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Dodge Durango Electrical System Problems



  • kitty65kitty65 Posts: 2
    :mad: I have the same problem in my 2002. I have had the speed sensors (both) changed and went to have my system reset and they couldn"t and no one knows why. I live is california and if the check engine light is on your car wouldn't pass smog. also I have no A/C or heater, the third windshield wiper is also out. So check that . I had the fulses check and they were fine
  • viper81viper81 Posts: 1
    Last week I notice a buzzing noise coming from the back of my 2000 Durango it only happens if I flip the right turn signal on while I'm slowing down the light in dash goes solid but dimly light. Also the buzzing noise comes out of the back drivers side taillight. If anyone has any insight please let me know as my dodge service department is closed on saturday's.
  • rick0248rick0248 Posts: 1
    Re: to mwatts0611 i allso have a 2000 Durango and it did a similer Problem, I changed the t/p/s. [throttle positioning sensor] and that cured the probiem.
  • anglergirlanglergirl Posts: 5
    My problem is with the ac and is intermittent. My mechanic suggested "watching it" and hte next time the ac quits blowing cold; to turn the ignition key slightly to see if the ac light comes back on. He also suggested trying the windows to see if they were working or not when the ac isn't. He said if either of these things happen then it's probably the "ignition switch." Sound right?
  • anglergirlanglergirl Posts: 5
    TPS??? What's that? Definately not a mechanic ... very little knowledge actually. :blush:
  • anglergirlanglergirl Posts: 5
    I had the cover that has the "hide away" in the far back "give in." I am in need of a new one; and don't want to buy it from factory. The carpet and interior color is khaki. Does anybody know where I can get one off a used Durango 2001 that's "parts" or have any suggestions for rebuilding it?
  • I have a 2002 durango and i took it to 3 mechanics today and all of them turn me away saying they could not help me, they told me it was an electrical problem and i should go to the dealer. My horn and wipers go off on their own and when i turn my lights on they filker and the beeping noise like when a door is open is on all the time as long as i am driving when i stop the beeping stops. I have no idea what is going on, does anyone know? :cry:
  • hello...i have a 99 durango..dome lights stay on...and the door ajar buzzer keeps buzzing or ding witch ever it with doors closed why?
  • The tail lights on my 2006 Durango will just turn on in the middle of the night; especially as it gets colder.If I don't catch it the battery runs down. Anyone else had a similar problem.


  • I'm having a similar situation as Shellyray. My lights, speedometer, nor my RPM work but all of my warning signal lights stay on. Can someone give me an idea of what the problem is and how to go about fixing it?
  • Check the brake switch. this was Happening on mine last year. If I remember correctly all you have to do is push the break pedal down and hold it. Then reach up and pull out the little black button on the break switch. Then slowly release the break pedal. This will reset the positon on the break switch. This took care of this problem on My 2006 Durango
  • Thanks! I appreciate your help.
  • I just started having the same issue yesterday with my 04 Durango, I called the dealer he said sounds like WCM going bad but everything oline I found says CCN or BCM.. Please let me know if you found any info on this and what itmay take to fix. ...
  • mlomaxmlomax Posts: 1
    With my headlights off when I turn on my left turn signal my hazard flashers are activated and my radio light, odometer light and gear selector light begin to flash on and off with the hazard flashers, And when I turn on the headlights, the left turn signal indicator in the dash stays lit and unblinking, the left rear tailight stays lit and bright as if the brake light is on and the front turn light is constantly bright. I have already had the sockets replaced and the multifunction switch replaced also by a certified mechanic, they cannot give me any suggestions except to say that it is an electrical problem but don't have an idea as to what may be causing this. Do you have reany ideas as to the cause before this gets really expensive at the dealership?
  • My 2001 Durango had a used engine put in it and after a few months I noticed a ground wire hanging down and I do not know where it belongs. It is attached to the top of the wheel well on the right side of the engine just below the PCM. There are two flat braided bare wires (and a couple of others) one is attached to the rear of the engine by the cylinder head and the second one is not attached anywhere. It has a ring connector on the end and both have a red F on them. Any ideas where it belongs?
