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    I'm with you Sundevil; deliver better gas mileage, better handling, and more important functional features like better headlights, better AC, etc... I also am not impressed with toys for drivers of vehicles. If you want to play with toys, do it in your living room or office, not on the highway at 70+ mph where you may very well kill yourself, or worse, me!

    Someone stated that Bluetooth should be in all vehicles because so many states are requiring hands-free operation of mobile phones. I say that drivers should be mouth-free and concentrate on their driving.!

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    It helps put in the rear light wiring, lightens the body and acts as a crumple zone. After that its covered by the bumper.
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    Using the same logic, one could say that any audio system in a car adds to a distraction. As does speaking with a passenger while driving.
    The long and short of it that buyers of luxury vehicles demand the latest and greatest of "toys".
    You appear to be a uliterian owner who wants to get from A to B at the least expensive cost. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that theory, and that is why base models of many cars are sold.
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    It helps put in the rear light wiring, lightens the body and acts as a crumple zone. After that its covered by the bumper.

    jack_sprat -

    Thanks for the info.

  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076 ai_Veracruz+dash.jpg ai_Veracruz+dash.jpg

    Some veracruz nav pics. That system will be on the azera. The azera system will come in different colors to match the interior. It should come later this year or early next year. Maybe at launch.
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    And rides?

    Especially valuable if you have any experience with the previous model years, too.
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    Any difference between the Canadian version and the US version?
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    RE: 109
    Amazing and disappointing.
    Usually the Canadian models have more features than the US versions.
    Still no Ipod input, navigation ( although postings have indicated that navigation will be available in US)and many other features that Hyundai offers in other models.
    Why not Azera?
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    The main thing holding me back from buying the Azera is the local dealer.

    Not buying until about a year, but have been in to test drive and loved the car. Since have been doing a ton of reading and have put the car over many others I've been considering (G35, TL, Accord, etc.) not only for the price, but the fact that it's probably the best fit for me and my family.

    But the dealership seems extremely shoddy. Went in this morning before 8:00 to get another peek and avoid sales people. Nonetheless, one was there. Like the other I had dealt with, explained that I wasn't buying for a year and only was taking a peek. He became pushy, telling me there were "no" changes in the 2008. Of course, I knew better and brought up things like the navigation and suspension. He then argued again that there would be no new options or changes in 2008. At this time, I turned my back on him and ignored him.

    On the visit I took the test drive, I had to walk by the service entrance and witnessed the service advisor yelling at a customer...I mean literally attacking the customer verbally. After the test drive, I asked how the service was at the dealership and, believe it or not, the guy answered that it sometimes was acceptable. I've never been to a dealership where I wasn't told more to the effect that once I bought the car, they would take care of any problems I had. He even looked nervous when I asked the question.

    I really want the Azera. I probably will buy one. Still, I'm going in feeling that the service might be woeful on warranty issues, 5/10 year warranty or not.
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    I too, have found very few auto salespeople who have taken the time or effort to learn about the products that they are selling. I also find that the Hyundai Service Advisors know very little about the Azera or the features in it.
    It is sad that we must diagnose our own problems prior to bringing the car in for service.
    In the 22 months that I have owned my Azera, the dealership has changed ownership, several Service Managers, and all of the Service Advisors.
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    I purchased my 07 AZERA in Madison, WI and could not be happier with the quality of sales people and service area
    This is my second purchase from Zimbrick. Since buying my XG350 they moved to larger facility (former M.B. dealership) and opened another first class Hyundai dealership on the East Side of Madison. Zimbrick
    Owns several other successful dealerships in the area. These people are real pro’s and know how to take care of there customers
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    Glad to hear that all of the apples in the barrel don't have worms.
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    Has anyone any information as to when the 2008 Azera will begin to arrive? Its been up in the air between the Veracruz and Azera and today we finally decided its gonna be Azera however we want an '08 and it must have the black leather interior. Any word on exterior colors for '08?

