Q). With the same "down" (0) here's the results:
    ES 300 $34K car $628 mthly f/48mths 15,000 mpy
    GS 300 $42K car $768 mthly f/48mths 15,000 mpy
    I30 $30K car $537 mthly f/48mths 15,000 mpy
    3.5RL $42K car $575 mthly f/39mths 15,000 mpy

    The Lexus salesman told me the GS 300 was so much better than the 3.5RL, and that's why the mthy was $193.00 more with a 9 MONTH LONGER LEASE. What a dummy!!! A better car has a better resell and a higher residual and thus a lower payment. Money talks and B.S. walks, after I told him the truth, he didn't know what to say, he was confused. I don't do business with people who don't know their product, so I ask to speak to someone else--I got his manager. Once again,"our car (GS 300) is a much better car, and worth the extra $200 a month...get a clue, the purchase price of the cars were established. The GS 300 was $42,400 and the 3.5RL was $42,495, the expected residual made the difference.

    Once I looked into the "reliability" and expected problems. I hot-footed back to the Acura dealship and ask them to please do business with me. I've had the car for 1,500 miles and I could be happier.

    For all you Infiniti owners with problems...go see your local Acura dealer, they have just the answer. The only thing I miss is my service advisor, she pretty little lady with good car smarts.

    " my shorts!"
  • modemmodem Posts: 1
    This is how Eds rates the 95 Q45

    Safety   Insufficient Data
    Reliability   8.8
    Performance   8.6
    Comfort   9.1
    Value   5.6
    Overall   Insufficient Data

    Can anyone explain an 8.8 reliability rating?
    If what I read here is true I will have to forget the Q as I couldn't stand that many problems.
    I am looking for a nice good driving car for a big body (6'3") and havn't got the $ for more than the 95 Q45 would cost. Any good ideas much appreciated.
  • q45manq45man Posts: 416
    Lexus LS400 is slightly more reliable than 94+ Q45, but resale price is higher to reflect this. The replacement parts are comparibly priced.
    The Ford Crown Vic with police options, SS chev are relatively easy to repair.
  • q45manq45man Posts: 416
    Since they are identical buy a 94 (no 90-93) with low mileage ($13,000)use the $3,000 difference to begin a good mainteance program (flush everything rear,trans, engine, brakes,power steering, and radiator) and get ($1,500) extended warranty and shop manual ($150). See for my treads on repairs.
  • This is my first visit to this site, prompted by my quest for my next "wunderkar". I've looked at Infiniti, BMW, GS300, Jaguar "S", etc. I have been intrigued by the apparent across-the-board themes recited here re: the Q45's problems and dealing with Lexus dealers.

    I had a '94 Q45, leased new for 36 months. I had to replace the brakes at 18K miles, tires at 20K, and had any number of "minor" yet annoying malfuctions. Sunroof motor burned out. Tilting side mirrors didn't tilt, etc. Fortunately, my local service manager was married to a lady I work with. I thought my problems were "unique", and therefore I'm considering another one. Seeing the many posts here re: problems, I'm not so sure.

    The Lexus dealers I've met are arrogant snots; they've got a good product, know it, and expect you to beg to give them money. Not this guy. Like "batkins1", I'm now considering the Acura 3.5 RL. While it's "plain vanilla", it's pricing is very competitive and I have two friends who have it and love it.
  • I am looking at Q45's from 90-93 with/without traction control. I am comparing same year Ls400,
    Acura legend and Audi. Which car has better pros/cons and why.
  • q45manq45man Posts: 416
    Acura then 93 LS400 will be least expensive to maintain. Only consider 94-95 Q45. Audi always seems to have part shortages (hearsay from Audi techs). LS has bullet proof engine and trans, early power steering pump and AC evaporator problems but nothing major compared to others.
  • I bought a 95 Q45 with 45K that just came off lease. I have put 30K on it with just absolutely no problems at all. I have the 100k warranty and the only thing so far that looks like it may need to be fixed is the driver side power window motor is a little slow and the dealer says this is common on the Q. The Bose system sounds nicely tuned to the interior. I havent really noticed a lot of sway in the curves at all. I doesnt really sit down, but is very tight. The milage is great for 20+ mp gallon too.
  • red34red34 Posts: 1
    I'm looking at a 94 Q45a and wondering if anyone
    has any experience with the active suspension?
    The car has 50k miles and the interior is extremely nice while the exterior has had a poor
    paint job. Also the sony cd changer seams to be malfunctioning. I've heard the active suspension
    can be expensive ($6k) if broke, and a tuneup
    coslty because of the placement of the plugs.
    Any advice from any one with experience?
  • q45manq45man Posts: 416
    The following site has about 220 members which are discussing the reliability and maintenance of Infiniti now.

