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99 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a LEMON !!!



  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335

    Go to the Edmunds Home Page, and on the bottom is a link to a Free Carfax Lemon Check

    Your host, Bruce
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    DO NOT BUY IT!! You have no idea who drove it before you or what problems they experienced.

    You will regret it if you buy it. Just read these posts!!!!
  • janzjanz Posts: 129
    Based on the posts that I have been reading here, the odds may be stacked against you. But we love our '99 V8, Quadra Drive, Quadratrack II. I'd be lying if I said we'd never had the shift bump 3-4 times, but that's the only problem so far at 6K miles.

    A while ago I went to there's many happy campers there!

    Nothing in life is certain!
  • We seem to hear all about the bad ones, but few if any good comments. Wonder what the ratio is between all the good ones vs. bad ones: that would be meaningful. My '95 exhaust manifold was cracked. Had to replace it. Same problem on 258 ci sixes and 4.0s for 25 yrs. Some crack, others don't. You can get it warranty-fixed in Calif as CARB views it as a pollution problem. Also had one broken motor mount. Another 25 yr old problem. Engine torques or twists from driver's side toward passenger side, stretches left mount and compresses right one. Would break off oil filter. I know: had to fix a friend's CJ-5 on the trail. Check out for "BombProof" motor mounts. They're made for CJs, YJs, XJs, TJs, and may now be available for GCs (ZJ). Off road, the GC has no equal; all other brands wish they were that good. Phil.
  • Thank you for the response on the 99 JGCL. I dumped the one that bumped for a 2000. I also dumped the dealer who looked at me like I had two heads when I mentioned "the problem". The next dealer said he was familiar with what I experienced and said it was more noted in the quadra-drive pkg(he only had selec-tracs). A third dealer said it was the V8(he only had V6 on the lot). Does anyone know if this problem developes or is it there from day/mile one? I loved the V8 I

    drove recently. Townhall does make one leary of purchasing ANY car- so many issues!! I hope I am

    one of the lucky ones when I finally purchase

    mine! I hope you all find happy resolutions to

    your problems. I'll be back with my review-good or

    bad- thanks again !! jeeper10
  • I too have had problems with the JGC 1999, but have had most resolved. With the new cars now a days, things are fixed through computer upgrades. I have a decent dealer that has been flashing the computer. This has fixed shifting problems, idle problems, and stall problems. It has been flashed about 4 times in the last year. Its amazing, the results. The clunk when stopping is the drive shaft slipping back into the universal, mine was removed lubricated and reassembled, problem gone. Now my only problem is squeeky breaks. A priousl pulling to the right problem was a faulty Goodyear tire, which was replaced. I keep finding small problems, but not too bad for a first model year of an upgrade. The problems are very usual for me and american cars. My Camry has only been to the dealer once in 50k.
  • mike332mike332 Posts: 1
    Has anyone found the right fix for the rough idle and stall problems with the 4.7 V8?

    my dealer replaced the AIS motor and Idle position sensor. this did not fix the problem.
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    Are you seriously considering pursuing your state
    Lemon Law because of a serious problem you're
    having with your vehicle? I may be able to give
    you some help with this.

    I recently completed a successful Lemon Law action
    against Daimler-Chrysler on a 1998 Jeep Grand
    Cherokee Limited. My action fell under Wisconsin's
    Lemon Law.

    All this cost me was a small investment of my time
    to do the research and the cost of mailing a
    certified letter. I did this entirely on my own
    with no legal help. The entire action took less
    than 30 days and I was driving a new 1999 vehicle
    42 days after mailing the letter.

    Of course, there's no guarantee that your
    situation will net you the same results, but you
    don't have anything to lose by trying either.

    I've put together a document that goes into great
    detail about my experience from beginning to end:
    the problem I had with my 1998; how I did the
    research to learn about my state Lemon Law and
    what I found; how the Lemon Law works; what qualifies your vehicle as a lemon; what you're entitled to in a settlement; and how to write the notification letter to start the process as well as what happens after you mail it.

    This is the kind of "real life" information I wish
    I could've accessed on the Internet when I was
    starting my Lemon Law action.

