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2010 Toyota 4Runner redesign



  • All manufacturers have to hit a mpg number (across all lines) mandated by the gov't in future years. A V8 may not be in the planning, as this brings the entire fleet CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) down.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    Toyota already has a lot of high milage high sales volume cars, so CAFE is not really a problem since the number of 4-Runner sales are in the noise. The real goal is higher profit margins which is apparent since the production level will be low to keep prices up based on posts in other forums from dealer sales personnel. They are maintaining roughly the same price with substantially less capability and features. And no new technology (6spd trans) for the drive train.
  • yassyyassy Posts: 70
    Front and rear underbody skid plates (transfer case skid plate on V6 4WD models) - this is standard on all 4runners. where did you see they arent putting this on?
  • aamixyaamixy Posts: 69
    I talked to a sales at the dealer in Sunnyvale, CA this afternoon and he told me the original date to have the new 4Runner in stock in late Oct. has been pushed to the end of Nov. He said Toyota is running out of some new parts and would like to have the new 4Runner hitting the market at the same time for all the dealers across the country, so we'll have to wait. Anyone get the same words from your local Toyota dealers and know when I can see them on the lot? Thanks.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    Most dealers now say they will have at least one by the end of November. While I am curious at seeing it for real, the new offering is not as exciting as I expected, thus I changed my purchase plans. I am in no rush and will stay with my 2004 and 1999 for now.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Just saw on the Toyota website that the second row leg room is 32.9 in.?? Is this correct? Thats anout the same room of a Lexus IS. Most SUV's of this size has around 34-35 in.
  • Yeah... I got the same response from my local dealer. This was after several salesmen weren't sure whether they had them in stock or not. He said that he had been in touch with Toyota, and as for the east coast, some 2010 4Runners were sitting at the NY Port; however, Toyota biggies want all the dealers to receive them at the same time. Toyota thought that the shipment might arrive at the Port of NY between 11/9 & 11/14 (I have my doubts) then they would be rolled out to the dealers. I think my interest is fading with each passing day. I love my 2005 V8 Limited and fear the 5th gen wont measure up.
  • yassyyassy Posts: 70
    how the heck did this dealer get his hands on this one????????????
  • Thanks Donnie. If you get one with Nav, can you check please if the Nav is the current system, or a redesign that can be used while the car is in motion? I am also interested in 2nd row space (seems small from the specs). Have a Ltd 4x4 on order.

    Much appreciated,

  • I will certainly check. One of ours at the port is a Black Limited with Nav. When it arrives, I'll look into it and post it on here.

    I doubt the Nav. will be one that you can use while the vehicle is in motion - that whole safety issue.

    This is the best video/pic of the nav I could find, although youve probably already seen it:

    It looks like the system is very similar...

    In regards to the second row space, I'll look the next time I see one. It seemed ok to me when I sat in the last one, but Im not tall ( around 5'10"). It is nice that the rear seats recline though!
  • Because We're Special!

    Just kidding. Our Retail Development Manager / Trainer with Toyota is driving one right now. We have a good 4Runner following at our dealership, so he brought it by two different days and let us schedule customers to come and check it out, drive it, etc. That one is a Blizzard Pearl 2wd Limited.

    I did receive an e-mail from Toyota last week about the roll-out of the 4Runner. They are having a bit of a supply issue so they've pushed the date back. I really thought we would have received the first one, but it seems that they are holding up the ones that were already produced in an effort to get them to dealers at the same time.

    We currently have two at the port in Houston that are waiting to come here, and I received the news on the date that the first one was supposed to ship to us.

    Thats really all the news I have on my end... If the 4Runner (in the pics) is back at the store, is there anything you folks would like for me to look at on it and/or take pictures of and then upload? Just let me know!

    Donnie Ringler
  • I'm interested in the Limited 4WD but the 20" tires don't seem like they would be the best for off road travel. I emailed a toyota dealer I have dealt with for several years and asked if he could swap out the 20" tires of the Limited for the 17" tires on the SR5. Here is his response: "I have been pursuing this... unfortunately, the "standard' answer is to have you spend thousands buying new Factory 17" Alloys (and tires) and getting very little value for the 20" wheels and tires you are trading... that's typically the way in works in the Wheels/Tires industry."

    "The easy solution is to simply swap wheels/tires from a new SR5 with a new Limited... the problem is that this will significantly alter the accuracy of the odometers - on both rigs - and, could adversely effect the warranties. It also alters the "build spec" of the SR5 we put the 20's on."

    He said he was going to contact Toyota regional and see if they had a solution.

    Does anyone have information on this issue.

