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2010 Toyota 4Runner redesign



  • Running boards are important if your wife or girlfriend is on the petite side. Why should one have to pay to "complete" the roof rack?
  • aamixyaamixy Posts: 69
    The 4Runner is still pretty hot according to the salesperson here at a dealership in Northern California. Many people called to inquire when they would in stock. I was told I am the first person to check it out, but I think I am
    not the first person who is hesitant to buy one. Some of my impression
    after the short test drive of an SR5.

    1. Exterior
    I basically like the shape of this 5th generation. Looks solid and tough.
    Looks a little nicer than the 4th generation because of the lifted face.
    It is a purely personal taste, though.

    2. Interior
    - After adjusting the seat, I found myself easy to get in and out. Headroom
    is fine, legroom is fine too. I am 6'2". Rear legroom is better than the spec'ed

    - Simple and plain console layout, which I like.
    - Plastics doesn't look cheap to me (on the contrary to some other reviews on other forums
    - Limited version doesn't have an upscale interior than the SR5.

    3. Performance
    - Overall feels a little underpowered, "pick up" on highway is not there. Didn't have this feel on a 09 V6 or V8. This is the biggest disappointment.
    - Drives buoyantly, or the suspension is too soft for my taste.

    One thing that is tricky to me is the gas pedal. Whenever I tried to step on the gas after a stop, my right foot was somehow always stuck by the the left bottom part of the console housing that is close to the gas pedal. I had to carefully adjust my foot to step right on the gas. This never happens on any vehicle that I have driven/tested. Perhaps my seat wasn't very well adjusted? I really doubted it.

    I had thought to use the 4Runner as my commute car plus weekend/holiday recreation vehicle. The on-road performance is equally important as the off-road ability. I am now hesitated...perhaps I ask for too much?
  • joli1joli1 Posts: 1
    2009 4Runner - 4300lbs with 236hp which gives it 18.22lbs/hp vs 2010 4Runner - 4675 lbs with 270hp which gives it 17.31lbs/hp. In this case, the lower number wins. I'll take the off road capability along with body integrity over a little pick up. Maybe the new one is geared a little different. After renting several compacts ove the past several months having a locked gas latched, I am surprised that Toyota went away from this feature. Now the bears can get to the gas.
  • As aamixy said, 'pick up' on the highway is not there.

    This not a function of lack of horsepower so much as it is a function of a lack of midrange torque.
    Truck engines, even DOHC Toyota truck engines, are not normally tuned to rev to get to the meat of their power band - it is supposed to start BELOW 4000 rpm. But this 4Runner V6's torque peak is at 4400(!) rpm. That is very high for a truck engine, and is probably both a symptom of the undersized nature of this engine as the topline option (which therefore forced Toyota to wring every bit of torque they could from it, driving the rpms higher), and a cause of the underpowered feeling on the highway, where you have to floor it to pass someone whereas the older 4Runner had power in reserve...
  • yassyyassy Posts: 70
    as i pointed out before on new 4runner
    no hid lights
    no led tail lights, or leds all around
    no lock on gas cap
    antenna on front passenger side.

    also someone above pointed out. weird location for window controls.

    also drove test drove the sr5 and highlander sport back to back. THe sr5 felt spongy compared to highlander, but i think it is because of the tires . The limited should have a firmer feel with lower sidewall width tires and xreas sport suspension.

    Also in response to murano above. Murano drives much better and handles better, but good luck when CVT starts failing. The more you gun it, the worse the cvt gets with time (hesitation).

    Also the new 4runner does in fact have less pick up than old v8 runner. They are pushing folks to go after the new lexus gx 460 which should be on the website next week.

    I dont know why toyotat didnt include a 6 speed transmission and an option for 2wd vs 4wd like on sr5 for limited. What sense does that make? Toyota skimping out on stuff here that wont fly with many buyers here
  • aamixyaamixy Posts: 69
    Hi, thanks for pointing that out. I thought it is a combination of both power and torque. Anyway, I am thinking to rent the 4runner for a weekend for a thorough test drive to see how is performs.
  • no hid lights
    no led tail lights, or leds all around
    no lock on gas cap
    antenna on front passenger side.

