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99 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a LEMON !!!

mi_joemi_joe Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Jeep
Leased a 99 Grand Laredo in Feb. of this year,
1999. At 500 miles had steering problems, never
resolved. Currently at 7,600 miles (5 months) and
won't start - bad fuel pump on nat. back order.
Tran. slips 2nd to 3rd gear shift. When fueling gas
spills and pump shuts off with tank empty. Loud
clunk when shifting into reverse. Door seal fell
off. Now brake pulsation and failure over bumps and
rear end noise. HELP! joe@mi-net.com


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    reddog2020reddog2020 Member Posts: 1
    Sell it!!!
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    guitarzanguitarzan Member Posts: 873
    Hey mi_joe, if the vehicle has a continuing problem (steering) that your dealer couldn't fix, my first thought is to find a better dealer, give them a list of the problems, and see if they can resolve them.

    Yes, those problems are terrible for a new vehicle, but no harm would be done in the long run if you found somebody competent enough to fix them, and make you happy.

    Community Leader/Vans Conference
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    rotorrayrotorray Member Posts: 42
    Had a '93 with mucho problems. Liked the vehicle but dependability was culprit. Dealer was "friendly", but didn't know a Jeep from a Schwinn. EVERY REPAIR, without exception, had to be re-done. Neighbor across the street has a '95 limited with mucho problems. Same Dealer (only one in town). Has a loaner car more often than her Jeep. Chrysler has a nice veh there but their can't cure their quality control problems. Had a salesman tell me (while mine was being repaired) that he constantly tells the factory rep about reliability problems and they said they were "working on it". Well, at $28K-$35K per copy you EXPECT better. I say forget Chrysler products until they can make a dependable vehicle.
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    mm4mm4 Member Posts: 4
    I say call Chrysler and ask them to give you the name of another dealership nearby that can fix your problems... maybe a Chrysler/Dodge dealership, or Mercedes?
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    smokismoki Member Posts: 1
    I have never had so many problems with a car in my life. This car is a joke. I try to pass the word - do not buy one of these vehicles!! In the first year - back hatch would not open, Passenger window would not go up or down, remote out, brakes constantly squealing - took car in 4 times only to be brushed off. It took a call to the GM of the dealership to get the brake pads replaced. They act like all I have to do is bring the car in to the dealership. They have lost a customer for good - I should have bought an Explorer.
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    eugene1125eugene1125 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 20,000 miles on it. The car's just fine except it ocasionally has starting problem. The car doesn't start at first attempt, but it always starts at second crank. I've spoke with many other 99 GC owners, and they all have the same problem. They told me that it's the fuel pump. The dealers are so backed up with this problem that they can't get enough new fuel pumps in time. The car also makes
    rattling noise when stopped at intersection with the trans in drive. It seems to come from the cargo area. Has anyone had similar problem?
    Other than these two problems the car's just fine.

    gc owner from CA
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    captrascaptras Member Posts: 2
    I have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. If you
    are considering buying a Jeep, you might take note
    of this. At 31,000, my motor mounts failed. These
    were covered under warranty and replaced at no
    charge. At 77,000 I had severe oil leaks,
    including the main seal, valve covers, speed
    sensor, and pan. Fortunately, I had the extended
    warranty, or this would have been a $1200+ expense.
    However, at the same time, the motor mounts FAILED
    AGAIN. The warranty did not cover them, and Jeep
    refused to help. In 30 years of driving I have
    NEVER replaced a motor mount. Yet, the Jeep goes
    through them every 35,000 miles. Also, the "check
    engine" light has been a continual problem, but the
    dealer can never figure out why it illuminates.
    So I just ignore it. I love the vehicle, but if
    you get one, plan to get rid of it while still in
    the factory warranty period. I have always been a
    GM man, decided to try a Jeep. I am going back to
    GM. I will never buy another Jeep product.
    Edmunds might be advised to check the motor mounts
    on their test vehicles too.
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    kellybkellyb Member Posts: 23
    Yep, I can echo the woes of everyone else. Bought a loaded 1994 V-8 Limited in '97, had a paltry 42k on it. Got a great deal on it, and it was essentially in showroom condition. My dream SUV!!

