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Honda CR-V Handling and Alignment



  • I own an '07 EX-L AWD CRV with 11,200 miles and it tracks true. I rotated the tires at 7500 miles and have never had a problem with tracking or alignment.
  • I bought a 2007 CRV in March, I have 15000 miles on it. I had tires rotated and the mechanic told me I needed new tires. I had these tires rotated every 5000 miles. The dealer told me they were not responsivle that I should go to a Bridgestone Dealer. The Bridgestone dealer told me the dealer is responsible. The games begin. 15000 miles is very low mileage for a tire. Any suggestions?
  • dawe1dawe1 Posts: 2
    After driving down a near-by deserted street several times on the wrong side of the road (left side in the U.S.), our CR-V will pull to the LEFT. This would explain our friends in the U.K. saying their CR-Vs pull to the left. I guess I've come to the conclusion that these vehicles are very sensitive to road crowning and transmit that sensitivity to the steering wheel in a manner I've never noticed in any other vehicle I've driven. Wife just loves the car, so I guess that's the end of this story. I'll stick with my bicycle-- an '06 Lemond Zurich...6,000 miles last year...great bike and no pull!

  • Bought my 2008 CRV two month ago has been in a dealership four times since.
    It is puling to the right and they seem like can not do anything about that, they check and recheck alignment again. Just called Honda customer service and let them know, will file all necessary documents for lemon tonight and call BBB Automotives. If you have same problem with 2008 CRV please do the same.
  • Hi, I just bought a new Honda CRV and mine is doing the same thing, it pulls severely to the right, took it back twice they told me it's the contour of the road, BS....Don't know who to call or where I can get phone numbers to call. Can you send them to me? I love the car but this pulling to the right is so annoying, I just can't imagine I have to live with this after I traded my 05 Nissan Murano, nothing wrong with it, just wanted better gas mileage. Please send me the phone numbers to call and do you know what I need to do as far as the Lemon Law goes in Florida? Do you think it's the tires. Shoot if it is, I'll go and buy 4 new tires, but this is ridiculous.....
  • Hi there, I bought my two months ago as well, please send me the number's to Honda customer service and all the other necessary numbers to call because I shouldn't have to fight with this vehicle pulling severely to the right . To me this is a defect and I think they just want to overlook it. What are your thought? Thanks,
  • Call Honda customer relations and report this problem:

    Business hours are Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time.
    By Phone
    At our toll-free number: 1-800-999-1009
  • bigm832bigm832 Posts: 3
    ">Ok, what I've found out is that its a camber bolt issue. I just bought mine in the beginning of March 2008 and had the same annoying pull to the right. I have to hold the steering wheel slightly to the left to keep it straight, and if you accelerate off the line without holding the steering wheel, the CR-V jumps off to the right. First time I brought it in, they said it was out of alignment, so they did an alignment. Second time I brought it in, they said it was a camber bolt issue that they hadn't heard of and had to order the part from the factory. Ok, so now drum roll please... they fix the camber bolt and... THE PROBLEM IS STILL THERE! So hopefully the third time is a charm, otherwise its lemon law time! At least I get a free loaner car out of the deal: 2008 Honda Accords and Odessy's don't pull to the right... haha. :confuse: :cry:
  • teresimoteresimo Posts: 8
    Hi there,

    Okay, thanks for the info. But what is the camber Bolt and can that be fixed.....Please
    I'm very desperate, I've had the owner of the dealership that I bought my fromt and he
    basically states they can't do anything else to the vehicle. I love the vehicle except for that.

    Write me back, please
  • teresimoteresimo Posts: 8
    Well, please let me know if it's the camber bolt and keeps doing it, because I don't know the process of how to do the Lemon Law, mine's been in 3 times already.

    Is there a mileage issue with the lemon law, I have a little over 5000 miles on mine now..

    Thank you for your time and patience in letting me know. It's very valuable information. I cannot see me driving this car for 5 years feeling like your driving crooked down the road.

    Thank you
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I have to hold the steering wheel slightly to the left to keep it straight, and if you accelerate off the line without holding the steering wheel, the CR-V jumps off to the right.

    I think you are describing two different issues.

    PTTR is when the vehicle drifts to the right while cruising, without acceleration.

