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    So what's the real story ? Very little 2007 Azera's left on the dealers lots.
    If and this is one very BIG if, there are 2008 Azera's in the ports, when are they going
    to be released? I just think it is incredible that Hyundai would waste tons of money
    paying for the storage fees for these cars sitting in the Port parking lots."

    Always easy to spot the newbie who comes on and spits out pure garbage!

    There are more than 150 new 2007 Azeras listed in FL or the Autotrader site.
    That means that there are far more than 150 new Azeras in Florida
    because not all new cars available are listed on the Autotrader site.

    As far as storage fees are concerned . . How do you know about what the
    storage fees are and how much Hyundai may or may not be paying?
    And what do you care?

    And there are many new 2008 Azeras just waiting in the various ports.
    I have seen one myself, and they are available up North, so those of us in the
    know KNOW that they are around and will certainly be available shortly.

    "Want my real opinion. Hyundai has removed the Azera from its vehicle line up. The reason, an engineering problem with the suspension that causes the clunk. Rather than fix this problem, design costs, production retooling and other related costs, just roll the dice with the Genesis."

    Not really because you do not know about what you speak!
    No problem with the suspension system for those of us that own Azeras.
    What kind of car do you drive? Not an Azera or you would not be saying such dribble.
    As far as "roll the dice with the Genesis," time will tell. I wish they would roll one my way!

    "The real problem here is how much confidence can you place on the Genesis if the Azera only lasted for two model years. Did Hyundai make a major marketing mistake??"

    Two years? There are two model years now on the road, and new 2008s waiting in the ports and on the dealers' lots in Canada. You are saying that the Azera only lasted two years? Get real!

    Most of us here that are or have been former Hyundai owners have plenty of confidence in the Hyundai name. That's why we are here, and I for one do not appreciate comments to the contrary from newbies who do not know about what they speak!

    Think about what you are saying before you post those comments here please.
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    Uh, that would be "scarcity."

    I notice also that you didn't end your question "want my real opinion" with a question mark. I'm guessing that's because you weren't inviting my real answer.

    I too would love a piece of bhm459's bet about an '08 Azera -- that is, if I knew I could make you pay up when you lost.
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    re 215: "That means that there are far more than 150 new Azeras in Florida"

    At this late date, if there really are that many remaining unsold '07 Azeras just in Florida, why would Hyundai even bother with '08's?

    Your comment regarding '08's "waiting at the port".

    Try this: Quick definitions (demurrage)
    noun: a charge required as compensation for the delay of a ship or freight car or other cargo beyond its scheduled time of departure

    Unsold '07's and '08's subject to additonal daily fees eroding margins even further must be a Korean bean counters nightmare.
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    If you "really" knew a little something about the Azzy you would realize that you appear to have "foot in mouth disease". Hyundai issued a TSB regarding the suspension and most have been able to get the necessary service performed. If you drove an Azzy you would know that most of us here and on the "other board" are pretty ecstatic with our car. It was not designed to be a sport sedan, but an entry level luxury car, and a darn good one at that. So your negativity is misplaced here.
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    For what its worth I feel that the Az is a lame-duck. Granted it is a nice car, in fact I found it to be superior to the Avalon in many ways. However, I feel that the Genesis will be stealing the limelight. If the Gen is going to have both a 6 and 8 cylinder engine, beautiful looks and a classy interior why would anyone be interested in the (IMO) ugly-duckling Az? People are not going to be rushing into Hyundai dealers to check out the Az, no they will be checking out the Gen (and I will also). Lets not forget the other 'large' car in Hyundai's stable: the Sonata. the upcoming refresh of the Sonata I feel looks way better than the current Az. Hyundai has the lower end 'large' car covered with the Sonata and the mid/upper with the Gen. Unless the exterior of the Az is redesigned it will go the way of the XG350. but then again I can be completely wrong.......