    Most state Lemon Law's are very similar. This
    document should answer most of your questions and
    help you determine whether or not your vehicle
    qualifies as a lemon. It takes you step-by-step
    through the entire process and should benefit
    anyone, regardless of where you live or what you

    If you're interested in this, please E-mail your
    request addressed as "LEMON LAW DOCUMENT REQUEST"
    to the address below. It would be of great help to
    me if you can tell me what type of word-processing
    software (and its version level) your computer has
    so I can properly send it.

    Please feel free to post any comments, criticisms
    or suggestions on how I may improve on any of this

    I provide this information free of charge with the
    hope that you are successful in using it. That's
    reward enough for me.

    ADDRESS INQUIRIES TO: [email protected]

    Kevin M. Kulig
  • keys88keys88 Posts: 6
    of unhappy JGC owners...

    I leased my '99 JGC Limited in Jan. '99 and have had numerous problems since day-one. The differential had to be replaced at 2800 miles along with quite a few other parts (which resulted in over $3K in warranty repairs), leaks galore of engine oil & transmission fluid and a seemingly uncaring service staff no matter where I get this beast serviced.

    I should have known this would be trouble when I first brought this POS in for a metallic sounding rattle that was coming from the front end @ 900 miles. The service tech from my selling dealership told me point-blank "what do you expect ? It's a piece of junk "" HUH ???? I have since gone to three other dealers for service and they all stink...

    Now @ 20K the rattle is still there even after five or six attempts to correct the problem and everytime I go in for routine service they find a number of fluid leaks to contend with (3 last time !!). My power window switch has also been replaced twice and the headliner around the sunroof has pulled away from the frame.

    Thank God I leased this thing and didn't buy it. At least I'm rid of Chrysler forever in another 16 months.

    Nothing like getting a brand-new vehicle that stickers at close to 37K and having to bum rides off of co-workers w/10 year old cars.
  • chumfunchumfun Posts: 1
    We were looking at the Jeep products to buy new, but this looks like the place that I get off before I run into problems like yours. Thank you for pointing my wallet in a new direction.

    [email protected]
  • 143ally143ally Posts: 9
    Hey JGC owners, I am so sorry to hear the problems you are all experiencing. I don't have JGC but I do have a regular 1999 Cherokee Sport. It's been 15 months and 20K+ miles and problem free. It's really scary to hear all these because I highly considered the 1999 JGC last year. I am kinda glad that I didn't choose it. I really love the design but I just can't believe how many bugs there are to fix until the vehicle can be listed as dependable.
  • b048b048 Posts: 2
    I have read and read all of the complaints on the JGC over the last year. Sorry to hear about it.
    I bought mine on May 3rd last year. It has the V8 with Quadra Drive. Completely loaded! List was $38,100. I have had the minor stuff happen. I've changed the fluid in the transfer case, I had the bump stop which quit on its own. I've have squeaky brakes which are now being resolved. But, with 25,000 plus miles on it in a year, this car is not a problem at all. I think that it is just
    great! I would put my JGC up against any other
    SUV on the market. I've had a lot bigger problems with cars than this or some of the other problems
    that I've seen on this vehicle. With as many Grand
    Cherokees that are made, one would think there
    would be more complaints than I see.
    Sorry you all are having problems.
    I'm pretty damn happy.
  • dainesdaines Posts: 1
    I purchased the '99 JGC in Dec. of '98 after shopping the market for almost 8 mo. I really should have waited a while to let this model gain a history.

    Almost every complaint expressed in on this page has occurred with my Jeep (and then some). What gets me now, is the dealer who sold it to me plays dumb to all my complaints. It's shocking to finally find out what is going on with this model.

    My family owns 4 jeeps. 2 cherokees 1 first generation Grand and now my '99. The cherokees are no-nonsense trucks, and while they have quality problems with mainly cosmetic features, they're drive trains and overall foundations are rock solid (that design is now 16 yrs old -no wonder) The first edition Grand has had a few minor problems, but has been a good car.

    On this foundation, I purchased a '99 Grand. I won't make any excuses, I am/was well aware of short-comings with domestic cars and especially with the chrysler line. But I never expected the wholesale problems that I've had with my JGC! I know this is redundant but let me make a list of the problems I've had.

    *replacement of warping of brake rotors 2 seprate times -forced to buy $$new pads.

    *fuel pump malfunction -would barely start.