  • breaksrbreaksr Posts: 9
    I am the proud owner of a 1991 Q45 with only 91K miles. The previous owner was my older brother who had the car for five years and put 50K on it. I have to tell you that I am surprised at all the problems that I have read (msg #14). I have owned the car for a year now and put 13K on it. The only repairs I have had done were the front brakes, I did myself, and a starter relay (dealer $50). The only problem currently is when the car is cold there is a lag between gears when the transmission shifts. I have all of the service records and the repairs have been very minimal. It is by far the fastest and most comfortable car I have ever owned. I drive the car 90 miles to and from work everyday. Gas mileage is about 20 MPG. I bought this car to get rid of a 1992 Olds Cutlass Supreme that looked great but rattled and stalled everytime the temperature dropped below 50 F.
  • goodbuysgoodbuys Posts: 1
    Any advice on blended oils vs mineral. Bought Valv. 5w-30 blend and the manual says not to mix syn/mineral oils. Any help on filters would be appreciated to. Fram seems to be sold everywhere and have read some negative posts on them. Thanks.
  • I purchased my '94 Q45t in May, '93, shortly after the model was introduced. The car now has 91000 miles. Other than routine maintenance provided by the dealer, this car has been flawless. I rarely keep a car more than 3 years. Service/maintenance costs on the Q have been substantially less expensive than on Benz or BMW that I've owned. The Infiniti Service Advisor has helped to make the ownership experience very pleasant. Although I'm not motivated to sell this car, there are several new cars on the market that are interesting to me.
  • luckylarluckylar Posts: 12
    I am thinking of buying a 97 Q45. What's the problems to look out for? What's a good price?
  • sageqsageq Posts: 1
    I purchased a 94Q45 after having a 91Q for a week when a buddy had to borrow my truck.Reason: 1. I loved the v8 power 2.Size, had to get my wife out of here little car.3. Safety and last Like all of todays luxury sport sedans there comes a heffty price tag. Knowing what I wanted and what I could afford was two different things.It bothers me that of the cars in this catagory Lexus,Acura, BMW etc. all depreciate like a brick falling off a table as soon as you drive it off the lot. For the money and what I got in return you can't beat it. Purchased 94Q 35000miles.Have had it for two years My wife loves it. Now 66000 miles and a few trips to the shop later. Now the FACTS. for the lad thats thinking of fixing you active supension consult your mechanic at a few places.CD Player your lucky you got one. Out here the dealers takem out hoping you order a new one(Van Tile). Plugs, it won't be plugs, it will be the fuel injectors. Once one goes expect the other seven to follow.$$$$$ Here a list of a few problems: warped discs front only,gottem turned,water pump leak,replaced main computer chip($$$),Power steering went out, replaced, one fuel injector,replaced front and rear brake pads(did myself)Due to the weight of the Q expect to replace pads often. When it comes to high performance budget accordingly. SageQ
  • slovettslovett Posts: 1
    You know, it really kills me to hear so many people bashing Q's. Maybe its because I'm an engineer and I see things a little differently than some people, but all of the problems that have been spoken of are logical. Think about it.

    1. Water Pump and cooling system failures- Obviously a result of poor cooling system maintenance. Not all coolants are designed for aluminum blocks/heads. Improper coolant and lack for flushing at given intervals will inevitably cause failures. Corrosion will cause overheating and lack of lubrication will cause pump failure.
    2. Automatic X-missons. Flush the fluid at 60K! Everyone that I have spoken to who has flushed the tranny fluid at 60K miles has had no problems with their auto tranny.
    3. Brakes- Brakes are a friction surface. They are designed to wear. If the cost of replacing a high performace brake pad scares you, then don't by a high perf sedan!
    4. Active suspension- This is a big one. Just don't buy the car. I love the a models, I just wouldn't own one. The complexity of the system and the sheer number of load bearing components are mind-boggling, not to mention the sensors and electronics that go with it. Of course its gonna break!
    All in all, sceduled preventative maintenance is the cure to most high cost problems later in life. I'm not saying nothing is gonna break, I'm just saying a little $$ now will save a lot later. I mean c'mon, name one car that NEVER breaks!
    I love my current Q, and the past Q's that I've owned. They might be one of the best engineered cars out there.
  • I agree with you that maintenance is important. However many of the Q owners did state that they properly maintained their vehicles. It seems that the earlier models did have major problems that others cars typically don't have.