  • I have a 2003 Durango that has the constant-on power supply (cigarette lighter type)mounted in the center console. The power supply does not work. I have checked all of the fuses in both the interior and under the hood fuse panels, but all fuses are good. There is not one marked "power supply". I have also purchased a new power supply (after pulling out the entire console) and it still does not work. Any ideas?
  • I have the same problem. Did you fix it? What did it cost?
  • had the same problem. DON'T CHANGE THE BCM! Try disconnecting the negative lead off the battery for 30 min then reconnect. This worked for me save me $1000.
  • When I turn my Durango off and your'e still in the car, everything is supposed to turn off after about 30 seconds. Something like that anyway. The problem I have is that everything but the clock in the radio turns off. It stays on. The next morning the battery is dead. I went to the dealer, he said its some switch. They want $85.00 to put it on the machine just to start out.He was a jerk, so I was wondering if someone knew about this problem, so I can buy the parts and fix it myself. 2004 Durango slt
  • I just wanted to add... I had to end up having the truck towed to dealership, after the battery ended up completely dying. the next day the dealership called me stating they could find NOTHING wrong with the truck they checked everything unhooked the battery since it was dead to charge it and when rehokked the truck worked fine. fortunately they did not charge me since they couldnt find anything said they would not feel right to charge me.. What a blessing.. but it seems this should be on recall.. that cant be normal.. :shades:
  • dwgreendwgreen Posts: 4
    I took my Durango to a mechanic who adjusted a spring on the break pedal and it's been fine ever since.
  • ohla03ohla03 Posts: 1
    How can I fix my tail Light from a 1999 Dodge Durango if bulb has been replaced and fuse and it's neither. What else can I check? I even bought new assembly for tail light.
  • cyber7cyber7 Posts: 2
    I have the exact same problem. Drove myself crazy trying to find out what controls it!!! I also have one in the rear cargo area on Drivers side that is dead too. The one in the dash works but seems a little light for an inverter. I used one, blew the fuse, replaced the fuse but don't wanna chance using it again. (only a 15 amp fuse) Other 2 are supposed to be 20 amp, but where in the %#&@ are they!!!!????
  • jeeemanjeeeman Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 dodge durango, the back hatch doesnt have a manual unlock button. and I believe the electric door lock may be broke. its unlocked using a wireless remote. I get nothing when I try to unlock the hatch. rest of the doors unlock. dodge made it so there is no way to unlock that door without a remote. I believe it may be very expensive to have dodge repair it. does anyone know how to get that hatch open. or how to remove the door without damage to the vehicle?
  • roser811roser811 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 dodge durango 5.9L. Lately we have been noticing a slight slip when driving,usually between 45 and 55 and it jumps 100-300 rpms.It doesnt ALWAYS do it,but enough to relaize theres a problem! I would hate to shell out 2500 dollars for a new tranny so im trying to find a solution! The tranny fluid is still bright red,as should be,no burnt smell.Any suggestions on what it could be???HELP :[
  • rich129rich129 Posts: 1
    did you ever get your hatch open if so could you please help me
  • I have an 03 Durango w/4.7L, the blower motor (front hvac)resistor harness keeps overheating and I lose electrical contact for blower motor operation. I have replace the bulk connector end @ the resistor, I also replaced the blower motor and the resistor with all NEW parts and the overheating of the connector continues. What is wrong here? Is the new blower motor drawing too much current? Please help!
  • I have a 99 Durango. We have had alot of Electrical problems for months. Today tried to start -nothing, absolutely nothing. Took the battery to be tested-they said it was shot. Hook it up still nothing. I have some clicking noises going on all over, behind the dash, the radio, when door is open a clicking noise (relay ?) until door closed. I have no power for anything, windows, radio etc. Suggestions???
  • sexys312sexys312 Posts: 2
    I need to know on my 2000 Dodge Durango my turn signal just stop working and I checked the fuse and it seems to be good, I don't know what to do next could you please help me out and provide me with answers to my questions?, Neither one of my turn signals come on at all, however my emergency light flashes just find, what could be the problem?
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