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2008 Toyota Camry



  • mrdoonmrdoon Posts: 9
    I just bought an 08 Camry SE and I have experienced the problem that you describe when climbing hills or even moderately high overpasses. I have the 5 speed automatic so I just shift from D to 4 before I begin climbing. While this cause the engine to run at a higher RPM, at least I am able to maintain my speed without the annoying downshifting.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Cruise control downshifting when climbing hills is to be expected, and will happen with every car. This downshifting problem would occur on roads where you wouldn't expect it to need to downshift. Prior to the TSB, it would downshift radically at even the slightest of pitches on an Interstate. I had one stretch of road (I think it's about 7 miles long), where it used to downshift about 20 times. None of my other vehicles would ever downshift, and now after the TSB applied the Camry doesn't downshift once.
  • mrdoonmrdoon Posts: 9
    I guess my frustration is twofold - first, I live in Florida so I would rarely expect it to downshift as it's pretty flat here. Second, I just replaced a 1998 Altima that never downshifted while the cruise control was on. With that said, I rent a lot of cars for work and the Camry's performance is typical of most of the mid-size (and smaller) cars that I have driven in the last 3-4 years.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Well, one thing to keep in mind is the '98 Altima had a 4-speed transmission. The Camry has a 5-speed, and the top gear is pretty "tall," meaning that the car will have to downshift into 4th for relatively small upgrades.

    More gears = more shifts, but greater fuel efficiency, at least in theory.
  • mrdoonmrdoon Posts: 9
    Don't get me wrong, I am pleased with the overall performance of my Camry and have found a way to deal with this minor annoyance.
  • My 2008 SE V6 Camry will not allow me to maintain a constant internal air circulation. After pushing the button in for internal air circulation the indicator light comes on for internal air. However, after a short time period the light goes out and I’m getting outside air. This is an issue because I allergies to a lot of different pollens. Is there something wrong or is there a sensor changing this setting automatically?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If you do not have the A/C on/enabled many new cars will revert to fresh mode within a minute or two. In recirculate mode there is too much danger of the passenger cabin atmosphere's dewpoint getting to the point wherein the interior surface of the windshield (windows...) will fog over, sometimes VERY quickly or suddenly.

    This is moreso of an issue/problem with vehicles of asian or US manufacture that use the seriously FLAWED NipponDenso or Denso US climate control designs. Most vehicles of european manufacture use the Bosch design. Those and some US vehicles that do not yet use the Denso design are not as much prone to this problem.

    Human metabolism, breathing/perpiration, continually adds moisture to the "local" atmosphere and if there is no fresh air inlet, or "free" exhaust outlet, the Rh (relative humidity) could climb to the point of windshield fogging, especially during the winter months.

    Today's cars are too well sealed against "conditioned" air escaping and the A/C therefore having to work harder resulting in lower FE.

    This is an extraodinary problem for the Denso designs in that due to a unique patent they have, and insist on using, they do not have a method, cannot use a method, wherein windshield fogging can be quickly overcome.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Also your car has a pollen filter anyway, so it really shouldn't matter if the air is recirculated or not. Just make sure the filter is changed on schedule, or even more frequently!
  • I have the same problem with my 2007 Camry. At 800 miles I replaced my wheels at Discount Tire. I had vibration pronlem prior to it. I thought since I was going to get the wheels changed, it would be gone. Discount Tire store tried four times to fix it, but they could not. So I drove until 5000 miles. When I had the service done, I told about this vibration around 65 mph. I was told that it was fixed. But, right after I left the service I experienced vibration again. I scheduled another service. This time it seems better. However, I still experience vibration around 70. What do you think I should do? Has your car been fixed yet?

  • bobveebobvee Posts: 17
    After 2 trips to the dealer, the wheel vibration problem has been reduced somewhat, however I am still not satisfied. I am trying to get the dealer to do a dynamic road test using a dynamometer stand with rollers. As I drive the car over 75MPH (yes - I realize that is over legal speed limits), the vibration gets more pronounced. My concern is that the problem may not be the wheel/tires but perhaps a drivetrain issue.

    WWEST: appreciate your input/thoughts on this issue.

    Thanks - bobvee
  • Wow!!! What an answer. So, the bottom line is...It works the way it was design to work? I guess I'll have to live with it. Thanks for the reply wwest. :surprise:
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I don't have much to add except you should keep in mind, remind the dealer, that the front drive halfshafts and their CV joints can be slightly unbalanced or maybe even defective and thereby be a cause of wheel vibration.
  • Anybody have experience with both SE & LE. I'm leaning more towards SE because it comes with stability control bundled with it. Also, is it possible to fit a full-size spare in the well (to replace the temp. tire?

    What are the key things lacking in the SE that make the LE more popular?

    Personally, I wanna get the V6 but reliability ratings scare me. Is it really that big of a deal if I go for a 2008 model, or would a 4 cyl be a safer bet. Please 'enlighten'
  • bobveebobvee Posts: 17
    WWEST: Thanks for your comments.