  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    I'm relatively certain that they will continue to have black leather available in the Limited version
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    Congratulations, Craig, on your decision. I have a 2007 and could not be happier with the car. Mine is the Sage Green w/ gray interior. I have had two other cars with black leather interiors (Volkswagon and Caddy) and the wife has an Audi A4 that has black leather interior. It gets sooo hot in the summer! I like the looks, but will never buy another car with black leather. Just something to think about.
  • craigmricraigmri Member Posts: 243

    Thanks for your reply. First of all we intend to get the Pearl white exterior(assuming its available for '08) in addition we always tint our windows so I dont expect the interior to be hotter than beige. Besides our car is garaged all day unless the wife is out shopping. The Hyundai beige interior is so light that its impossible to keep clean in our '07 Santa fe.

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    When I was trying to get an Azzy this time last year, I also wanted the Pearl White, with the black interior. One finally came in and my wife and I went to see it. For whatever reason it just didn't appeal to either of us like we thought it would. So, we ended up with a silver, with black interior. Other, than a black/black combo (hard to keep clean), that was my second choice. I STILL love my silver/black combo, and yes, the seats are hot in the summer (this is my first black interior since my 1965 Mustang with the black pony interior). But, cracking the moonroof in the summer, when parked, made it more than doable.

    I am curious as to whether you have seen a white/black combo in person? As I said it really didn't work for us, once we saw it.
  • craigmricraigmri Member Posts: 243

    No we haven't seen the White pearl/black interior combo. In Florida no dealers have any '07s with Black leather(in the Azeras). I spoke with the Hyundai consumer affairs manager today and just learned that the '08s are here at port however are not being shipped to dealers just yet till they get pricing worked out. He is checking for me to determine what exterior colors are available.

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    RE: 118
    I have never seen a white Azera with a black interior.
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    Does anyone know when the Hyundai Azera 2008 will be released?
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    Hey Craig... whatever color combo you choose, the Azzy will be great. Think twice about tinting the rear window... you already have a rear sunshade, and your AM reception may be compromised. Good luck.
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    As for Tinting they have new non metal tint. 3M, Suntek, and Huper optic make Metal free tint that doesn't bother the AM reception.
  • jaymagicjaymagic Member Posts: 309
    Like I said, we almost bought one, but again, it really did not look as good as I thought it would. The grey interior would be okay (beige is best), but the black just did not go with the Pearl White exterior, for us. And, I absolutely love the black interior in my 07 Azzy and I had a 350 XGL in Pearl White (grey interior), and loved the Pearl While look. So, I have had them both, but together -- not for me.
  • harrytddharrytdd Member Posts: 29
    Don't the non-metal tint tend to get discolored with time???
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    I have a pearl white '07 with beige interior, 6,300 happy miles., Stopped by the dealer today and was told that they expect to have a few '08's in stock by the end of November. we are in the NW Suburbs of Chicago.
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    According to a Motor Trend publication picked up at the Tampa Auto Show, November 9th, the 2008 model will lose midlevel SE but GLS and Limited will be expanded. The GLS gains 17 inch alloys and an available Premium Package, while the limited makes the once optional power moonroof and Infinity sound system included features, but turns it faux-wood accent and bright door sill plates as extras. Best Buy: Most will find the recast GLS offers more than enough power and pleasantries, with or without the Premium Package. I questioned the representative present at the show about changes and she verified what was contained in the brochure. I could see no exterior or interior changes in the limited model on the floor. Looked identical to my 2007 Limited inside and outside. The car was drawing more interested persons than most of the cars at the show.
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    Excellent post Gary. Very informative! ;)

    So the actual vehicle you saw was a 2008 model? :confuse:


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    You forgot the Navigation option. It's similar to the one going to be used in the Veracruz. It comes with the Infinity Logic7 audio system. You can get it with or without the Ultimate package. Logic7 audio with subwoofer is now included with the ultimate package. Bluetooth is an available dealer or port installed option. Doesn't integrate with the radio. Made by Johnson Controls. It's based on Blueconnect. No rear view camera but the Genesis gets it. The navigation system gets a touch screen and not a knob. Plays DVD's in park. They may make it available to retrofit if you have the logic7 and XM audio.

