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VW Jetta Sportwagen



  • I don't even have my wagen yet, but I'm keeping my eye on this...

    more info on installation here...
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402 is the website
    I bought quite a few items from them...
    Name is OEMPlus Auto Parts Plus Inc., Laguna Hills, CA 92653
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    I bought and installed 2 of them already under the driver's and passenger's seats.
    They work great! I also bought a flip down storage bin under the headlight switch, however that installation requires some bending and removing of braces so that the storage bin closes properly.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Your link to installation of drawers is a bit outdated. has "customer's review" section and in there you will find up to date installation procedures. I am proud to say that they have published some of my installations procedures there.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT unplug cables that lead to the seat. Unplugging some of them may deploy seat air bags (if so equipped). Cables are long enough so that if you just remove 4 bolts that hold seat rails and tilt the seats backwards (with rails attached), you have sufficient access to install those drawers.

    I have also "plugged" the top of the dash a/c outlets with storage tray from them because the front windshield a/c-heater outlet is sufficient and 2 of them in the same area is, in my opinion, an overkill... ( that installation is a bit tricky, though)....not to mention that in FL humid climate the top of the dash board outlet blowing cold air fogs out the windshield from the outside, when a/c blower is directed into that area...
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 21,092
    . not to mention that in FL humid climate the top of the dash board outlet fogs out the windshield from the outside, when a/c is running ...

    That's not right, are you sure the settings for recirc etc are correct. IIRC you should cut off outside air if the windshield starts to fog ( a common problem in the snowbelt when getting in with wet clothing on); check your manual for correct settings.

    2001 BMW 330ci/E46, 2008 BMW 335i conv/E93

  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    With all due respect, sorry - that IS right!
    Read my post more carefully, I've said the windshield fogs outside (not inside) the car... you would be correct assuming the windshield fogs inside the car..but, if the windshield starts fogging out outside, you have to turn the windshield wipers on!
    So, my post stands as me, I know what I am talking about....the OUTSIDE humidity is the problem here....manual does not cover this issue and in European VWs, there is a storage tray up there while here, you have additional a/c outlets there. The storage tray (from oemplus) comes with foam padding that effectively covers (plugs) and insulates the a/c-heater top of the dash outlets.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 21,092
    Well sorry for the misunderstanding but I would not want to block the upper vent. As I said, climbing into a car with clothes wet from rain or snow can cause pretty severe fogging of the inside of the windshield. It's easily dispatched by running conditioned air through the upper vent but difficult to deal with any other way.

    It does rain in Florida during the humid season, doesn't it? Sometimes pretty hard, I hear.

    As for fogging on the outside of the window, don't Jettas come with wipers? :P

    2001 BMW 330ci/E46, 2008 BMW 335i conv/E93

  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Jettas come with wipers, yes. But the windshield fogs out at one spot, in the middle, right on top of those "extra" top of the dash-board a/c vents, and running wipers on otherwise dry windshield (when it does not rain) isn't just exactly a good idea!

    Anyway you toss it, the removal of the center top a/c-heater outlets (as pictured in the previously sent link) was a good idea for my application and climate.

    The regular windshield vents, located at the bottom of the windshield, are sufficient. No need to have 3 vents in that area anyway; windshield vents, upper dash board vents and middle vents (above radio) is/are, in my opinion, an overkill.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Why not just close the vent when you do not want the A/C to discharge there? :confuse:

    I understand you you'd rather have the storage tray and that's fine, of course. But the large square vent is there for a different purpose than the ones that defog the windshield.
  • cosmocosmo Posts: 203
    I believe that what you describe as additional a/c vents on the top of the dash are what VW calls "indirect ventilation". There is a small dial just above the center dash vents that can be used to direct air either to the indirect ventilation vent or to the center dash vents. The purpose apparently is to spread air evenly to the windshield and back to the passengers at head level rather than to have air blow directly out the center dash vents at the driver and passengers. VW tires to please everyone I guess. I can understand how blowing cold air up at the center of the windshield could cause condensation on the outside in hot humid weather. Also, setting the system to recirculation and indirect ventilation can fog the inside of the windshield under certain conditions. Me, I prefer air, hot or cold, blowing right at me. My wife wears contacts and prefers the indirect ventilation.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    You summed it up quite nicely... true, VW cannot please everyone and everybody has a different idea how to cool the car or himself/herself.

    I hate a/c and blowing cold air into my face and some like the opposite. There are plenty other options how to cool or warm the car "indirectly"... but generally, the most comfortable setting is: cool head - warm feet!

    I wonder for how long will VW have this configuration in the production line....
  • I bought this car and was told I would get about 23mpg city, and 33mpg hwy. In reality I get UNDER 19mpg COMBINED. I have driven manual transmissions for as long as I can remember, I know how to drive them. This is just unacceptable. I have had the car for about 6 months and seriously wish I had not purchased it. Yeah, it looks great, it is fast, but you can almost watch the fuel gauge go down as you drive it.

