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    i want to know how you figured out the 3sec trick.
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    It was posted on another web site. A person's dealer told them how to do it.
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    My wife and I just test-drove a 2008 Camry Hybrid, and we were both surprised on how easily the car bottomed out. We are both used to driving an old Corolla which has even less road clearance, and rarely bottoms out.

    Is the added weight of the batteries something that causes the car to be more susceptible to bottoming out? Have other drivers found a way out of this dilemma? When a car bottoms out coming up a driveway, can this damage the car?

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    Its those extra chocolates the wifes not been telling you about.

    And yes, it will lead to damage. Try slowing down a little, if it still bottoms, take it at an angle....Good luck

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    LOL :) - my wife is pretty hot so it would take quite a few chocolates. Just worried what happens when the 3 kids + luggage is in the car. :sick:

    My sister in law has a prius also bottoms out (and she's my wife's sister- 'nough said)

    I'm wondering if stiffer struts or something can help fix the problem? Or some underbody bar can help protect the car?
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    Dang... she's hot?.... send me a pic, lol..... On a serious note, i have an 03 camry, they seem to sit a lil lower in general, and i have noticed they do bottom out a bit, but im not sure if there's a cure or not. I'll tell you one thing, i sure am enjoying it, ive taken several long distant trips on it trying different mph..60..65..70..75..80..etc.. and get between 31 and 40 mpg consistantly


    p.s. I like to hear men praise thier wives.... when you got a hot one, why not...mine is drop dead gorgeous as well.
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    So is mine,. :blush:
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    Can some tell the best price I should offer for 2008 SE Camry.
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    Use Edmund's TMV.
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    toyota will confirm that seat is not factory by the vin #, dealer will tell you it is factory and was installed "at port" and is factory. Buyer beware, i learned the hard way. Bought from Hendrick Auto group and that was their stance :(
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    I just purhase a new 08 Camry SE. I am not sure if it has the roadside assistance comes with it. I can't find anything about roadside assistance in the user's manual either. Does anyone know. How about the extended warranty (ECP)? Does it comes with roadside assistance too?
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    Toyota US dealers are prohibited from selling new vehicles to Canadians. Pre-owned ok.
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    From the description it seems like you have an aftermarket seat. Toyota does not put the heated switch buttons on the seats themselves. They are usually in the center console or dash.
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    You may want to also try going through CarsDirect. You may be able to get the vehicle at invoice or better going through the internet department. I'm currently looking at either a 08 Camry LE or a 08 Altima 2.5 S or SL. I've received quotes at invoice and both cars also have a rebate good til the end of the month. Also, I helped my mother and a friend of mine buy theirs for invoice as well through CarsDirect. Hope this helps, good luck.
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    Toyota doesn't offer roadside assistance. Your dealer might offer it as part of a package that includes oil changes, state inspections, etc. This is done by individual dealers and not every dealer offers freebies like that. An extended warranty may cover roadside assistance. Look it up on your contract or contact the dealership to find out.
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    I have a 08 Camry and in the 30-45 mph ranges the vehicle may vibrate--do not know if may be related to the transy deciding to shift or what---its a 4 cylinder LE?????
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    See if the engine is lugging. Note what the engine RPM is, and if city driving try running in 4th as opposed to letting it upshift to overdrive.
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    Is it OK to drive in town using the D-4 shifter mode-I-tried that and it appears to help--do not know if this is all related to what I have read about Toyota transmissions--I had a 02 Camry 4 and it was no problem with the 4 speed automatic--it was a fine vehicle--Thanks----------
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    Just let the gearshift in D (lever to the right) and keep it there. Moving it to the left will put you in 4th gear and never engage the overdrive gear which will cost you in fuel economy. Your salesperson should have explained it to you.
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    Mack--Thanks--another words do not drive around in D4---Mack--is that vibration in the 30-45 range due to the nature of this transmission or my driving habits??How can I improve this matter by changing my driving habits?Also at what speed does this 5 speed automatic go into 5th gear? I appreciate your input--Thanks again.
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    Mack--any more thoughts to my last question--I appreciate any of your thoughts and info----------
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    If you are driving local speeds, driving in 4 is fine. Speed limit on local roads is 45mph, very reasonable rpm's.