    By 67k, It had odd rattles, a transmission which refused to shift from 2-3 without 'flaring' (you had to let completely off the gas to let it shift, or it would redline, kinda like hitting neutral in between gears), a binding transfer case viscous coupling, and a multitude of minor problems. I really liked it, but couldn't throw a couple of grand, no pun intended, at a transmission and transfer case. A shift kit 'fixed' the transmission, and a trip to the local Suzuki dealer for a new Grand Vitara, with a 5 speed (!), made it all better. We have a '95 Dodge Intrepid ES, which also has transmission problems. Sigh. Love the cars, can't handle the repairs early in their usable life. My wife loves the Intrepid, so it's a keeper regardless of problems. I should bone up on electronic transmission repair...

    I've always loved buying a couple of year old used car, because they're a much better value. Might have to rethink that strategy.

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    cobi12cobi12 Member Posts: 1
    I also had my motor mounts go on my 97 Laredo.I thought this was very unusual too.Dealer said they never see this.Guess somebody else had same problem.Brake pads replaced twice.
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    fpgapldguyfpgapldguy Member Posts: 22
    I have a '95 model w/ 78,000 miles. I just had to have a leaking rear main seal fixed. I have also had difficulty with the check engine light coming on intermittently. Each time I turned the thing off, it was clearing the code (which puzzled my mechanic greatly). I finally drove straight to the shop while the light was still on, and they ran a diagnostic on it running. The O2 sensor was apparently malfunctioning. It was running too rich. The mechanic could not understand why the code was clearing each time the ingition was shut off. He indicated that the norm is the code is held in memory. Who knows, it might be something for you to look at. I have not had mount problems (fortunately).
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    mkuntzmkuntz Member Posts: 1
    Back in Feb. bought a new 99 Grand Cherokee Limited, 4x4, V8. Here's a brief review of the problems I encounted with the car:
    Very poor steering. The car has a very pronounced pull to the right that cannot be fixed.
    Air conditioning is weak, specially in S. Florida.
    Transmission is noisy and jerky at times.
    Big problem with the power windows (they corrected the problem after 4 dealer visits)
    The car offers very poor visibility
    Back seat is very cramped
    Radiator had to be replaced within 2,000 miles
    Driver seatbelt was mounted wrong...
    Etc... I could go on forever about the problems with this car. It was one big lemon. That car must have spent more time at the dealer than it did on the road. The car is only partially to blame. You also have to deal with the Jeep dealers for warranty problems. The dealer I used to take my car to was incompetent to say the least. They lost my car keys twice, would return the car with obvious problems still not corrected (like a major radiator leak), would call me to come pick-up my car and the car would not be ready. The problems just kept piling-up until the ultimate happened -- they stole my car from the dealer while it was being serviced!!! As I write this letter I am driving a rental car, waiting for the insurance to either recover the car, or pay off the balance owed to the bank. The dealer shall remain nameless until the whole problem is resolved to my satisfaction. But beware... if you're thinking about buying a Jeep Grande Cherokee, DON'T. It'll just be one big headache.
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    cmalickicmalicki Member Posts: 1
    Thank you for the great insight to the Jeep. Any experience w/ a Durango? Since these are the two vehicles I'm looking at.... and test drove. Suprise, suprise the Jeep pulled hard to the right. The Durango, nothing that I can see, except possible safety issues.
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    bhampton1bhampton1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a '93 and am thinking of purchasing a '99 or was until I read these comments. Perhaps a '00 might be a better choice. In any event, I was wondering whether or not those who report lemons come from states with lemon laws and how strictly enforced are they.
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    gvandenbergegvandenberge Member Posts: 1
    I have a 93 loredo. Major problems fixed under warantee. Runs fine now but need to repalce because of miles. Am I considering another JGC...no. can't stand to pay $35K for a SUV with diapers on it....you know it's going to do you -know-what, but changing the diapers is a bad thing ( my kid is grown and gone and had enough of that). Going to the Anaheim auto show. I wil take a look at BMW X5. More money but willing to pay to not have JGC problems.
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    ldeal2ldeal2 Member Posts: 1
    I purchased a 1999 JCG Laredo in July. Most of the time when I stop, it has a delayed shift or clunk. When I took it in to the dealer, they stated that this was a characteristic of a Jeep. If this is true, I will never buy a Jeep again. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did it get resolved?
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    dhschaeferdhschaefer Member Posts: 1
    There is a resolution. Take a look at the "Jeep Grand Cherokee - Topic Consolidation" forum for a lot of discussion on this matter.
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    mrjeepmrjeep Member Posts: 2
    This condition is not normal and is repairable, your dealer needs to order you a new replacement rear driveshaft, they have an updated part available, but needs to be ordered.
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    bengmabengma Member Posts: 1
    My '99 JGC has the shifting in reverse problem and I will be visiting my dealer very soon.

