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    I have been interested in the Azera since it's inception in '06. The one thing I have been concerned with (aside from the dealer service problems) is the suspension problems, both the front end and the "softness" noted in the forums and reviews. I know Hyundai has reportedly revised the '08 suspension. My question: Has anyone been able to evaluate the '08 suspension vs previous year Azera suspensions?? Is it really improved or just lip service from Hyundai?
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    Lip service! I have a 2007 Limited and had the struts replaced per the TSB. Waited a month and went back. Service manager agreed it had a rough ride over rough roads that was particularly sharp feeling in the steering wheel and seat. We took a ride in a 2008. We both agreed, the ride in this brand new car is minimally improved over the same road, if at all.
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    Sorry, got the wrong one to reply to - but this is in answer to your question anyway.

    hmmm... YOU have driven it, Bob? I own an '08 ultimate Black on Black and have about 2500 miles on it, now (yep - drive a LOT). My aunt has an early model '07, and there is a _huge_ difference in the feel and way it takes bumps. No need to take it very slow over speed bumps or diagonally, etc. In fact, the only way you can make the suspension jump is to slow down too much. :shades:
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    Bob, I have an 06 Azera Limited with about 13,000 miles. I have had the front struts replaced per the TSB and there is improvement, however, most of us have accepted the fact that the suspension is somewhat "busy". That being said the car, in my estimation, is truly well put together, offering quality, at a price hard to beat. The icing on the cake is to have a dealer with a fine service department and that I have. Would I buy another Azera, yes. Incidentally I also have an 06 Sonata LX6 which I drive, primarily. I had previously had been in a series of Acura TL's and I enjoy the Azera far better. Maybe because I am a senior citizen, I don't need a car that goes 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds. This Azzy has plenty of get up and go. If you are interested in an 08 Azera why not wait until mid-year for the Genesis which looks to be an awesome vehicle.
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    It may have a lot to do with the poor roads in SC on which I drove the 2007 and 2008, but the service manager agreed there was no real difference in the way my car rode with new shocks and the way the '08 rode.
    It is a problem at low speeds over rough roads. Impact harshness is felt in the seats and steering wheel.
    BTW, a supervisor at Hyundai Call Center told me that the District Service Rep has the option to call me or to not call me and have the dealer or call center call and tell me they are not going to do anything.
    Years ago I had a problem with wear on the leather seats on a Masda RX-7 convertible. The service manager made an appointment for me to see the district rep. He looked at it and within a month I had new leather seat seat.
    As I told the Call Center supervisor, if the ride was a little better, the car would be a 10.
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    BTW, a supervisor at Hyundai Call Center told me that the District Service Rep has the option to call me or to not call me and have the dealer or call center call and tell me they are not going to do anything.

    Now, that sounds proactive, eh? Proving, at Hyundai...customer service is an attitude, not a department.
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    Genesis has a firmer ride. They say it's tuned to be sporty.
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    Just got back from riding with the district service manager. He concluded no difference between 2007 and 2008 and the ride is due to the "sport" tuning of the Azera.
    Still a great car, but I wish it rode a little better over bumpy roads.
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    I've found that especially for speed bumps, the suspension does much better if you just go ahead and roll on over rather than slow down too much: if you do slow to almost no speed, you _do_ get a good jump. If you go ahead and take it at 8-10mph, it's like another blip in the road...
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    I was searching for a Hyundai Bluetooth option for my 07 Azera & I found this at a Hyundai dealer's site. (I have bought accessories from them before)

    Is this the OEM bluetooth kit which Hyundai uses for 08 Azeras? The reason I ask is that the store seems to advertize it as if it is a Hyundai accessory & the picture shows the user manual of the unit & it has the Hyundai logo on it. They seem to have the wire harness as well. Quite pricey but if it is indeed the Genuine OEM part & integrates well with the interior & the audio system, then it is something I might seriously consider for my 07 Azzie.

    What do you guys think?
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    The Bluetooth accessory that you show is an aftermarket product made by Johnson Controls called Blueconnect.
    It is not an OEM product and does not operate thru the Azera audio system muting the audio system automatically when the cellular phone is being used.
    It is sold my many aftermarket retailers.
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    2008 Azera info. release (in Korea)

    Since Azera is manufactured in Korea and shipped to US,
    I figure American buyers will get these changes soon.