    What you describe on take off is called Torque Steer, and is inherent to many FWD vehicle. The Accord is a different platform, which is designed to accomodate V6 engines and associated power, and may have equal length drive shafts to minimise or eliminate torque steer. CR-V is based on the Civic, which was not designed to accomodate engines with lot of torque. So, by shoving a 2.4 liter engine on a frame designed for the 1.7 - 2.0 liter engines, torque steer is more pronounced.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Well, please let me know if it's the camber bolt and keeps doing it, because I don't know the process of how to do the Lemon Law, mine's been in 3 times already.

    Lemon Laws are state dependant. You will need to read up on the Lemon Laws for your particular state. There is no Federal Lemon Law that applies to everyone.
  • bigm832bigm832 Posts: 3
    I understand the issue known as torque steer, I have a Mazda 6s that has plenty of it, but the thing is that it pulls to the right while driving AND pulls to the right if I gun it OR if I creep from a stop. It also doesn't matter whether or not the crowning of the road is to the left or to the right, it still pulls right. As stated before, the alignment was done first, then the camber bolt was replaced. So the question now is, what's next? I'm a patient person and don't have an issue making sure its corrected. Its just that I bought a Honda after ridding myself of my 1998 Ford F-150. With my F-150, things were predictable, and yes I know with a new car things are different and will take time to adjust, I just need something reliable with a baby on the way and I can't keep bringing my Honda in every other week to rectify a problem that shouldn't happen with a Honda, especially since my wife is the one that drives it and has to bring it to the dealership to be serviced since my job doesn't allow me to do that in a timely fashion. I also have a 1994 Honda Del Sol Si with no troubles other than a transmission glitch very late in its life, but steering issues... no problems.
  • bigm832bigm832 Posts: 3
    The camber bolt is something that has to do with your alignment. I'm attaching a link for EVERYONE to read!!! This will explain what Camber does as well as many other issues involved with your car, or in this case, our beloved CR-V's to drive straight down the road. Cut and paste into your internet browser and it should work :)
  • teresimoteresimo Posts: 8
    This is in reply to your reply to me bigm832, mine too pulls to the right and so when you get the 2nd Camber Bolt fixed for the 2nd time, let me know how it is.

    Thanks for all your help!
  • I just test drove 2 brand new '08 CR-V's on identical routes. One with 40 miles on it and the other with 13 miles on it and plastic on the seats. They both pulled to the right. I then drove an '05 with 20,000 miles on the same route and it didn't pull. I also drove an '08 Element with less than 100 miles on it on the exact same route and it didn't pull. I really like the new CR-V but won't be buying one now after test driving 2 and reading all of these posts. It would drive me crazy. Sounds like a major design flaw.
  • teresimoteresimo Posts: 8
    I completely understand, I wouldn't ahve bought mine either, but the night I drove it home I called my salesman and told him it pulled to the right and he said just bring it back in, plus I had put the front mud flaps on my and the rack on top....An extra 500.00, now I have over 5800.00 and I don't think I can do anything as far as a lemon law is concerned. I'm probably going to contact an attorney to get legal advice.....The car look so nice, but it is very annoying and it looks to me like they would do a recall or something.....Thanks for your post.

  • bj02176bj02176 Posts: 115
    I traded my 2007 Santa Fe back in Mar on a 2008 LX due to excessive gas consumption with the Hyundai.

    My CRV was built Jan, 2008. It does not pull to the right or left, tracks straight and true on the highway and around the suburbs. No pulling when accelerating from a dead stop.

    The steering wheel is straight. No vibration at 70 mph.

    Also the 4 cyl engine accelerates as fast the 6 cyl 2.7 in the Hyundai, highway and suburbs.

    I guess I got lucky, or maybe the problem is fixed on late builds.
  • deontae3deontae3 Posts: 3