    The other alternative, is just leave it in D and drive a little bit more aggressively to keep from lugging the engine with too low rpms when it moves to 5th gear.
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    At what speed does the vehicle shift into the 5th gear when in D?
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    I have no idea but you can tell by looking at the tachometer. Every time it shifts you will see the rpm go up then down.
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    Just watch the tach as Mack indicates. Neither my wife nor I had this problem, but my daughter is extremely gingerly with the throttle and I noticed it when riding with her. She doesn't normally even drive the speed limit on the local roads, she'll make a great old lady some day.

    Just watch the tach to count what gear you are in, and I think if you have this lugging you'll find the engine rpm's very low like around 1Kish rpms in 5th. It's been a while since I've even noticed this, but I think putting it in 4th adds about 500 or less rpm at that speed.
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    The shift pattern is only dependent on road "speed" at near WOT or WOT, and that's primarily to keep the engine from over-revving. Otherwise engine load, loading, is the primary factor controlling ALL shift points.

    If the engine has enough power (no knock/ping due to lugging) to move you forward at 10MPH in 5th gear then in 5th gear it will be.
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    I just picked up my 08 Camry XLE V6, The first thing I noticed was the door handle did not have that annoying sharp edge, it's been improved, the dash also looks better and fits and sounds better, I had an 07 that was riddled with problems, So far I am impressed with the car. I did not notice any annoying shift patterns and it worked just fine so far. The wood grain trim is darker and more tasteful..

    Toyota what were you thinking?? That pukey yellow coloured wood grain really (07). The designers need to work with real people and see what they like, and beige interiors are boring can't they come up with something else?
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    I am new to auto language--what is WOT? Thanks for the info-------
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    wide open throttle

    Welcome to CarSpace!! :)
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    If I read these posts right it is my driving style--not giving the car enough gas causing vibration rather than the transmission---I guess the next question is why put in a 5 speed automatic in newer Camrys when the 4 speed automatic in my former 02 Camry had worked just fine--same gas mileage, better smoother shifting etc.??? Thanks for your input..
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    Just keep giving the car gas from what you say will help--any comment on my post of 2-16 on why go to a 5 speed auto from a 4 speed when the 4 speed was just fine--now I see some cars are 6 speed automatics--just more stuff to go bad????? I appreciate reading all your responses--------------
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    With the advent of CVT's Continously Variable Transmissions, it has become obvious that more gear ratios can/should mean improved FE. The new 6 speeds often have 8 or even 90 forward gear ratios using the lockup clutch in other than OD.

    With a "strong" V6 it is not at all unusual these days to have both of the top two gears be OD ratios.

    The idea, for best FE, is to keep the engine at the lowest possible RPM at which it can just barely produce enough power to move the car along smoothly at any speed you happen to want to "cruise".

    On the other hand if you choose to accelerate "briskly" then the transmission needs to be able to put you well up into the engine's torque range, again, at any speed.
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    Another question--What advantage is the DRIVE BY WIRE system on the 08 Camry compared to the 02 Camry--many thanks-----
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    The '02 Camry also had drive-by-wire, as do most cars nowadays. This means the throttle is fully electronic, with no cables or mechanical linkages to bind or break.

    I have to agree with you to a certain extent about the 4-speed vs. 5-speed automatics, because I have one of each ('04 and '05, both 4-cylinders). The 5-speed can get annoying in city driving, with too-early upshifts into 5th in which the engine appears to "bog down" or lug. If I'm going 40 mph or below, and there are inclines, I will often just lock out 5th. On my 4-speed, I don't have to do this.

    Interestingly, the 4-speed consistently gets better mpg on long highway trips than the 5-speed -- this makes no sense to me, but that's the way it is.
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    DBW eliminates the idle control valve and bypass port, the cruise control servo, and allows dethrotting with TC, Traction Control, rather than fuel starvation via injectors.

    The latest thing seems to be the engine/transaxle ECU "watching" the rate at which you release the gas pedal in order to determine, hopefully, your intent. Fast release, no shift (remain in low(er) gear ratio for engine compression braking), slow release, upshift to enter cruise mode.
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    Good post---I guess my concern is if you change something make sure it is much better--not just to make a change--do you think the CVT is the transmission of the future? I drove one--very smooth--any downside????Also on various message boards on vehicles it appears many people have negative comments on the Camry transmission shifting etc. Just hope it does not affect resale value in the future. We will see what the April issue of Consumer Report says of the 07-08.
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    Thanks. It looks like the CVT is falling out of favor for many manufacturers, except for Nissan, which is using CVTs in many of its models, and of course, for gas-electric hybrids like the Toyota Prius and Camry Hybrid.

