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VW Jetta Sportwagen



  • eastbocaeastboca Posts: 5
    Thanks for that ... now reconsidering ... perhaps might forgo the sunroof since I live in SouthEast florida.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Not sure in which climate (State) you live but if you live anywhere in the SouthEast or SouthWest I would not get the car with panoramic glass roof. I had no choice - the car came with it but if I do it over, I would not get panoramic glass roof!
    The VW panoramic roof is UV protected and tinted....but it's not enough to block the heat if car sits on the sun all day long!
  • colammycolammy Posts: 10
    I think the sunroof is a personal decision. I've had mine since last October. The sunroof was the first thing that attracted me to the car. I live in sunny Southern California and I love my sunroof!!! If parked, I close the shade. Yes the car gets hot inside (especially because I chose the darkest interior) but I don't really notice that it's any hotter than other cars without the sunroof.
    Driving with the shade closed feels comfortable but I admit the car is slightly (very slightly) brighter inside than cars without but that is something else I like. I am the type of person that loves natural light. The extremely hot summer months are short compared to the benefit I get all year round. (Plus as mentioned, I really don't see much of a difference; every car parked in 100+ degree weather is this town is miserably hot inside.)
    If I have to complain about anything it would be the air conditioning. I have the SEL, I don't know what the TDI air is like, but one reason I chose the SEL is because the air is much, much better than the S and SE. Still, the vents just don't seem to hit you in the right places and the back seat vent is really a joke!
    All in all, I love the SEL, (and this comes from a previous Lexus owner). Good luck.
  • terbterb Posts: 2
    Thank you for the feedback. I live in Southern California. I do love the way the moon roof gives the car a more spacious feel. As long as it has the UV protection I may consider it, but am leaning in the "not getting it" direction. Who is going to invent the "moon roof heat catcher" that can be rolled back and forth for those hot times of year?
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    I agree with you that the sunroof is a personal decision. But we are talking about glass panoramic moonroof here. I live in Flrorida now but I have lived in Southern California for 35 years and I always had a sunroof (solid metal) - but never panoramic glass roof.
    I took a thermometer and compared temps inside the car with factory shade and panoramic roof closed and then with my little invention - a cardboard covered with aluminum foil - and the temps differences between the two was significant!
    I think VW should have an option with solid-metal sunroof. I like the light as well and the spacious feeling but the VW Tdi Wagon's panoramic moonroof is not thoroughly designed, in my opinion.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    I suggest you don't get it - I lived in Palos Verdes/Torrance area and always had sun roof - but it was a solid metal. Any glass moonroof, no matter how dark it is, won't work, in my opinion. Take a car for a day or two, one with panoramic moonroof and one without (if the dealer let's you) and compare - you will see and feel the heat/temp differences on your own!
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    I'd like to suggest that, from a heat gain standpoint, you're better off with your moonroof + aluminum foil, than those with a dark-colored plain roof. If you consider how much more reflective the foil is than nearly any color roof you can choose, those with no sunroof get more heat re-radiated into their cars than yours gets.

    I've had at least 25 cars in So Cal thru the last 27 years - only one T-roof, one (steel) sunroof, and two (glass) moon-roofs. The white cars with plain roofs were the coolest of all. The dark cars with plain roofs were the worst, especially my '96 Maxima in Super Black. The sunroofed (steel panel, not glass) one was a dark car, so it was the same as any dark car. The glass roofed ones let in some more heat, but not so much as to offset the total solar gain of the car.

    With the foil up top, your car's roof rejects more heat than anyone else's roof.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Yes - and that is correct.
    Another consideration is that the body (roof) of the car without panoramic moon roof is more rigid and stiff. That can also be a safety advantage issue.
    My VW Tdi Wagon is white and the cardboard with aluminum foil does the trick.
    It can easily be inserted through the open glass moon roof and placed on the mesh.
    But, if I had a choice, I would have bought a white wagon without the sunroof... I had to take what was available on the dealer's lot (actually, I was waiting for a shipment to arrive and I had no choice of options). It also helps, after getting the habit in So. Calif, to park the car in the shade whenever possible and also have a custom made front windshield aluminum reflective sun-shield. Combination of all of the above does the trick!
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    Yeah, I don't want or need a sunroof anytime soon. I live on South OC, and have given up on black cars. Silver's good, and am driving light blue for now. Wanted to get a green car again, but just learned that green is green because it's absorbing red and (infrared). Now if I move to Nor Cal, it'll be a different story.
  • breju03breju03 Posts: 5
    hello, how wast it dealing with cartelligent? did you try any other online services?