  • yassyyassy Posts: 70

    actually use the above guide to see the actual diff between 17 and 20 inch tires. Both sr5 and limited have same body so how could swapping these tires void warranty? Silly whoever said that. If you put a dramatically different tire on, (like a 23 inch tire with width of 305!), yes that would affect warranty, because now you are putting more load on suspension system and stress, that would cause premature tire and suspension failure. Both 17 and 20 inch tires that toyota uses have very little size difference and revs/mile. Yes if you want offroading put 17 inch tires as they provide more cushion for blows you may encounter.
  • yassyyassy Posts: 70
    someone here said limited wont come with skid plates. is that true?
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    The dealer in Honolulu has had several SR5 2WDs on the lot since mid-October. They initially said Limiteds and Trails would trickle in at the end of October, but when I checked last week, they weren't sure when they would arrive now.

    I haven't had a chance to test drive one (was offered, but declined since I didn't have time), but I did sit in an SR5. Was a bit disappointed with the hard plastic dash, but at least it looked decent in person. Will wait to see a Limited with leather (which I assume also replaces the hard plastic on the door panel with vinyl, at least from the photos) before making further judgement.
  • I have the specs from Toyotra Canada. Canadian version of SR5 and Limited will not have the skit plate. I have confirmed that they can be ordered and added.

    Cost was unknown at this point.
  • I believe your dealer has misinformed you. The body on both vehicles are identical with the same wheel whale. The total heights of both tire sets are identical. Therefore the odometer will not be affected. The only element with needs to be changed is the tire pressure monitor. Adjustment is easy to facilitate changes tire from season to season or for special activities.

    SR5 and Trail have 265/70R17
    - 265 millimetre in width (10.4 inches)
    - 70% of 265 in wall height which is 185.5 Mil (7.3 inches)
    - 17” rim
    => Total height 17” + 7.3” + 7.3” = 31.6”

    SR5 and Trail have 245/60R20
    - 245 millimetre in width (9.6 inches)
    - 60% of 245 in wall height which is 147 Mil (5.8 inches – 1.5” less wall than SR5)
    - 20” rim
    => Total height 20” + 5.8” + 5.8” = 31.6”
  • Are the 2010 4runners out on the street yet? I took a picture of a white SR5 one by my house parked out in front of a kids soccer field back in October (Oct 30th). I was guessing they were out if I saw that one? Available yet?
  • yassyyassy Posts: 70
    very dissappointed that toyota cuts corners when it clearly says on website that all versions have skid plates. not that I really will do any offroading, but still would like to have them!
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    I think we need to step back and define "skid plate."

    According to the Toyota 4Runner (US) specs, the SR5 comes standard with engine and fuel tank skid plates. The SR5 V6 4x4 has an additional transfer case skid plate.

    Or are we talking about this type of accessory skid plate, as shown on the 2009 model?
  • I have a silly question. I called a dealer, that I am most likely going to buy from, at the end of October about the new 4runner. He said he'd call back regarding availability, but I have yet to hear from him. Since I called, the dealer arrival date has been pushed back and another dealer said they would roll out the 3rd week of Nov. Should I call my salesman back or just wait around, hoping he didn't forget?
  • So I stopped in the shiny new Naperville,IL Toyota dealership to check out the new 4Runner. The salesman circling just inside the entrance said that the delivery date was pushed back into December because of wire harness problems. Has anyone else heard of this? If this is true, does it lend credibility to the logic of not buying a new model in its first production year? I was hoping that this would be the successor to my 14+ years of Jeep Wranglers.
  • yassyyassy Posts: 70
    wire harness problems? what in the world are you referring to please?
    How the heck would the dealer know that? Toyota is admitting a problem already before it even hit showrooms? very strange
  • Yassy,

    We've been told that it is merely a supply issue on some new parts. They should be shipping out in a few days!

    - Donnie
  • Any news about when Trail Editions will be shipping? Or Salsa Red models?
  • According to a inventory search, there's 115 of these at various dealers around the country, but none here in the Denver metro area.

    I'm still trying to decide between the 2009 Kia Borrego and the 2010 4Runner. With the great deals and rebates currently offered on the Kia, it's like $10k difference for similarly equipped vehicles. That would buy a lot of gas!!
  • jonesok1 - I don't know how accurate it is, but shows there is a Salsa Red one at Toyota of Lewisville in Texas priced at $40,744. Does not say if it's a Trail or Limited.
  • Got this at noon today:

    "As anticipated, your dealership should receive a 2010 4Runner by the end of next week. GSTTS began shipment of completed units today."
  • It's neither-these guys place ads for cars they don't have, or show models with no mileage as new, and when you call you get the typical bait and switch.

    [jonesok1 - I don't know how accurate it is, but shows there is a Salsa Red one at Toyota of Lewisville in Texas priced at $40,744. Does not say if it's a Trail or Limited. ] :sick: :mad:
  • [It's neither-these guys place ads for cars they don't have, or show models with no mileage as new, and when you call you get the typical bait and switch.]

    However they did list a stock number and a VIN number so don't know if that is one that they are expecting soon. I have found that other model cars listed on that inventory list has been mostly accurate -- the cars really do exist at the dealers lot.
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