    *stuttering transmission -unable to fix

    *replaced fuel inlet -sprayed gas down the side and shut of the automatic stop on pump.

    *rough idle

    *(selec-trac) when shifting from full-time 4, to 2wd, awful snapping sound and buffeting from drive train.

    *wind leak on passenger door -annoying at highway speeds.

    *creases in interior fabric -poor workmanship!

    --that's about it.

    This car represents awful workmanship. I think it's a lemon. HOWEVER, this SUV will fool you because it drives great compared with some of its competitors. It is smooth, quiet, powerful and overall very pleasant to drive. For those of you who have expressed intrest in the JGC for these reasons, beware.

    This market is flooded with better alternatives. Unless you don't mind having to deal with non-stop maintenance problems, I suggest you hurry over to Nissan or Toyota. Their older & less flashy models are exceptionally reliable. I recommend the Pathfinder. My best friend owns one, and he uses it for work and play. The guy beats that thing like a red-headed step child. I make no exaggeration when I say this. If he's not gunning the engine and bouncing it trough dips in a parking lot, he's abusing it up in the mts. His Pathfinder has ~45k on it, and it still drives like new! -One last point, JGC's off road prowess is highly overrated. With the exception of ground clearance the pathfinder beats the JGC is almost every kind of off-roading situation.

