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99 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a LEMON !!!



  • vienmavienma Posts: 1
    I assume many of the posts found here are the worst of the horror stories as people are more likely to post their complaints. I also assume that the Jeep GC 1999 being a complete redesign would turn up many problems (that so far has been addressed for the 2000 model, I hear). I drive a Jeep GCL '96 and was worried about its reliability since day one, being it American and all. From the start there were a few problems, i.e. rattling noise from rear axle (not sure what you call it) and interior slightly falling apart ('96 was a new interior design), but it was all covered under warranty and fixed to my satisfaction. It's now at 118K and I haven't had to bring it back for anything significant. It's showing its age--a bit less refined ride, etc. but seems to be doing well. The Jeep is very well taken care of (constantly changing fluids, driven mildly careful, etc.). I'd just thought I'd share a not so horrible story about a Jeep GC. Now considering a 2001 Jeep GC, but a bit worried about the problems... hoping Jeep has most of the major problems hammered away. Also currently have access to a 4Runner that's near flawless (20K mi), so may buy Japanese again (Pathfinder), but can't deny the love for the Jeep Grand Cherokee despite its problems.
  • Our '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee (about 22K miles) has the warped rotors and resulting brake pulsing and steering shake that others have reported. The rotors have already been ground down once under warranty. According to the local dealer, our friends at Daimler-Chrysler apparently take the position that the warping is "wear" and therefore falls within a 1 year/12,000 limitation in the warranty (applicable to things like brake pads and wiper blades), though the local Jeep dealer acknowledges that the problem is lightweight rotors that warp, which is not a "wear" issue. Before I do battle with DC, I'd like to know the best "fix" -- simply forcing DC to replace the rotors with the same original factory equipment would leave me with the same problem in another 10,000 miles. Does Jeep have upgraded rotors? IS THERE AN AFTERMARKET REPLACEMENT WHICH ANYBODY CAN RECOMMEND FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE? Thanks.
  • I have a 98 JGC and it has that problem also and
    it is a recall item also. I just looked at the 2001`s
    today and the sales man said the the 2001s have
    two pistons for the rotors so the disks wont heat up and warp anymore. they are going to fix this at no charge, since its a recall item. Also I did not get a recall notice on this. Not very happy about that,52,000 on the jeep and no other problems. Jeep the real thing,not a copy cat.
  • I've had the starting problems many times now...I'm on my 5th fuel pump! I've had rotors replaced twice and the whining noise, which I don't care all that much about since I can just raise the volume on the stereo.

    Look...the bottom line is all cars have problems, but it seems as though the problems with the new grands are more widespread than any other SUV that I've researched. I wish I had come to this site before I leased the jeep. Key word for me is: lease! I get to give it back in 12 months...if not sooner.
    I'm happy to hear some have recieved problem free JGC's...after all, we should! It just seems the odds of getting a lemon/or a gem are about 50/50.

    I expect to get another fuel pump soon, it's only a matter of time. It sounds different almost everytime I start it, even after just getting a new fuel pump a couple of weeks ago.

    Don't get me wrong, I actually like the way it drives...just not happy with the fact that I have to think about whether or not my JCG will start everyday. I go to work at 6:00am...and it's gonna get cold soon. I want it to start!!

    By the way, this will be last Chrysler product! Definately not a JGC next time!
  • gsxr3gsxr3 Posts: 1
  • tposs2tposs2 Posts: 1
    You guys are all right!!! I had a 96 GCL and put 96000 miles in 3 years, I also put 7 sets of rotors on it.. Also had the noise in the rear, I suspected the rear wheel bearings.. Overall, this was a good car.. No serious problems, and it never left me stranded. EXCEPT when it was stolen in TAMPA, FL. Yes, they are among the easiest vehicles to steal.. However, I own a 99 GCL 4x4 4.0L with 42K miles And again, the same rotor problems, EVEN WITH THE REDESIGNED system! This is a problem from DC in all thier vehicles. Also, all the clunking sounds from the drive train when the jeep stops and starts.. For this kind of money we should expect more....
    PS: Thank GOD we didn't buy DURANGOS, they are worse yet..
  • So far I have heard things like "buy a lexus"
    get a toyota,
    first of all the 4.0 is underpowerd for the big jgc (6 cylinder vs 5300 pound truck..........)
    second the brakes were designed for the cherokee not he grand cherokee.
    But most important is this:

    If you have the money for a lexus you don't deserve to drive a jeep. most wealthy people could never understand nor fully use there jeep.

    besides, Look at ford explorer:bad tires
    bad engines
    bad electronics
    bad resale value
    mercedes benz has the worst performance and a low crash rating.
    I don't have to say anymore. I'll see the true jeep people on the hills in michigan
  • The problems listed in the previous messages are mostly covered by Technical Service Bulletins; your dealer may (or may not) be aware of them. I have a 1996 GC Laredo which I bought from a friend who became disgusted with the dealer. Service was poor and the problems she had with it were minor, but enough to make her switch brands. This became a good deal for me.

