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Has anyone heard about the Jetta SportWagon? I had read that it was supposed to come out in August with the 2.5 engine. However, I was just at the vw dealership and they said that there was a fire at the factory where they build the 2.5 engine. This has caused a shortage that won't allow them to come out with the SportWagon until around January as vw will concentrate on the sedan. I have no idea about the 2.0T or the diesel, but this is essentially what I was told by the manager of this dealership.


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    I thought the Tiguan "SUV" was going to be the wagon version of the Jetta. Are they still planning a true wagon in addition?
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    Yes, they will have a true wagon and the Tiguan if I am understanding correctly. http://www.vw.com/vwbuzz/browse/en/us/detail/Jetta_SportWagen_makes_U_S_debut_at_New_York_International_Auto_Show/136
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    Here is what VW sent me after i inquired:

    Unfortunately, there are no plans to produce a TDI Rabbit. However, the Clean Diesel Jetta TDI is expected to be available during the first quarter of 2008 in both Sedan and SportWagen body styles. It will be certified for sale in all 50 states with a six-speed manual and six-speed DSG automatic transmission. The 2.0L four cylinder engine will deliver 140 hp, and 236 lbs. ft. of torque.

    So there we go, why they arn't doing more or actively promoting it is unknown...
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    There is some info coming thru now for this new TDI application.

    I just watched this video:

    link title

    I'll take a Sportwagon in March 08, please.
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    could you post that link again, the one you previously posted doesn't seem to be working. thanks
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    Try this link. I think that will get you where ecotrklvr intended. :)
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    Yup -

    My earlier link is no good. Operator Error. Thanks, Pat.
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    np :)
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    From Autoblog:

    Thirty minutes with the 2008 Jetta Sportwagen

    Its real ... and the only one in the States now, apparently :)
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    From Autoblog:
    Thirty minutes with the 2008 Jetta Sportwagen
    Its real ... and the only one in the States now, apparently

    I've gotta admit that is a great looking wagon. my wife even thinks it looks great. Kinda worrisome about VW reliability but what a sweet looking car, I'll have to see the pics of the back end just saw the front but nice looking ride and converting it to US Gallons it should get about 50mpg on the highway.
    Such a shame Honda did away with it's wagon.
    Too bad the release day is so far off and VW dealers being the way they are.
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    VW dealers being the way they are

    So far all of them I have dealt with in my area have been fine. I have had dealings with 3 different ones over the last 3 years or so.
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    So far all of them I have dealt with in my area have been fine. I have had dealings with 3 different ones over the last 3 years or so.

    Come up to New England and see how bad it is. It's good that they are good in your area but they were so bad in the past hat dealing with them is not something I want to have to do.
    Root canal or deal with a VW dealer.... Root canal or deal with a VW dealer....
    Well at least getting your teeth done accomplishes something. :shades:
    I will in all fairness go in and chat them up when I get back to the US, but if they haven't changed I'll post a review on Edmunds dealer review website. Of course if they are great and wonderful then I'd post that as well.
    So many years of bad VW service and sales.
    I hope they change, it's the number one reason people hate VW is having to deal with their dealers.
    The cars are decent as long as they aren't in the shop a lot. I haven't owned a VW in a long time. Friends have and I remember their nightmares.
    The diesel is the only thing making me rethink VW.
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    Seems that this thread is dead.

    That's a shame becuase I would love to know more about the supposedly up-coming Jetta Sportwagon with TDi (50+mpg).

    Here's a link:
    link title
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    Agreed, I can't believe there isn't more buzz and discussion about this compelling entry to the too short list of efficient cars. Perhaps VW has taken too long to bring it to market. My cousin loves his 2006.
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    Seems like we may be playing 'forum ping pong' but what the heck.

    When I read the VW info, it suggests that it will be possible to get a TDI version, with manual, with 'the niceties' which would seem to make this a pretty strong entrant in the market these days.

    Sales on compact cars are up almost 50% from last year and it doesn't look like gas prices are coming down.

    It's hard to see what's not to like in 50+mpg vehicle with good interior space that you can option up. From everything I understand, the diesel VWs have never had the same level of reliability issues as the gas models.
    I would prefer to get a version that is NOT 50 state legal since it would be less complex and their press release suggests that it will be out in the summer.
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    do I need to remove the door panel from driver door to replace a broken mirror switch on my 99 passat wagon
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    THREAD NOT DEAD. I've been lurking, and just waiting to see something worth commenting on. I think there's lots more of us here, with no information, and so nothing to add.

    The Sportwagon could be just the ticket for me - put back some driving fun. The Highlander may take early retirement....
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    I'm really intrigues by useable space, outstanding mileage and some nice creature comforts.

    It sounds like Subaru is going to be growing the Outback and offering a diesel in 2010 and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth waiting.

