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Hyundai Veracruz Audio Video DVD MP3 iPod AUX

w20219w20219 Posts: 3
Does anyone know how to take apart the dash to get at the head unit of a Veracruz?

I'd like to add an iPod adapter that hooks into the antenna jack but would like to know the correct way to take apart the dash first.


  • anto1anto1 Posts: 2
    Sorry I don't have an answer to you questions but am wondering what ipod adaptor are you looking to add i.e name and where did you get it?
  • scott613scott613 Posts: 14
    An aux jack is coming as a dealer installed accessory. I contacted Car & Driver as their review noted that the test vehicle had an aux jack in the dash. The reply I got on May 18th was that there was 3500 of them awaiting final approval to be sent to dealers. This info was given to C&D by Hyundai PR.

    It seems that final approval is a very slow process. :(
  • w20219w20219 Posts: 3
    Thought I'd try the Scosche FM-MOD01 until something better was available.
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    Heck, just get a Garmin Nuvi 360. You get the Nav, Bluetooth for the phone and MP3 broadcast all in one.
  • For some reason the stereo in my Vera Cruz is not listing song info when playing a cd. It does show info for XM. I've tried using an older store bought cd, a brand new store bought cd (soundtrack to a new movie), and a burned cd. Nothing works.

  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    What type of information are you expecting. Should be track # and elapsed time.
  • I was told by the dealership that the CD, like when using XM, will show the name of the song playing. As you mentioned, it simply shows the track number. I guess the dealership was misinformed.
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
    I've never seen a CD player that shows artist/song information. Your salesman needs to attend some training sessions in his/her spare time when not misinforming prospective customers.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Toyota radios now have CD Text which does that sort of thing. Thats if the CD is cd text capable.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    My Dodge Magnum (2005) has had the CD artist/somg display for 3 years. Works great.
  • Anyone figured out how to "lock in" information when in XM mode? Specifically, I want to lock in either the song title or artist name, but I have not figured out how to do so (if it can be done at all). By the time I look up at the display when a new song starts, it has already scrolled through and back the station name and I always know that anyway.
  • elvispelvisp Posts: 5
    Hi All,

    Just got a 2007 VC SE AWD 2 days ago. My wife just tried the Cd player. It doesn't work right. It starts and stops. Sometimes going over bumps, it will start again.

    It's going into into the shop in 4 days(6 days after driving off the lot)!

    I hope I don't regret buying a Hyundai.

    Anyone else have any similar problems?
  • posystmposystm Posts: 34
    Ya know, every time I read about a problem, I say the same thing. However, for the features and price, I can't complain. Now I have to throw a CD in mine to check before it goes to the dealer for them to fix my initial quality problems I posted elswhere.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Part number is U8550-00100. Includes an FM modulator. Only $65 USD at the dealer. Should be here by now.
  • Got one (aux. input) this week. Installed it myself. Works great.
  • What's involved in the install? How long did it take you?
  • The hardest part was removing the trim panels on either side of the radio before removing the radio/ HVAC controls complete. It would have helped if they told you where the hidden clips are located.
    The kit actually adds an FM modulator that the aux. jack feeds into. It ties into the radio thru the antenna cable, and therefore I believe is the same for all radio varients in the Veracruz.

    The rest was pretty straightforward. I followed the instructions to a tee, and it took me about 2 1/2 hours to complete.
    I was in no rush and took my time so I didn't screw anything up.
    It works just great with my Zune ( I don't have an i-pod).

    Part No. U8550-00100 contains complete installation instructions in the box with all the other components. The instructions are very explicit, and walk you thru the installation step by step.

    I'm happy, since I saved about $100+ on the labor.
  • Enrico, can you scan and post the instructions? I have an aftermarket FM modulator but don't know how to get to the back of the radio. If you can't post, can you e-mail to [email protected]?
  • I've had my veracruz four days, first the info stoped being displayed when I played a CD, then XM... now I have no back light, or info on the display. The dealer ordered me a new stereo. However, i am seeing this isn't just a one of freak incident....lots of people seem to have stereo issues!!!
  • What is the most recent info on how to add an ipod to a veracruz 2007 SE?
  • Hyundai isn't going to install the FM-modulator aux jack after all. Hyundai's quality group won't allow it to be installed, even though it was a part used by Ford. It seems that the volume level when using the aux jack is low, so that if you change from using the aux jack to the radio or a CD, the sound level is too high and might cause complaints. I don't know what Hyundai is going to do with all the aux jacks that they have sitting in a warehouse.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    If this is indeed true, Hyundai is the best salesperson for the CX-9 I've ever seen!!
  • broochbrooch Posts: 18
    Bought a 2008 AWD Limited at the beginning of October, was promised the Ipod Jack. I am still waiting for it, does anyone on this board have it installed in their vehicle or is everybody on the same boat? Other than that I am a very satisfied Veracruz owner. Keep on Cruzin'
  • I was just wondering if any tried to purchase the dvd system and install it. I know I can just buy an after market unit but the factory system would be nice.
  • My 08 Limited has the worst AM radio I have EVER had in a vehicle.
    My 8 year old Honda Goldwing motorcycle does beter than this thing!!!!
    Anyone had this problem too??
    Anyone know how to inprove reception????
  • You have XM satellite radio and you're worried about your AM reception? I've never even used AM/FM in my Limited VC since purchasing it in June.
  • Tell me where I can locate Rush Limbaugh on XM ?
    I guess I need to download his radio program onto my ipod !!!
  • There's all kinds of talk radio available on XM (including conservative like Rush). Glenn Beck's on channel 158 from noon-3 eastern every day. I'm just a huge fan of XM radio, with 5 radios on account at the present time. There's nothing like driving more than 100 miles and never having to change the station.
  • i dont have a VC but i have an azera with tinting over the rear window where the antenna is. apparently the metals in the tinting film affects AM reception, does your VC have a radio antenna on the rear window?
  • Its not on the rear window. The AM antenna is wrapped around the 6-8 inch stubby FM antenna on the rear roof.
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