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    Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I'm assuming (dangerous word) that it the 07 wasn't an improvement in any way over the 06?
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    A few more features ....... :=)
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    ...and backward a bit by substituting a spacesaver spare for fullsize tire and aluminum wheel.
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    Definitely go for the 3.8 and go for a Limited over an SE (which also came with a 3.8) I have experience with both engines as I owned a 2006 3.3L V6 Sonata for two years. Loved that car and it's engine but love the 3.8 in my 2007 Azera Limited with Ultimate package even more. Also love the electro luminescent instrument gauges which neither the Sonata nor the Azera SE had.

    Besides a space saver spare tire, the 2007 limited has more audio controls on the steering wheel than the 2006 as well as turn signal lights on the outside mirrors. Some 2007 Azeras came with XM satellite. Also some 2007 Azera Limited Ultimates have the Logic 7, 12 speaker surround sound which was not available in 2006.
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    go all out and get a new 08 with NAV LTD. The offer now is 4K rebates, and they are clearing the last azeras to stock up on v6 genesis. If you go to trade or sell the car in 3-5 years, the NAV system will really increase your resale since so many lux cars now come with them..the nav system makes the sirius radio much easier to use as well, and you can listen to dvd's while looking for a fix to watch them as well for the passenger anybody out there have a video shut off fix for the dvd player in 08 azera yet???
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    I just completed putting the full factory wood dash kit on my 08 azera ltd nav.It looks like a LS460 now very rich looking and the wood covers area where dirt builds up making cleaning easier. also added the real stainless pillars and the stainless wind deflectors for the grandeur and the trunk trim and new grille CAR LOOKS TOTALLY DIFFERENT much classier for under $1000. Planning on adding eyeliners, roof spoiler and back spoiler as well for a euro autobahn cruiser look. Mobis parts from Korean Auto Imports are much better quality than the third party US stuff BEWARE
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    The comments that the 08 nav system is bad do not take into account that it is also really a bargain. At 2K before discount it is completely capable despite lacking bluetooth and much expansion. the improvements to audio and visual selection of satellite or cd tracks on the big screen is great while driving. If we concede that the azera is really a wannabe ls460 at 1/3 the price, one should not expect a state of the art NAV system, but it is a big plus for the current user and will hold its weight at resale
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076 now mentions an 09 Azera. It will apparently come out. Edmunds now mentions the 09 azera. Same options as 08. Hyundai apparently will use the current LG based system until the redesign in 010 or 011. The Korean changes aren't in the 09 azera though. Just another carryover.
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    Thanks, RV. Always good to see your knowledgeable scoops.

    I'm really peeved that we don't get the Korean changes. From the Korean brochure photos, their more subdued fake wood and Veracruz-style blue lighting on the center stack look like a huge step up over the current US versions.

    I'm not sure Edmunds' reference to an '09 is anything but an error, though I do trust hmaservice.
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    The 09 Azera is an error but maybe there are some korean changes. Perhaps it was a mistake. Would be nice to have the USB.aux connector that works with iPods..
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    Hi Moocow 1
    You wrote in carspace that you bought a laser grill and dash kit for your
    Azera.Where did you get these items...I checked Koreanautoimports and did not
    see same. I have a 2006 it! Aappreciate your assistance.
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    09 Azera does get the USB/aux jack. You will need a $30 or less iPod cable in order to have full iPod integration. Check the Hyundai Azera 2009 thread for more details.
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    here is the link for the plasma (sorry I said laser) grill there is a sport grill that removes the h logo and sometimes i roll with that ... cts_id=685

    The best dash kit is found at e=1

    It looks awesome installed hope that helps screw the genesis it's price is rising and its really just a pimped azera
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    "Screw the genesis it's price is rising and its really just a pimped azera."

    Just in case this thread is being viewed by anyone new to this topic, the comment above is 100% inaccurate. The Azera is a stretched and upgraded version of the front-wheel-drive Sonata midsize chassis, and the Genesis is an all-new sedan built for front engine and rear drive.
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    Yes, I realize all that, but after DRIVING a V6 Genesis last week, and after reading some of the initial press that mirrors my OPINIONS and seeing the ridiculous pricing, I PREFER the AZERA. Genesis seems pimpy and overblown, so I guess MY OPINION is INACCURATE...Now go back to your job at Hyundai and let people voice their opinions and share info. My Impressions ARE just that, MINE, and parroting the facts that we all know is silly. Have you DRIVEN one..Have you put a DEPOSIT down on a V8 only to have it returned because they don't expect reasonable quanitites for 6 months and the factory wouldn't let the dealer keep it. Were you involved in a focus group that examined the car and gave feedback?. I have just gone through all of this and now am sliding back on my opinion of Genesis because I've been able to drive one and price one and it just isn't justified by my impressions..Sorry!!
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    sripton, thanks for your post. Nice to hear that Hyundai did do some Genesis US market research / focus groups and you were a part of it.