    If I can get a Jetta without all the extra equipment to make it CARB legal, that would be a pretty big influence on my decision. I don't like the idea of urea tanks or the extra weight and expense of complex exhaust scrubbing equipment if I can avoid it.
  • bristol2bristol2 Member Posts: 736
    Looks like they are 'in-country'...

    link title

    I'm a little disappointed that it sounds like the TDI will only be available as a non-manual.
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    No UREA tanks in the Jetta.
    And the particulate filters are expensive, but they're included in the price.
    (and shouldn't impact performance)
    I got the prelim. Canadian pricing a few weeks back.
    Will check for an update.
    But the most important thing to remember on pricing, is that these cars will likely resale for more than the purchase price for over a year, once word gets around and the waiting list grows.

    I bought one of the first New Beetle TDIs (ordered Jan.1998, delivered June'98) and it took 3 years before the resale price dropped to what I paid for it!
    And the prices of used TDIs are rising again along with fuel prices.
    The Beetle (with 220,000 on the odometer) was worth $6k-7k a year ago, but is worth over $10k now!
  • bristol2bristol2 Member Posts: 736
    I bought one of the first New Beetle TDIs (ordered Jan.1998, delivered June'98) and it took 3 years before the resale price dropped to what I paid for it! :surprise:

    I wonder if the great resale of tdi's will be impacted at all when diesels can be sold new in all the CARB states?

    It sounds like you're in Canada so maybe not, I've heard the same kind of stories about resale value even down in Texas.

    It is going to be hard to argue with 50+ mpg.... :)
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    Do you really believe that anyone will actually pay you $10K for a 10 year old Beetle with 220K mi? I sure don't.
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    I've been watching diesel bugs and other tdis on ebay and most of them are not going for more than the Edmund's estimated values. If I could get $10K out of my 2000 tdi beetle with 120K miles, it would make a great start toward putting a new sportwagen in my driveway. More likely, I will get rid of the 05 corolla since it gets worse mileage than the beetle.

    From what VW and other websites say, the first demo sportwagens will be in the states in late June or early July. You will be able to order at that time.
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    Anyone know what country the new SportWagens will be produced? If it's Mexico like the rest of Jettas, then you can forget it.
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    I believe that all of the Jetta's, Beetles, and Rabbits for sale in the states and Canada are produced in Mexico. It's my understanding that the reliability from Mexico has come up to about equal Germany in the last few years. There are rumors of the Passat moving down there until VW opens a new US plant.
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    The Rabbit is built along side the GTI in Wolfsburg, Deutchland.
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    I just purchased a 2009 Jetta Sportwagon SE (gasoline) last Saturday, my first VW. So far the build quality seems very good, and averaging about 25 mpg around town. Traded out of a Honda Pilot...
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    Give us an update every month or so if you could. Thanks

    I’m waiting for the diesel.
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    My 2002 Jetta WGN TDI (11000) and 2005 Passat Wagon TDI (20000)have better resale over any gasoline counterpart, by about 3000 dollars.

    The transmission in the new Sportwagon is JAPANESE, probably AISIN so I think the reliability is better.

    Jetta is about the size of an old Passat.

    Ive been in the Tiguan and Sportwagon. Im thinking about either one if it comes in a DIESEL.
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    The Sportwagon is out and being sold. I do not see the listing under new cars here on Edmund's.

    Does anyone know if the Diesel will come with the DSG that is used in the Beetle TDI?
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    Yes it has dsg.
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    our local VW dealer wants $!000 down to get on the 'list' for the sportswagon diesel. Is this how its done? He doesn't have any pricing and stated it will go for what the market can bear (but not over list). We love our 2006 TDI sedan and want the sportswagon but it seems the dealer doesn't really know any facts. Is anyone having the same experience?
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    It just sounds like the dealer is taking advantage of you.
    They are confident that initial interest will be high so they can ask for more (like $1000 down). Unless you need the car as soon as it comes out, let the dealer get them in and then talk. Again, if it is not an urgent need for you, don't feel like you have to 'reserve' one. They won't be limited editions.
  • jkinzeljkinzel Member Posts: 735
    I’m with Bristol, if you don’t need it right away, don’t get involved. I’d tell the dealer, “When I see them on the lot, then we talk money”
  • gagricegagrice Member Posts: 31,450
    A couple things. Your car is worth a premium on the market. You are NOT going to get as much from the dealer as selling it yourself. Once the dealer has your $1000 you are kind of stuck taking the deal he offers you. I would just tell him to call you when he has one come in. The price will depend on what diesel is selling for at the time. I bought my Passat TDI in April of 2005 when diesel in Oregon was higher than RUG. I paid Under Invoice for the car. I made $3000 selling it 13 months later in CA. Around December or January they will have plenty and the price will be good. That would be the time to move in for the kill.
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    I had the same experience and paid the 1,000 and put in the order - they will not negotiate the deposit until the car is started and they have a vin. The white paint is new and will be delayed a few weeks and delivery is about 14weeks out. The advance orders are at msrp, but the ones on the floor, when they arrive, may carry a premium if they are as popular as VW hopes.
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    Around how much did you pay? Sticker on the one I'm looking at is 24349. They will only offer 23700. Is this because it's so new?
  • jkinzeljkinzel Member Posts: 735
    The advance orders are at msrp, but the ones on the floor, when they arrive, may carry a premium if they are as popular as VW hopes.