    also, I hear a lot of complaints about the Az not having enough 'luxury' options. I don't think Hyundai could market both a luxuruious Az AND a Genesis (let alone the sonata limited V6). it was fun while it lasted. My attention is now on the Genesis.
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    RE: 219
    While you are correct about certain points about the currently missing features on the Azera, such as collision avoidance, Blue Tooth, navigation, HID, keyless ignition, etc, the Genesis is a different, (RWD) type of car. Currently the price point is only speculation, and none of us actually know what a "loaded" Genesis will cost.
    If the Genesis is as good as the hype, with the price point forum members are speculating, I would be a buyer.
    I am truly surprised that Hyundai did little to move the Azera up by adding the features that most "luxury" buyers want. They have the ability to do so, as the have included the toys on other models.
    Only time will tell.
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    I was interested in whether anyone knows the exact change in the suspension between the '07 and '08 Azera. . The 08 info from Hyundai states 'four revalved twin-tube ,gascharged dampers,softer bushings and quieter steering rack. I am buying a new 07 this week but am going to ask for upgrade of suspension ( Re :TSB - 07-50-007). The more I know , the more convincing I will be with the Service Manager. thanks
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    re. 222: knows the exact change in the suspension between the '07 and '08 Azera. . The 08 info from Hyundai states 'four revalved twin-tube ,gascharged dampers,softer bushings and quieter steering rack.

    What '08 Azera, the one in Canada? If the '08 was in the US it would be easy for you to test drive, to experience the difference.

    If you can locate any '08's, anywhere in the US please let us know.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE; 422
    The Service Manager at my local dealership tod me that he was advised by district rep. that the 08 will be a new suspension which will not be compatible with 06 and 07 for retrofit.
    I am not positive that he didn't make up the story just to get me off his case.
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    I just checked Fitzmall's website and they have two 2008 Azeras listed as "coming soon". I would have dismissed it except that they have stock numbers and VIN numbers for both and that usually means the vehicle is in transport to that dealer. Maybe they have finally been released from the "port"? :confuse:
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    Thanks for the tip.

    Apparantly no rebates at this time on the 2008's (not a surprise). Also not much dealer discount as the "special internet price" is only $369 below MSRP.

    Rebates will probably start to pop up in 2 or 3 months and as more Azera's hit the market the dealers should be more willing to deal. Fitzmall is a high volume dealer and generally has good prices, altough they can be beaten as we found from Town Hyundai in NJ last year.
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    The Genesis will slot above the Azera in the lineup.

    The production version of the Genesis will go allegedly go on sale on January 8, 2008 in Hyundai's home market of South Korea. The Genesis is expected to be released in North America, China, and the Middle East in the second half of 2008. The European market will not receive the Genesis due to market conditions and generally poor perceptions regarding the Hyundai brand. The price of 3.8 liter V6 Genesis will start from slightly lower than US$30,000 in the U.S. The 3.8 liter V6 model will produce up to 305hp. The 4.6 liter V8 model, whose price will start from US$35,000, will produce 380hp.

    I am shopping for a 2007 Azera LTD Ultimate in Florida and there is currently a little over a 100 Azeras of all trim levels in Autotrader so I would assume there are more out there. There are no 2008s in stock that I can find. But not a whole lot of LTD Ultimate levels. So far I have not found anyone to give me an acceptable deal. I have found some great deals up north but don't know if I want to make the long trek, fly up and drive back as that adds to the cost of the car. Boy, do I hate car dealers, as it is almost impossible to get a straight answer from them, sort of like a politician. I bought a 2007 Sonata Ultimate last January and was able to get as good a deal as up north. Seems times have changed.
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    The local dealer in Fort Myers has 2008 Azeras sitting on the their lot. The MSRP looked about the same as the 2007. I did not have time to look at the options but they were with the Ultimate package.
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    Reference is made to your Dec 21 entry which spoke of Improvements in 08 Azera suspension, i.e., "revalved twin-tube ,gascharged dampers,softer bushings and quieter steering rack"

    Do you mean I can upgrade my 07 suspension under the provisions of TSB - 07-50-007? At whose cost, mine or Hyundai?

    My car (Azera, Limited, Ultimate) was manufactured in April 07 therefore not included in the manufactured period of Feb 07 and earlier. However, I think I feel more bumps than I should be feeling and would like to investigate installing any improvements that can be made. I haven't talked to my service manager about this yet hoping to be armed with max info before I approach the subject of suspension improvement.