    My conclusion?? I want out!
  • tomsuz8tomsuz8 Posts: 1
    We got rid of our Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 last friday! We went through arbitration after many problems. Mostly had problems with keeping brakes working. Numerous minor problems, shocked when opening door, window leaks, loud grinding into 2nd ,power windows breaking etc! Never been so happy to get rid of a vehicle. We leased the jeep last February and through arbitration got out of the lease and got our down payment back, the whole process took 40 days. The dealership we bought it from was more helpful then some, however once the decision was made for Chrysler to buy it back the dealership pretty much acted like they didn't know us, and we had bought a few cars from them over the years. Don't give up and if you are not happy with the work or the vehicle do something about it. We are driving a beautiful smooth running GMC Yukon (2000) now and loving every minute of it!
  • nrd525nrd525 Posts: 109
    I said goodbye to mine on Thursday.I really didn't get rid of it due to the problems it had:
    Brake rotors warping (turned once,and replaced once in 14000 miles)My 93 had a lot of problems with the brakes in the back,it took two years to fix them.
    Odd surging and loss of power,it happened about 6 times in the 18 months I had it.
    The whine in the rearend was kind of annoying,but wasn't a big deal.
    The rear passenger window started moving slowly the DAY before we got rid of it.
    When I started it to take it in to trade,it barely started,then shook like hell for a minute,and was ok after.Looks like I timed it right!
    I got rid of mine,mostly because it was the most uncomfortable car I ever had.My 93 JGC was lots better.The steering wheel was too close,the dash was too.I had the power seat back as far as possible,but if I COULD HAVE moved it back,say another inch,the pedals wouldn't have been quite close enough.The windshield height was annoying at stoplights too.I got tired of ducking my head all the time if I was close to the light.
    It seemed ok,when I test drove it,but after a couple of weeks,I started getting pains in my back,just under the shoulder blades.I didn't think it was the Jeep,I just thought it was me getting older.I used a friend's Chevy truck to take some stuff to someones house a few hours away and back.I knew it was the Jeep,because after 2 hrs in it,my back was fine.I drove it back for a total of four hours,and it was still ok.I get in the GC,the next day,and in a half hour,I'm dying.
    Finally,I said something to my mother,who doesn't drive anymore,about the seat kills my back.She said it hurt her too,the old GC was fine.So I asked a friend,and he said the seats hurt him too,in the same place I had my pain.
    I started looking to unload it,I was leaning towards a Dodge Durango,but it wasn't much bigger,and the seats weren't great either,so it came down to a full size truck or SUV.I won't buy a ford,so that left Dodge Ram,and Gm's trucks/SUV's.
    A Tahoe/Yukon was 4-5k more than the truck was,and since the GM truck had so much more power than the Dodge.I got a GMC Sierra,and will get a bed lid to make it as useful as an SUV.My dogs have enough room in the back anyway.I checked the milage,and the 4dr,4x4,short bed,with the 5.3 motor ALREADY got 3 MPG better than the Jeep!I got 16.5,and the Jeep got 13.5 unless I drove it like an old man with a hat.(sign of danger!)
    And three days later,still no back pain,first time in a YEAR!Hooray,the [non-permissible content removed]'s gone!!
  • cturmancturman Posts: 1
    I've had s '99 JGC since Aug '99. It is a 6 cyl 2 wheel drive and it has been OK. It idles rough. I live in Tx so there is no cold weather. The drives side window quit working and was fixed under warranty. The window now makes noise on highway. I am slightly disappointed in the quality because of the window. Makes me wonder what is next. My grilfriend wrecked it with 6K miles on it and did $8k in damage. She was hit in the drivers front quarter panel and the entire front suspension had to be replaced. It drives fine now but a wrecked jeep also scares me. Has anyone else had problems with the 6 cyl 2 wheel drive?
  • kseejonzkseejonz Posts: 4
    I read in here awhile back about problems with the JGC whining & would like to have some clarification on this . Lately when I give it the gas I hear a subtle ,but nonetheless annoying , whine WHILE my foot is ON the gas . Once I remove it I hear a hum . This continues once it starts but doesnt happen all the time. Can someone please explain what the BIG whine is that people are hearing or is it subtle like what I am hearing now . I have 9500 miles on my 2000.
  • tomosonictomosonic Posts: 1
    I have a 99 JGC. I had 5 front rotor repairs, fuel pump replaced, front shocks ( they have to replaced again ), the car slips forward after you stop and jerks when you shift from reverse into forward (
    the service claims that is normal ) and a bunch of
    electrical "ghost" problems which can't be identified.
    The worst off all is the attitude of D-C and the dealer who basically does not care.
    The JGC users who are satisfied are so because they did not encounter any trouble so they didn't have to deal with a Dinosaur ( small brain big body ) company like D-C. but if they will have to, than they will understand what we are talking about.
    In NY state this is a Lemon and I am pursuing the matter threw the Attorney generals office
  • b048b048 Posts: 2
    I'm sorry you are having trouble with yours. My is fantastic. But, I can relate to your problems!
    I got rid of my Chevy Blazer LTemon. You talk about a piece of junk! Wow! And all of it starts to happen just out of warranty. New egr valves.
    More egr problems making carbon in the intake.
