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Dodge Durango Electrical System Problems

shellyrayshellyray Posts: 1
My 2003 Durango was perfect until yesterday... the a/c went out not the fan just the cool... the ABS light, emission system light, the brake light and the air bag light all came on together. The lights went out for a little while then the a/c worked but then all the above mentioned lights came back on and no a/c!!!! Does anyone have a clue what is going on?


  • dohaver4dohaver4 Posts: 3
    On our way back to Florida from Louisiana we were on I10 about 22 miles west of Mobile,AL and drove into a bad rain storm. When all of a sudden out of the blue, my 2004 Durango was hit by lightning. Apparently, the lightning hit the radio antenna (melted to about 3") then proceed to effect everything do with electric. But, it remained running. Smoke was pouring out of the dash (thought we were on fire). Pulled over, but not turning off the ignition to check for fire. NO Fire. Husband (mechanic)proceed to drive us to Tampa with no A/C and no electric to roll windows down among no other electric to anything on vehicle. Got to dealership and so far the bill is $7,000 and climbing.

    Scared to death but believe in Dodge Products
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Yikes! That's scary. I've been within a few feet of a lightning strike and, while it's an interesting sensation, it's nothing I'd care to repeat.

    Thank goodness no one was hurt. Will your insurance company cover the damages?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • dohaver4dohaver4 Posts: 3
    Yes, the insurance company (StateFarm) is paying all including rental car except deductibles. It is covered under comprehensive coverage.
  • jimqjimq Posts: 14
    What you are describing is the common symptom for a defective blower resistor (which is a $13 part at the dealer). On a 2001 the blower resistor is located in the ductwork below the glove box to the left of the blower motor. You will need to loosen the lower floor duct to access it (it is mounted vertically behind it, look for the connector with the multi colored wires including green and black). Remove the two bolts holding it in place. Once removed slide red tab and pull to release from connector. Install new blower resistor and lock in place by sliding tab. Re-install in duct work.
  • We took the engine apart in my dodge durango 2001 4.7 and now i cannot remember what the ground wire was attached to.
  • 2005 durango SLT. when it is warm outside- no problems.when temp drops, and truck is started every idiot light comes on. i have no headlights, no wipers, no turn signals, no rear wiper or defrost, no radio- --fan motor works- when heater warms the truck up inside (about 10 minutes) all the electrical stuff comes on and works fine. the check engine light does not go out most of the time.
    Any body else have this problem??? my mechanic can find nothing anywhere other than starting to throw parts (and my dollars at it)
  • jimqjimq Posts: 14
    All them items are controlled by the Front Control Module. Has your mechanic checked for codes. The 2004 and up Durangos use a CAN (Controller Access Network) Bus based system. A traditional OBDII scanner will not work. It has to be CAN capable. If your mechanic does not have one, then you need to look else where.
  • I have a 2001 Dodge Durango and love it except that my rear air seems to be on AC and no matter what I do I can not get heat to come out the rear, it works fine in the front. What do I need to replace, the front panel piece or the rear piece?
    Also my child lock for the windows located in the drivers door has broke in the locked position, which means you can not roll down any of the other windows except from the drivers controls. Is there a way to bypass this, I do not need it anyway?
    Any help would be appreciated!
  • My 2001 slt rear contoller for heat is not working all I get is cold air, blower motor works fine, plenty of heat up front. what did you find to solve the problem.
  • We have a 2006 Dodge Durango. We purchased the vehicle used.

    The only problem with the vehicle so far is that the interior lights do not come on when the doors are opened.

    We can turn them on manually (by pushing on the lights or associated buttons).

    I have been through the instruction manual, but can't find anything indicating that there is a dome light override or other feature.

    The lights also will not come on using the rotary switch on the instrument panel.

    Any ideas?
  • I have a 99 Durango and the heater control goes on and off. The dash lights to the control and the power locks also fluctuate when the contol fluctuates. Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this? Thanks.
  • truck started then shut off about 3 to 4 times. then nothing would work.anyone have any sugestions
  • My air-bag light stays on all the time. Does this mean my air-bag is not going to work or is going to go off when ever it wants to. Any similar problems or answers please let me know . Thanks
  • I am having the same problem. The only difference is that I am overseas and the German Inspection will not let it pass. I have taken it in and everything has been checked but nothing is coming up. The fuses are not bad everything. I need a quick fix on this because I only have a few days before they take my temporary tags away. :confuse:
  • Hi mwatts,