    I too think Genesis is pricy and I'll probably extend my '07 Azera lease next April if the Genesis smoke has not cleared as it relates to early pent up demand / monthly US dealer allocation. For me, another Azera is out of the question.

    In the meantime, Hyundai has done a decent job of 4-door sedan price point merchandising with Sonata (good) and Azera (better). Time will tell about Genesis.

    Fast forward to June '09. I see a continuation of the Hyundai marketing plan of rope-a-dope rebates coupled with deep dealer discounts as US consumers continue to struggle with fuel prices and other economic concerns.

    Just my opinion of course.
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    How the pricing being ridiculous is completely beyond me. The Genesis is the natural next step above the pricing of the Azera.

    Just so you know, the driving dynamics of a RWD is much, much different than a FWD. I agreed with tonycd, to say the Genesis is just like a pimped Azera, well, that shows the little knowledge you have about the Genesis, specifically, the difference between the Genesis and the Azera.

    "Have you put a DEPOSIT down on a V8 only to have it returned because they don't expect reasonable quanitites for 6 months and the factory wouldn't let the dealer keep it."

    The Genesis V8 is on schedule to arrive after the V6 so I am not sure who's telling you "they don't expect reasonable quanities for 6 months" - this is not true.
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    Here's a link to Car and Driver's first drive of the Genesis.

    C&D Short Take

    They seem to like it. In fact, their closing comment is...

    That said, the Genesis stands poised to make drivers reevaluate their perceptions of the Hyun­dai brand, which is good for Hyundai and bad for the competition. In that respect, then, it looks like 1989 all over again.

    1989? Think Toyota and Lexus. ;)
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    I was in Baton Rouge, LA, a couple of weeks ago and the dealer there had (2) new '07 Azeras. The salesman said that they will take $21,000 for either car. I don't have any of the specs for the cars, but the phone # to talk to someone at the dealership is 225-274-0071.

    I realize that this is the '08 Azera thread, but I felt like this was the best place to post in order to get the most looks.
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    Yeah if you find out how to do this, I would really like to know. I just upgraded my 2007 Limited Azzy with the 08 Limted ultimate nav package.

    I originally went to take a gooood hard look at the genesis, sorry I wasn't that impressed. Personally I didnt think it drove any better that the azzy, it may be more powerful, but how often when I get to used that sitting in bumper to bumper traffic everyday. The one plus I like about the genesis is the push button start, the fact that you dont have to whip out a key to open the doors, and the seats were alot more comfy.
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    Here Here! I c hoose to stick with the Azera, the Genesis is not that much better and especially not for $40k
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    Earlier i was challenged on my statement about availability of the 09 Genesis V8. It has proven to be true. my dealer is expecting 2 v8's "hopefully before the end of the year" Each are "sold" but i can now leave another deposit for the "next" builds. Price will be Sticker PLUS!! he is pushing the V6 HARD, but as i've driven it I'm not impressed. Torque is unimpressive for RWD Anyone else have experience with the V8's PS My large family owns 8 Hyundais, and i LIVE at the various dealers.usually there once a week they know about availability, and laugh at the corporate blather on these blogs promoting the corporate line. Send me info on a dealer in the western US with a genesis V8 for sale at sticker and i will buy it TODAY Can't be done!! 08 Azera LTD 's are all over phoenix for 25K and it is a much better choice than the genesis V6 at 38K
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    wow thanks for the info on transmissions and how they are different! You think I might have known that as my family has owned a chain of transmission shops for 38 years! Learn something new every day! Despite your disagreement with my opinions they remain valid and factual. Most who have driven the v6 genesis are relatively unimpressed, despite the "radical" driveline change, the components are 80% identical car to car. The V8 and the coupe are the real "new " designs, which is why they are not out yet in quantity. the v6 genesis is a minor bump, DESPITE the driveline change, much like AZZY was a bump from xg. Not really a new car, since the styling panels and chassis are the same, along with the engine

    As i said earlier, i removed all azera badging from my car, added the genesis chrome name, s3.8 and grandeur brake light and wood dash kit and genesis grill and every dealer thinks it is a new genesis when I roll in. fooled dealers all up the cali coast NEW CAR, I think NOT
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    One would think that the dealers would be discounting the V6 models like crazy already. ;)