    Remove the intake manifold have it cleaned of carbon. Then blow the motor two months later.
    Numerous electrical problems with the power seats,
    windows and locks. Wiper motors that get stuck.
    New fuel pump! AND,last but not least a new tranny! Not to mention brake problems too!
    The real kicker is that Chevy could care less
    since it was out of warranty! You think you got a lemon!? I feel so good about my Jeep! Yes, I have had a few of your problems, that I consider minor inconveniences! All in all, I will probably buy another JGC! Maybe you need to go get a new Blazer! You just might get one like my Jeep!
  • libby11libby11 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 JGC and have the same terrible problems that I'm hearing from most of you. (whine, rough gear changes, window problems, rotor problem, etc.) I know it's a lemon but how can I get help? The dealer won't cooperate.
  • greg29greg29 Posts: 8
    I leased one of these vehicles in 1995 and it was the VEHICLE FROM HELL!!!!!! It suffered from a Front End Whine at 55MPH, Electrical problems,Tire problems and Front rotor problems. I see that Chrysler is still producing the same quality in 1999. When I complained about the quality of my jeep and the amount of money I was paying for this experience,---- the "Factory Rep." told me:---" I don't care how much money you are paying for this vehicle"! I WOULD NEVER LEASE, PURCHASE and / or RECOMMEND this vehicle to a friend and / or an enemy.
  • lasakpjlasakpj Posts: 1
    My '99 Laredo has been in the shop about 16 times now (22000 miles since 5/15/99) for the usual - consistent pull to the right, front rotors turned twice (DC wouldn't pay for the second - dealer did on their own!), front shocks leaking, sway bar bushings squeaking, seat belt recall, front axle seals leaking and now, a clicking noise coming from the steering column. I'm heading for an arbitration hearing in a couple of weeks (I know, it's hopeless), but I was hoping anyone who's experienced the process or has had any of the problems I've mentioned, could send me an e-mail of their experience. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I made the mistake of going from a 4Runner to this piece of crap, but I learn fast (though not cheaply I guess)... I've already been test driving 4Runners, QX4's and Pathfinder's. I think I'll avoid the MB ML's. DC has gotten all the cash out of me that they're going to see.
  • kanikkikanikki Posts: 2
    I could probably win the award for most problems with the '99 Jeep GC Laredo. 2 months after driving it home we had it in b/c it wouldn't start on the first try sometimes even the third try. Well, Dealer we bought it from couldn't find the problems and sent us home. Then we took it in again and said fix it! They replaced the fuel filter. All seemed fine and then it started happening again. In between this time we had to replace the right front shock b/c it was leaking.
    We replaced the window regulator and since then have had the door clips replaced 5 times b/c of rattling. Then we switched dealers due to the engine not starting. It was the Fuel Pump that was causing the problem. I think people started coming in with the same problem and they finally figured it out. Then, we had the steering gear box replaced due to a clicking sound when we were driving. It was like we were too heavy for the steering wheek and it was creeking under pressure.
    Then we had the alignment first we were told the that all '99's and '00's do this and there is not fix. Finally I took it in and said put it on the alignment maching and they did and low and behold they couldn't align it. They had to replace the ball joint on the right and left side. This is definately a problem and your tires are wearing out faster than they should b/c of it. There was another gentleman in there with the same problem the same day I was there. THEN, there is a loud roaring noise coming from the rear...they replaced the side and pinion bearings b/c they were over torqued from the factory...they said they have seen this a lot lately!! Mind you my car only has 26,000 miles on and look how many times it has been in the shop. We threated lemon law on them and Chrysler gave us an extended warranty for our problems...I still want out of the vehicle...I am tired of spending all my weekends and days in the shop!!
    Contact me at [email protected] if you want more info.
  • edgarg1edgarg1 Posts: 1
    I have a '99 Jeep GCL 4 x 4 with just below 12 K miles and it has been at the dealer 4 times. The latest problem was the engine stalling several times while driving. I had to tow it in and I guess they had the used car sales people in the repair shop that day since I was told that there was nothing wrong with it... After two visits on the same malfunction they finally figured that the problem must be caused by a faulty fuel pump. On other occasions the front brake pads and rotors needed replacement, and also the passenger front power window mechanism needed to be replaced already. My previous vehicles have been a Toyota Corolla with zero mechanical problems and a Honda Accord with zero mechanical problems. If the annoying problems with my Jeep keep surfacing the dealer will have to eat this lemon.
  • kanikkikanikki Posts: 2
    I posted above already but felt I needed to underline the fact that Chrysler gave us an EXTENDED WARRANTY for all of our problems with the Jeep. It's a 5 year 75,000 mile warranty. We tried to get out of the vehicle but Chrysler offered this warranty instead. It's better than nothing. I still want out of the truck though!! I don't have time to be messing with this crap.
    Just keep pushing's not the dealers fault. Go to District Manager of your region through your service manager.
  • mishmc2mishmc2 Posts: 1