    Specs for this system

    Matches the Interior
    Double Din flip down unit (Flips down to reveal the CF and DVD/CD/MP3 slot)
    6.5" Wide Touch Screen Display
    AM/FM/XM/CD/DVD/MP3 support but DVD playback is still unconfirmed.
    8 GB CF (Compact Flash) card for storing the Navteq Map Database
    No Bluetooth or camera option but Genesis should get it.
    Visual and Audio Prompts
    No Voice Recognition but Genesis should get it.
    Will come in different colors to match the interior
    605 watt Infinity Logic7 audio system with Subwoofer
    Tons of POI's
    Address book and more stuff that is navigation related.

    I think this is it for now.
  • garym1jgarym1j Member Posts: 46
    Thanks for the additional information. It would be nice if one my (have two) local dealers could retrofit new nav system in my 2007. I'll let the dust settle and ask after the first of the year.
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    RE: 131
    I can't believe that they are adding a navigation option and not integrating Bluetooth that doesn't silence audio system, as well as a back up camera. You did not mention if it has Ipod input, but based on other non existing features, probably not.
    They have had so many additional features in their Korean market version since it's inception that they could have added to the US model without any additional engineering or research costs, and have apparently made the decision that they are not appropriate for our market.
    To me this indicates that they have abandoned the US Azera, and are concentrating on other models. A true dissapointment.
  • dborthdborth Member Posts: 474
    RE 131: To me this indicates that they have abandoned the US Azera, and are concentrating on other models. A true dissapointment

    Hyundai needs a US "Azera Answer Man" (or woman).

    What are they hiding? What did they know, and when did they know it? :confuse:
  • derrelhgreenderrelhgreen Member Posts: 234

    What's with all the negatives? :confuse:

    Let's wait and see what we receive.

    Doesn't Hyundai have to hold something back from the Azera to put in the Genesis? :confuse:

  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE: 136
    The Azera and Genesis are two completely different cars
    Azera, front wheel drive with 6 cyl V6
    Genesis, rear wheel drive, selling power plant is V8.
    Azera was marketed as "Flag Ship" model.
    As far as holding back new features because of Genesis, I feel is poor decision.
    Other existing Hyundai non "flag ship" models have the features that I am talking about.
    The Korean Azera has had these features since the introduction in 06.
    Azera models sold in the mid east also have these features.
    Not all current Azera owners wish to make the change to a rear wheel drive, high powered model.
  • derrelhgreenderrelhgreen Member Posts: 234

    Gary D.

    Do you recall if the new Azera that you saw was a 2007 or a 2008? :confuse:

    Did it per chance have the Manroney? If not, did you observe the V I N ?

  • dborthdborth Member Posts: 474
    Why not offer everything in BOTH?
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    Of course!
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    Veracruz and Santa Fe are getting the same crippled navigation system. No bluetooth or backup camera.
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    Maybe in the facelift. The sonata is getting USB/Aux in. The facelift will be next year for korea and 2010 model year in the USA or 2009 for both. The Facelift should offer maybe factory installed bluetooth and aux in. USB port would be nice for ipod with a special cable.
  • pahefner01pahefner01 Member Posts: 202
    Re: What's New on 2008 Azera

    I'm perfectly happy with the features on my 2006 Azera. I have my own Garmin Nuvi 660 with Bluetooth that mutes the radio and works through the speakers. I paid significantly less than I would have for a GPS mounted in the car.
    Perhaps Hyundai is simply trying to keep the price attractive. We get most of the luxury at a far cheaper price.
    I never knew I wanted heated seats until I got them on my Jeep Cherokee Limited.
    I suppose there are cars on the market that have every feature but how much do they sell for and how reliable are they?
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE: 143
    Flagship models should have all features available.
    Manufactures offer different level packages so that buyers with different needs and desires can select.
    If one were to worry about how reliable the options are, perhaps they should question the reliability of the entire car.
    Why would you worry more about a built in navigation system, or other feature, than a built in audio system or power seats?
    The "toys" not only sell very well, but represent more profit to the manufacturer and dealer.
  • garym1jgarym1j Member Posts: 46

    Do you recall if the new Azera that you saw was a 2007 or a 2008? I am not 100% sure but the Hyundai representative present said it was a 2008.

