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Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance and Repair



  • Seems we hear lots of lemon stories here, but that's because nobody posts "I love my car and have have little (or no) problems".

    (BTW, I love my Jetta, and have had no problems.)

    newcar31, do you go to all the boards and post negative crap about cars you never owned like you do with the Jetta? I know you're disappointed you're driving rice instead of a car with personality, but stick to the Mazda board. See, as much as it would make you feel better, the fact is that most VWs are great cars. Very few are lemons. Mazda makes lemons too! In fact, you'll have to look long and hard before you find a group of owners as passionate, loyal and fanatical as VW owners. Theres a reason for that. These cars are well engineered, stylish, and a blast to drive.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    If you read my post I wasn't ragging on VWs. I was ragging on Flaca for calling that guy picky. As I said, EVERY new car owner is entitled to a rattle free car and calling someone picky because they complain about it is, well...weak. If the only thing that consitutes a problem is the motor dying or the motor blowing up on a new car (According to Flaca), well then, you are not being picky enough because its 2001, not 1955. For the 118th time, I know that other companies make lemons too, it just so happens that VW makes a good share of them compared to some other companies. If you guys and gals are willing to go out and buy them despite this, all I can say is that they must be really, really, fun to drive. I like my "RICE" burner and I like your "KRAUT" or "BURRITO" burners too except for the quality issues and I'll leave it at that.
  • flacaflaca Posts: 168
    Look, I don't like rattles either!!!! But, I am more scared of a car leaving me stranded somewhere alone. My volvo left me stranded MANY times and it wasn't a nice experience. That is all I was referring to. Right now I have no rattles but if one occurs in the future and it can't be fixed - I'll just blast the monsoon on high. Peace to all.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    This goes for my Mazda too. You can be sure that if I get some rattles or that if I have some quality issues I am going to do whatever it takes to get them fixed. If I have to go to the dealer 3 times to resolve the problem, you can be sure that I will raise hell.
  • I just took in my 2000 Jetta GLX because the gears were grinding when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear at 2800 RPM. After having to demonstrate the problem myself because the mechanic couldn't make it happen, the service manager did some research and told me that VW is in the process of making a replacement 2nd gear syncho to fix the problem but he doesn't know yet when it will be available.

    Anyone know anything about this replacement part and when it might be released?

    Other than the gear issue, i've been very happy with the car. This problem did not start happening until I had the car about 9 months. I have less than 9000 miles on the car.
  • k_h_bk_h_b Posts: 54
    I've very very pleased with my jetta after 11,000 miles , posted about my experiences in the main jetta board. Luv it :]
  • romano1romano1 Posts: 1
    2000 Jetta TDI 35000 kms
    Previous vehicles: 87 Toyota Corolla, 93 Nissan
    Hardbody and 98 Mazda B3000.
    I've been back to the vw dealership for scheduled servicing... and grease spot on the interior sunroof panel, driver's door adjustment,loose floor vent cover and broken rear seat catch device.
    All repaired to my satisfaction. Slamming the rear seat into its upright lock position probably did the catch device in. I keep the catch device lifted now until I have the seat positioned upright and then release the "catch".
    After a year and a half I put my Jetta behind that unbeatable Nissan in reliability during a comparable period of time, well ahead of that Mazda and sharing the middle with the Toyota.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    was a FORD RANGER.
  • ewhipewhip Posts: 6
    My intentions here are simply to report the maintnance issues I've had in the last 14 months with my 2000 Jetta 1.8T. Infer from them what you will - I do like the car and am a VW fan....
    day 2: Turbo out 2days at shop warranty
    month 3: bad wiring harness 2 days at shop warnty
    month 4: Cd player bad 1 day at shop warranty
    month 6: plastic rails break off of seat rails
    have not addressed this issue
    month 8: drivers side seat height adjuster begins
    to fail. Have not addressed.
    month 12: clogged buypass valve in exhaust
    2 days in shop NOT under warranty
    due to mileage $200
    month 12: all four tires down to tread wear
    indicators (30K miles) $500
  • bluejettabluejetta Posts: 272
    Okay. Here's my list:

    Third brake light dimmer than normal. Replaced at 5K service.

    That's it.

  • smitpatsmitpat Posts: 13
    Okay here's my list:

    -Window went halfway up and back down again with one-touch. Dealer told me to get it right in so they could replace the regulator before the window crashed down. They smoothed out some weatherstripping while it was in. Same day delivery under warranty. Me happy with dealer.
  • mellismellis Posts: 150
    Here's my list:

    Occasional rattle in sunroof cover.

    That's it.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,570
    30K on tires shouldn't be on your complaint list...that's normal wear, or at least within the normal range.

    I think Jettas ARE a lot more fun to drive than most Japanese cars, and personally, I would put up with a few warranty glitches in order to have the driving qualities of a German car. But I can understand totally if some people are not willing to make this type of trade-off.

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  • flacaflaca Posts: 168
    my 97 camry had to have it's first set of tires changed at 18K. Now, that's bad. Two more sets within 46K.
  • fuzzofuzzo Posts: 88
    Hi All,
    I have been skimming some of the posts in here for a friend who is interested in buying a Jetta.

    I am not too familiar with the Jetta but is 2000 when the new body style came out. The reason I am asking this is because I have noticed a trend in german cars. They tend to have a lot more bugs in their first year than Japanese cars.