    Unfortunately I have to say I am one of the numerous unhappy consumers regarding the purchase of the 99 JCG which cost me over $30k. At about 1000 miles I started having problems with it. First it was a rattle, then it would randomly shut off at lights, then to top it off, one day I lost my brakes. And get this, I call the dealer(which will remain un-named) and the head dealer manager tells me it is just the ABS testing itself. Can you believe this crap? Well after the 3rd attempt to rectify this random problem of shutting off at lights, I'd had it. I demanded my money back or I would go after the lemon law. Well needless to say after many discussions and arguments, the dealership brought in the big man from Chrysler and they bought back my POS Jeep. At exactly a year later and with only 10k miles, I returned the lemon. I lost money on mileage, but it was worth getting rid of this constant headache. Now after hearing about all the problems many of you have had, I regret going after the lemon law.
  • mrboomrboo Posts: 5
    at over 30 K each i can't believe people still buy this junk !! ya need to check out the new SUV from Toyota, same frame as the Tundra and that wonderful 4.7 V8 from Lexus !!!
  • Rather than submitting the huge list of problems I have had with my 98 JGC, (similar to every other post here)I would simply like to influence at least one consumer to refrain from purchasing a DC vehicle.
    By purchasing a JGC, you are subjecting yourself to likely:
    1) Multiple visits to your local dealership and time away from work (mine does not offer loaner cars)
    2) Constant repairs that are not properly addressed or fixed
    3) An ongoing sense of buyers remorse and pain every time you make a car payment
    4) A vehicle that you know will never be reliable
    5) A vehicle that will depreciate faster than most others in its class, making it nearly impossible to sell without taking a huge hit
  • newlangnewlang Posts: 1
    I leased a new JGC Laredo 6cyl for 2-1/2 yrs (in 96) and probably would do it again .. I really liked driving it, although there were some repairs and issues .. First, I am a tall guy and immediately took to sawing 3/4 inch out of the drivers seat rails & rewelding so it fit me - success and comfort! (I had that shoulder blade pain too - it was from dipping my head so I could see up) .. Along the way there was a recall (sorry, forget what for), front brake rotors in warranty at 10k, fine thru 32k afterward, rear wiper motor quit (out of warranty but replaced free because of redesigned part), oil cooler connection in front was weeping (tightened clamp fixed it). Near the lease end one of the pwr lock motors was whining but still working (didnt fix it). BUT, it never stranded me, always started and ran great, even in sub-zero temps encrusted with ice, heat & a/c effective, quiet, drove straight, tires went 30k (replaced at turn-in), no complaints about ergonomics or poor design - I liked it. It would have been better if bug-free, but my problems weren't enough to give me a sour taste. Maybe I was lucky? -Grant in K.C.
  • ksfulksful Posts: 1
    I would like to let everyone know that there is help if you pursue the Lemon Law with your vehicle. I currently own a 1999 JGC and have had the rotor problems (5 times) as well as the rear differential problems (3 times).
    I was notified today from the state of NH that Chrysler is not putting up a defense and I won my case automatically without having to have an arbitration hearing. I will receive a full refund for this vehicle.
    If anyone would like information regarding this, I will be happy to talk to you. My email address is [email protected]
    There is hope for all the unsatisfied JGC owners out there.
  • I have had nothing but trouble with my 99 Grand Cherokee. One problem after another. Rotors and rear differential problems galore. Numerous trips to the dealer for poor service only to be told they need to order parts. The last time in for service the mechanic said look around what do you see Jeeps every where. His advice was to unload it quickly before my warranty expires. Before you buy take a look at the number of Grand Cherokees in for repair. You will be shocked I was. It was in twice for repair this week nothing done to it because they keep having to order more parts.!!!!!
  • rfmbrfmb Posts: 3
    I hope NO one has the problems I have encountered
    with my 2K GCL. Purchased in 1/00, it now has 11K+ miles on it and has had the rear main engine seal replaced, master brake cylinder replaced, new short block - and even with all the above, the brake pedal still goes down to the floor. The most recent dealer event being last week when I demanded to speak to a District Service Manager regarding a buy back. I am still waiting. If anyone has had any of these problems (inlcuding the rear whine AND it won't start on the first and sometimes second attempt) PLEASE email me - [email protected] I need the fire power to help with the buy back. THANKS!
  • Wish I had read this board before we bought our '99 JGC Limited last year. We first experienced the low idle/stalling problems about 3 weeks after buying the car. The dealer is still not able to fix it, although Chrylser customer service promised a software fix in October.
    We've also had the squeaky brakes, brakes that "chirp" when the car stops, draft leaks in the passenger front window, and a rearend that now squeaks (bad shocks/springs?).
    My biggest complaint, however, is the stalling. It's upsetting to pay as much as we paid for this car and have these problems. We looked seriously at the Lexus and, in retrospect, we should have paid a little more and bought it.
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    Yes, low idle speed and stalling at stop signs is
    a cronic problem on the 99's. This only requires a software update to the powertrain control module
    (PCM) as your dealer is telling you.