    Granted, I replaced the brake pads and rotors with better quality aftermarket parts; same goes for shocks and steering stabilizer. I added a throttle body spacer and will be doing a few other upgrades soon. I use it mostly on the paved roads, but it is extremely good when off-road, too.

    One message referred to replacing the rotors seven times; this tells me the rotors were bad, the calipers were sticking, and/or the lug nuts were improperly tightened.

    I did have a problem with the engine pinging on light acceleration and the local dealer had no clue about the remedy. There is a TSB for this, and I took it to a dealer farther away, where they fixed it in less than an hour.

    I love this Jeep, and my wife has a similar 1998 GC, which she also loves. Our next vehicles will be Jeeps.
  • We bought our Jeep Nov.98 the day we brought it home we had to take it back to the dealer. Lift gate would not open. They had to replace the lift gate locking mech. the 99's were made out of plastic. Repaired. That was just the beginnig. In 25 months and 36000 miles we have had the following problems repaired under warranty:

    1. Transmission Replaced.
    2. Transfer case grinding in turns.
    3. Rear end replaced.
    4. Steering column replaced.
    5. Drivers seat motor replaced.
    6. Hood struts replaced.
    7. Various pieces of trim replaced.
    8. Auto light control switch replaced.
    9. Map lights in sun roof repalced.
    10.Seat cloth under drivers seat repaired.

    The other problems we have had that the dealer says is either normal or can't duplicate are:

    1. Vacumn problem with the A/C blowing out of a/c registers one min. then changing and blowing out of the defrost and lower heat vent the next.
    2. Cruise control problem. With four people in the car at highway speeds 65mph, a/c on and cruise control activated when encountering a 3 to 5 % grade instead of sensing this and droping from 4th(overdrive) to 3rd it abrubtly drops from 4th at 2600 rpm to 2nd and 4800+ rpm. They tell me thats normal.
    3. Continious brake squeal. They say that is can't be repaired.
    4. Loud clanking noise when shifting from Drive to Reverse. They say it is normal.

    I am going into abitration on the 4th of Dec. and would like to know if anyone out there has had the same problems? Has any one gone into abitration and what were your results.

    My e-mail is , [email protected]

    Thank you for your time
  • I feel for all of y'all who have had problems with your JGCs, but my family's has been a peach. I'd say that the JGC isn't a lemon if it has held up against a college student and a lot of her friends and still looks and handles great. If I may, I'd like to offer a different viewpoint on the JGC's performance... not exactly from a mechanical view (that's been great), but from the view of a kid who just got lucky with a great car.

    1. It's been there for many, many trips between San Diego and L.A. (Ever try to drive from San Diego to L.A. during a weekday afternoon? The JGC's level of comfort passes with flying colors during 4 hours of traffic)
    2. It's been to a year of crew practices and withstood salt and sand perfectly, despite very few cleanings and the many pounds of wet sand that has caked the carpet from a bunch of wet and smelly people. Plus, if you're the only person in a boat that has a car, the JGC's roominess is handy for getting most of the boat to those early-morning practices.
    3. It's great for runs to Costco when we're all down to the last roll of toilet paper. Think 5 hungry 19-year-olds, lots of food, and lots of TP.
    4. Problems? Try us. My family heard about all of the reliability problems with the Jeep, but so far, this one's proven all the warnings wrong. (About the fuel pump thing, that happened a few times, but for some reason, ours stopped after a couple weeks of it and it never happened again.)
    5. A good deal: It's the base model (2WD Laredo with no goodies except for the CD player), but wow, what a base model... compare it to the 4Runner or Explorer's base models and they have nothing, whereas the Jeep has a very nice, comfortable package for it's lowest sticker price.