    Thanks for taking the time to address this entry.
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    Actually, as of today the '08 Azeras are showing up all over the place. I saw a Limited / Ultimate sitting on the lot of my local dealer this morning. Looking up some of the car finding type sites show '08 Azeras in very limited numbers, mostly in the SouthEast as far as I can tell... Curiously enough, their web-site still has the '07 model shown as 'current'. :shades: The VIN has an '8' in the 10th position, so I'm quite certain it is indeed an '08 model. Checking several other South Carolina dealers, I find two or three in stock at almost every location, although most of them are the non-Limited model.
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    I may be mistaken, but I believe the struts which came on the Azera when introduced in 2005 ( model year 2006 ) ended in part # 040, and were replaced by Hyundai in early 2006 with a strut which ended in part # 041. The 041 struts gave a softer ride, but also produced the " dreaded clunk " on some low speed bumps. Hence the TSB.
    Point being, if you " feel more bumps than I should ", you don't want the # 040 struts which were a bit stiffer - but.... based upon your build date, you may already have the #040 struts.
    IMO, neither of the struts are anything better than " average " or less. We'll see if the 2008 suspension solves what I believe is an annoyance which keeps the car from being darn near perfect.
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    Just got the 2008 brochure from O'Hare in Des Plaines Coming in 2 weeks..
    Still compareing to the BMW?
    I call it a poor mans Lexus. They dropped the 16" wheels, 17" on both models.
    No change in wheel design. They list 4-wheel independent suspension with
    gas-charged hydraulic shocks.
    Changed the MPG to 17 & 26 on the limited was 19 & 28.No kidding.
    Shows dash with GPS system. More toys for little boys.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Member Posts: 1,601 says the MPG estimates change for 2008 and most cars will show a lower rating.
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    RE: 232
    My 06 Azera built in 05 had 040 struts that produced some clunks and bumps.
    After TSB they were replaced with new front struts that were also 040.
    Clunks and bumps have vanished.
    Service manager claims that rep informed him that 040's were re engineered with no new part number applied.
    I'm not sure if the information is correct, but the problem has vanished.
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    New Port Richey, FL Hyundai lists 9 2008's now. One list's for $32095
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    Yes, indeed they are out there, as of this morning, I am driving one... I put the details of my costs and experience in the appropriate thread (pricing and dealer experience) but "They do exist!"... :surprise:

    I went for everything but the navigation system - some dealers are saying that is late availability and they may well be limited in distribution, but there was indeed one on the lot. :shades:

    Guys & gals, I know it's here somewhere, but I can't seem to hunt it down: what bulbs are in the low & high beams? I remember somebody saying "H11a" instead of H7 for both, but I can't find anything of the sort, even from Daniel Stern - although he is looking right now. Has anyone replaced the fog lamps? (i.e. does anyone know what bulbs they use) I can't seem to translate this Korean numbering system into anything that resembles what we American and Euro folks call them... :confuse:
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    The new 2008 shocks cannot be retrofitted to the 2006-7 model. So, while the new suspension may indeed be significantly improved. Us existing owners cannot retroactively benefit.

    Although, for me, I do not have the clunk problem on my 07 (and its within the TSB dates). I am relatively pleased with the suspension as I had test driven the Azera and knew that it is not now and never has been advertised as a sports sedan.
  • rhduke00rhduke00 Member Posts: 129
    Do both windshield wipers clear the back of the hood?

    Does the car bounce or wallow when it goes over a bump? Is there any clunking or thumping?
  • hjc1hjc1 Member Posts: 183
    The passenger side wiper does not clear the hood but that never bothered me.
    My 07 rides great and No clunking or thumping.... This one great road car for long trips. I can drive for 12 hours and feel like stiff board :=)
    I have owned Audi's, Nissan Maxima's, Toyota Solara's , Buicks's, and 15 other assorted car and the Azera is hands down the best car I have ever owned
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    I have been driving my '08 Limited/Ultimate for two days, now - and to say I'm pleased would be an understatement!

    However, I don't like the OEM headlights as many people have noted. Can someone verify that these specs are the same shown in the '07 owners' manual? (I have a feeling that they do not):

    High Beam: P14,5s
    Low Beam: PX26d
    Fog Lamps: PGJ19-1

    Can anyone translate those Korean part numbers into the Hx series numbers that we use here in the US (and Europe)?
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    (talking to myself again - oh, dear...)