    But, you need to find a competent dealer... this
    software revision had been available for at least a month prior to my 99 developing this problem and
    having it fixed in early August. They're lying if
    they're telling you the new software won't be
    available until October. In fact, I had mine in a
    week ago for service and my dealer updated my PCM
    software again because it was already 2-3 revisions behind the current software version.

    In the meantime, run with your AC on. This will
    raise your idle speed at a stop and keep the
    vehicle from stalling.
  • kkulig:
    thanks for the helpful information!
  • Forget about all the other problems with my 99 GJC...starting it is the main problem. I have had the fuel pump replaced 3 times! It seems to happen about every 4-months. Just started happening again this weekend. I go to start it, it cranks...and cranks, and nothing. Usually starts on 2nd crank (hopefully) I mean how many times does this need to happen before it gets fixed properly? I figured after the 1st time...I would be ok. Looks like I need another fuel pump. I'm mad! I know that this has happened to others...but more than once? feedback is appreciated!
  • I have a 1998 JGC Limited. My sunroof was leaking from under the headliner. After numerous trips to the Jeep dealer and non-productive calls to the Chrysler customer service line the problem was discovered by a Dodge body shop person. The water was rolling in under the rubber seal and was traveling across the underside of the headliner and rolling down the door post on the passenger side. The Jeep dealer was clueless and felt the water was collecting between the drains and when I turned a sharpe curve here came the water. Finally no leaks after the seal was replaced or reglued. Another problem was the radio would change stations when I pushed the volume button behind the steering wheel. Advised dealer that it was probably the switch. He commented that in his seven years he had never seem on of these go bad. After 3 trips and no repair, had Dodge dealer look at when sunroof was repaired. Problem-Switch. Everything is OK now. The Jeep is fun to drive and looks great! About 12.5 MPG in town. Maybe 19-20 on the road with a tail wind. Free advice-Chrysler/Jeep will let any of their dealer's do cross-over warranty work which is unlike GM where Buick cannot work on a Pontiac. If your Jeep dealer is not correcting your problem go to a true 5 star dealer who has been around for awhile and has some experienced technicians. I feel some of the guys working on these units could not pour pee out of a boot with the instructions on the heal! They also like to make the customer feel like they do not know anything about the vehicle. I'm getting ready to go out of warranty and am holding my breath. Good luck to all fellow Jeep owners. Keep sharing your experiences in an effort to help one another. It appears the factories are just interested in selling a unit but could care less about the service and forbid taking a vehicle to a dealer that you did not purchase it from. When sales start to lag it is the service department that may keep a dealer afloat. Hats off to the dealers that genuinely demonstrate customer service.
  • Today I got the shock of my life. My 99 Grand Cherokee rear noise problem is a result of bad rear wheel bearing...The left side is gone and the right is going out. My husband told me to buy a Chevy...but I went with the sporty look..I have had nothing but problems from this truck. I have had leaking from the transfer case, when the windows are up wind comes still comes thru, tires went bald after 20k,etc...I am seriously thinking abput taking a match and some gas and blowing it up...I called DC today...they said they MIGHT help withthe problems...I think we need to get a class action suit together...together we can fight DC apart we are whining customers.
  • Tell me more about your rear noise problem.
    Our 99 JGC developed a noise problem a few months ago -- when the Jeep comes to a full stop, the vehicle makes a chirping or "urp" sound. It's not a normal sound of the brake pads hitting the rotors; this is a high pitched sound that seems to be coming from the rear/bottom part of the vehicle. I brought it to the dealer and took a technician for a short ride so he can hear it. He said he thought it was the brakes. They inspected it and said the noise is "body flex" and is considered normal. I told them body flex is something my shampoo should do, not a car. I've elevated this problem to customer service but it sounds like it could be something serious.
    Anybody having similar problems?
  • HE-HE...don't you folks know that the clunks and chirps, and all other abnormal sounds are characteristic of the Jeep...LOL...that's what the dealer told me. GO FIGURE. I have a 99 JGC aka "hunk of junk." Caliper replaced, 3 new sets of brake pads and rotors, clunking in the rear when put into reverse, jerks when initially started...hummm..what else??? Needless to say, I'm going to look at Navigators tomorrow. Good Luck to you guys!