    According to the link, key changes are:

    - new grill
    - new alloy wheel
    - LED light added to the reverse light

    - leather seating in brown color (option)
    - blue Internal lighting (LED?)
    - new wood pattern
    - dashboard upper console design change

    - Dual display monitor (navigation, TV can be viewed at the same time)
    This is an option which I am guessing is splitting the screen in two in the center.
    - 3.5" rear viewing display added to the center room mirror
    - AUX, USB/IPOD added

    Other than above, no major mechanical changes.
    Rumor has it that Hyundai will release a 6-speed automatic for 6 cylinder models
    August this year.


    2008 changes
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    This is probably due for the 2009 model year in the US. Certainly I would think the Azera would receive the 2nd generation of Lambda engines as was the case for the 09 Sonata recently debuted and is arriving to showroom as we speak. The new engines with increased power (even more efficient for the displacement), yet offers better fuel efficiency.

    The only feature listed above I don't see happening is the dual display monitor, as I don't believe TV in the front is legal for the US market. So the Azera refresh should continue to carry navigation without the TV feature.

    Thanks for the info!!

    On a somewhat related note, Edmunds just finished the long-term testing of the Azera, with some 18K miles under the belt, I was most surprised to hear it had taken a 27% depreciation, which was only 1% behind the long term test of the Camry. And just to be fair, the Camry had an extra 3K on the odometer. Still, I would think this is attributed from the improvement of the brand.
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    Sounds right - for 2009 here. My 2008 Azera was manufactured in July, 2007. They were not sold anywhere in the US until after New Years Day = 6 months' lead time (and yes, I know - it should have been only 3). Even if it were moved into production today, it wouldn't show up here until about that time, anyway (that's assuming there isn't a surplus of non-Limited model vehicles in stock in September and they actually sell the 2009 by then). The earliest it could possibly show up would be mid-year, and Hyundai is not about to do that to the select few of us that recognize the value (he says as he knew the '09 Sonata was expected by the end of February even back before Christmas - by the dealers, anyway). :shades:
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    For the sharp-eyed among you:

    Did the picture of suspension parts early in the video look like a design change?
  • joe97joe97 Member Posts: 2,248
    Here is more info on the dual display monitor:


    SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- Hyundai Motor announced that it completed the development of its in-dash dual LCD monitor which can display two different pictures simultaneously based on one the viewer angle. This means the driver can see the navigation while at the same time the passenger watches a DVD movie. According to the company, the newly developed monitor will be applied to Grandeur.
  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    Interesting that they're showing it off as part of the home-market Grandeur. Obviously the history of the Azera is that it doesn't get all the toys here -- I'm personally guessing this will be another example, in the short run at least.

    More generally, this looks like a much lighter MMC than the Sonata got. Just the center stack and the tones of the fake wood, basically. Personally, I have mixed feelings about this off-black stuff. Looks less conspicuous, but also less like wood. To some extent, I suppose this is change for the sake of change.
  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    These pictures are more detailed. They show the wood not as off-black, but rather as a shift to a more subdued walnut-like tone that should come off better in my opinion than the bloody maroon liver tone they're using in the beige-interior car now. Good news, and I look forward to seeing it in person.
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    My black interior doesn't get any hotter than my truck with tan interior. You just have to tint the windows, and put up a sun shade so your dash doesn't fade. ;)
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    Hi all, new to this forum. I am contemplating the purchase of a new '08 Azera Limited. I have driven it and it seems nice, but I am now getting a little 'cold feet' in that I just don't know if it can live up to or exceed my '04 Maxima SE. Anyone have any experience with both??? Thanks for any input you might have.

  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    Welcome to the board!

    I have rather limited and indirect experience, but will try to answer your question to fill the gap until somebody smarter does likewise.

    I own an old '92 twin-cam Maxima, bought new. It has been a great car. I've always looked down on the '95 and newer Maximi because I've felt they've been somewhat cheaped out. While I haven't driven the current one, it shares an engine with the Infiniti M35x I test-drove last week, and a chassis with the previous-generation Altima I drove for weeks as a loaner. That chassis seemed to have a high roll center and some torque-steer issues, and reports say the same about the current Maxima (which is built off the previous, not current, Altima). As for the engine, it's fast as all get-out but sounds and feels coarse, even in the Infiniti. The interior is a mid-model correction that grafts some traditional luxury-sedan cues onto an overall interior that has some modernistic curves, and doesn't look very cohesive in some places as a result.