    (all cost cutting measures).
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    Remember 2003, when toyota put on the ugly flat black cladding on the 4-runner. Sales dropped, and potential customer complained because previous 4-runner buyers didn't buy it. Unfortunately, this situation may occur again. If it is truly underpowered, most of the 4-runner base will not accept, because you do not buy a 4-runner for gas milage, you buy a Prius. As an existing v8 sport runner owner, I do not want leather seats, and black cladding, yet I want everything else including AWD with XREAS. The 2010 line-up does not offer me a vehicle option.
  • yassyyassy Posts: 70
    well looks like the gx460 here now. disappointed in the way it looks to be honest. think the 4runner looks better. torque and hp is above 300. neat gadgets and cockpit for gx, but not sure if it is worth 15 grand more! would of considered in mid 40's. i dont know who the heck buys these vehicles in this kind of economy! cant wait to test drive the limited 4runner. i am sure it drives better on ROAD than sr5.
  • Yep,
    I am going back to the money tree in the backyard and pick off 50 Large Ones!

    Gimme a break!!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • yassyyassy Posts: 70
    there is no section for new lexus gx460. please ask your colleages to create new thread
  • Don't get me wrong, I love the new "rugged" look. I like the larger vehicle, but that is where it stops for me. The 09 just out performs the lastest and greatest model, imo. I was waiting to see and drive the 2010 model before I made a buying decision. My dealer has two 2009 SR5s left on the lot. Sometimes new is not better and in this case, Toyota got it wrong.
  • Is there a 5 pin railer harness hookup on the new 4 Runner. I saw a 7 pin receptacle under the left rear bumper but no harness to reach to the ball mount.. There is a provision for routing and supporting the harness but my dealer has no info on availability from Toyota.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • murphydogmurphydog SeattlePosts: 688
    Kristie - I understand staying on topic, but I believe the posts related to the Lexus are relevent here, I mean they are virtually the same vehicles, one having a bit more luxuary than the other right?

  • First, I'm a little biased because I loved my 92 (2nd gen) 4Runner SR5 for 6 years and only sold it because we had twins and a 12 year old (don't ask) - the back seat wasn't big enough. I've been trying to find a AWD/4WD CUV/SUV that will haul 2 adults plus 3 teenagers+gear; checked out Highlander, CX-9, Santa Fe, Tribeca (sorry domestic fans, I've been burned too much by Ford and Chevy). This will backup our 04 Honda Pilot EX-L, still running strong.

    We took out a Blizzard Pearl 2010 4WD 4Runner Limited with NAV (base MSRP $39,800 + $2,638 Options + $795 Del. Proc Handling for Total $43,233) for a short ride because it was being traded between dealers tomorrow.

    First impressions - exterior seemed a little wider (OAW 75.8"/OAL 189.9"), had 9.6" clearance with P245/60 R20 tires and a higher cowling. It reminded me of a small armored car look, subdued but somewhat menacing.

    Once inside we enjoyed the higher front passenger seat position, thicker steering wheel and improved instrumentation, including digital temp readouts and voice activated touch screen NAV system. A 5 speed Electronically Controlled automatic Transmission with intelligence (ECT-i) and sequential shift mode along with Full-time 4WD with Active Traction Control and Locking Center Differential control knob in place of the usual 4WD L/H shifter was a welcome addition. After switching to the drivers seat I immediately drove in a tight circle a couple times at increasing speed while the X-REAS Sport Enhancement Suspension kicked in to keep the truck as level as possible - it cornered very well for a curb weight of 4805 lbs. plus 4 passengers.

    Venturing onto the road we appreciated the smooth new 4.0 L DOHC 24-valve EFI dual independent VVT-i V6 that produces 270 HP 5600 rpm / 278 lb-ft 4400 rpm, rated to give a 4WD gas mileage estimates 17 city/23 highway/19 combined. The coil spring independent double wishbone front suspension w/ stabilizer bar and coil-spring independent 4-link lateral rod rear suspension with stabilizer bar isolated our butts over pot holed macadam road, dirt road and interstate. The 4 wheel ventilated disc brakes w/ 4 wheel ABS, EBD and Brake Assist were very competent as it began raining on the interstate, afternoon dodging traffic. It doesn't have the acceleration of the 4th gen V8, but it was enough for my needs. Wish it had in glass antenna and LEDs too, but I'm guessing these were cost savers for Toyota.