    Are most of these problems covered that people are having covered by the warranty? and how long is the warranty for

    Please excuse my ignorance in this.....
  • bluejettabluejetta Posts: 272
    The new styling actually came out very late in the 1999 car year. I don't know exactly what month. Bug and glitches are pretty much the norm for any new model. Consumer-type publications always tell you to stay away from the first year of any new model.

  • ewhipewhip Posts: 6
    Please note that my post stated that I like my Jetta and that I am a VW fan. It was a listing of maintenance issues for people's information and comparison with their current vehicles. It is not a "complaint list." Thanks. Have a good day. Happy VW Driving.....
  • bluejettabluejetta Posts: 272
    No problem ewhip and I did notice your comment in your original post that you were not posting a complaint list. It's just that there's some non VW owners in here as of late slamming Jettas and their 'problems' and they don't even own one. Weird.

    So, it just serves notice that not every single Jetta owner gets to know their service department on a first name basis due to warranty issues.
  • ewhipewhip Posts: 6
    Yep, still love my Jetta anyway - the guys at the CARWASH and I are on a first name basis!! 8^)
  • bluejettabluejetta Posts: 272
    As it should be, ewhip. As it should be. :))
  • yettibuttyettibutt Posts: 98
    Can someone please help me, I have a 2000 Jetta GL with 30K miles on it. The tires started becoming VERY loud on the highway a while back and I did'nt think much of it. I took it in today for 30K service and had the dealer look at them. From what I have read (and spoke to a Goodyear Rep on the phone), the tires (Eagle LS) on this car can wear irregular and cause this noise. I have rotated them every 10K since we bought it new. The dealer says my tires are worn on the inside or "cupped" severely and that the recall tires wore in the center of the tread. Obviously, I think this is total horse poop. Does anyone here have this problem and if so, did your tires wear on the center of the tread or the inside??? I am writing Goodyear a nastygram as well as the dealer. I am tempted to have a 4 wheel alignment done, if it comes up bad, well Ill eat a new set of tires, but, if it comes out within spec, Im want some new tires! Please help with your responses! Email me at if you want.

  • bluejettabluejetta Posts: 272
    Have your dealer show you the TSB on the Goodyears because I am pretty sure that the recall was concerning inner tire wear and cupping: Exactly as you describe your tires.

  • It's odd to me that some of the Jetta owners are attacking people who state their troubles they've had with their Jetta. If you noticed the title of this message board, its called VW PROBLEMS!! If you want to brag about your car, GREAT!I didn't come to this site to read how great the car looks...I KNOW it's appealing to the eyes! I don't own one yet...and am considering buying one and frankly, I'm pleased with the honesty in all of these testimonials. I've visited the board with the good comments too...but it's the BAD things about the car that will, overall, help me make my final choice. I'm interested in how much money it will cost me in the long run to maintain my investment after the warrenty expires. It bothers me that my 10/100 warrenty covers NONE of these problems discussed here. How convenient for the VW dealers! The Jetta is a beautiful car...and believe me I drool with envy when one drives by me. I can spot one coming a mile away!!! Unfortunatly, these "minor" problems are too rich for me and my checkbook. I spoke to a former VW dealer yesterday, and he told me good and bad about the two cars I'm considering. I hadn't been to this site yet....and he mentioned that the electical problems will drain me with the Jetta. I think that "falling window" problem falls in that catagory. (no pun inteneded) And, a co-worker of my husbands bought a 99 Jetta a few months ago and his has been in the shop guessed it..electical troubles. I'm still researching ...and still love the Jetta...but I'm leaning towards the other choice. I'm sure I'll get tons of negative feed-back on this post from a Jetta lover..and sorry if it offends you that people with troubles post on the PROBLEM board...but to you who do post here...THANKS for the help!!!!
  • The 2002 models will have a 4y/50000m B-2-B; & the powertrain will have a 5y/60000m warranty. Maintenance for free during B2B will be dropped. As far as an '01 model if u decide, then enjoy the 10/100K and extend the 2/24 for B2B piece of mind. I just purchased VW masterguard Platinum ext warr on my 01 1.8T GLS for 5y/72K miles. This covers the whole period of time that I make payments. I have 6500 miles now with no complaints. Any minor concerns were handled @ my 5K mile service...
  • Thanks for the imput BalticJetta!! I'll keep it in mind! I'm just dreading the whole "car buying ordeal" any dealership!!
  • bluejettabluejetta Posts: 272
    When you go to buy your car, go armed with data and prices from sites such as Edmunds. Go there and you tell them what you are going to pay for a car. Go there pre-approved and then there's no room for BS and you should be able to complete the purchase and be off the lot in less than 90 minutes. That's what I did. Works like a charm.

    Try buying on the Net too. Keeps you out of that showroom atmosphere and in your own environment. With all the tools we now have available, there is no reason that you cannot buy any car at your price in less than 90 minutes.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    For those considering purchase of Jetta or other VW.
    The warranty for 2002 will be 4yr/50K miles b2b and 5yr/60K powertrain. No free maintenance.
    People concerned about the small items should like the new warranty.
  • sprouty1sprouty1 Posts: 9
    I have a 2001 GLX VR6 and when I just took it in for the 5K service I saw the pamphlet on the Platinum extended warrantee plan. It's appealing to me because it is offered by VW and not some aftermarket company. Could you tell us what it cost you if you don't mind? Was the price negotiable? Thanks!
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    Prices are always negotiable at the dealer
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