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2010 Toyota 4Runner redesign



  • I have had my 2010 Limited for two weeks now. Most of my driving is to and from work, a short two miles, but I have also done a few trips to the airport, 40 miles. This is my first 4Runner but I did test drive the 2008 V8 Limited and ordered one but Toyota would not sell me one with the Xreas suspension for some EPA reason that I never understood. So, here goes:

    The car is MUCH slower than the Jeep Overland 4.7 HO that I previously drove. It also feels slower than the V8 that I test drove. That said, it is not a dog and on the highway seems completely adequate (My other car is an S63 AMG, so I know fast). It is a little slow off the line until you realize that the accelerator has to be pushed very hard to floor the thing -- it has a lot of resistance. I suppose this is the nanny state thing.

    I find the car very comfortable, much more so than the Jeep or the previous generation 4Runner. It rides smooth and corners quite well for a 5000 lb vehicle. It is also a very quite truck. The brakes are a little disappointing, there is an upgrade on the options list but my dealer could not get it in my truck.

    I am getting poor mileage but I suspect that part of this is that I warm up the car for ten minutes prior to my five minute drive to the office.

    All in all, I like this truck. In the LTD dress, it is civilized enough for day to day use and, I am sure, will do quite well on my friends' farms during hunting season.
  • what brake upgrade option exactly? do you mean the TRD brake pads?

    your story about how Toyota "would not sell you" the 2008 Limited V8 because of the XREAS suspension sounds super-sketchy—after all, your 2010 has the XREAS suspension!!!!
  • I do mean the TRD pads.

    The problem with the v8 with XREAS had something to do with fleet mileage. I ordered the 2008 in about May and found out in July that Toyota could not make any more XREAS equipped 4Runners for that model year. I am just reporting what happened.
  • I haven't been out to the dealer to look at the 2010 yet... How is the front leg room compared to the 2009? I passed on the 2009 as my knees were up against the dash below the steering wheel. I'm 6 ft. 3 in. Found the same in the Highlander. The Tacoma felt okay but the brakes seemed kind of mushy when pushing on the pedal. Not that it didn't stop, just seemed like a lot of travel. How is the 2010?

  • oh, i see. that's really weird. i mean, the new 2010 Limiteds come with the XREAS suspension… just doesn't make any sense.

    and to clarify, i thought Toyota's story seemed sketchy, not yours! my apologies if that wasn't clear.
  • I am 6'2" and had plenty of leg room. Additionally, the horizontal slope of the front windshield makes the cab seem visually much bigger too compared to the '09. It was kinda odd at first to sit in and see the window slope. Overall, roomy all around for me.
  • yassyyassy Posts: 70
    the brakes on the new 4R are 4 pistons on front, identical to the new Lexus GX460.

    Changing the brake pads MAY not enhance stopping power so you know. The racing pads are designed to be driven and warmed up before they have stopping power, you dont want that on streets. I am not sure why TOY offer TRD junk line of products. Did you see anyone on the FAST and Furious sporting TRD? No!
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    My first 500 miles the MPG was poor (about 14.5 combined) when I got around 1,000 miles my combined shot up to mid 17's and highway was close to 20... needs break in...I am also using premium as I have found it perfroms better....

  • Nearly 2000mi. and gas mileage continues to improve. 21.3mpg 50/50 calculated.No issues so far, tows my 4000lb boat much better than my Honda Pilot. Ride has softened a little bit.
  • I disagree... the photos don't do the 4Runner justice - it looks a lot better in person.

    The demand (here in Colorado) seems to be high... a week ago Sunday, I went to dealership that had 5 or 6 on their lot - when I went back on Saturday, they were all gone.

    I think the design sense @ Toyota/Lexus continually gets better and better. The fourth gen. 4Runners were simply fugily looking. The interior fit and finish is great for a vehicle at this price point. Everything is logically laid out on the dash. The front seats are incredible comfortable and driving position is excellent.

    The only thing bothering me is the small-ish standard tires... an easy fix.

    Looking forward to dumping our '08 Outback for a '10 4Runner in the next couple of months.

    After considering a Land Cruiser (that wouldn't fit in our garage), a Sequoia, the redesigned Outback, the Highlander (yup... sad, eh?) an RX and Infiniti FX - happy to have finally found a vehicle that perfectly fits our secondary vehicle needs both for city and high country driving at a very reasonable price. :)
  • Anybody know any real time lines for the release of the Trail Editions. When I talk to the Portland, OR dealerships I get the same lip service. "Next week, next month, ......... or my favorite, why do you want a 4runner Trail when you can have a Highlander now?" I just want to see one and drive one before I order one.
  • I've seen a few Trail Editions at some dealerships here in Colorado. Hmm... Highlander vs a 4Runner Trail... sales(people) can be incredibly stupid sometimes.
  • The 2010 SR5 4Runner is simply better for everyday use in everyway than the previous model. Bigger, "WAY" better seats and heated with leather, both seats are electric, bigger rear doors, more rear seat room, bigger engine, better layout, better ride etc...