    More gears in theory will give you better fuel economy. But one problem I've read with CVTs is that they tend to make the engine stay at high revs in many situations, which makes them objectionable to some people because of more noise.

    The Camry with the numerous transmission complaints is the 6-speed unit in the Camry V6. The 5-speed auto in the 4-cylinder model has been much less problematic, and I'm not aware of any significant complaints with the CVT in either the Prius or Camry Hybrid.
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    ...2 days ago. Any suggestions...tips...gulp...warnings? My wife and I just replaced our 10 year old Accord (without power-anything) with the Camry...so we are a little late on the technology other folks take for granted...

    So far, it is as good as what people tell us about Camry's...although my family bought a lemon of a Camry about 15 years ago and since then, they have became a Honda family...we're finally breaking the mold...

    Originally, we were crazy enough to think about getting the Scion XB..but rationality got the better of us...
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    Which model, engine, tranny did you get?

    I4, with 5 speed?
    V6, with 6 speed?
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    Your the best! Many of my irate customers are finally happy with their Camry. Can you imagine I asked about a dozen Toyota dealers and Toyota Customer assistance as well, and nobody had a clue how to solve this problem. How did you figure this out?
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    Well, thanks for the compliment, but I read a post over at Toyotanation forums that said that their dealer told them how to do it, so I just tried it out for myself and posted the results.

    Glad to have helped.
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    I have a 2008 LE V6 with the flare problem. Mostly when accellerating very mildly (little engine pull). Dealer said newest firmware version on transmission. Now at 4700 miles and problem still there.
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    I just figured this out. The air recirc. will stay on if the outside temp is above 50 degrees. Toyota didn't even know this. So don't be discouraged. I was pretty upset at first. Sucks in the winter but will be fine in the summer.

    Blessings, Mark
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    I have a 4 cylinder and the thing that helps is accelerating thru the shift points--do not know if this helps?? At least you do not get the vibration at the shift point areas..
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    See the solution on my post #200. You can make recirculate stay on.
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    "You can make the recirculate stay on..."

    But there is a clear and certain DANGER in doing so.

    During the winter months the windshield will consistently be colder and a slight buildup in cabin humidity can result in windsheild fogging. Sometimes QUICKLY due to the design flaw within most cars of asian origin that use the DENSO system.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,722
    "But there is a clear and certain DANGER in doing so. "

    Yes, just like the old manual systems with the cable operated slide levers. I still have one in one of the cars (older Corolla). So IMHO, it is no more dangerous than the old system. I have said this before.

    I have no problems with the HVAC design of my old or new Toyotas, but some people don't like Denso systems. Just like anything!
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    here in canada the 08s have a $3k incentive and better financing (the problem is finding inventory). I am interested in the LE V6 and want to know if it will be smarter to wait a bit longer and get an 09 model, or bite the bullet and get an 08. my concern is the 6 speed transmission.
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    You shouldn't be concerned about the six speed. It's an adaptive transmission so the first 1000 miles or so it's adapting to your driving style. The problems with it were in 07 and those have been corrected.
    Mack :shades:
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    Mack, PLEASE stop propagating this mis-information, this NONSENSE!

    Yes, many of these new cars do learn the driver's "style/type" but such information is ERASED each and every time the engine is started. Within a short period of starting the car in motion the driver's style will be "binned" into 1 of 4 types. Within a longer period it will be further refined into 1 of 16 types. Thereafter it keeps a running record of about three minutes. Anything prior to that period is discarded.

    In that way a second, new, driver doesn't get surprised by the car's "learned"
    reaction to the previous driver, and if the current driver happens to change his/her style on the fly the car will adjust accordingly.

    There are other "learned" parameters that involve the need to continously adjust for sensor and servomotor feedback signals that vary from the norm, factory default, and those are kept in non-volatile memory or memory with power supplied by the 12 volt battery. Obviously the ones maintained via the 12 volt battery can be erased and the appropreate ECU will now use the factory default parameter until it has time to relearn the actual device parameters.

    Additionally there is quite strong information that Toyota and Lexus are still struggling with trying to find a fix for the 1-2 second transaxle downshift delay/hesitation resulting for the "abolition" of the transaxle ATF pressure holding /sustaining accumulater back during the design phase of the RX300.

    Look up the NCF, New Car Features, for the '08 Avalon for more detail.
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