    I could go on, but I think I've droned on enough. I'm sure there are those out there thinking that I'm too young to understand the economics and mechanics of investing in a vehicle, but hey, I merely wanted to introduce a different view of the JGC. I understand how people can get fed up with a brand if it proves to be an expense and an inconvenience, but our Jeep has made a loyal customer out of this driver and her family.
  • At 3,200 miles my '00 JGC lost oil pressure (it went to "0"). My wife, having an excellent ear, drove it the 2 or 3 miles on home ("honey, it ran fine"). After it was cut off at the house it would not restart. Chrysler towed it in and "fixed" it in one day. They said that 3 teeth on the camshaft position sensor had broke, but no problem now, they put a new one in.....and... they retrieved 2 pieces of one of the teeth from my oil pan, leaving the other two. They said that there is absolutely no way that my oil pump was not rotating and pumping oil (Santa is coming soon also). I ask about the other 2 teeth swimming around in my oil pan and the reply was "no problem, they were ground up into very fine steel dust and were flushed out through the oil pan drain hole (remember Santa?). So....either 1) a miracle occured, rotating the oil pump instead of the cam gear, and oil contaminated with steel dust lubed my main brgs, cam bearings, rings, and every other internal portion of my engine or 2) The ol' engine was driven with no circulating lubrication for several miles at low rpm. Either way, Chrysler says "no problemo, we replaced the broken gear"...After a trip to another Jeep dealer...I strolled directly to the service bay and found a mechanic with his head under the hood of a JGC, explained my problem, and his response was "man, I sure have seen a lot of those lately, you burn your engine up too?" a nutshell..these gears almost have to have been improperly heat treated... and you just do not heat treat one at a time..I am sure the basket holds a bunch. I am loading my guns now and have arbitration in a week or so (Dec. 5).. who else is out there with this problem?
    By the way, Chrysler says they are confident there is no damage to my camshaft (man, am I glad they said that...I really have confidence in them..just as I do in Santa Claus).
    By the way, anybody out there know how to flush an oil pan through one hole about .5" in diameter?..damn those guys are good!
  • Haven't seen many posts from those with 2000 JGCs (except the guy above)who are having problems. Does anyone know if some of these issues (drive shaft, rotors, fuel pump, noises, etc.) have been fixed in the 2K models? Thanks for the feedback before I bite the big one and wish that I'd have bought Nissan or Toyota. I've got a 2000 JGC Laredo V6 only 3300 mls in mind, they're asking 24k but I'm gonna offer $21K.

    Thanks for your response on the 2000 models.