  • First off, I own a 1998 Toyota Camry XLE V-6 and have 70,500 miles on it WITHOUT ONE PROBLEM ever, I have only changed the oil and put gas in it. It's so refined and and well put together. Everything fits nice and feel great, like it will last forever. Then you look at ANY DC vehicle, everything looks cheap feels cheap and doesn't work. To me refinement, reliability, and enginiring(sp) are the most importand aspects of buying a vehicle. Chrysler clearly can't even make a reiable vehicle, the new dodge, give me a break. I really hope DC goes bankrupt. And anbody who can sit here and read about all these problems and STILL go out and buy one clearly shouldn't be driving. For Heavens sake by a Lexus RX300, you will be much happier !!!!!!!!1
  • I posted the 98 JGC lemon "not" Ltd.
    You are are 100% right.
    I have already contacted the Lexus dealer.
  • I'm having the same problem starting my Jeep as others on this list. Its a 99 GCL w/ only 14k miles. I started having idle problems and starting problems several months ago and the dealer changed the plugs and wires the 1st time and the fuel pump the second time in. The dam thing cranks and cranks but won't start until the second time you turn the key. New fuel pump went in 2 weeks ago and the problem is back already. Thanks for the posts, I'm calling the dealer today!!!
  • I just wanted to ad a note that not all Jeeps are Lemons. I have a 2000(purchased in March) with 7000 miles on it. Not a single problem! If you're shopping for one don't get discouraged by this baord, I think it represents a few unhappy owners.
  • gajeepgajeep Posts: 4
    I agree whole-heartedly with rayray. It's all a matter of perspective. My 1999 JGC Laredo, purchased in April, 1999, has been pretty low maintenance. It currently has 37,800 + miles on it it and I'm as happy as can be with it's performance. With a mass production vehicle, like a car, it's all pretty much luck of the draw. Yes, my Jeep had the cranking problem, which was cured once a new fuel pump was installed. It has also had its ball joint replaced, to cure a problem with aligning it. Other than thesre two trips to the dealer for warranty work, it has only had its regularly scheduled oil changes and routine maintenance.It's been a pretty decent truck, for the money, and I have no gripes about the Jeep product. I guess it's all a matter of one's perception of the size of a problem!!!!!! Or just luck of the draw. either wasy, I'm hoping for a good 150k miles on my Jeep, and I'm thinking that's a pretty strong possiblility, with proper maintenance!!!!!!!!!
  • aldo84aldo84 Posts: 1
    For everyone who says that the JGC is a bad car probably don't know how to drive or just doesn't take care their car. There will never be an SUV better than a Jeep. The JGC has the best on and off-road ride you'll ever find. The person who said to go buy a Toyota should buy a Toyota and then we can compare cars. THERE ARE NO OTHER COMPARISONS TO A JEEP. I just bought a '97 TSi yesterday and I previously owned a '96 LTD. It had 75,000 miles and never had single problem with it! I only went through 2 sets of tires and 1 set of front brake pads. I also convinced a friend of mine to purchase a '99 JGC when it first came out and he has 54,000 miles on it and he hasn't had a problem with it and he goes off-roading all of the time! For people who are interesting in buying a JGC and are reading this, don't listen to the people who tell you to buy another SUV. There is only one Jeep.
  • What's up with the leaking water into the 1996 Grand Cherokee? I live in So. Fla. where it has been raining quite frequently. After every rain, the carpet on the front passenger floor is always soaked. Dealer says it might be A/C, but they're wrong! My husband tried splashing water all over, but still found no source of this mysterious leak. HELP!!!
  • cindikcindik Posts: 1
    Just stumbled on this page while researching my next intended purchase, a 99 JGC! I can't believe what i read, my little old 95 V8 has 93K miles and except for an occasional identity crisis (in REALLY hot humid weather she pulls up to a light and thinks its the starting lights at the Pomona drag strip but after pulling off to the side of the road, shutting her down and then restarting her she snaps out of it) she has been a very faithful and thuroughly enjoyable ride. Maybe I should wait for a 2001????
  • I have to say, I'm glad I stumbled across this thread. I want to thank all of you for your posts. I was totally in the dark until I read all this.
    I have a 99 JGC and had many of the problems on this post such as the rotors vibrating, noise from the drive train etc... I thought it was just the nature of a Jeep. After reading this thread, I took it in to the dealership and they fixed all the problems no questions asked. I'm happy with their service, but now I'm worried that the problems will come back. I have about 25k on it after 2 years. My wife an I both love the Jeep. It's great to drive. We were thinking of trading up to a 2001 Limited JGC. Has anyone heard of improvements in the new model year that fix these problems? DC has to know these issues and be working on them.
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