  • I too was growing frustrated that I could not get a TDI just the way I wanted. After waiting a number of times for the release of the 2009 TDIs, I finally bought another hi mpg commuter car. I rented a Prius for a week to test and found it okay but wanted to see the Gen 3 before buying. but kept coming back to the TDI as my best solution (for me anyway).

    Well here are the facts about TDIs. Demand far exceeds Supply!! Having successfully buying at or below Invoice, I could not understand why retails expected me to pay MSRP or ABOVE!! and with a take-it or leave-it attitude. I am a rather discriminating and technical buyer. and like you a previously disappointed purchaser -- always the bride's maid not the Bride. Last week, decided I would take the first 2010 I could get -- not Red -- but almost any other configuration. (Here they are sold before they even get unloaded from the hauler trailer.)

    Well as it happened, I was "hanging around" the dealer when one came in. It was a very acceptable dark Blue. SOLD. It was not till some time later that I found out is would be a M6 trans. What I wanted but could not find. No other options, but the TDI is somewhat full featured anyway. (not SEL levels but I'm ecstatic!!) I finally got mine and getting in 40+ mpg and still breaking her in.

    If you can get one you can "live with" GET IT and be happy you did.

    If however, you need it just so, you may have to defer the TDI until the mfg comes stateside (USA) so the supply can be on par with demand. I've heard that may be in 2-3 years.

    Happy hunting.


    BTW, I paid MSRP $23.7K USD, but got the 4500 clunker monies.
  • I'd be interested to know where you found the Jetta TDI Sportwagon.
    When the second round of the clunker program was announced, I literally searched nationwide and couldn't find one, especially not close to the way I wanted it equipped. Two dealers told me they would be willing to do a clunker deal with a 2010 MSO, but when I came up with cash and was ready to do the deal they backed down saying would be not be getting 2010's until late September at best and maybe not until October.

    Before the clunker program I had a number of dealers pestering me, but they wouldn't touch my trade at anywhere near the clunker amount, and at the time they had plenty of TDI Wagons on their lots.

    Thanks for the input.
  • I bought mine at Tracy Volkswagen in Hyannis, MA. They did not have any others in stock at the time.

    Since I also have a condo in Florida, I checked with Schumacher in West Palm Beach. They had tons of them (27, I think), but that was a couple of months ago. I still love the vehicle, by the way.
  • Thanks, I didn't look in the NE. But I did check with a few dealers in south Florida as we have property there, too, and I have business down there. Again, by the second round of the clunkers program no one had a TDI Sportwagon.
  • Hi,
    Does anyone know if the bluetooth function on the new 2010 TDI Sportswagon suppose to be able to display the phone book and voice commands? I just got my TDI about a week ago and in the manual it says that I am supposed to view the phone book but it does not seem to work. Took it back to the dealer and they said because this bluetooth is a pw2 and not a pw3. Is this true? Why would they have it on the manaul and it also came with a bluetooth booklet how to operate it? Thanks
  • Yup,

    all 2010 Jetta models only have the pw2. so it's the no frills bluetooth. No A2DP bluetooth stereo either (I think) ... boooo !!!!

    Here is a cell phone compatibility spec sheet from Volk-L
  • Doesn't the voice command supposed to work? Why did VW even give us the bluetooth manual explaining how it works then? That's weird.
  • Was wondering if there is any thoughts about the option of adding the rear airbags? A dealer has told me that they would be worse in an accident to have if you have children in the back. I am finding that informtiaon hard to believe. Any feedback?
  • Steve EliasSteve Elias Posts: 2,207
    I recommend that you believe the dealer on this one, rbesque.
    NHTSA web site may have some engineering/research details to show why rear-seat airbags are so dangerous to children. One reason is that children can tend to sleep in the back seat and lean on the door.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Another reason is that children could choke on deployed airbags. That is also a reason why many newer cars have a switch that can turn off the front passenger seat air bags.
  • Thanks for the input. Going to not get those. I will have two kids in the back.
  • In a side impact, I'd rather have my child hit an airbag instead of door handle, switch, knob, etc. I suspect the car dealer doesn't have any cars with rear-airbags in stock. In any case, children should be properly restrained in a child seat or have proper seat belts to begin with.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Furthermore, I am not sure that there are such things as "rear air bags" (I can be wrong...) There are "side" air bags (mounted on sides of the front seats) and full length "curtain" side air bags (mounted as described) - for side impacts.
    Here is an interesteing link for those who carry small children from IIHS - (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) website.