    Did it per chance have the Manroney? I don't know what "manroney" means.

    If not, did you observe the V I N ? No, I did not.
  • colloquorcolloquor Member Posts: 482
    It's not "Manroney," rather it is "Monroney" . . . it's the sticker from manufacturer required by federal law that's on a side window of all new vehicles. In the industry, it's simply called the Monroney sticker, because the congressman who wrote the bill - that was later passed into law - was named Mike Monroney. See this link:
  • derrelhgreenderrelhgreen Member Posts: 234
    Re: #s 145 and 146


    Here, after I went to all the trouble to look up the correct spelling and read about him in a search, I go and commit a typo. :cry: I knew how to say his name and went to find out the correct spelling, and then blew it! Please excuse me.

    See also:

  • keitha3keitha3 Member Posts: 124
    Well, I saw the 2008 at the Sacramento Auto Expo today. At least, that's what the big sign in front of it said. It had no window sticker, as I suppose it's not for sale at this time. Could have test driven one, but didn't have the time and the test track Hyundai had set up didn't look like much.

    I have only test driven the Azera and don't own one, so I wasn't able to really notice any differences between the new and old. I did check out the front cup holders and they're the same. The model on the floor did not have navigation.

    I did speak with the Hyundai rep and brought up what I'd been reading at the boards here regarding the two major complaints I have heard: the suspension and dealer service. She said this is the first she heard about any service advisories or problems with the suspension. She also said that, as far as she knew, there have been no modifications to the 2008 Azera's suspension.

    With regards to dealer service quality, she said Hyundai was pretty much the same as all of them and "I've represented several car manufacturers."

    In other words, you here at the forums know or at least are willing to address more of what's going on with Hyundai than their rep was. She was all smiles, but deflected questions regarding my major concerns.

    Still, I like the Azera and it is on my current three finalists list for my new car in the upcoming year.
  • derrelhgreenderrelhgreen Member Posts: 234
    "I saw the 2008 at the Sacramento Auto Expo today. At least, that's what the big sign in front of it said. It had no window sticker, as I suppose it's not for sale
    at this time. Could have test driven one, but didn't have the time and
    the test track Hyundai had set up didn't look like much."


    Wish I had known that there was such a 'happening' going on!

    Wonder if there will be an "Auto Expo" down here in SoCal?

    Next time you see any vehicle and there is no Monroney, check out the VIN. ;)

    You will want to observe the eighth character back from the end. Is it a "7" or an "8?" :confuse:

    We don't need no stinking Monroney to tell us the MY!

  • dborthdborth Member Posts: 474
    Re 148: "I did speak with the Hyundai rep and brought up what I'd been reading at the boards here regarding the two major complaints I have heard: the suspension and dealer service. She said this is the first she heard about any service advisories or problems with the suspension. She also said that, as far as she knew, there have been no modifications to the 2008 Azera's suspension".

    I don't think any of us will be surprised by the rep's responses.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE: 150
    If the person with whom you spoke was actually a Hyundai rep , she obviously was a sales or marketing rep. and not a technical representative. It appears that her comment to you regarding the "new" suspension system contradicts the advertising of the company.
  • keitha3keitha3 Member Posts: 124
    Yep, I told her that Hyundai had been indicating otherwise, but she seemed surprised. Honestly, to me personally, that is the number one desire on the '08's. I already have a portable GPS with bluetooth capability, but the hopes of clearing up the suspension problems is going to be a huge factor as to whether the Azera ends up in my garage.
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    Actually, the auto and insurance industries both identify the model year digit as the 10th digit (this of course starts the reading from left to right, as is the English language norm).
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