    Had the same problem this morning. Have you had any more news? In my case, it was a very cold morning (-21C or -6F). The car started fine, ran for 10 minutes. I parked to drop off the kids and came out 3 minutes later. The truck ('03 Durango) started but shut down within seconds about 3 or 4 times and then wouldn't even start. The "Security" code was flashing which generally happens when you try to start the truck with a key that is a 'copy' but does not have a chip embedded in it like the fatory keys do. My wife came with her key and the truck started fine. I drove another 10 minutes and parked at work. I restarted the truck with my key and had no problems. It's at the dealer's today but that's always a hit and miss affair when they can't reproduce the problem.
  • i recently bought a 2003 durango sxt...
    everything has been going pretty well until last night...
    it was the first time ive driven at night for longer than a half hour. after i was driving for about a half hour the headlights and dash lights started flickering on and off and then they just went off for good. i pulled over for about 10 minutes and then they were fine again. until another half hour went by when the same thing happened. the dome light and rear wiper also stopped working when the lights would stop.

    anybody heard of anything like this before? or know how to fix it?
    i cleaned the grounds, and am pretty sure its not the relay or switch but i could be wrong.. is this a bcm problem?
  • I have not found any answers as of yet. I guess I will just start replacing things until I find the what the problem was. I was told it could be the entire piece in the front that controls all the heat and air. My blower motor works great as well, just not heat in the rear! HMMMMMMMM
    I am going to keep checking
  • I bought the full set of manuals for the 2001 durango , and in the back there is a control unit under the right rear panel that has a door that gates temperature that has become stuck or loose then stuck or is is just bad, In this rear unit it has its own heater and a/c units I willbe removing this panel soon. Wayne
  • Hi everybody. I used the search feature, but did not see this issue in past posts. We have a 2003 SLT, 4.7L. The head lights won't come on, and the power locks don't work (with either the switch on the door, or the remote). Everything else appears to work 4.0. Checked the fuses and don't see anything burnt. We appreciate any help you can give!
  • Like U have just bought a used 2006 and now that it is dark outside have observed the identical issue, and have read the manual cover to cover. Is / was your problem resolved and if so what was the issue in the end?
  • Nope nothing yet.
  • My electrical problems started when it was really cold. My personal mechanic had the truck 4 days and could not fix it because it was inthe computers and the software is propriatary and not available to indepedant shops. Then the Dodge dealer had it 2 days but not cold enough to make the computer 'freeze up' then the second time they found it it was the front control control module. It has now been repaired, that is the good news. the bad news? $965.00
  • Took the Durango to the dealer. Said it was the BCM (Body Control Module) timer that controls different functions including the head lights and power locks. $508 later & I had to hit the Bar. Good luck to you all.
  • I can drive my Durango first thing in the morning, during lunch, but in afternoon when I start it to go home the engine revs up to 3-400RPM and then goes back to zero power. It does this for 6-8 times and then it will rev up to about 6-700 RPM and I pump the foot-feed. The engine holds on and after a few minutes I'm able to drive it on home. Dealership put it on the computer but could find nothing wrong. I put in a new battery 3-4 months ago. Dealership thought it might be in the security system as it acts that way. But they're not sure. It has happened three times thus far. Any ideas? mgreer1
  • Hey mwatts0611, I have a similar problem with my 2000 Durango, but eventually mine will catch on and I'm able to drive it. This has happened three times so far. has anyone responded with your problem? It could be the same as mine. mgreer1.
  • Are you running a K&N air filter if you have a mass air flow sensor it may has taken it out or dieing slowly from the fine oil off the K&N , I have destroyed 2 of these so I went back to running a Hastings air filter.
  • I finally took apart the back right rear panel and I have found the blend door inside the heat and a/c Unit was broken. After opening the unit and removing the blend door I looked at it under a microscope and the material that they used is very porus and was designed for a limited use where the door attaches to the motor actuator. I boght this vehicle new and personal have used the rear system very little less then 10 times, I called the dealership and a replacement door is not available so I had to order the whole new improved version. $149.00 This should be a Factory RECALL!
  • dodger11dodger11 Posts: 1
    I have a 03 Durango with the same problem, But I think there is more to the problem then the broken door. If you operate the system with motor not attached to the door and try to hold on to the drive lug coming off the motor the is no way to stall it out, (there are no limit switches in the motor to stop the movement) I think there is a problem with the control logic in the A/C control
  • facultusfacultus Posts: 8
    I had the exact same problem. I took the 2004 Durango in and the mechanics found a corroded pin on the Front control module. They fixed it, total cost was $94.

    I hope this helps.
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