    And the noise - I don't know if it is the tires or what, but the road noise is totally ridiculous. It has Continental tires on the alcantara (sp?) 5 spoke wheels. Very noisy.

    I wish I could just bring it back but that won't happen.

    If anyone has any thoughts about these two issues, please let me know. I have never had a car which I wanted to get rid of so quickly!
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    edited April 2010
    How many miles do you have on it? Some engines take over 25K miles to start to loosen-up and acheive claimed MPG. (Of course.... proper break-in helps with MPG later in engine life.)

    As for road-noise. I have had some tires which get noisier as they wear down. Sometimes, I have been able to get the quietness back by rotating the tires. (make sure they spin the other direction.... if your tires are not directional)
  • Steve EliasSteve Elias Posts: 2,207
    edited April 2010 says the car should get 21city , 31 highway. So whoever told you 23,33 was "inflating" a bit.

    What's the cold tire pressure? Try bumping it up to 34 psi or 38 psi?

    Tires do get noisier as they age. If you keep the car long enough to get a nesxt set of tires, maybe check tire-rack reviews and see which ones are the quietest.

    Car has the 17 inch wheels/tires? FWIW, switching to 16s should increase mpg a tad.

    Also are you trying to keep the rpms as low as possible without lugging the engine? I understand that's the way to get max-mpg, at least if you stay near the torque-peak of the engine. You might want to look up the torque curve for your engine to see where the "sweet spot" for rpm is.

    ps - by the time a gas-engine car has about 10k miles, it will have achieved its peak mpg, according to my experience & understanding..
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    edited April 2010
    As bpeebles (and others) pointed out - you get better mileage as soon as the engine "settles down" - that may take anywhere from 10 - 30 k miles and it differs from diesel to gas.

    At 13,000 miles I am getting 29 mpg city (09 Jetta Wagon Tdi - 6 speed manual) - the first 10,000 miles it wasn't that high...highway mpg is in the 40s, if I drive the speed limit.

    With manual, watch the RPM or change the display to show you what consumption/mpg the engine has at certain RPM and shift accordingly.

    So far I like the car except the low ground clearance and the moon-roof.

    Can't wait for that Subaru Forester (diesel) hit these shores....anybody has an update on that?
  • ej2010ej2010 Posts: 12
    I got a quote on 2010 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen S Automatic W/Rear Side Air Bags for $20.301 in Chicago area.

    How is this price? What is the real world MPG on gasoline models?
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    edited April 2010
    I think plans for the much-anticipated U.S. diesel Forester have been shelved for a while. A Subaru exec said recently, "The emissions requirements in the U.S. are significant. And given the price of diesel fuel, where it is right now, it really does not pay to bring the vehicle into the U.S.."

    In my area, diesel fuel is often $0.25 GA higher than gasoline and diesel vehicles like the Jetta TDI cost more too. I figure that TDI's MPG payback over a less expensive gasser Forester 2.5X Premium will take 3.5 Years at 14K Miles/Year. Higher mileage drivers will see a quicker diesel payback.
  • Price sounds fair. Paid about $1k less for 09 Sprtwagn S w/ 5spd MT last August. Had the rubber floor mats and alloy wheels as add-ons. Don't think it had the rear side airbags though. I paid MSRP and compared prices with two dealers and neither would come down from that even knowing they were competing for my business. Get about 28 mpg in normal (mostly hwy) driving. Have gotten 30mpg once or twice.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    That is a stupid exuse by the Subaru exec.... anyone who went to 6th grade can do the math to figure out the cost of diesel would have to be almost 2/3 higher than Gasoline JUST TO BREAK EVEN in fuel-cost.

    It is NOT the cost of the fuel which makes a diesel attractive. It is the EFFIENCY of a diesel that makes it the very best choice.

    I am still loving my $0.05/mile on my TDI.... yes that is 5 cents per mile average over 120,000 miles.

    Not even a hybred can match that. (you would have to replace the batteries at least once which is several thousand dollars!!!)
  • Hi bpeebles, I am new to this forum and test drove the TDI last week. Acceleration is strange, probably the turbo lag to kick in. How do you like your TDI, Are there any cons you could share and how long do you expect to keep the vehicle?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    My wife and I really love the TDI for long trips. Over 800 miles per tankful is great.

    The only "con" I can thing of is the lack of heat in the winter. The engine is soooo effiecent that there is not much heat generated into the engine-cooling system. Hence, when the outside temp is below 0F, one should expect little or no heat from the vents for about 10 miles of driving.