    Sorry, forgot to remark that the best I can tell that equates to H7 for low beams, H1 for high beams and H11 for fog lamps - but I can't really find anything I consider authoritarian on the subject. :confuse:
  • rhduke00rhduke00 Member Posts: 129
    I know the 2007's passenger side wiper doesn't clear the hood. I'm curious if it's also true for the 2008.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    I talk to myself all the time - I try not to quit listening, though. ;)
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    The high beam bulb is H7, low beam is an Osram-only (as far as I can tell so far) H11b quick-change special base bulb (and not the bulb listed nor the base shown in the owners' manual. :confuse:

    I guess that's the final arbiter - if you're not certain pull the bulbs and look at them! ;)

    After looking around for several hours, I can't even find an Osram "H11b" bulb/lamp anywhere. Has anyone else seen such a thing (i.e. a Tungsram/Narva "+50" replacement for same?)?? :(
  • cdmuilecdmuile Member Posts: 152
    Google "danielsternlighting".
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    hehe, thanks - but I'm very familiar with Daniel Stern. I used him to upgrade my bulbs in the Infiniti I-35 to Narva Rangepower +50 for fog lamps and Tungsram (sold here in the US as "GE Nighthawk") bulbs for my high beams. ;)

    Unfortunately, he stated that there is no update for the Osram-only H11b - per se. However, his recommendation was that if you really wanted to improve the low-beam performance and I was willing to get in there and do a little whittling to put H9 sockets in place of the OEM (H11b) sockets and use H9/65 watt Narva builbs (which are 2100 candlepower instead of 1300). Being the adventurous type I am, I'll likely do exactly that. :shades:

    He also stated that the only way to know for certain exactly what you've got in an '08 Azera is to physically inspect them, because there are 3 distinctly different combinations being made for US import. :confuse: "Don't ask me why, 'cause I don't know"...
  • beatles2727beatles2727 Member Posts: 2
    I have been waiting 08 model for 3 years....
    There is still no Azera 08s in California.
    When can I buy the new Azera GLS in California??....
  • hjc1hjc1 Member Posts: 183
    How about contacting your local dealers ???
    I'm sure they would love to sell you a 08 when available :=)
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    Don't know, but seems like it shouldn't be long. The reason the '08s sat at the port until New Years' Day was that there were too many SE and GLS models around. The '08 went on sale in mid-September in Canada. They did the same thing last year, "staging" them in different districts (i.e. Southeast, etc.) about a month apart. We have plenty here on the east coast - I can find them at just about any dealer I look at though most have only two cars in stock. With no SE in the '08 lineup, there should be cars everywhere in a couple of weeks I would think.

    Two weeks into mine I'm a happy camper: new (H11b) low beams provide much better coverage, if you don't like them you can always yank them and put in H9 bulbs and sockets. The H7 high beams have a good replacement from OSRAM called a "Ralleye +50" that has 2100 candlepower vice the normal H7's that have 1400 candlepower (which is what I have put in mine - I do a LOT of night driving). Handling and suspension is greatly improved (my aunt owns an '06) and the radio is the bomb (605 watt Logic7 head unit with 12 Infinity speakers all around) except in Limited model. Not certain if that's available in the GLS, but it certainly seems like it should be.

    It is kind of confounding right now trying to price one because all the major sites still have no pricing information, although I've noticed MSN has the packages (this year 4 = Navi; 5 = Ultimate; 6 = Both) but I didn't really look at the GLS options.
  • joe97joe97 Member Posts: 2,248
    Get this person an Azera please :)

    3 years? :wow:
  • richdagrichdag Member Posts: 37
    Hey everyone, I haven't posted here for some time but yesterday I stopped by one of the local dealers and they had the 2008 Azera's, Than I started to look inside to see if there were any fisical different, there were none, BUT WAIT! When I looked inside a pearl white limited they had, What did I see? they had one with a Navigation system in it! I then went to look for my salesmen because the doors were locked. He then told me they had another one on the showroom floor that had everything, yes it was completely loaded, both the Ultimate package and the Nav. Package. I sat and played with it for well over a half hour. OK here are a few details, at first I thought, were is the CD player, I don't see one. Than he showed me, you press a button and the Nav opens up and it's behind it. He than says that you don't get the 6 CD charge with the Nav system only one disc at a time. At first I thought not a big deal I can live with that, the Nav system was just to nice. but than he said, with this system you can play DVD AUDIO. And yes it will play movies too. He showed me the label in front of the slot that says DVD VIDEO and CD-RW. I can put just as much music on one DVD as I can 6 CD's. I thought that was great as there is less moving parts than a CD changer so maybe less problems. OK as far as playing movies, it will of course shut off the minute you put it in drive, but not if you are playing DVD AUDIO's. Just about everything was touch screen. I did not listen to the audio system, I was to interested in the whole operation of the NAV/AUDIO and how everything worked, but it's the same logics system that is in the 2007's, which sounds is just fine for me. He also told me the Bluetooth will be out in about a month or two. and it is standard.