    I ( and my wife ) have not been crazy about about our 2006 since day one, but it filled a need.

    We are considering a 2006 GX 470 versus a 2010 4Runner. The Lexus rides nicer, smoother more power better head room and more cargo in the rear...but dang, an 06' with 35K miles still costs as much as a loaded up 2010 SR4 4Runner. It only makes sense to get a really good deal or buy a Lexus CPO with gives you 3 years up to 100K.

    A few stupid things with the new 4Runner...
    1) The rear cargo slide out? R U kidding me? Within the first 6 months they will have people sueing them for lost digits getting cut off. Or dogs losing a paw. Dumb, Dumb Dumb!
    2) Wimpy tires,
    3) Have to special order the 3rd row AND get the leather option....a 90 day wait.
    4) Where are the running boards?
    5) Still some cheezy plastic on the door handle ( a brand new demo was already dinged up with 100 miles)
  • 6) No V8 like the GX470

    I have a 2003 like your 2006, and the 2010 does nothing for me, in fact I disagree with most of your comments, but to each their own.

    I love the last gen seats, I hate the running boards to the point where I took them off. Good riddance. The last gen layout was great except for the HVAC controls which need dials instead of the buttons, and as for the 2010 window controls, what are they thinking? Guess that's what happens when Toyota is too cheap to put background lighting on the window switches.

    Once again, no V8. No 2010 AWD except for the Limited 4x4. Has Toyota muted the road noise yet? Is the $1400 Nav improved over previous years? I'll admit I like the 4Runner despite the 'improvements', but the takeaways will keep me from purchasing another.
  • Has anyone cross-shopped a 2010 Subaru Tribeca with the 2010 4Runner? Just nosy.
  • Gotta luv this forum........ No V8....? For normal everyday use, who needs it? Mileage is terrible and for hauling the kids around 18K/per year, it adds up. I chose the V6 in my SR5 b/c there was minimal difference in get up and go. To each his own.....but this is one of the issues I have with the GX470....I don't need a V8.

    The seats? They are least my cloth are. About as uncomfortable as a Malibu. The new ones are oh so comfortable and with HEAT. No dice unless you got a Limited in the previous model.

    Running boards....I agree, what a waste. Glad they are off.

    How about this: My wife's big beef with the 06' was how low she felt in the truck and seats. The 2010 positions you up higher both in truck floor and seat relative to hte floor.

    Visibility of both is still nowhere near the GX, LR3 or any Landcruiser....
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I am an "05 Sport owner (currently 71K miles) and the seats do leave a lot to be desired!
  • Holy Crap, are you kidding me? $40K for a Toyota 4Runner?

    People need to get a grip. Why on earth do you need a 4Runner unless you are going offroad? And who on earth would take a $40K vehicle offroad?

    I have a '97 4Runner, and as far as I am concerned,the 3rd gen 4Runners were the best combination of practicality and offroad capability ever devised. They went downhill with the 4th gen, and now....can we add a few more pounds, please?

    I have to admit, Jeep is the only make that has kept some semblance of sanity in their vehicles, at least in the Wrangler.

    And no, the FJ Cruiser is not a 4Runner, thank you. It is a posing caricature of a Hummer.

    A year from now Toyota will be discounting these things down to the $30K they should be priced at already, and they still won't be selling.
  • As long as you broached it...........I own a 1988 LandCruiser, had a 91, drove a 2003 and have ridden in a 2009.

    Talk about completely changing the original design thought!

    2010 4 Runner is no 1997, but better for everyday use i.e. kid hauling etc... That however, does not mitigate the fact that they have left no other option in the Toyota line that has the alure of what the earlier model 4Runners were designed....Sad but true.
  • yassyyassy Posts: 70
    actually the 4runner is REASONABLY priced. If you look at highlander, has nearly all same options, dimensions, power etc, only its based off the camry which is for sissies. 4runner has stiffer frame, tuffer and more capable.

    as to your comments about it being overpriced, it is about 3k more comparing a fully loaded HL to fully loaded 4R. The lexus gx460, sequoia, landcruiser, lexus LX are groslly overpriced. ranging from 50-80K! thats absolutely crazy. Show me another SUV that has the stamina of the 4runner for this price. There is none (i dont care much for KIA, sephia, hyndai so dont even mention those brands).
    yes toyota skimped out on a few minor things, like no standard running boards, mud flaps, inglass antenna, locking gas cap, led lights, hid lights, V8 - however aside from v8, rest all minor things that could be altered towards owners likening.
    overall 4runner is still the best bang buck.
  • I just took delivery of a red 2010 Trail Edition, with KDSS and Nav. So far, I'm impressed with the better than Lexus build quality, and overall implementation. I really don't care for the cargo slide out-it's just silly and actually makes it harder to haul things. But that's about the only complaint, and it's not that big of one. Plenty of power for me and and to haul my 3500# trailer. The Nav and related interfaces are very well done and easy to set up and use, such as using blue tooth and using my iPhone or playing music from it.