    Some people may think that the need to use special synthetic engine-oil is a 'con'... however, since the OCI (Oil Change Interval) is 10K miles, I dont mind spending about $45 for an oil/filter change.

    I typically drive me vehicles into the ground. I keep them over 10 years. (Long enough to save up enough cash to buy another one.)
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    edited May 2010
    Like bpeebles, I like my 09 Tdi Wagon with manual transmission as well (so far I have 14 K miles). However, the "cons" are:

    1. Low ground clearance
    2. Sun/moon roof generates too much heat in FL sunshine.

    I have removed top dash board A/C vents and replaced those with a storage tray (when A/C was on, it was fogging out front windshield from the outside). I think new models don't have those outlets there anymore - not sure though.

    I change my oil and oil filter myself every 7 K miles because I drive daily short trips (less than 3 miles one way).

    I still would prefer Subaru Diesel for more versatility and better ground clearance. Once you own a Subaru, you are a Subaru "material" for ever!
  • No , I've owned two Subarus. Reliability yes, but boredom too AWD too heavy and hurts the mileage too much. Most of their styling reminds me of Lawenence Welk, and I'm tired of waiting (10 years) for them to give us a Diesel. Non of the Subarus have the cargo capacity of the Sportwagen either.

    I intend to put a one inch spacer to raise the Sportwagen TDI after warrenty expires due to overabundance of caution. I'm not alone in this.
    The "TDI Forum" has lots of aftermarket solutions for radios, navigation, and DSG info which is highly detailed.
    I wish the Sportwagen had the options that the Golf TDI has.
  • The answer is simple; "Spacers" TDI forums give lots of aftermarket advice and there are many of us (with Subaru pasts for instance) who want the higher ground clearance. I plan to wait until the warranty is over...or at least try to...
    One inch spacer is what I will be doing , as it will not impact the driving personality in the least and 6 1/2" is far better than 5 1/2.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    edited August 2010
    You can also get a very nice metal skidplate for your Jetta at If fits over the factory plate and looks like a cinch to install.
  • erick830erick830 Posts: 16

    does anyone think i got a good price on a fully loaded sportswagen SE 2010 sold for 24576. OTD after taxes and fees 26664. hopefully i did it was below the TMV. This was in the bay area, ca
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    You'll find more people talking about pricing in our Jetta Prices Paid discussion, if you want to hop over there.


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  • I am getting a new company car and must decide between the following 3 vehicles:
    1. 2011 Jetta Sportswagen S
    2. 2011 Ford Fusion SE
    3. 2011 Nissan Altima 2.5S

    I will keep the vehicle for 3 years or around 75K miles. Which would you choose between these 3 cars? Gas mileage isnt a concern. I do have a wife and 2 kids who will be taking a few trips a year in it with me as well as riding around town in it. Thanks for any input.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    The Sportwagen S trim is the lowest level trim; you may wish to look at one beforehand. I cannot speak to the Ford or Nissan, but both seem to enjoy good reviews as well. The Sportwagen will win hands down in luggage capacity -- we love ours.
  • When can we expect to see the 2011 models in the showrooms of our local dealers?
  • 2011 Sportwagens have been on the lots for a couple of weeks here in the DC area.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 21,092
    IIRC they're identical the 2010 Sportwagens, it's the sedans that are getting (larger)
    new bodywork.

    2001 BMW 330ci/E46, 2008 BMW 335i conv/E93

  • Hey Everyone,

    I'm in the market for a new car and have been considering the Sportwagen. I'm debating whether it is worth my while to go for a TDI or consider the SE. I currently drive less than 10K miles per year and I would say 75% are city miles. I drove an SE model and was a little disappointed with the engine. Unless you put the pedal to the floor from a dead stop, the car seems to hesitate before it gets going.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    edited September 2010
    Go with the SE. With so few annual miles and most of them being city miles, the TDI will be a poor choice. The TDI's Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) performs a regeneration cycle every so often and does so optimally at highway speeds. Short city trips can interrupt the regen cycles and if interruptions happen often enough and regen cycles aren't completed, the expensive DPF will plug and require servicing. Too, with such modest annual miles, you'll never recover the TDI's higher price in fuel savings. Good luck with your purchase.
  • pmaupmau Posts: 8
    I am planning to buy sportwagen. I have two questions

    1. Does RNS-510 navigation system in vw support dvd playing while driving. Normally it would stop playing when the vehicle is moving. I saw a hack on youtube that shows how to make it play even while moving? has anyone tried that. I do not see a point in advertizing that it can play dvds if its not going to work while moving.

    2. I am thinking of the cornsilk beige interior. The car salesman told me that it gets dirty on the armrests etc. Is it so? Any experience related to that will help me.
  • 1. It is my personal opinion that anyone that hacks their Nav to watch DVD's while driving should have their driving priviledges removed. You might not care about your own life, but please think about all the children in the back of other cars.