    Rich in FL
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    I test drove a 2008 and compared it to my 2007. Both the service manager and I agreed that they performed about the same over bumpy/rough roads. Mine has the replacement 040 shocks/struts on it.
    Hyundai has referred it for the represntative to call me.
    Anyone looking at any Azera should take it for a one hour drive over high speeds and low speeds and find a rough section of road at high and low speeds.
    BTW, on the Infiniti if you get nav, it has a single CD player, but the system records 3,000 songs from the CD's if you want it to.
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    Bluetooth is a PIO (Port Installed) option, not standard. I have one on order, expect delivery about mid-March.
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Member Posts: 160
    I was at the Houston Auto Show yesterday and they had on display the 08 Azeras. The one I looked had the Nav unit. Although I didn't get a chance to play with the unit, it looked nice there. But the buttons didn't have a same tactile response as other buttons and I felt that the Volume button was a tad too small. The non-nav knobs are bigger and are easy to use when driving. I wish they had kept the big knobs. It would have looked a tad goofy, but would have served the purpose well.

    On a sidenote, I was eager to see the Genesis in person. However, I didn't see one & the when I quizzed the PR person over there, she told me that it would arrive on Wednesday. Apparentlty there are 2 models doing the show rounds; one is in Detroit and another in Dallas. The Dallas unit is the one which is going to be shown in Houston. As much as I want to see Genesis, I'm not going to pay $10 entry fee again to see it. I would wait for it to arrive at the dealer.
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    However the screen would have to be smaller. They may have to redesign it. I have seen the korean version and it has those bigger knobs on the nav. Some of the AV buttons are on the touch screen. Also plays movies in park.

    Genesis nav has bluetooth and voice recognition. The Screen is VGA and anti aliased for sharp clear graphics. Backup camera is a plus. There is an Idrive/MMI like knob that is used to control it and it's easy to use. The voice recognition system is called the Speech dialog system.[email protected]/2226345813/

    This system wont make it to USA.

  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    hmmmmm... That's a little high - well, depending on your negotiation skills. You should be able to bargain a motivated dealer down to about $1200-$1500 less. I paid $27,176 for mine without navi and it has wheel locks and the trunk organizer. OTD price was $27,800. It's still next to impossible to find dealer cost pricing at this point, but as I recall the additional price is less than $500. "I've been known to be wrong before"... :shades:
  • alymacalymac Member Posts: 31
    I'm trying to get on the dreamka4u site to see if they have
    sidemirrors with turn signals and the auto dimming feature
    for my Azera 2006. Any of you folks purchased same from this
    outfit, and if so how did you get to ask then the question of
    availability on their site. ?? Also the turn down feature
    of the mirrors in reverse..what feature does the Azera
    have to have to make this feature work?
    ,Thanks in advance
  • andysamandysam Member Posts: 9
    Could anyone tell me if your Azera beeps when you put the car in drive and start driving with the emergency break still engaged. Maybe it's me but I drove a few times (not for long) with the emergency break on and the car gave me no hints (red light is on but all my previous car beeped vehemently to let me know. I'd appreciate if somebody knows or tries and lets me know. Thanks!
  • 54gradsteds54gradsteds Member Posts: 102
    There just might be a possibility of braking your emergency break that way!
  • cdmuilecdmuile Member Posts: 152
    No there isn't a beep, just the red light. I drove about six blocks when the car was new with the brake on. Something just didn't feel right. Then I noticed the warning light. The dealer checked it damage done.
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Member Posts: 160
    No, unfortunately there's no 'BEEP' sound if your parking brakes are on. I drove the other for a good 3-4 miles with the brakes on & didn't notice anything. However, when I got to about 45-50, the steering wheel started to studder & that's when I knew I had the parking brakes on. I hope I didn't break anything!
  • oskidunker1oskidunker1 Member Posts: 213
    I have done the same thing many times. the parking break was not a foot peddle in my Audi so I am still not used to this after 5 months.
  • beatles2727beatles2727 Member Posts: 2
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