    If you get up on, you will find more than 900 units listed, but no V8s. :surprise:

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    My 2001 XG-300 drove well most of the time for a while off the lot, but I found out it was full of the bugs that seem to plague most first-year models Hyundai sells here in the US. It was a great car to drive, except for frequent visits to the dealer to turn off random Check Engine and Air Bag lights (either nothing was wrong, several chip module were replaced, or the computer had to be reset--usually all free). Alternator failure and tow to the dealer at <50K was not pleasant, but was replaced under warranty. Had traded in a perfect 19K 1999 Sonata for the XG300 on an impulse purchase. My conclusion: first year Hyundais are FULL of bugs and design flaws that make the car a nightmare if you want to keep it long-term, as I usually do. I was fed up with my 2001 XG-300 after 73,000 miles with all maintenance up-to-date and having electronic transmission problems along with the random stuff already described above.

    When I bought the new 2008 Azera LTD with NAV package, I got a good deal but I also believe its a much better performing car so far with 2000 miles on it and lots of different driving situation. This model (despite being a sucessor to XG) performs much better and seems like a much more solid, higher-quality vehicle. I absolutely love it and it performs impressively, especially in highway driving mileage when driving at high speeds.

    Despite all the pet peeves with the old XG, I've still got faith in Hyundai. 2008 Azera is probably up to Sonata quality standards after a few years on the market and, if so, my father (the consummate car shopper and flipper) might actually consider going to a V8 Genesis in a few years when his Cadillac lease expires.

    Big lesson taken: better not to buy a first-year US-offered Hyundai because you will be the guinea pig to fix the bugs. Dad loves the Genesis after looking at it, but won't seriously consider going near it for a few years.

    Food for thought.
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    Bought new 2006 Azera and only servicing is for oil changes..Also purchased 2001 Santa Fe (1st yr in production) and only had minor/few isssues it has 128,000 miles on it now ...still running strong....I can't agree with your broad statement on launch year problems....maybe a few, but not enough to shame the brand...Check CR for it's rating on the 2006 Azera....
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    What is the build date of your 2008 Azera. :confuse:

    The build date is located on the pillar between the drivers and the rear door.

    Good luck with your fine Azera. ;)

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    Yes, I have also an Azera 08, which I am imported to Iran from UAE with MOTREX navigation unit. I am here from Cali for business, and in Cali, the Navigation was not avilable then yet...but I have not figured out what the AUX can be used for, anybody know???
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    Did yours come with DVD/NAV??
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    Wow, did you Upgrade your 2007 Azzy with 2008 Azzy's Navigation unit? How much did it cost & how easy was it? Does it look like an OEM job or one needs to drill holes & stuff?

    I have a 2007 Azzy with the 6CD changer & I too want to upgrade to the Nav from 08s.

    Please give us some details, a lot of 07 & 06 users would be very interested!
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    Is there a "Manual Mode" on the rearview mirror of the Azera 2008?

    If you are driving during the day time, and someone behind you has their high beams on, the "Auto" dimmer does not work.

    Is there a way to dim the rearview mirror in a "Manual" mode?
    Thanks, Jerry
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    Unfortunately, if you have 'Auto-Dimming' feature, you can't darken your rear-view mirror during daytime. Your only option is to somehow endure it or turn the mirror in a direction which would be least inconvenient to you.

    Unlike in traditional mirrors where you could pull a tab on the mirror to change to dimmer view, this is a sort of side effect of these automated mirrors.
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    Thanks, I was afraid that may be the answer.

    Thanks, Jerry

    By the Way, do you know about the "LIMP HOME PASSWORD"?
    Is the Hyundai Dealer supposed to give the new owner a "PASSWORD"

    Thanks, Jerry
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    No Manual dimming, but I cut a piece of 50% window tint to fit the mirror, and I left a little tab on the side so i can pull it off and on. Static keeps it in place. Works Great
  • jerrybikerjerrybiker Member Posts: 53
    Thanks, I'll try it out.
    Thanks, Jerry
  • jerrybikerjerrybiker Member Posts: 53
    Does anyone know about the "LIMP HOME PASSWORD" for an Azera 2008?
    Is the Hyundai Dealer supposed to give the new owner that PASSWORD?

    In the owner's manual Section #1, Page 6.
    There is a description of a "Limp Home Mode" to be used if the
    "Immobilizer" Warning indicator comes on, etc.... Apparently the engine will not start and a password is needed to get the car started, so you can drive it to the dealer for service.

    Can anyone shed some light on this subject and how to get a
    "Limp Home Password"?