  • Hi,
    My sister needs help purchasing a 1998 JGC.
    Her husband (age 44) was killed in a semi accident 10 weeks ago. They had just purchased a 100 year old farmhouse w/10 acres in the middle of rural Kentucky. "Anne" is considering this vehicle because of the 4WD feature and hopefully, little maintenance as her husband is no longer here to take care of those things. The dealer is selling it for the $18,650 (off the lot)after starting at $20,650. It has 35K; V6; full options package - power front seats, infinity sound, heat review mirrors, security system, etc. My concern is whether or not this is a reliable vehicle based on the responses I've read in this chat room. Also, is the price fair? So, is this a sound purchase for a recent widow? She is looking to purchase something very soon as winter is fast approaching. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, SRF (I also posted this in the main Jeep Chat Room)
  • Recently had the rear end whine fixed in my 2000 JGC Ltd.4x4 V-8 by replacing FRONT driveshaft and related components- couldn't believe that was where the noise was coming from- but apparently it was!
  • Email me at [email protected] for answer to your question
  • 2000 JGC- V-8 QuadraTrac. 6000 miles- only problems so far- replace front driveshaft to quiet whine and the steering wheel makes a grinding sound now and then(have not had it in to check for the cause). Otherwise no other problems- built in March of 2000.
  • I am on my 2nd JGC Limited - (a '97 V-8). It has 52K on it, and has not been back to the dealer except for one minor problem with the CD player. I did have to replace the front brakes & rotors at 44K, and got new rotors a 2nd time at 50K under the recall. Everything works, it runs fine (except for eating gas like there's no tomorrow, and has all the luxury you could want, along with the ability to go darn near anywhere. I will definitely buy another one. One question - how come so many people write that they have a V-6 Jeep? They don't make one!
  • My 1999 JGC had the pump replaced after one year. Now it has developed a hard start when cold. Is this part of the same problem? Also it makes crcking noises when turning, and the steering has developed a play in the adjustment, that result in a click noise when stoping and accelerating. Has any one had these problems?
  • Must be nice to be one of the Limited folk, eh? (just kidding) But in answer to your comment about V6s... yes, Jeep makes them, and the option of V6 or V8 is available with the Laredo. I'm not sure if a V6 or V8 option is available with the Limiteds, though.
  • ccg7ccg7 Posts: 3
    I would like to just add to these messages. I have had a 1999 JGC for 14 months and put 30,000 miles on it. I have had almost all the problems listed here, 5 replacements of rotors, leaking rear window, front window inoperative, Whine both the back up and in transmission (which turned out to be the torque converter), starting problems and tapping in steering wheel. Rotors again warped after the so called final repair, I can not understand why, they made the same repair 5 times before. Well I am going for the Florida Lemon Law now. I think I have all my "I" doted. The only thing I hate is that DC is getting away with selling a car that they knew all along was defective. They most likely made out on most of them or are still doing repeated repairs under warranty. Even getting a buy back after having to pay .22 per mile is a good deal for DC if the buyer has put a lot of miles on the vehicle.
  • wtt3wtt3 Posts: 2
    This message is directed to the user ccg7. I also have a 1999 JGC LTD 4x4 V8 with similar difficulties. Specifically, I have a noise at 70mph+ during acceleration/maintaining which could be only described as a whine/rumble/vibration. It seems to be coming from the area of the torque converter. Also, this condition only occurs when the torque converter is in lockup. What service was performed on your vehicle relating to the torque converter and did they explain to you what the problem with the original was. If you could be specific, it would help the technician I am working with locate the problem. This has been driving me crazy as I do a lot of miles at that speed. Thank you in advance for your help.
  • What recourse do I have for a vehicle I feel is a piece of junk! To me a 4 year old vehicle should not need to have a bearing replaced/or a new engine installed! We bought this 1996 Jeep new - and have made all regular oil changes and maintenance - are Jeep vehicles made to be used as a disposable? I wish I had the money to live like that! Any advice - please send it to me.
  • pooboopooboo Posts: 3
    I bought a used 98 GC Laredo two weeks ago, 36k miles on it. I've never owned a Jeep, let alone an SUV. Does anyone have any comments? I know almost nothing about cars so all this about rotors and fuel pumps doesn't really make sense to me. Also, the slimy car dealer told me Jeep would send me all the info about my car through the mail. Is that true? I don't even know yet what kind of engine is under the hood. Can anyone tell me about their used jeep buying experience? (Sorry if thats a different topic.)

    one more: do all jeeps/SUVs make REALLY loud roaring noises during acceleration? And is acceleration time a bit on the slow side?
  • HI everyone
    Is there anything I should be on the lookout for?
    Since I am a woman there may be things I would overlook, if not a familar problem. Thanks everyone!!
  • deki80deki80 Posts: 3
    No matter what people say JGCL is a really good car I own a 96 and a 00 and my 96 is 2 times better with 70000 then my 00 JGCL WITH 20000, maybe it's all in year that they made it. I have my 96 JGCL since "he" had 30000 and since then no problems at all, but I change engine oil every 2500 and differential oil every 10000, you have to take care of your vehicle I mean it's easy to destroy something, but a hard to keep to running, I love mine all my friends are satisfied with theirs, maybe because we are SERBS and know how to take care of car, ONE HINT(dont go over BIG BUMPS so your car will run longer) and try not to go into a turn of 70 degrees going 60mph(hehe)
  • I was in the market for a unibodied 4-door SUV...I was considering a 2001 JGC V-8... WAS! My '95 Bronco has over 60K miles and has never even had a burned out lightbulb. I've never owned a DC product and I guess I never will... I hope y'all get your money back!!!
  • I have a problem with my 2000 Jeep Grd. Cherokee Ltd. It makes a whinding sound at speeds greater than 55 MPH. This is extremely annoying especially considering this is my 3rd grand cherokee in 5 years and I have never had this sort of problem. I brought it in to the dealer and they said that this was normal. It isn't. At least I don't think so considering the car cost 37K. I noticed that there is a service bulletin out about the problem. Will the dealer fix it now? If you got your problem fixed, please advise me. I saw some of you had the front drive shaft replaced. Are the dealers open to doing this and having it covered as a warranty issue. I refuse to pay a cent to have this problem fixed. If you have any advice, let me know. Thanks.
  • I must just be living right! 2nd owner '93JGC Laredo, 5.2, A/T, QuadraTrac, 130K, and not a single problem except cassette player eats a tape once in a while. BUT, while I drive it hard, I do take care of it (regular fluids changes/ flushes, good mechanical "look-see" regularly, etc.). I've had lots of different cars and SUV's over about 40 years, often in tough conditions, and I push them hard; this is probably the best vehicle I've ever owned. REGULAR ROUTINE SEVICE MAINTENANCE IS THE KEY (for Jeeps, as well as all complex machines...).
    I just wish no one anywhere would ever buy any 4WD vehicle unless they KNOW they need and WILL USE the extra traction. Otherwise, it's nothing but a HUGE waste of precious fuel (which could better be used be me :-)
  • I have loved this Jeep but it has had $1000's in repairs. Most all repairs have been due to shoddy Jeep dealer service dept. workmanship from Chicago area to Cincinnati area.