    Happy motoring!
  • Rear seat torso airbags are an option for the Jetta.
  • Steve EliasSteve Elias Posts: 2,207
    eastboca you are dangerously misinformed and misguided about rear seat airbags' danger to children and other small or young people.
    tall 16 year olds have been killed/crippled by airbags as well.

    ask your child's MD if you aren't going to investigate the actual facts yourself.
    the details are particularly grisly and fatal when an airbag goes off near a child in a low speed crash that would otherwise have caused zero significant injury.

    it doesn't matter if it's a rear-seat airbag or front-seat airbag, results can be similarly disastrous in a small impact.

    fwiw, I understand that side-curtain airbags are not dangerous to children and other small people but have not researched airbags in detail since after the "2nd gen" airbags and later technologies have been deployed.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    elias - you are right!
    Volvo did a comprehensive study on this issue not long ago and results are posted on several web sites.
    I woudl stay away from rear air bags when hauling kids around, or - if they come with a car, turn them off. Actually, there is a warning note on that in the owner's manual.
    Some cars come with pre-installed rear air bags and the dealer only has to "activate" them and then they charge you for that option. Not sure if VW is one of those....
  • With all due respect, you guys are spreading a lot of FUD here about rear airbags. The relevant government sites say, basically, that all rear airbags are fine for everyone.

    At some point there was "concern" about "out of position" children, but even that has been addressed since 02/03.

    According to an IHS site that is linked from the faq above the NHSTA knows of only 1 (as of 2008) child ever injured by a side air bag: "NHTSA has reported only one child who has been injured by a side airbag; a 3-year old sitting unrestrained in the front seat sustained minor facial skin lacerations from the side airbag cover."

    Furthermore, check out the edmunds article on this topic ( )

    You'll note that there are specific quotes from a BMW and VW/Audi about why they allow the rear side bags to be disabled. Here's the VW guy: " 'Even with the extensive testing, we know that not all consumers, primarily those with young children, are comfortable with having those types of airbags in the car, so we've made the decision to offer them only as an option,' says Steve Keyes, a spokesperson for Volkswagen and Audi."

    Parse the corporate speak yourself, but to me that sounds like: "some people are paranoid, and we don't want to fight with them so let them do whatever they want."

    To be fair, i actually appreciate choice in the matter, but at the same time all the information i'm seeing says that side torso bags are good for everyone, even kids.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    veryhrm - what exactly is "relevant government site"?

    Here is one, quite relevant, from NHTSA

    Isn't NHTSA considered "relevant" ?

    This discussion can go on forever, depending which "relevant" site you pick!

    Here is another one:

    IIHS seems to be also one of the "relevant" sites that you quote but it depends on which link do you click....
  • The two pages you link are hardly comparable:

    The NHTSA page is two paragraphs of the boilerplate language that has been said about airbags for a good 10 or 15 years. The only specifics it mentions are rear-facing child seats in the front seat. It doesn't mention side impact airbags at all. Further there is no date on the page or any sources or references.

    On the other hand, the IIHS page is considerably more detailed and it explicitly addresses side impact air bags and even rear seat side impact airbags. It also cites sources and has a date on it showing it to be relatively current (Mar 2009). The only thing on this whole page that i can find that can be construed to support the anti-air-bag position is this sentence: "Like frontal airbags, side airbags have the potential to cause injury. However, side airbags typically are smaller and deploy with less energy than frontal airbags." This is then offset by several paragraphs that say it only was ever considered to be an issue with kids who aren't belted in and that even those have been addressed, AND, as mentioned in my previous post, that the NHTSA has record of only one child ever being hurt by a side airbag.

    Thus, as to the question on the table: "Should i get rear airbags and enable them in my VW if i have kids/grand-kids?" the answer is a nearly unqualified "yes".

    (It's only qualified by the statement that "i am not a lawyer or safety professional of any sort. YMMV.")