  • Hi,

    Just got new LE (4cyl). What do you recommend for the fuel? Premium or regular? The manual said OK to use regular but would like to hear from you guys.

    Thanks in advance.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    20K+ of regular fuel (all types)...runs perfect
  • For years, I had many similar issues with tires, vibrations, etc.
    Dealer to dealer, shop to shop.
    When it was always over, I was told several things.

    1> Our equipment can only high speed balance up to 65 MPH

    2> The legal speed limit is 65MPH, so we have only the obligation to make sure the issue does not occur with the legal limits, not over.

    I 'tried' to counter many dealers, telling them I travelled cross country, and in Montana, the limit was 85MPH or even non-existent.

    When it worked, I got my way, when it didn't, I had another coronary.

    Just a FYI........
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Regular is perfectly fine for the 4-cylinder.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I'd say go for it. If you want the v6 get the v6. No car in the world is perfect that I know of. I'll talk with my master tech tomorrow (again) and see what's going on with the 08's/

  • Radman, I think this is common on Toyota's with Auto Climate Control but I don't think the Camry SE's have that.
    On my 4Runner I have to keep it in manual mode to prevent it from having a mind of it's own and switching the recirc off.
  • Hello. I was wondering if any of you know if the 6 speed transmission flare has been fixed?? I have been seeing many posts here & elsewhere. Seems that some 2008 models still have the problem.

    Interstingly, I have read how the V6 Camry has been dropped in ratings from Consumer Reports due to the number of transmission complaints. The irony in this is that the Lexus ES350 is still recommended and yet has the same transmission. I have found posts @ whereby people are compaining about [non-permissible content removed] flare. Not sure why the Camry gets spanked while the ES 350 does not..... :confuse:

    Any light that you guys can shed would be great. My friend has a late 2007 V6 model and has had no trouble. It seems that 25% of V6 owners are complaining. Wonder if driver habit has anythign to do with the shift flare by learning ones driving style and programming shift points in the ECM.
  • FYI:- Today I was at the dealer getting an OIL change done for my old camry. I was sitting in the waiting room next to a gentleman who was getting his 07 V6 serviced. I raised the same issue. He said that he had verified with many at Toyota manufacturer/dealer that the RPM movement was not really a problem but still he said that the car's shifting was a nightmare on an uneven highway. And he had gone through a transmission replacement.

    It seems to me that this 25%, 75% logic doesn't hold because there are people who fail to catch this erratic RPM behavior and there are some who are very quality conscious especially if they've driven a previous gen. camry.
  • I was at the dealer today and I saw a LIMITED EDITION Camry. It had contrast leather seats and a rear DVD Entertainment System with a swivel screen. The car looked really nice from the inside. The interior looked little bit different than a regular v6 Camry XLE.
  • bobveebobvee Posts: 17
    I have an 08 Camry SE with the V6 engine. Have close to 3000 miles on it and no transmission problems whatsoever. So far I'm pleased with the transmission/engine operation. BTW: the V6 is a very powerful engine and results in a very fast accelerating car.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Camry vs ES350 disparity...

    Might have something to do with the ratio of Camrys sold vs ES350 and the fact that the Lexus dealers might be more willing (higher profit margins) to step up and fix problems.
  • Thanks wwest. I have seen your name throughout many posts and you seem to following Toyota / Lexus diligently. What is your take with the new 6 speed auto? Do you think Toyota is through the mud yet with the shifting issues???
    I have been thinking of buying a V6 Camry or maybe spoiling myself with an ES350, but given the heartburn that some have gone through in these posts, I can't quite build the confidence to buy one. Some posts at other forums make you wonder if someone is being honest about the car from personal experience or if they are merely smearing / slandering a model for unilateral gratification. I love how Toyotas look, feel, and how they fit my body. But not enough to go through major problems and headaches. Thank you in advance for your time. I look forward to your response and any direction you could give.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    After the customers have had to endure the issue of 1-2 second downshift delay/hesitation I am really surprised that now we have the issue of upshift "flare". I can't imagine how Toyota/lexus could get off track so thoroughly and so quickly.

    I'm at a total loss as to what to suggest as an alternative.

    Meanwhile I plan to keep my '01 AWD RX300 until things sort of settle down.
  • How can we disable the beeping sound when lock/or unlock the doors?

    Thank you
  • Does anyone know of an aftermarket product that I can buy to protect the skirting on the front of car? It sits so low and has an issue when parking head in with a curb. I'll go broke on touchup paint if not!
  • bobveebobvee Posts: 17
    I have the same problem on my 08 SE. Last week ii parked in a spot with a high curb and scratched by left front skirt. Luckily it is not too bad - can be polished out. I don't know of any aftermarket product such as a skirt bra, but I do some research. Hope other readers can give us advise. Perhaps TRD (Toyota Racing Department)??
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