    My post topic is this -

    A portion of my tranny case tail has been chipped and the black bubble gum type gunk they secretly crammed in there is starting to fail and now I am really starting to leak fluid. I know when they cracked this. It was in '98 when they rebuilt my rear diff. at 35k mind you, and a week later I brought it back complaining of a new leak. My argument was that this new leak (substantial) suddenly occurred right after they did the work on the rear diff. Their argument was that a leak at the tranny had nothing to do with the diff work.

    Now tell me if I am right, when rebuilding a rear diff. you have to drop/lower/swing down one end of the driveshaft. If so, then when they dropped the driveshaft it acted like a lever (crowbar)and cracked the bottom of the tranny case tail.

    Oh man oh man I know that is what happened!

    Now - how do you think I can get the dealer to cover this screwup?

    Please post ideas!

    Thanks edmunds for being the best! Love the new site - keep up the good work.
  • I sooo wish I read this message board b4 I got my 99 JGC Laredo V-8. I have the same issues that most people have:

    - Rotors warped (replaced at 11,700 miles) "just under your warranty" acc. to the dealer
    - Since the day I drove it off the lot in Aug of 99 it pulls to the right. Ive asked 4 times for a free alignment and each time I get a diff answer..been to 2 diff dealers.
    - CLUNK/BUMP when stopped at a red light or stop sign
    - WHINE when driving on the highway

    All I can say is THANK GOD I LEASED AND I DID NOT BUY IT. This may be why I am not as upset at some of these things and now I am really glad I leased. The Jeep is awesome in the snow (we recently had 20" in NJ) and the V-8 has great power.

    My question for all of you experienced and unhappy it worth it for me to have these things fixed and go thru all the hassle, or should I just worry about the major things (like brakes) and get rid of it at the end of the lease. I was considering keeping this Jeep as it only has 13K on it and I have it for 1.5 years. Now I may just turn it it at the end of the lease.

    Any perspective is welcome. If you have more details and want to eemail [email protected]

  • I'm in the same boat and can't wait to give it back in a few months! The main problem with my '99 JGC has been the fuel pump, which has been replaced 4 times. Kind of sucks coming outside everyday and wondering whether my Jeep will start or not. I've had the rotor problems and the whining noise also. You'll be better off giving it back just as soon as the lease ends, if not before. This is my last Chrysler product. I'll be looking at either the new Acura MDX or even Toyota next time. Toyota has nice new line of SUV's.
  • lucas6lucas6 Posts: 1
    At least you guys have a lemon law... We live in Australia and have a 99 Laredo. By 18 months it had accomplished the following:
    1. Two sets of front rotors.
    2. Rear diff whine (but it is minimal).
    3. Very loud whine when transmission in reverse. Unsucessfully adjusted 3 times, then vehicle off road for 2.5 weeks while a new transmission was shipped from the U.S. (at least they gave us a rental car)
    4. One window stopped working.
    5. Bonnett struts failed.
    6. Tapping/cracking/creak/sqeual in steering (they still don't know what that is)
    7. Currently on its third fuel pump and another one coming up...
    8. I know ive forgotten something but theres so many things...
    9. Occaisional squeal from rear suspension.

    So now we're trying to work out how to get rid of the thing...
    There is no form of 'lemon law' in Australia so we just have to grin and bear it. At least Jeeps are more of a niche vehicle here than in the U.S., so these probs are less known (at the moment). When it was released, they stated that Chryslers future in Australia was dependant on this vehicle. Not looking good, guys.

    Our previous vehicle was a Landcruiser. The Jeep had a lot to live up to anyway, but our next vehicle will not be American. But the Jeep is better built (NOT better) than the landcruiser (ours are built in a benz plant in europe). Its just a shame about the parts...

    All we want is one that works...
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