    Thanks, Jerry
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Member Posts: 160

    The 'Limp Home Code' is something that needs to be coded into the car's computer at the dealership. The connect a Scanning tool (looks like a PDA). There they can set the code to any 4 digit code you specify.

    So, take your car to a dealer & ask that they program it for you. Take along your user manual so that you can show them what it is.

    But be mindful that many Hyundai dealers know nothing about these advanced features. So, be prepared to be forceful with them when they say that there's nothing like 'Limp Home Code'. Infact, they should do it for free. If they refuse to do it for free, contact another dealer or get Hyundai corporate involved.

    There are other things you could get programmed as well. I would suggest 'Easy Exit' and 'Automatic Door Lock' along with 'Limp Home Code'. Easy Exit means that when you pull your key out of ignition, the seat moves back & steering wheel also moves up. Automatic door lock feature locks all door automatically when you start your engine & unlocks when you put gear in park.

    All these are really easy to program. All they have to do is connect their handscan computer & turn the features on by tapping on the checkboxes on handscan.

    Good luck!
  • jerrybikerjerrybiker Member Posts: 53
    Thank, I had called the salesman that sold me the car and he didn't know about it.
    Thanks, Jerry
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Member Posts: 160
    I'm not surprised. And this seems to be a problem with a lot of Hyundai dealers. They don't know the product they're selling. They're used to selling Hyundai Accents all along & when Hyundai comes up with vehicles like Azera, Veracruz & Genesis, they' don't learn anything about the cars they're trying to sell.

    Infact this is one of the problems Hyundai is going to run into increasingly frequently in future as they come with more lux vehicles. Customer service expected in this price bracket is totally different than the Accent price bracket.

    I had to fight with my dealership to get these done on my car. I had to show the tech how to turn these features on his handheld scanner!!

    Your best bet is to go to the dealer's service area & hope someone knows how to use the tool. If not, try some other bigger dealership.

    Sorry, this is the problem all of us Hyundai owners have to endure. Great vehicles, great reliability & value but clueless dealerships.
  • jerrybikerjerrybiker Member Posts: 53
    Do you know if there is a "Default Password" preset by Hyundai, for this? Most products that require passwords, come with a factory preset default password.

    What you say is sad but true. Many dealers are only interested in selling you the car for the most money, then charging you for service that you don't always need.

    I wish I could find a reliable car dealership that I could trust. Its very hard to find these days.

    Hyundai should have Quality Control people working out in the field that do spot checks on the dealerships to insure they are doing the right job.

    Thanks, Jerry
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Member Posts: 160
    Jerry, I don't think Azeras ship with Limp Home pre-coded with a default 'password' at the factory. This feature needs to be Turned-On at the dealership side using the handscan. If you forget your code or want to changes it, then dealerships can reset it. The dealer should have done this as part of the pre-deliver service to you. But clueless/greedy dealerships sometimes have other ideas.

    I still suggest that you go to your original dealership's service area & ask them if they would code it for you. Hyundai has been selling Azeras for 2 years now, so you're probably not the first customer who has asked limp home to be coded. With any luck, they might know how to do it & other features!

    As much as I love my Azera, I hate the dealerships in my area. Fortunately, I haven't had to go back to them too many times other than for oil changes!

    Enjoy your Azera!
  • jerrybikerjerrybiker Member Posts: 53
    Thanks, I hate to let the dealer touch my car. I Don't want them to screw things up. I plan to do my own oil/filter changes. When I called the salesman, he didn't even know anything about it. I agree that this should be part of the dealer prep. I have yet to see a dealer do the right job in prep or service. Hyundai should be checking up on these dealerships.

    Its a shame that they are selling Azeras without setting the password for the Limp Home (LH) feature, or telling the owners how to use it. I would bet that most Azera owners don't know about it. So if the car should have that "immobilizer" failure, they would not know that they could use the LH password to get home safely, instead of having to get a tow. Hyundai must have spent a lot of money developing and manufacturing that great feature.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Sorry for the delay in responding Wobblyear. My sad story, I upgraded from the 07 to the 08, because i was able to get a better interest rate on a newer car, and wouldn't you know it, beofre I could make the first payment on my car,
    someone ran into the back of me cost $18k worth of damage.

    I still don't have my car back because they had to order some parts from Korea. I'm going to unload it as soon as I get it back. I'm debating on whether to get another 08 or get the 09.