    My friend had a 90 Q45 for 18 months and never had a problem with it. I was reading him some of the problems last night over the phone and we began laughing uncontrollably because it just doesn't seem possible that these owners all experienced these major problems. At least they kept their sense of humor. However, it is very frustrating to pay big money for any product and not have it work right and then have to pay high repair bills.

    I checked this site because I was considering a used Q45. It seems 95 might be the best year, before it was downsized and still had a lot of power. Someone pointed out that apparently the 96 model had less hp and /or torque.
  • kennege63kennege63 Posts: 1
    I bought my 93 Q45a from a dealer in 97 (off lease car, 38K miles on it) I went for the extended warranty primarily because of the active suspension. It has been my favorite of all the cars I have owned. It's been reliable. I replaced tires, brakes, battery, one injector (under warranty). I change the oil frequently and have it serviced at the dealer (service is superior). It now has over 100K miles and I am trading it in for a 97 Q45t (also off lease, 60K miles). The 60K is higher than I would have liked, but the car is clean and the price reflected the mileage. The 97 is a little slower and softer riding, but I like the interior (feels larger) and there are a couple of features not in my 93 (traction, heated seats). I was tempted to keep the 93 longer (bigger motor, active suspension, reputation to be better handling), but I was not comfortable going without a warranty on an expensive car despite my good experience to date.
  • jontyreesjontyrees Posts: 160
    I too loved the car - when it was working. We bought it used, (39,000miles), but in great shape. We even took it to the local Infiniti dealer for a full check up, which revealed a couple of problems, including slight compression loss in one cylinder. We had everything brought up to "as new", and split the cost with the seller. Unfortunately, one thing after another went wrong. A phantom front end clunk that no amount of strut replacement could fix, seat memory switches were hit or miss, the lighted vanity mirror gave up, the stereo started making horrible crackling noises when we changed the volume, then the entire dash lighting and headlights went out, ($500 please), various bits of interior trim just fell off. But the kicker was the brake warning light that came on and stayed on - I thought it was the dash acting up again, but no, it was the anti-lock brake control module leaking brake fluid. Very easy to replace, but a $2000 part! Could maybe find a used one for around $1000! And of course there were brake repairs, hideously expensive 60000 mile service etc.

    It was so unfortunate, since it was a killer car, but that amount of trouble in 31000 miles is just ridiculous. So we traded it in with just 70,000 miles on it for $5000 - I couldn't afford to keep it and eat too. Being a sucker for punishment, we got a 2 yr old '96 Taurus SHO - and, amazingly, no problems whatsoever. 31,000 trouble free miles, and this car rocks - I love it. Suppose I shouldn't tempt fate.........

    Jonty in Austin, TX
  • steinre1steinre1 Posts: 2
    i'm currently looking at purchasing a 97 q45, but was surprised to hear all of the complaints about the older q's (pre-97). how has the reliabilty been in the more recent years?
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    Welcome to Town Hall.

    Have you been over to our Sedans conference yet? There are several topics underway discussing this vehicle, and they may have some very helpful information for you.

    I suggest you use the Topic Search feature on the left side of the page for Q45 and check out the topics listed under Sedans.

    The Smart Shopper conference is also a valuable resource for folks looking to purchase either a new or used vehicle - you might like to take a look at the topic list there to see what topics are underway that could be helpful to you.

    Good luck, and again welcome.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • bbng01bbng01 Posts: 6
    I have a question for you all. I've just purchased and picked my 2000 Q45ae, it has 100 miles on it, the question I have pertains to the heat that is generated by the engine or the car overall. I've notice that there is heat in the form of hot coming from under the car, even on ignition. In addition to that, I've notice that when driven with the AC off, I feel heat coming from the foot area, though the heat and AC functions are off. Is this heat generated by the Xeron headlights? Is this something that is usual for a new car? Any info. will be greatly appreciated.

  • mac61mac61 Posts: 1
    I picked up my 2000 Q45 AE on August 2. After having driven 600 miles, have noticed no problems that you describe. The car drives like a dream. Suggest you take it back to the dealer.
  • jontejonte Posts: 1
    I've had my Q45 for three years and will be turning it in shortly. It has never given me any problems and I've never really thought about it until now. But my feet do get hot.!? There have been lots of times when I've had to take my shoes off and turn the air on floor level.
  • I am about to purchase a 90 Q. I need to know the pros and cons of the car. It has 128,000 miles. Seems to be in good shape. Any thought would be helpful.
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335

    I see you visited the Sedans conference. Did you ask this question there: Infiniti Q45 ?

    Your host, Bruce
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