    Most people who've checked them all out feel that the Avalon and the Azera are the class of the segment. I'm shopping, I've driven both of those, and I'm not even bothering to test-drive the current Maxima. That should give you some idea.

    There is a whole new Maxima coming in less than a year from now. It's reportedly a return to the "4-door sports car" philosophy, with a low-slung sedan roof over the chassis of the current Altima. Of course, expect the price to rise accordingly.
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    I will chime in here as well: I just sent my trusty '03 Infiniti I35 off to the wife when I bought my '08 Azera Ultimate. I looked at the Maxima just for the heck of it, but compared to the quality, look & feel of the Azzy with it pumped up to the max, there just really _is_ no comparison. If course the trusty VQ35de (3.5l V6) engine (same as in the Max/350Z/G35/M35/etc) is never going to die, it will likely run another 250,000 miles if my wife can drive that far. It's the one engine I can remember never having to add a single ounce of oil to over a 120,000 mile lifetime: basically switched to Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic (and down to 5W30 weight) at 15,000 miles and then never looked back - every 7500 miles. It looked the same coming out as it did going in, so - can't fault the engine. The Azera just jumps all over it (including my I35 model) with class, style and features for the price, though. I looked at a G37 coupe as well, but decided my money was better spent on the Azera. Frankly, didn't really think about the Avalon this time - those have gone down-hill quite a bit over the past few years while the Azera is coming to the top of the deck.
  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    RQB, my apologies. Upon re-reading your post, I realize I didn't really answer your question -- which was how the Azera stacks up against the pre-changeover 2004 Maxima.

    Very well, I'd say. Time has marched on, and the Azera has a lot of enhancements your Maxima didn't. Just a partial list:

    Electronic stability control
    A better stereo with more power and a subwoofer
    That distinctive powered rear sunshade
    More horsepower from a smoother and more refined engine
    Four-wheel independent suspension
    Eight airbags
    Memory seats and mirrors
    Power tilt and telescope wheel
    Non-cargo-smashing trunk hinges
    Autostick transmission with the ability to learn the owner's driving style
    Steering-wheel-mounted audio controls

    I think you'll be all right.
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    Tony and Mike ...

    Many thanks for your replies last week, I appreciate them. Tony ... my '04 Maxima had Traction Control, a great Bose system, side and curtain airbags, memory seats and mirrors and steering wheel, power tilt and telescoping steering wheel, steering wheel mounted audio controls, 'autostick' transmission, etc. ... so the Max had a lot of the stuff that is also on the Azera.

    I did end up trading the Max in on the new '08 Azera Limited with the Ultimate Package, which I picked up a week ago today. I only have 310 miles on it now, but so far, I am liking the new Azera very much. I will come back in and give some of my opinions very shortly. By the way, it was the first '08 Azera my local dealer got in ... was taken off the truck the day I looked at it and test drove it.

    Again, thanks for the replies from the two of you fellas.

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    That's the first time I've seen the words "great" and "Bose" in the same sentence! Except in the ads, of course.
  • rgb42rgb42 Member Posts: 40
    Don't like Bose, eh? I liked it.
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    Hi All, just a little history, I sold Hyundai's in Yakima WA..great cars..
    I now live in CA (Merced)..just ordered my new Black/Beige 08 Limited..traded in my 07 V6 Sonata...I'm excited as a bear in a honey store...L :)
  • rgb42rgb42 Member Posts: 40
    Hi AzzyFan ... hmm ... seeing as you used to sell Hyundai's, I guess you are giving a good signal by buying one ... that certainly makes me feel good! I just bought an '08 Limited w/Ultimate pkg in mid March ... black/black. I only have about 1500 miles on it now, but so far I like it. Some things that I miss from my '04 Maxima however. Merced ... without looking at a map, would that be up near Yosemite? I was over there 2 years ago in that neighborhood and remember the Merced River etc. When is expected delivery of your new car?

    Bob (NY)
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    Can someone please tell me if there is any kind of auxilliary input for an MP3 player with the 2008 Azera's navigation system? Also, can you be playing a CD at the same time that navigation is being used? Forgive me if the second is a dumb question.