    For anyone still reading this, one of the sites linked from the iihs page is for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers' " Blue Ribbon Panel for the Evaluation of Advanced Technology Airbag". ( The bulk of it is about front impact air-bags, but the slides for one of the presentations: t-protection-systems.pdf has some pictures on page 8 of the starting position for some of the oop (out of position) testing that they do for side air-bags. Too bad the text / comments aren't included.
  • Steve EliasSteve Elias Posts: 2,207
    there might be a discussion thread elsewhere on edmunds about airbags?
    the issue goes way beyond any particular VW or any one brand.

    if you really want to do your homework , try to find the individual case reports on NHTSA about the few hundred kids decapitated or paralyzed by airbags in low-speed/minor collisions.

    also consider the fact that it was NHTSA & their federal ilk who mandated the airbags that killed/maimed those kids, and take their posterior-covering analyses with an extra grain of salt because of that.
  • breckbreck Posts: 1
    I love my wagon in fact it is my second. I had a problem with the sunscreen when i retracted it last week. Took it in to the dealer and they said a small rock had lodged in the track and caused the problem. The dealer said it was not covered by vw. The screen is like a catchers mitt for flying road debris. Seems like a defect more than my fault. Ugh.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Breck - the dealer is right. That would fall into "road hazard" category and those are not covered by warranty.
    Had you not told them that (rock incident) and removed the rock, you could then had it covered and blame it on unknown....but, you could try it at another dealer providing VW does not have a record (ticket) on it already from your dealer... or, if it was only verbal advisement...

    If you are talking about the small black mesh that pops up when you open the sunroof/moonroof, I have removed that immediately as it looked to me as ill-designed item and I have installed a plastic (smoke color) wind deflector (OEM VW accessory). Once you install OEM VW wind deflector you have to remove that pesky "mesh" anyway..because it's too high and it would not fit underneath the wind the way, it's not designed to catch flies, mitts, etc. it's designed to be a wind deflector! If and when you remove it and open the moon-roof all the way (and drive over 30 MPH) you have to open back windows because the wind vortex creates unbearable noise to your ears as air flow enters the cabin compartment.

    If you go for a wind deflector, make sure you get the OEM VW deflector as the aftermarket (by WeatherTech) does not fit properly and interferes with closing the moon roof.

    But (correct me if I am wrong) you are talking about the screen shade that retracts all the way back horizontally...., right? Or about the framed mesh that pops-up?
  • I'm still a few weeks away from purchasing a jetta sportwagen, and the sunroof is definitely tempting, but also something that gives me pause.

    The factory installed wind deflector looks very flimsy - not built to last - and the item you used to replace it is an interest. Any more info you can provide about where you purchased the deflector, steps involved in removing the original, etc. is appreciated. I've checked around the web, and several "OEM" sites are selling the WeatherTech deflector that you wrote doesn't fit properly.

    Along the same thread, I've read several posts around the web complaining of heat build up in the car due to the sunroof. I'm in the DC area which - though nothing like Florida - can get pretty steamy in the summer. What has your experience been?

    Can the sportwagen's sunroof be tinted? I've read about several other cars that can't have their sunroof's tinted due to the expansion/contraction that polycarbonate sunroofs experience during temperature changes.

    Any other tips and advice before buying?

    Thanks everyone for your input.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Tinting of moonroof (with a film from inside) is not recommended! I have tinted all my windows but not the moonroof.

    Factory installed wind deflector is flimsy indeed. There are just 2 screws that hold it in place to remove it.

    WeatherTech wind deflector is too low and closing of moon-roof interferes with final stage of closing - you have to briefly push wind WeatherTech wind deflector up (from inside the vehicle), while moon roof is closing (moving), so that moon roof retracts completely. If it feels any small resistance (safety issue) moon roof mechanism moves it back.This could also be due to the sun heat that heats up the WeatherTech and it sag's a bit in the middle as a result thereof.

    There are other wind deflectors out there, VW OEM, Lund and others.
    I have an OEM VW in transit to me (to replace WeatherTech) and will tell you if that one is better later on this month, if interested. From VW description/specs it seems that OEM one is a bit higher than WeatherTech. Installation is simple. There are two thin metal brackets with hole/thread openings that you push between the rubber sun roof seal and the body.
    Then you secure it to the plastic deflector with two screws.

    Heat build up is pretty intense here in Florida (in Summer) and I have a square paper cardboard covered with aluminum cooking foil that I put up there (in Summer), between the sun shade mesh and the moonroof. Otherwise, when you get into a car in such intense heat, your seats feel as if the seat heater is on.
    However, overall it a nice feature to have a sun roof / moon roof ( it also increases re-sale value).

    For someone in D.C. area, I would get it, if it's on a car as a factory option.