    2. Everything gets dirty the same way, but beige shows it. This is the downside, the upside is that it looks better, and doesn't get as hot. I personally prefer black, because it doesn't show dirt, but I know that it is just as dirty as beige.

  • >

    You mean the first 10miles of driving?

  • pmaupmau Posts: 8
    I disagree to point 1. If you are disciplined to drive with out looking at nav screen, it is fine. Its could be like listening to radio. The reason I want the dvd play is for the front passenger and rear passengers ( I think there is enough space to view the screen through the gap in between front seats).
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Yes I do mean 10 miles.... When it is -15F outside, do not expect much heat from the engine inside the cabin. (And I cover the grille in front of the radiator too!!)
  • Has anyone done a reprogram of their TDI's ECU? There are a number of companies selling upgrades which show increases in torque and horsepower. I am planning to have the upgrade by Revo Technik. It promises increases of 20 HP and 50 to 55
    lb/ft of torque. The cost is $499.
    I read previous posts regarding installing/replacing the sunroof wind deflector. I
    originally ordered a Weathertech deflector and could not get it to fit. I contacted
    the supplier who contacted the German manufacturer and they told me that the
    deflector for the Tiguan would fit. It was a simple installation and gives enough
    clearance that I did not have to remove the OEM pop up wind screen.
    I have had my 2009 SW TDI for just over 15 months and my only major issues
    have involved numerous unwanted interior noises. I have had the car back to
    the dealership 4 times trying to solve a creaking noise coming from the passenger
    side of the sunroof. It is about 80% solved but still creaks over rough surfaces
    at low speeds. Other unwanted noises that have been solved include "buzzing"
    and rattling in the doors and one of the B pillars. I also find that the sound when
    closing the doors and rear hatch are not a solid thunk, but more of a tinny sound.
  • I live in the North East and was wondering how the Sportswagen handles in the snow? - does it fishtail, skid, etc...

  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Snow handling depends far more on tire type than vehicle - within the same category that is. Front Wheel Drive cars.

    It should be fine with all seasons and will do better than most SUV's if you give it 4 snow tires.
  • Does anyone happen to know if the Sportagen is classified as a sports car for insurance purposes and, as a result, cost more to insure?

  • asaasa Posts: 359
    We compared Sportwagen TDI (no sunroof, no nav system, factory Bioline wheels)insurance with Subaru Forester (2.5X Premium) insurance and Sportwagen was higher by only 5%. I think the difference had more to do with Sportwagen's somewhat higher price than it's sports credentials. The Sportwagen TDI is indeed a blast to drive tho -- the torque comes on in gobs and it sticks to the road like no car we have ever owned before.

    If you want a comparo in your case, visit Dealers on a Sunday so that you'll not get hassled, and jot down the VINs for models you wish to compare. Give your insurance agent the VINS and they'll likely be able to run your numbers.
  • I understand the SE model does not come with DSG, but with a different 6 speed auto transmission. Is that because the DSG was specifically designed for a diesel engine? If not, what's the difference between the two?

  • colammycolammy Posts: 10
    My '09 SEL has DSG and a few other upgraded features the TDI doesn't have (18" tires, real leather, 3 position memory drivers seat, controls on the steering wheel, dual air, faster motor,'s actually much closer to the Audi.) I don't know why they don't have any SEL's in their '11 line-up. Sure it costs more - but for us, we could see the value.

    Two years later, after all the research, we're getting rid of her and going back to an SUV. Just need more passenger space. :( So sad!
  • I know exactly what you mean ..There's no car in the $25000 range that drives the way these Jettas or Passats are driving; - the way they're hugging the road, etc. My concern is just like yours - lack of space, as I have a wife and 2 kids...very gut-wrenching decision ...
  • wldwld Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me the cargo length of the Sportwagon: the length from the front seats to the back door in inches? I need more than 60".

    I am planning on using it commercially and putting around 72k miles a year on it if its cargo area is adequate. Do you think the sportwagon is a good option for this, or would you recommend another vehicle? I am a little concerned about build reliability and cost of repairs.

    The sportwagon seems to be the most cargo space with the best mpg currently from my research so far. Thanks.
  • Is anyone else having issues with the automatic door locks on the 2009 Sportwagen? This issue becomes apparent after trying to lock my car via the remote and it not beeping. If you open the door the alarm still goes off, but the door opens. :mad:

    I had my rear passenger lock go out about 6 months after buying the car, and recently my driver door is showing the same symptoms. I'm about 3k miles from the warranty expiring and am going to have the lock replaced ASAP. But I'm wondering if this is a widespread problem or if it's just my vehicle since it was one of the first Sportwagens. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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