    Thanks for the help!
  • professionalrprofessionalr Member Posts: 5
    does anyone know where to purchase the oem nav system in the '08 azera besides ordering it from the dealerhsip? a website of somekind maybe??
  • berkesndberkesnd Member Posts: 9
    On my way to buy either a Maxima or M35, I was encouraged to stop by and see/test drive an Azera. My wife and I walked away more than impressed. Unfortunately all the local dealers are out of stock on the 2008 Limited with nav. and it will be some weeks before any are available. One dealer indicated that it has been difficult getting 08's, especially with navigation, but have seen brisk selling of their remaining 07's. As it is now the middle of the calender year, it seems strange that there are very few current year models available. I would like to get some feedback from forum members who are currently using the model with nav and bluetooth. Are you generaly happy with the performance of both? Lastly, the only problem I had driving the car was reading the information display. It was difficult to read in the daylight. Is this adjustable and is anyone else having difficulty in reading the information on the display? Thanks for any response.
  • rgb42rgb42 Member Posts: 40
    Bear with me here for a second. I just took delivery on Mar 17th of a 2008 Azera Limited with the Ultimate package. I do not have the navigation system or bluetooth, but I was previously driving a 2004 Nissan Maxima, loaded. Time to buy a new car ... I looked at and test drove a new '08 Maxima ... ended up purchasing the Azera as I liked it much better. The '08 Azera Limited with Ultimate package was the first '08 the local dealer had gotten in ... they got it the day I looked at it and drove it on Mar 13th and put a hold on it. I liked my old Max, and the new one too, but I liked the '08 Azera better. I don't have a problem reading the info display ... and as with all other dash lights, etc., the display is adjustable as in other cars. Sorry I can't answer your questions about navigation and bluetooth, but I ended up opting for the Azera over another new Maxima ... and am not sorry.
  • oskidunker1oskidunker1 Member Posts: 213
    My 07 display can't really be read in daylight with sun glasses on. I tilt them off my eyes when i need to look.
  • rgb42rgb42 Member Posts: 40
    Sunglasses ... come to think of it, when I am wearing my sunglasses, which are prescription and Polarized, I still don't have a problem reading the info display, but I do have to tilt my head a bit to the left when looking at the radio and climate control displays. That's because of the polarization ... and I had a bit more of a problem reading the displays in my '04 Max because of the same reason.
  • bostonsullybostonsully Member Posts: 2
    I do not have the NAV - I use a magellan 4040 - I like the portabliity - the reason for the reply is the bluetooth - works great - paired my phone and my wife's to it - follow the instructions and it is very easy - good sound and pick up - much better than a earpiece and I have a jawbone
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    Thanks for all the info. I previously wrote about how impressed I was with the Azera but have not been able to find a supply of 2008s with nav. Of the five area dealers, the only available cars were 2007s. I just heard from one of the dealers that there will be no more Azeras. He has one 2007 left and that will be it. No more new shipments. The car is to be replaced with the Genesis that is due out in the next month or two. He said that there was too much overlapping in features and price to make it worth while manufacturing both cars. It would explain the absence of new stock in our area. Has anyone heard anything similar?
  • daveltddaveltd Member Posts: 13
    I just purchased a 2008 Azera but w/o Nav. In our area of Canada 2008 are on dealer lots.

    My Dealer stated that the Azera will not be discontinued because of the Genesis. Maybe in several years it may happen as it will depend on sales of both lines.

    I'am waiting for the coupe in 2010.
  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    This rumor has been floating around for a long time. I spoke to a dealer guy who sounded like he had pretty good connections with Corporate. He said there will be a 2009, but if sales don't pick up that may be it. My personal guess is that it will go that way.

    I believe the almost invisible, notably late "soft" launch of the '08 was not only because of the Genesis, but also because it was virtually unchanged from the '07. I personally expect that the '09 will be introduced with somewhat more fanfare, maybe in summer '08 just before the Genesis so the car has one more chance at the spotlight. The '09 has already been publicized for months in Korea, with restyled wheels and some cosmetic tweaks inside. For my money, the improved appearance of the interior's fake wood and the matching blue of the Veracruz-like center stack make it a worthwhile change on that basis alone.
  • dborthdborth Member Posts: 474
    I just heard from one of the dealers that there will be no more Azeras. He has one 2007 left and that will be it. No more new shipments. The car is to be replaced with the Genesis

    In other words, "buy this baby now".
  • berkesndberkesnd Member Posts: 9
    Very well could be a ploy to sell the car he has on the lot. Another dealer said they are expecting a shipment in very soon.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Member Posts: 1,601
    I think that dealer is feeding you a line of bull. Remember, the '08 Azeras didn't have wide distribution until late January...and the same BS about being discontinued was being talked about then.