    By the way, if you get the moon roof, you will also loose some storage (for sun-glasses) and possibly Blue Tooth transmitter (not sure about that) that are housed on the headliner in that area.
  • I'm still on the fence. The vast majority of sportwagens available seem to be TDI, and the popularity in sales seems to justify this, but I can't for the life of me figure out why.

    This would be my first diesel car if I go with the TDI, so anyone who has info please explain.

    I know it has better fuel efficiency, but with the extra cost of the TDI model (and the navi unit to find diesel in unfamiliar areas for peace of mind) the cost comes to around $4k extra.

    Even figuring fuel at around $3/gal it looks like it would take around 11 years for the vehicle cost to be made back in fuel savings. Without the navi, it's around 6 years to make back the difference.

    Either way, that seems like a long time before a customer can (possibly) make back the difference in initial cost.

    Am I missing a key factor? Is there some benefit to the TDI that I'm not seeing?

    Any help is appreciated.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    The idea that you must buy the built in navigation with the diesel is, I'm sorry, kind of silly. If you really are so worried you can buy a portable navigation unit for under $100.

    6 year payback, means doubling your "investment" in 12 years, which is a return of about 6% based on the "rule of 72". That is a pretty good return, but not that big a deal as we are talking about getting 6% (rather than maybe 2-3%) on a couple thousand dollars, it just does not add up to much in actual dollars. Plus this assumes you are not borrowing the money, if you are borrowing at 6%, then it would seem top be a wash.

    I'd get whichever version I liked best, that little bit of long term savings would not be worth having a less desirable car to me. The diesel may or may not have better resale value, if you are a frequent'll depend on fuel prices at the moment you sell, as people seem to be very short sighted on such things.
  • Thanks jeffyscott.

    I agree the price of the built in navi system is silly, but I haven't seen an after market unit that offers diesel locations as a POI. (Just starting this research, so I could be way wrong on that.)

    Admittedly, convenience is definitely playing a factor here though. Since it's so easy to find gasoline - and diesel is so scarce in some locations - it would definitely be a change in behavior for me (and I assume most drivers) switching over to diesel for the first time.

    Either way I agree that the cost difference doesn't make the difference in the end. You have to buy what you like.

    But from what I've seen online, the stats on TDI sales versus the sales of all sportwagens - 80% of sales are TDI - seems to be awfully one sided considering it comes down to 'whichever version you like best'. Hence my concern.

    Just making sure I'm not missing something that the other 80% of the sportwagen buyers did see.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    I have one of the top rated portable Garmin Nuvi wide screen in my 09 Jetta Wagon(for appx USD 200). and it works fine. Plus you can take it with you, when you travel and rent a car...
    As far as diesel - it's a personal choice. I like my 2009 Tdi Jetta Wagon although I would prefer a Subaru Diesel (for better ground clearance).
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    One factor could be how much driving you do. I don't know how many miles per year you based the 6 year payback estimate on, but suppose you drove 2X as much, then your payback would be 3 years and it would maybe tip the balance to the TDI.

    Being that we do not pile up a lot of miles (each car gets only about 7000-8000 miles per year), paying much extra for greater fuel efficiency never makes much sense for me, but it likely would for one who drives, say, 20,000 miles per year.

    With diesel, the negatives to me are they take longer to warm up (so I would spend more time without heat on my way to work in winter :cry: ) and you have to wait a bit to start them in the cold (I'd rather just turn the key and go). The only positive I can think of is the low end torque, I know the engines are supposed to last longer but since it'd take us 20 years to get to even 150,000 miles that means nothing to me.

    Fuel availability is not a concern to me, there seem to be plenty of stations that carry diesel in my area and when traveling it certainly is available on the interstates due to trucking. Also in winter, it seems like the diesel prices rise, wiping out part of the savings.

    I'm kind of surprised to learn that 80% of these are diesels.
  • Yeah. The numbers surprised me too. Was a few months back I saw that on the VW site, so not sure if it's still holding true. But it definitely made me take notice of the TDI.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    It appears that was the figure for one particular month and may have been distorted somewhat by the clunker program:

    However, their diesel sales were still much higher than expected, at about 50% of wagons, before that, too:
  • Im ready to buy a 2010 vw jetta sportwagen tdi but im have trouble deciding on the roof.

    Im wondering about peoples experiance with it or if they regret not getting it?

    Any info on leaks? Wind noise? Saftey? Anything at all?