    Sadly, we had to keep the drive short because they were to ship it out to another dealer and didn't want much mileage on it. All I can say is after a couple months of looking at most of the Asian CUV/SUV's out there and budgeting $35K, we now are seriously looking to spend $40-45K to get this vehicle. It has the road handling we need for 85% of our driving and I'm sure more than meets our need for the 15% on mountain snow, muddy dirt roads and sandy fishing trips on the OBX our family needs. Check out this fine road handling tank (5th generation 4Runner) if you can find one. Get it before the sliding US$ and customer demand drives the price up!
  • For those lucky few who currently own one -- what kind of gas mileage are you getting so far? what flavor gas are you using -- regular/premium?
  • murphydogmurphydog SeattlePosts: 688
    uh - this has got to be marketing copy straight from Toyota - what kind of consumer would write this way? :sick:
  • Yep. I felt the same way as soon as I read it.

    No V8 &/or AWD on base models = no thanks. Btw, I saw a recent Car and Driver issue where the 4.6 4Runner is coming out in late 2010, but haven't read or heard this anywhere else.
  • The 2010 4Runner owner's manual specifies a 2000lb. towing limit without adding a sway bar(WDH). Would towing a 4000lb bass boat without the added sway bar void the warranty?
  • It's the tongue weight as well as the total weight?. What is the tongue weight (i.e.) the force on the front of the trailer hitch puts on the ball of the tow vehicle?

    This has to be specified somewhere as well.

    BTW-if you can afford the boat you can almost certainly afford the hitch. Do a search on google for an "Equalizer Brand" WDH.
  • Any one seen the Trail edition available at the dealer?
    Non in CA seems to have one.
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    Does anyone know if the 2010 Toyota 4Runner SR5 has an oil filter or a canister with element for oil change(s)? Thanks.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    This is coming from a 2004 Sport V8 owner, so keep that in mind. Drove a Limited today. The exterior looked better than expected, actually slightly larger, the interior slightly less so. I thought it was actually noiser than my 2004 sport v8, and clearly did not have the same power. Lots of very nice gadgets. Did not like the slide out tray in back since it probably takes away at least a cubic foot of space. Could not find the oil filter. The dealer told me you now need a special oil filter wrench. Yes, the new announced Lexus GX has all the goodies V8 and 6 spd trans for another $20K. It misses the mark for me, and when you look at all the items deleted from the 2009, you will realize that is trinket driven (tailgate speaker switch) and misses on the core items (V8, 6spd).
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    I agree with you as I used to have a 2006 V8 4Runner 4WD and definitely when I drove the new 2010 V6 4Runner 4X2 it has less power/torque compared to the V8 (was not even a 4X4 the 2010 4Runner I drove). Also, I called Toyota customer service and found out that the 2010 4Runner has indeed a canister with an element for oil filter change. Although the canister it might be a better oil filtration for the engine it is more complicated than a normal oil filter to change and that makes it easier for me to start looking for the 2010 Subaru Outback which I plan to purchase one in the near future.
  • Just joining this forum.
    very interesting comments . I went through all of them because I'm really interested to buy the new 4runner. Live in Montreal,Canada and the 5th gen is not yet avail. here but should be soon . Driving SUV since many years and want to trade my 05-Pathfinder. Will be my first toyota experience . technically speaking I believe it is a good pick despite some minor irritants. My Path has almost the same HP and torque(V6) and never had problems towing my 3000pound boat however it is consuming much more than what toyota said about the 4runner. any real life experience from new owners about driving experience, torque and MPG ?
    don't want to hear that you are missing the is not and will not be there ..
  • embryoembryo Posts: 22
    i purchased an sr5 a couple of weeks ago and though i havent calculated mpg so far it seems the same as my previous 06 4runner with v6. As far as torque goes, the engine feels the same as the old one. i did not have any issues with power in my previous 06. the only difference i have noticed is this one feels a little bigger than the last one when driving and in fact i believe it is a little bigger. i loved my 06 runner and so far feel the same way about my 2010. i will post mpg the next time i fill my tank...sorry i just filled it yesterday and did not record mileage.
  • yassyyassy Posts: 70
    actually there are several toyota vehicles using this oil canister , including highlander. I actually think its the same number of steps and better. Eliminates the oil pan and makes draining easier, and one less point of leakage that may happen. Not to mention less waste (no metal to throw away).
  • Getting 21mpg overall 50/50 by computer.
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