    For whatever reason, '08 Azeras are hard to come by, especially Limiteds WITHOUT nav.

    It could happen that the Genesis will replace the Azera, but I doubt it. RWD is not popular in the snow belt.
  • moocow1moocow1 Member Posts: 230
    Azera's sold 2700 last month. That's a pretty huge amount for a large semi-lux car. I think they're here to stay. Genesis is just a higher RWD prestige market that will be priced above. There's plenty of room for a cheap FWD semi-lux as well. I'm wondering one thing since I know someone who loves red, when did this new secret Cherry Red color for the Azera come from? It's not official on the website. It does seem like most dealers only have the limited with nav these days. I guess it's just the "in thing" rather than a more sensible base model. Maybe it's to differentiate more from the Sonata, which is traveling upward.
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    Lots of 08 LTD w and w/o NAV in Phoenix, AZ market. just bought a loaded 08 LTD NAV, paid for bluetooth and still waiting. Dealer also has NO info on NAV headunit, although i have heard it has outputs for NAV TRAFFIC, rear camera etc, does anyone know..also, many aftermarket headunit have fixes for the no vid when driving, does anyone out there know of one for this LG unit?? My dealer says 09 Azeras coming in AUG, each region will get ONE Genesis V8 until march 09 so don't expect to get one. they will push the genesis V6 HARD, if it sells NO 2010 Azera. Plus have you had any success in getting your dealer to program your autolock to your liking (see owners manual p 1.10) or getting the reverse parking aid to work (page 1.23). best website for aftermarket is i removed all the Azera badging from my new beauty, added the laser grill and more chrome (trunk, window channels) and also installed the complete dash kit available. It costs about $1500 and makes the car look 20K better then i bought and put Genesis Badge on the back. i had all four salesman at my dealership convinced it was a 'test" Genesis from California, despite the fact they sold it to me 4 days earlier. hilarious
  • bbrimmerbbrimmer Member Posts: 32
    I am at a crossroads. The Azera 3.3 looks like it only gets 1 mpg better than the 3.8. Opinions?

    Secondly, since the car doesn't appear to have changed since 2006, should I buy a pre-loved versus new and just keep the cash? No car payments sounds tempting. I live in Connecticut so as much as the Genesis is tempting it's only rear wheel. Thanks.
  • cdmuilecdmuile Member Posts: 152
    No car payments is a 'no brainer'. Go for the used Azzie and enjoy a really great car for half the new car price. You won't be sorry.
  • snaglepussnaglepus Member Posts: 160
    "I am at a crossroads. The Azera 3.3 looks like it only gets 1 mpg better than the 3.8. Opinions?"


    And that is in the city cycle only. The highway estmates are the same at 26 mpg.

    You will be happier with the extra torque of the 3.8L over the smaller 3.3 L motor.
    I doubt if the average person will be able to record better fuel economy with
    the 3.3L because they will find that they will have to "lean" on
    in more to get it to perform as well as the 3.8L.

    Also, when it comes to buying either model used, you may be able to get the 3.8L fully
    equipped just the way you want because there will be more of them available.

    Good luck. You will really love this car.

  • snaglepussnaglepus Member Posts: 160
    "I am at a crossroads. The Azera 3.3 looks like it only gets 1 mpg better than the 3.8. Opinions?"


    And that is in the city cycle only. The highway estmates are the same at 26 mpg.

    You will be happier with the extra torque of the 3.8L over the smaller 3.3 L motor.
    I doubt if the average person will be able to record better fuel economy with
    the 3.3L because they will find that they will have to "lean" on
    in more to get it to perform as well as the 3.8L.

    Also, when it comes to buying either model used, you may be able to get the 3.8L fully
    equipped just the way you want because there will be more of them available.

    Good luck. You will really love this car.

  • dborthdborth Member Posts: 474
    Many of us feel the maxed out '06 - '07 3.8 represents the best FWD full size 4-door near luxury 30K window sticker list price in the world. Period.
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