    I looked threw the forum and just found alot of people talking about the heat that it can generate in southern climets but i live in the northern mountains and that is not an issue for me.

    So besides it generating alot of heat from the sun is there any reason at all i should not get this option?

    It seems like a very nice option, I love open air driving (I have a Jeep wrangler and take the top / doors of every summer)

    Any help would be great thanks!
  • I've had my sportwagen tdi about three weeks now. I traded in an Audi A-6 that had cost me a fortune in maintenance and was not inclined to buy another German car. However, my son who is a car enthusiast convinced me to look at the Jetta tdi. I bought one with sunroof, nav, 17" wheels, and automatic transmission after a test drive. I've driven the car on the highway with the sunroof open and was not distracted by wind noise at all. The wind deflector did double duty as a bug screen as well and although it could be called "flimsy" in it's feel, it appears to be made of high quality material that will endure. The view from the sunroof from both front and back seat perspectives has to be experienced to be appreciated. In my opinion, it is money well-spent. I had a Garmin Nuvi GPS already but wanted one built in. The convenience and look was worth the extra money to me. I didn't question the 17" wheels and didn't know what to expect until after I had them and started reading pros and cons of 17" vs 16" wheels. Had I read that I probably would have gotten 16" wheels but I am glad my son specified 17" and I trusted his preference. I have not noticed a rougher ride as some people say happens with 17" wheels. In fact, I had commented that the car rode very smoothly. What I did notice was how the car felt and handled. It's a comfortable ride and fun to drive. It's responsive and "hugs" the road. I love driving the car whether it's a short trip or long trip. I test drove a manual but bought an automatic. I can't imagine needing any more power than what I've got. There's the sport option and tiptronic option with the automatic and sometimes I feel like I've got a horse that I have to rein in when driving the tdi! I use cruise control much more often now because it's so easy to be over the speed limit. I believe that diesels will become a popular option for people over hybrids when they want the gas mileage of a hybrid but don't want to compromise their driving experience. I averaged 38 mpg with my first tank and that was a lot of "horsing" around with the car and not paying attention to best gas mileage practices. When you factor in a car that meets green car standards, along with a car that handles and feels like a much more expensive car, and the longevity of a diesel engine, it's a car that's hard to beat in my opinion. I believe that we'll be seeing a lot more diesel cars in the future as people will want a choice over hybrids, and as a result diesel gas prices will decrease as well. It doesn't really matter to me at this point as I am so in love with my sportwagen tdi that if there were an extra cost it would be well justified.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    If you live up North - panoramic moonroof is the good choice. I had no choice - I had to get, what was on the car, including the panoramic moonroof.

    The uni body is a bit more rigid without the sunroof (less flex) and perhaps more safer in rollover. It's not just a hole cut in the roof; there is more to it, if you see it on a factory assembly line.

    You will lose some storage bins in the headliner if you get the panoramic moonroof.
    But you can add some more storage under both front seats (storage drawers) and under the headlight switch (pop-out storage) - I have added those.

    In South and South West (with 12 hours sunshine) it heats up the interior quite substantially and when you get inside the car it feels as if the seat heater is on!
    If I had a choice, I would have gotten the car without it.

    In my 09 Tdi Wagon I have no leaks but I have replaced the fishnet deflector now with regular VW OEM plastic wind deflector (WeatherTech aftermarket deflector does not fit properly) - that allows me to have the roof partially open to vent air out of the car and it can even be partially open in light rain. I can also drive at full speed in light rain with that configuration.
  • wgraferwgrafer Posts: 592
    I'm trying to get a handle on what the 'real world mileage' is for the '09/'10 TDI Sportwagon, either the 6M or automatic. Any help - especially from the high-milers - would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    There are not that many "high-milers" out there yet with 09-Tdi Wagon.
    I average 32.5 MPG city driving at 9,500 miles with 6M transmission.
  • This site's probably a better fit for the info you're looking for.
  • Just curious, the TDI Sportwagen you described sounds exactly like the one I ordered from my dealer several weeks back. I also ordered the 17" wheels and was wondering how long yours took to come in?
  • The dealer was able to immediately locate one that fit my specifications and had it delivered from another state two days later. You'll be glad you got the 17" wheels!
  • dw438dw438 Posts: 41
    The panoramic sunroof is a great option. Lets in lots of sun. One of the best options of my new 2010 TDI Wagen ... If you can direct me to where I can find good under-front-seat storage options I'd appreciate it ...
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