    I also had a problem w/ my driver side window. One day I was trying to put the window down and the window paused briefly as I was holding the button down. I flipped it a couple of times and then if finally completed putting the window down. Two weeks later it did it again, but did not come back to life. The dealer replace the window motor and the switch as well as the clamps on the entire door panel. Remember to tell them to order the door panel clips or you will be back.

    I thought maybe I had an isolated event when I spoke w/ two co-workers that purchase JGC Limited that did the same thing during the same week.

    I also have a problem when I take off from stop and I don't get on the gas. When the transmission shifts into second the jeep seems to lurch forward...not a very smooth gear transition. It works fine if you give it a little gas.
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    cbastian7cbastian7 Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone had the problem with the doors not automatically unlocking 'upon driver exit'. In my 99 JGCL, I selected the "auto lock" feature when you hit 15mph, and the "auto unlock on exit" feature when you open the drivers door to get out - HOWEVER sometimes the other doors do not unlock. I'd guess it's about 20% of the time. My dealer has no clue what the feature is, how it works, and says something about how they use it in their Chrysler 300M. Huh? (as Tim the toolman would pronounce it).

    Also have had the window problem - although it was the front passenger window - dealer 'replaced motor' and now seems to work fine (keeping fingers crossed).

    Anyone had fluid leaks from TRANSFER CASE? I have one at the 'output drive gasket'. (after another dealer already tried replacing the main gasket) Why can't dealers stock these gaskets? Don't they cost like 3 cents?

    My breaks also 'squeel'. Dealer says 80% of all cars do too. I think its baloney, when I pull up to an intersection, I'm the only one 'squeeling'.

    ANYWAY - I love the V-8, and the extra 2nd gear. Anyone caught passing someone on a country road needing a 'turbo boost' can now get it from this combination.
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    hennehenne Member Posts: 407
    i know a few people that had the same window problem, sometimes it would stick then work, the problem ended up being the rubber on each side of the window that the glass rides through was too thick, they replaced the rubber and the problem went away, the dealer said that some of the rubber was out of spec and it was too thick and creating too much drag.

    check it out,

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    mm4mm4 Member Posts: 4
    I had that problem on the back windows, and they fixed the rubber. This explained why it was always intermittent, and would always stick when its UP, and not in any other position.... I wonder if the front widows were the same...

    This is a good sign though... it wasn't the motor! anyway-- I had a friend who had his rear motor replaced-- I wonder if the dealership knew...
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    clmnoeaclmnoea Member Posts: 2
    grand cherokee window problem is window regulator,updated part available at competent dealer,
    shift problem is due to drive shaft hanginging up,due to vehicle torque and softness of suspension, dealer fix is nickle plated slip yoke and drive shaft, or proper lubrication by competent tech
    squeal when taking tight turns fixed by mobil providing proper viscosity fluid dealers should have replaced as part of any service in past 6 months

    try 5 star dealers, their better and the best will prove it, dealers with great service our worth a little more than the smuck with the "gauranteed lowest price" quality comes with a price
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    rmorin2rmorin2 Member Posts: 110
    My '99 JGC Limited has been nothing but problems. After repeated trips to the dealer, several problems have not been resolved so I filed a lemon law and selected arbitration to try to settle the matter. I am going for a buy back as I do not want another Jeep. This is my third and last Jeep product. DaimlerChrysler better get their act together and fast. They tout the JGC as the cutting edge of AWD technology. The engine is nice but the new Quadra Drive and transmission SUCK! If there are any other JGC owners out there that have been through arbitration, please give me a holler. Feel free to email me anytime. This has been the most frustrating automobile experience in my life. I have been driving Chrysler products for 30 years but I think this is my last. I plan to get a Lexus as soon as I get rid of the Jeep.
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    2919291929192919 Member Posts: 1
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    pat455pat455 Member Posts: 603
    There has been a lot of discussion about the Jeep Grand Cherokee in our SUV conference. You may want to use the Search feature on the left to locate all of the topics. (Look for "Jeep" to get the most results.)