    So long story short the nav unit looks flawless, I would just love to know if there is a way to override the dvd feature in order to play movies while the car is in motion, and not only in park.
  • msazzyindcmsazzyindc Member Posts: 118
    use your rear auto shade
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Member Posts: 160
    Dood!!! That really blows man! Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I had a damn pickup rear end me in couple of months ago & ran away! (I'm in Texas, a lot of people driving around without insurance in this state)

    I know you must be feeling a lot awful now, but the best part is that you were alright. You can buy a 100 other cars in your lifetime.

    I'm surprised that the insurance company is willing to get your car repaired rather than totaling it, considering it costs them 18k to fix!

    Rather than going for another Azzy, how about a Genesis?

    Btw, as far as I know, there's no runaround for playing the DVD when in motion.
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    "I would just love to know if there is a way to override the dvd feature in order to play movies while the car is in motion, and not only in park."

    Now, I'm sure it would be strictly for the passengers' benefit, but if talking/listening on a cell phone is a major distraction, imagine your passenger(s) ooo-ing at a particular scene on the screen, and you look away just for a few secon[CRASH!]... :sick:
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    Now you are making an assumption, We are watching our freedoms being more limited everyday, and it should be the owners choice how he wants his entertainment in his car. I have a Pioneer Z3 Navigation with a TV tuner, Sirius, Xm , HD radio, 6 disk DVD Changer, Ipod video hookup Iphone Video hookup and a 80 GB hard disk,as well as two rear monitors and a Direct TV rotating Antenna giving me all 300 channels of Direct TV , as well as a Valentine One radar detector, A swing up bracket supports my Apple Mac Book Air which also interfaces with all five screens A radar/ laser jammer and a Navalert Photo radar Red Light Camera GPS Alert system in my new truck IT is all voice activated, and I have multiple IR remotes one steering wheel mounted and 3 floating. The bed of my truck also has a California Cruiser fold out bed and couch with beverage holders and flip up monitors. i have invested about 15K in these upgrades, and that system has been hacked so i can watch anything while moving. Now you seem to be the type of person who wants to control what i can do in my vehicle for your own safety, and our government that can't save the banks or control oil companies mercenary practices or provide adequate health care for 40% of it's citizens thinks its a priority to regulate on screen video in moving vehicles. i am a 50 year old male who has never had a DUI, never had an injury accident, and because of the countermeasures i take have never had a moving violation. I take the truck great distances across the American West and it is an absolute joy to be able to have these options available while I travel. Certainly some people can't handle all the technology, but i vote for more freedoms, and let the government govern ,but not in my house or in my car. They have enough things to fix. Now i ask again, is there anyone out there who has a hack or fix for the 08 Azera LTD NAV system. It appears to be the only system running so far that hasn't been hacked..Any help from anybody
  • msazzyindcmsazzyindc Member Posts: 118
    Wobbly you knooooooooow I pushed for them to total the car, but it was $2k away from the threshold of being considered a total loss. The way they explain it is the cost to repair has to be at least 50% of the value of the vehicle.

    So, i'm back at square one. Hopefully I wont have to deal with too much of a hassle with trying to get them to pay me back the depreciated cost of the vehicle. My car is currently at a body shop that does the DVR for free so, I've asked that they start preparing my report.

    This has been the WORST ever experience dealing with my own insurance "ERIE" stay clear. These people are similar to Hyundai dealerships by thinking they can treat their customers any way and expect that bad news doesn't travel fast.

    I still would like some feedback on whether I should look at the 09 instead of just replacing my 08. Anyone????
  • donna388donna388 Member Posts: 69
    " i am a 50 year old male who has never had a DUI, never had an injury accident,
    and because of the countermeasures i take have never had a moving violation."

    Keep watching TV, playing with a computer, etc. and not paying attention to what you should be doing which is devoting 100 percent of your attention to driving and nothing else and that record will not
    last very long. Why do you think the authorities recently outlawed talking on a cell phone while driving?

    Maybe you think you can handle doing all those things while you should be doing nothing else but driving,
    but you are dead wrong! If you don't care about yourself, that's fine, but what about the rest of us?
  • garym1jgarym1j Member Posts: 46
    You can cook, bath, shave, use the cell phone, have sex with a willing partner plus work all your gadgets while driving. Fantastic! Just for the safety of the rest of us, would you please ask any safety trained person whether or not they think your attention could just possibily be diverted long enough to cause an accident? One other question. Do you think that another person exercising their right to jeapardize your safety, operating gadgets, etc., should be restricted in anyway soas not to run head one with you, destroy your vehicle, gadgets and life? Just curious.

    Since you bought it up, could you list which freedoms you have been denied by the government of the United States of America? Thanks. :confuse:
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