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Honda Pilot Noises and Sounds

lawnmowerlawnmower Posts: 35
My 2007 Honda Pilot make this "BUZZING SOUND" when I first give it gas (between 10-20 MPH) then it goes away. It seems like something is loose but can't locate anything. Very annoying since car has only 3,500 miles on it.It also happens when truck is in neutral. Before I attemp to bring it to dealer I was wondering if anybody on this site had the same experience and if so what did you do. Please Help!!


  • I think some folks reported a similar noise as a fuel pump issue and another as a heat deflector near the exhaust.
  • I have experienced the same problem. I just bought my new 2007 Honda Pilot 3 weeks ago. The "BUZZING SOUND" happens 4-5 times a week. Normally, it happens when I stop the car at a STOP sign/Signal.
    The car is at the dealer for 2 days now. They are trying to figure out the problem. Honda dealer would not take my car in unless I was able to show them the problem. Thank God. I was able to duplicate it in their parking lot.
    Honda dealer doesn't know what is wrong. They said that if they cannot get it to happen, they cannot do anything about it.
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    I have owned several acuras and my first one ('03 TLS)would "buzz" when I first started rolling for the day. Found out it was the ABS test. A little annoying but harmless.
  • This problem has happened any time of the day. The "sound" actually hurts my ears. Honda has called it "rumbling noise".
  • Please keep me posted on this forum when and if they find something wrong.My noise does occur more than 4-5 times a week. Like I stated,it "Buzzes" for a short time then goes away after about 15-20 MPH. Thanks for replying.
  • ciacia Posts: 10
    I took my 2003 Pilot on a week-end trip recently and noticed that when I accelerate from 60mph and up there is this humming sound that sounds like it's coming from the cluster. :confuse: When I ease off the gas pedal,the sound disappears.I can only hear it when I need more power from 60mph.EX:an incline on a highway.The sound is in the driver area anywhere from under the dash coming up to the cluster.Very strange.I've owned this suv since June/06 and am so pleased with it.I drive it daily and enjoy every minute of it. :D Has anyone experienced this problem? I'm all ears.......Thanks......DOM.C
  • pp06pp06 Posts: 3
    I have a 06 pilot with 25,000 miles and it has been in the repair shop 4 times in the last month. There is something squeeky with the left shock area. They have replaced parts, and still the noise is there.

    Then today I get in it and the radio shows it's working but no sound.