    Here is a link to the most recent conference. Jeep Grand Cherokee - Topic Consolidation II (Topic #2096) You should find lots of recent buyers there who may be experiencing the same problem.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
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    rmorin2rmorin2 Member Posts: 110
    I would advise all '99 and '00 JGC owners who are experiencing problems to go to the mat with DC. They are trying to avoid a national publicity problem by telling everyone that the problems we are experiencing are "normal". This is total BS. For a vehicle that listed for over $38K, I don't expect gear whine, erratic shifting, clunking, and warped brake rotors all in the first 3 months of ownership. This is my last Jeep! I would be glad to advise on how I got to arbitration. Email or call me.
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    lwittorflwittorf Member Posts: 96
    We also have a 99 JGC. It has been in the shop on about 10 different occasions. We have had the same brake rotor problems (dealer turned, not replaced), the passenger window controls stopped working, a rear shock leaked all the oil out, and an oil seal in the rear pinion leaked and was replaced. Of late we have been experiencing the bump when stopped at lights. The vehicle is not moving, but it jumps like we have been hit. At the same time, the RPM's go down to about 300. On several occasions, the Jeep actually died at the light. The dealer fix was to increase the computer idle speed. The only thing this did was lose about 1 MPG. The problem is still there. We are also very frustrated with this piece of crap.
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    rmorin2rmorin2 Member Posts: 110

    You have the driveshaft problem. It can be fixed or at least muffled by the replacement of the yoke. Mine is much better but the clunk is still there. Biggest problem is the constant gear whine at highway speeds and an erratic shifting transmission. Hope to get rid of mine in about 2 weeks. I'll either settle with DC or trade it on a Lexus. Good luck!
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    jeepneejeepnee Member Posts: 1
    My 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (~10K miles)has the following problems:

    1. Very rough up-shift around 20-30 mph. Usually happens while driving in a parking lot or around the neighborhood.
    2. Stalls at the stop light.

    These problems occur only once or twice a week. Thus, the dealer can't reproduce the problems to fix them. Has anyone had these problems and had them fixed?

    P.S., had the clunking at the stop sign fixed. The dealer replaced the drive line yoke with a nickel plated one. Also, have not experienced the whining noise at freeway miles.
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    rmorin2rmorin2 Member Posts: 110
    I also have the rough upshift especially at low speeds. My tranny has been "reprogrammed" twice but the problem still persists. You are luck you don't have the gear whine. It will drive you crazy on trips. Hope to get rid of my GC next week. I meet with the factory rep and am hoping for a buyback. My RX300 should be in next week. Good luck with DC. This is my 3rd and last Jeep.
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    klwallaceklwallace Member Posts: 1
    All the problems mentioned are very common. I bought a JGC Ltd in Jan 99. And had many similar problems. My only advise is to read up an your states lemon law and look for a good attorney. I did and am now Jeep free!! Driving a Infiniti QX4 and am very happy.
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    kbarrykbarry Member Posts: 9
    Kill your Jeep!
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    mytchmytch Member Posts: 3
    Once upon a time not too long ago the Jeep line produced dependable vehicles, then along came Chrysler. Must be something in the plant water, now the Jeep quality is on the same low level as the other products Chrysler produces.
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    sawgrasssawgrass Member Posts: 1
    After reading the posts here, it has prompted me to consider the steps neccessary to start a class action lawsuit against Chrysler/Jeep. Our 99 JGC has also had the loud Transaxle whine at cruising speeds. We have also received the same company by line " that it is a normal characteristic for the vehicle" from the dealer,a service rep and the regional office. We went to arbitration, but it proved useless since the arbitration boards do not look at design flaws as a warranty issue but rather as a vehicle characteristic. Chrysler has done a good job convincing the world that it is a Jeep trait. I have owned previous JGC and can tell you that it is not. The 99/00 models both display this Whining noise. It has been a frustrating several months trying to resolve this issue. I am going to get rid of it like several of you have. I am going to take a hit on it, but we can't stand driving it now. Chrysler tried to offer an extended warranty in lieu of fixing the problem. We rejected this offer. I am going to look into whether a class action suit makes any sense at this point in order to recoup the lost value. How many would be interested?????
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    maclexymaclexy Member Posts: 1
    I just recently bought a 2000 GCL with a sticker of over 38K as many of you already know. I AM HAVING THE SAME PROBLEMS! Gear whine, Lunking from start to 2nd gear...etc. My vehicle is exactly 23 days old and it has been in for service 4 times and they have already installed the "nickel yoke" and the new drive shaft and the problem persists. They contacted Chrysler for me and gave me two options......Ready for this...
    1) "Wait for the Bulletin that is expected soon, on how to fix the problem."
    2) "Call a service tech. from Chrysler headquaters to come and look at my car."
    This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard!
    I have to wait and drive a disfunctional vehicle while they learn how to fix the problem? Not to mention the 538.00 a month payment for a car I hate driving on the highway!!
    I would definitely be interested in a class action law suit, I thought I was the only one! The dealer, of course, states that it is a "characteristic of jeep" and that the Quadra trac II is "the most advanced 4WD system in the world." I will be filing a lemon law complaint in the next two days....I just wish I stopped here 23 days ago. Does anyone have any advice on arbitration?
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    pat455pat455 Member Posts: 603
    Here is a link to dsackman's new topic in the SUV conference:

    99/00 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Class Action Suit (Topic #2153)

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
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    jscatenajscatena Member Posts: 61
    DC representative called me today and offered a buy-out. But wait, his buy-out offer was for me to pay DC $2066 for usage and they would take me out of my lease. I have 23,000 miles and the problem was first identified at 5,100 miles. He gave me a formula that took the delivered selling price times the mileage divided by 100,000 and came up with me owing them $2,066. Can this be correct? Is it true that Jeeps leased before 1/1/1999 were not covered by the Michigan Lemon Law (my attorney told me that, not the guy from DC). I am so frustrated with the transfer case problems that I'm considering settling, paying the $2,066 so I can get a 2000 JGC and see if I have any better luck.


    Jim Scatena

    1999 GJC Ltd. Transfer case (7 times)
    banging, clunking and all the other stuff.
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    pat455pat455 Member Posts: 603
    That sounds like a tough problem. I'm not sure here in the Maintenance & Repair Conference is the best place to look for assistance, though. Have you checked out the Smart Shopper Conference, or the Grand Cherokee topics in our SUV Conference?

    You can use the Topic Search or the Conferences features at left to find them.

    Hope everything works out for you.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
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    yveyve Member Posts: 1
    I am now going through courts to get my 99 Jeep declared a Lemon. I've had multiple brake problems, the four-wheel drive does not work, and window problems. All replaced repeatedly. Management is unresponsive and possibly not competent. I thought this Jeep was the most
    beautiful on the road. The beauty is superficial.
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    carattackcarattack Member Posts: 1
    I'm glad I came to this site today. I was considering the JGC as my next SUV, but from reviewing this board I will not waste my time. Thanks for the info and good luck on the Class Action Law Suit.
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    ralphchralphch Member Posts: 1
    Guess I either lead a charmed life or am not hard to please. Had an 84 Cherokee 4cyl and had cracked exhaust manifold and master brake cyl leak after 80k miles but loved size and utility. Next 1990 Cherokee Sport 130,000 another cracked manifold and that was it!! Greatest vehicle I have ever owned from a reliability standpoint and that includes 3 MBZ's
    I'm now on 13k of 99 JGC fully loaded. Yes I've heard the clasic drive train whine and it was kind of rough on some of the shifts but the shifts are getting smother and I don't even notice the whine anymore. The dealer changed the transfer case oil and that cured the chatter from drive train hard turns at low speed. I am very satisfied with this vehicle especially when I have had it some very messy stuff or when towing 5000# boat to marina.
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    jsp3jsp3 Member Posts: 1
    I had my '99 JGC for about a year now. Initially, I didn't think much of the "clunk" when I put it in reverse. When the car hit 10K miles, I noticed that everytime I stepped on the brakes at around 65-70 MPH, the steering wheel would shake and the car would start a shimmy. Soon after this problem was discovered, I noticed a humming sound coming from the front end. I rotated and balanced the tires, and the humming still didn't go away. I finally took the JGC to the dealer. I picked it up this evening and nothing has been fixed; it still makes the humming noise and the shimmy is still there. For the shimmy, they adjusted the torque on the front wheels. For the "clunking" noise, they said "noise is normal drivetrain movement...is characteristic of vehicle....operates as designed at this time." And for the most annoying problem - the humming noise from the front end..."only noise heard was from tires...recommend regular tire rotations". No Kidding, Sherlock!!! When I took this piece of crap into the dealer, I specifically told the service rep that I had rotated the tire at 9,000 miles. I'm taking it in first thing Monday. Anybody out there have any suggestions? This is the first American car I bought; what a mistake of buying a DC product! Count me in for the law suit!
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    eblumeblum Member Posts: 52
    I owned a 1998 Grand Prix that was a lemon. GM tried and tried to fix it. I used Kimmel and Silverman at lemonlaw.com. They got me out of the car....