    If I need to buy before the dead of winter then I may go domestic. I won't pay premium or get in a bidding war, they can rot on the show room floor before I play that game.
  • gagricegagrice Member Posts: 31,450
    I won't pay premium or get in a bidding war

    I agree with that. Paying MSRP is bad enough. When they start adding things that are worthless and charging big bucks or just adding a premium on a popular model, it turns me off. They can keep the car. If VW wants to make a real impact with their 50 state legal diesel cars, they need to move as many as fast as they can. The best advertising is seeing them on the road and having happy customers. I think the Sportwagon will fill a spot that is needed. With a 40+ MPG highway wagon what's not to like about it.
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    Has anyone done the math on cost of usage between the two fuels? Diesel is almost $1/gallon more than regular.

    I was talking to my leasing guy last month and he said VW is telling their customers that the Diesel model will be out in January. Is this what you're hearing?
  • krd1155krd1155 Member Posts: 9
    Our Chicago dealer is saying September for the diesel sportwagon. Diesel is running about 60 cents a gal more than regular at truck stops, $1 at a gas station. We're getting 18 miles to the gal with our Explorer, so if the sportwagon gets close to what they are claiming we figure we'll be way ahead of the game.
  • gagricegagrice Member Posts: 31,450
    The gap is narrowing. We are about 35 cents difference in CA. In fact one place is selling diesel at $4.69 and my Shell station is selling regular for $4.65. The diesel will be worth the wait. Especially out on the highway at 40+ MPG.
  • bristol2bristol2 Member Posts: 736
    A rough calculation is that if diesel is =/< 30% more than gas, the diesel option wins. The diesel engines tend to be around 30% more efficient.
  • obieobie Member Posts: 39
    I bet the Japanese transmission is great, even with the final assembly for the car in Mexico. BMW uses Japanese-made transmissions on the very smooth automatic MINIs built in England. (Now that I think of it, I don't recall anyone insisting on a British-made transmission in decades, if ever).

    The Jetta TDI's I believe will all have German-made DSG's and engines, though final assembly, at least for sedans, will still be in Mexico.

    I was told by VW dealer that Sportwagen TDIs as well as sedan TDIs will be available in August. They said Tiguan would be next TDI, but may not be released until early calendar '09.
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    To me, that doesn't sound unreasonable. I expect that the $1000 is fully refundable if you choose not to purchase (it better be). And, he's guaranteeing you no more than MSRP. If they're going for less at other dealers when your vehicle comes in, you can still negotiate, or buy elsewhere. However, they may be going for a premium, and your $1000 down may save you a grand or two in not having to pay a premium.

    sounds like a fair deal to me. you're not agreeing on price or even to purchase yet. just getting on a list. go for it!
  • krd1155krd1155 Member Posts: 9
    ah, but that's the rub! It is not refundable, and while they would try to get the color and features we wanted, there was no guarantee. But yes, they assured us they would not charge more than MSRP!
  • morey000morey000 Member Posts: 384
    I'd only take the deal if the deposit were refundable. The argument being- they wouldn't be taking deposits if they didn't think that there would be a waiting list for the early units. If there is a waiting list, then they have nothing to lose by refunding your deposit.

    Put the money down, on the condition (in writing) that the deposit is refundable if when the car is available you get one week to decide if you want that model at that price.
  • nwjeffornwjeffor Member Posts: 8
    Here is what my dealer is telling me ...

    "I am being told it is not refundable - assuming the car would be what you ordered.... I am sure you would be fully refunded if it is not correct or we would order you the right car - I have not seen an ordered car come in wrong but I guess there is a slim chance and I am sure we would take care of you."

    For what it's worth, they want a commitment to purchase the car (which makes sense) but I'm relatively confident that I'll get what I order. I'm still going to get some sort of deposit/order agreement in writing, however.
  • eliaselias Member Posts: 2,209
    your deposit is always refundable unless you take delivery of a car. you may change your mind at any time for any reason before you take delivery. dealer is required to refund 100% of your deposit immediately or 400% later via court if you are forced to sue.
    check with your local better business bureau if you get any more 'nonrefundable' nonsense from the dealer. the VW zone office might be curious to hear about it too.

    Denny Crane
  • kimg1999kimg1999 Member Posts: 1
    interesting. i was told by the dealer in my town that if i decided NOT to get the car i'd forfeit the $500, but otherwise it would go towards cost if i took the car (and it would give me priority on their list, as they came in). sort of a $500 non-refundable place holder. perhaps i'll share this w/ VW HQ...? made me seriously think about doing business with these folks (who already have a not stellar reputation).
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