    Anyone else have a sound problem or a squeeky shock?
  • I have a problem with my pilot. I hear a thumping sound every time I brake; especially when stuck in traffic. It makes the noise when letting go of the brake then hitting the brake to stop slowly. Honda dealer can't find nothing wrong with it and it seems it's getting worse. I brought it in to the dealer since I first bought it in 2005 and they can't find nothing wrong. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem. Thanks.
  • 2004 LX w/31,000 miles. Squeeky shock, sound like it's the right rear. Only started this week with the onset of cold (below freezing) weather. I only notice when crossing over roads w/high crowns or a sharp dip. So far, I chalking up to the cold. I don't have any visible signs of failure or leakage on any of the shocks.
  • I recently noticed a low rumble sound and vibration that I sense is from the passenger front wheel area when I have the wheels cut hard left and accelerate from a stand still. Forward or reverse same sensation. I'm no lead foot, so it's not like I'm punching the gas. No issue when wheels are cut hard right. Vehicle is 2004 LE AWD model, the only drive train available in 2004. I have not noticed any other problem at either low or high speeds. Any Ideas, or similar experiences?
  • I have a 06 4WD with this problem, I thought it was a power transfer issue but listening close I think it may be fuel in the gas tank sloshing around. Have not asked the dealer yet. Did you get any more info on it?
  • I have an 03 Pilot with 62k on it. I have heard that buzzing noise during low speed acceleration for years. We bought our Pilot new in November of 02. I think it is the heat deflector around the exhaust. Not 100% sure. We have not had any mechanical issues with it in 5 1/2 years of ownership. I really don't hear it that much anymore because I am use to it.
  • lawnmowerlawnmower Posts: 35
    My 2007 buzzing sound was diagnosed as a loose fuel line under car. Once it was tightnened the sound is gone. Hope this helps.
  • car2starcar2star Posts: 5
    I have the same problem with my 2007 EXL, has been doing this since 1,200 miles and I only have 3,500 now. Squeeky noise in front strut area. In to dealer 3 times, replaced strut assembly, still there. You can grab the roof rails, shake the car, and squeak, squeak, squeak. Has anyone found the answer yet?
  • pablo9pablo9 Posts: 29
    Have had 4 Accords and this is the first Pilot, an 08 SE FWD
    Has about 400 miles on it now and the following 2 noises just started:
    1st Noise: In Drive, sitting at idle while at a light or a drive thru, AC engages (the compressor) and there is a very low frequency hum/booming that resonates throughout the cabin...did not do this previously and both wife and I noticed it at the same time. Either the ANC is using the bass woofer incorrectly to attempt cancelling a noise or an engine mount is not quite up to least those are my current theories.
    This morning: Short drive to drop off daughter at school, heard a creaking from suspension...seems to be in back...can duplicate it to a lesser degree when parked and shaking the vehicle.
    I've seen other posts on the suspension noises and will have dealer look if it persists. Has anyone else had a low frequency/booming resonance problem at idle?
    Otherwise...totally impressed with the smoothness and functionality of the vehicle...just like all my other Honda's.
  • auditor05auditor05 Posts: 4
    Camelback, thanks for this info. I have 2008 Pilot and from day one, there is knocking sound when rear wheels hit bumps, though mostly from the left rear. Dealer said this is "body flex" and normal. When you had this noise, was it more noticable when you hit bumps? Any other information will be helpful. Thanks.
    I also think the vehicle is too noisy with alot of road noise, most of which I attribute to the somewhat sub-standard OEM tires, which are most suited for a sedan than SUV.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Road noise and handling on OEM tires - Goodyear or Bridgestone
    When you visit the Ratings of these 2 OEM tires at, you will see BOTH are at very low rating when users were asked "Will You Buy These Tires Again" ... Apparently Honda agreed to use these poor performance OEM tires out of money saving.

    I changed to a better set of tire when my 08 had 850 miles - quieter ride & better surer handling. I will mount the set of OEM back when the lease is up in 3 years,

    I saw somewhere that the '09 Pilot' was equipped with much better Goodyear OEM tires, plus a 4 year/48k warranty - 1 yr more than the 08 one.
  • pablo9pablo9 Posts: 29
    What type of tires did you upgrage to?

    It has always been one of the best actions to do in my opinion. My former SUV's tended to ride on Michelin LT rubber. I like the idea of the heavier tire (even though it can sacrifice some mpg's) for road worthiness but am always looking for the new and best alternatives. I'm also thinking of trying to add a few millimeters of width for a slightly more aggressive stance and the aded cornering support.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Highway All Season Ratings for Pilot 235/70-16
    + $49.00 shipping + $79.00 mount & balance ... ttl $496 for set of 4
    2 days time to arrive at my installer, picked from the list suggested by Tire Rack.
    1 of tire is defective --- found steering has to be at 1 o'clock position to keep the car go straight, slightly pull to 1 side right after installed. Reported problem to the installer, Installer has Hunter 9700 tire balance machine to perform 'Road Force' to identify which tire is defective.
    Under Tire warranty, they took my VIN# & shipped a new one in 2 days. I will have the defective one replaced tomorrow. Still drive better than the OEM even with defective one on.

    1. Good Year Fortera TripleTred ....... $139/ea
    2. Avon Ranger TSE ....... $92/ea (white sidewall, can turn inside to be black sidewall
    3. Continental CrossContact LX ....... $95/ea

    Micheline LTX M/S ($143 - 145) also is one of top rated.
  • My 03 pilot is making a noise when going over rough road or gravel. I took it to dealer and they replaced right side strut. I test drove and pilot still is making noise. So the dealer thinks the left strut needs replaced. It is in today. We will see. Oh, my pilot has 85,000 miles on it.
  • pablo9pablo9 Posts: 29
    UPDATE: Vehicle now at 1100 miles, the suspension creaking has stopped on its own. Handling seems fine and no other changes to ride. :)
    The "Booming" or ultra low hum at idle has come and gone intermittently. Have not been able to discern a pattern other than AC on and sitting in Drive at idle. Not enough of a problem to pursue with a special trip to dealer. :confuse:

    Otherwise, we've already maxed out with 8 people on a couple of trips around town and hauled some gear with more than 5 people...nice versatility smooth running continues. Really enjoy jumping in and getting it out when I can wrestle it from my wife. :blush:

    Tires: I figure road noise will become worse with the OEM tire wear. My most recent set of replacement tires for my old Accord was Bridgestone Turanza's and they've been great. Anyone know of good target replacement tires for the Pilot? I need handling, wet traction, and quiet operation as snow around here in Houston. Look forward to hearing more! ;)
  • ryan14ryan14 Posts: 15
    When I am backing slowly from garage or turn around the curb or go over the bump with slow speed, I can hear the clunk sound from rear end. Took to dealer first time they didn't hear but lubed it anyway. Problem still there. Took to dealer second time they couln't find it. So frustrated.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Check the trunk's small hidden/covered space and store the 3rd row headrests positioned them "ACCORDING TO OWNER MANUAL". It is possible the thumping noise come from there when going over bump.
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    Please help me, I have been really frustrated with my '04 EX-L, it has around 50k miles on it and when I hit the brakes really hard (in an emergency) a loud a series of three to four clicking sound from the rear would emerge. I know my rear break pads have not been replace, but will soon. Could this be a problem? I am hoping it is.

    The other frustrating problem is when I go to pump gas for my Pilot and after several seconds of pumping gas it keeps making the clicking sound as if the tank is full, please keep in mind my tank probably has only two or less gallons remaining, and it does this all the time when I go to pump gas. I have tried different gasoline stations and the problem still persists. I would have to spend like 20 minutes just to pump gas each time because once it click I would have to squeeze the nossle again. It basically click indicating the tank was full every 0.3 gallon that goes into my tank.

    Please, please help me out. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.
  • hawk08hawk08 Posts: 1
    Has anyone had problems with their driver's seat lumber support creaking like an old rocking chair? I have brought my certified Pilot in 4 times. Still creaking when I move in the seat. Help please
  • pagtarappagtarap Posts: 10
    Hello everyone, just wanted to ask if you happen to encounter this. Honda Pilot 2008 everytime the radiator fans start running I can feel vibration and a "loud" humming sound inside the car. Anyone had this problem before? Thanks
  • pablo9pablo9 Posts: 29
    Sounds a lot like what I described earlier in this same thread. Could it be the AC compresser vs "the fans"? The fans are light and electronic (rare to cause enough vibration to be felt inside cabin) and their operation will coincide with the engaging of the compresser (or when the motor builds heat). If you turn the AC off, our hum stops.

    Is the hunming a very low note? We've had this on and off since new (2.5 months old). I'm very suspicious of the ANC (Auto Noise Cancellation) system. This seems to also coincide with low noises from outside. As in, we first noticed it when sitting in a drive thru behind a diesel truck emanating its low engine growl, then when our AC compresser kicked in, on came the humming noise. I also notice it stops the hum if I bump the idle just a little bit.

    I can't get it to reprodce enough to take it in to Honda yet.
  • pagtarappagtarap Posts: 10
    I first noticed it also while I was waiting for the green light, I thought it was the big bike beside me then when the bike took off the sound was still there so I knew the humming was coming from the pilot somewhere. Humming sound is on a very low note, it's like the sound of the "base" in the our radio? hope you get what I mean. And Yes the humming stops when you idle just a little bit.

    Will be going to honda tomorrow and I do hope I can reproduce this because if not the honda guys might think I am going nuts!

    Another thing the humming sound disappears when ypu open the door a little bit, that's how I knew it could be a vibrating thing. Makes me crazy when I hear that sound.

    Will be posting for updates.
    Thanks for the reply!
  • pablo9pablo9 Posts: 29
    Sounds like we are experiencing the exact same thing. I sure hope to see your update with a fix. We'll be taking ours in soon, too.

    And yep, my wife is ready to scratch someone's eyes out after sitting with it more than a minute or so.

    If they give you trouble at service, tell'em someone else is having the same issue.

    Good Luck!
  • pagtarappagtarap Posts: 10
    Will update you definitely. Thanks again.
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