    My friend has a Jeep GC that he has problems with and they are helping him.

    These guys know what they are doing....
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    ajinorocajinoroc Member Posts: 1
    I've had my JGC since August '99. From the beginning it had rough shifting, rough idling, clunking from stop, the driver window broke the first week, the carpet bubbled and came up. At 2,000 miles the transmission made a loud whine and the dealer replaced the torque converter. It now has 5,000 miles on it and I just came from the dealer, they replaced the rear differential. Driving home it seemed better (no clunk). I have had this thing in the shop 7 times and had no car for days on end. I wish I had never bought this thing and would love to get rid of it. I HATE IT!!!
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    kseejonzkseejonz Member Posts: 4
    I have a 200 GC & was wondering if anyone elses SCREAMS upon starting it when its cold out but only the first time its been started that day ?As in the morning. The first time it did it I actually thought there was a cat in the engine ! It sounds exactly like a cat screaming . As I back it out of the garage it continues to do that only to a lesser degree for maybe a few seconds then stops totally. Anyone have any ideas what this could be ? Its definately not a cat , I checked !! I do plan on taking it in to the jeep place for service but would like to know if anyone else has had this ? Thanks .
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    c5flightengc5flighteng Member Posts: 4
    don't you think this is probably the serpentine belt slipping? maybe it needs to have it's tension adjusted to specs.
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    kseejonzkseejonz Member Posts: 4
    Well got my jeep back last night ,which by the way is a 2000 not a 200 GC , LOL < & of course they found nothing wrong with it ! It is too warm now for it to scream for them . They did do a recall on the seat belt system . It was something about a bolt. Guess I'll have to wait for fall now & see if it screams again .
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    rsmtomrsmtom Member Posts: 28
    The shimmy in the front end is warped rotors. This is a chronic problem with the Grands--the factory rotors are poorly designed. The only solution is to install aftermarket rotors (at your cost). Turning your factory rotors (what the dealer should have done) is only a temporary fix--the warp will return. The front-end noise is likely a bearing starting to fail in the differential, or perhaps a bad pinion-ring gear fit. These are common issues with the Dana axles (junk) used on the Grand Cherokee.
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    kvrkvr Member Posts: 1
    I thought I was the only one!!! I bought a 99 JGC V8 in July 99 and had to take it back 6 times in 6 months because of the bumping that the vehicle makes after I come to a stop. I tried the arbitration board process and was denied HARDCORE!! They had to be complete idiots to let Chrysler win after the solid evidence I had submitted and the weak letter (with 2 misspellings and 2 total lies)that Chrysler submitted!!! I am FURIOUS!!! I should have learned my lesson after my 95 JGC lemon!! DUH!! I am such an idiot!!! So, now I am trying to sell the dang thing, but can't even get the high payoff out of the deal! This is pathetic and so is Chrysler. My advice, don't even use the arbitration system, you will only work hard and end up a loser. I don't even think they looked at my letter which clearly showed that the dealer didn't even test-drive my vehicle 4 of the times I brought it in to diagnose the problem!! Can we say incompetence boys and girls???
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    jeepers10jeepers10 Member Posts: 3
    I test drove a 99 JGC today. I'm afraid I may be blinded by love. OK deal but is on dealer lot with 9900 miles. They state it was a dealer buy from a customer who wanted a BMW instead. I'm afraid it may be a buy back lemon. There is a thud with a brisk stop that is noticeable. Any ideas on a diagnosis?!? Is there any way to check on a used car's actual history with a vehicle ID number?

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