    This is the third 4Runner, I've owned (89, 98, and 2010-all bought new). I'm quite satisfied with the purchase. It is by far the best of the three in comfort, design, and ergonomics.

  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    After many months of research, I was reluctant to trade-in my 2007 TCH for the 2010 4Runner 4WD LTD with NAV, but owning it now (since 12-30-09) and after 100 miles, I am so glad I did. I am so overwhelmed with its more rugged and athletic design and packed with more power and better mileage performance, comfortable driving, etc... so many goodies to name a few: SAT (Satellite, complimentary 90-day trial subscription), Safety Connect (complimentary 1-year trial subscription), etc...

    I used to own a 1999 and 2006 both Limited versions, but this one is by far the best one I have owned and plan to keep for many years and at least 200k miles.

    The antenna dilemma:
    As an FYI, although I prefer the radio antenna to be integrated in the glass or somewhere else hidden, I am so glad Toyota has finally fixed the issue with the AM reception by installing the antenna externally.
  • The rear cargo slide out the silliest thing I have ever seen. I said it before and will say it again. Only a matter of time before a child or dog is going to hurt ( or lose ) a finger or paw.

    I ordered mine with the third row and will take forever to get but will be worth it.

    Does anyone have third rows WITH leather as a package in their region?
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    "Who on earth would take a $40k vehicle off road?"

    Well I have and I know several people who regularly take more expensive vehicles off road. I can't quite understand what you mean.

    My range rover has been off road many times as has my wifes Mercedes G class and both are well in excess of $40K. Quite frankly, they excel off road. I suppose, at the end of the day, the extra cost of these provide the technology to actually perform well off road and doesn't it make sense to then use them accordingly?.

    I recently bought the 10 4runner ltd primarily for my off road adventures because I needed something to beat up a bit. Should I not have?
  • warrebwarreb Posts: 20
    Four days ago I traded a 2004 4Runner, with 150K trouble-free miles on it, for the 2010 model. My observations so far are summarized below. If anyone can point me toward where the oil filter (or canister) is situated, I'll be grateful. The goal was to obtain the same good reliability and performance that the 04 provided.

    First impressions are that the handling, as expected, appears equivalent and that the redesign pluses slightly outweigh the minuses. More specific observations:
    - replacing the lost running boards with a $500 dealer option was a bummer,
    - so was finding out, after the sale, that the crossbar parts of the roof rack were another $125,
    - 6 cyl engine appears peppier, although I have not accelerated hard during break in,
    - the key operated rear window, that goes up as well as down from the back, is a welcomed improvement,
    - so is the more intuitive instrument panel and auxillary panel layout,
    - like the brighter presentation of temperature, time, gas mileage, etc vs. the old liquid crystal display that was impossible to read during a bright day,
    - compass heading readout is nice,
    - second row seats fold down more efficiently (less wasted space) than before,
    - liked the more understated contours of the the old body style,
    - electronic shift seems convenient but I worry about it being new and having unproven reliabililty (liked the old shift just as well),
    - the extendable rear shelf seems silly,
    - the side-by-side trailer wiring plugs, in alternative configurations, are a plus,
    - the 100W/400W inverter is a bit light, not sure why the 400W is not available all the time (a nanny Toyota issue?),
    - cover on right side rear storage will be missed, as will glove box shelf; however, the door pockets are more usefully shaped,
    - greatest concern is more rust on the machined surfaces of the front suspension bolts, the backing pads, metal adjacent to the grease seals and the exposed portion of the brake rotors than on the 2004 I turned in! I hope, that despite being on dealer's lot for about a month, this is not a harbinger of Ford Truck disease.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I always admire someone who has made a big investment, but can give us an unbiased plus/minus observation.

    Did you consider a pre-owned model before buying new?
  • warrebwarreb Posts: 20
    No, my assessment of the price & possible problem tradeoff, especially since I tend to keep vehicles a very long time, motivated me to purchase near the beginning of the model year -- at a time when dealers seem especially motivated to discount aggressively.
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72

    I noticed that you mentioned you purchased dealer added running boards. I have not been able to find them anywhere for my 2010 and have been told at least a three month wait. If you could point me to the dealer you purchased from I would be thankful.

  • warrebwarreb Posts: 20
    My dealer didn't promise. We left it at "they' ll come in when they come in." While I don't mind the wait, I appreciate your heads up and will not get too excited if it drags on for several months.
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