    I just wanted to know if you issue with your CRV was resolved. I just purchased one in March of this year and I am having the same problem.
  • dtstofdtstof Posts: 61
    My 2007 CRV front wheel drive has very little torque steer. I have been driving FWD European cars since the early 70s and know what torque steer is. I live in the USA and my Japanese made CRV has very little torque steer under acceleration in dry and wet roads. If Honda has a problem with suspension parts, they need to step up to the plate and fix it. I know that my Accords have always had tire wear issues in the front. It seems like front end suspension issues are one of Honda's major problems. My humble opinion!
  • bedilbedil Posts: 11
    I have a 2003 CRV with 43,000 miles. I am currently on the 4th set of tires. Right after buying the car I noticed it was pulling to the right. I took it into the dealership twice asking about the alignment. They insisted that it was fine. I have my car maintained at the dealership. After a flat tire I took the car into a tire store to get repaired. I ended up having to purchase four tires. The technician showed me the way the tires were wearing and said they were not safe. To make a long story short I had my last alignment done where I purchased my tires. :confuse:
  • planeplane Posts: 6
    Yes, my issue was resolved. I took it to the dealership I bought it from (Corona Honda)and they test drove it, but "couldn't duplicate" what I was talking about. Long story short, they replaced my factory tires with Michelin tires that has less straight tread. The problem was the straight treads were tracking with the lines in the freeway concrete. Problem fixed !
  • You will find the tires that come with the CR-V (Bridgestone Dueler H/T, or Continentals) are horrible at best. I've experienced the same feeling and had the alignment checked numerous times. You will find the OEM tires will be about worn out when you reach 15,000 miles. Switch to Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza and the problem gas away. Handling is great, wet and dry traction great, QUIET ride. One caution, if you inflate the tires to the 30 pounds as recommended by Honda your gas mileage will drop like a stone. But inflating the tire pressure to 32 pounds solves that problem. I found that out after speaking to one of the engineers that designed the Alenza tire at Bridgestone. He was / is correct. Handling with this tire is almost sports car like.
  • I have the pull to the right (PTTR) problem with my 2005 CRV big time. The night we drove it off the lot I let go of the steering wheel and it veered three lanes over on the freeway (thank goodness it was very late and there was no one on the road). I took it back to the dealership the next day to have the alignment fixed. I then took it again 3 more times over the next 6 months. The car still pulls to the right very strongly. I just figured we bought a lemon and there is nothing that can be done.

    We have 25000 miles on the car and the front tires are bald on the edges from the pulling. This morning while looking for the best tires to purchase for the CRV, I came across all these posts chronicling the pttr issue. I never knew a service bulletin had been put out about this exact problem. I looked online and found it (it was published a month after I had purchased my car, the dealership should have been aware of how to fix this problem).

    I just called Honda about this issue and explained my situation. They said that since I was four months over the warranty period they would not fix the problem. They said I could take it to a dealership AND PAY to have them diagnose the problem. Then once the problem is diagnosed I have to submit a claim to Honda and then a case manager will decide whether to fix the vehicle or not. The rep made a point to stress at least 3 times during the call that there is a good possibility it will not be paid for. I pointed out that it would be cheaper for me to go to a non-Honda repair facility and just have it fixed, he agreed.

    I explained that I was sold a defective vehicle and that it should be repaired regardless of the warranty, he did not seem to agree. I intend to consult a lawyer about this situation. The moral of my story is...make sure you take care of this issue within the warranty period!! This IS a known problem with the CRV and if the dealership is incompetent and unaware of the service bulletin print it out and take it in to them. It is a real shame, Honda is willing to soil its name for a meager repair. :mad:
  • What is the actual problem, can you let me know where to get it, because I called and reported but noone told me anything.

    Please & thank you

  • Do you think I should print this and take it and show it to the dealer I bought mine from, mine's a 2008, I think it could possibly be the same problem. Can you find out for me it the 2008's had this same problem or who do I need to contact.

    Thank you thank you thank you.

  • One thing that folks might be interested in.

    The owners manual for the 2009 CRV is now available online, and it shows an alignment spec change compared to the previous years of this generation.

    Basically, they pretty much doubled the positive caster spec from about 1.5 degrees to about 3 degrees. Usually, higher caster means more directional stability, but higher steering effort. This may be what the TSB does, as relocating the upper mounts is how the normally set the algnment, but it doesn't say in the TSB what the alignment specs are.
  • For those that experience the pulling to the right.

    Do you notice a difference if you are:

    Holding steady speed with the gas pedal

    Coasting/slowing down in gear, but no gas


    Coasting in neutral

    How it behaves in these different cases would probably indicate what is not right, and perhaps how to fix it. Honda calls out for zero toe and zero camber, so you can get some very funny things happening if things are off a little, and power on/power off can put you back and forth through the zero point.
  • This is a bitter sweet moment for me. On one hand I know I am not the only one with the problem, but most of us suffer from it. My 07' EX CR-V pulls to the right very hard. This happened while I had the stock Continental tires on. I thought it might be them so I purchased four Michelin CrossTerrain tires for $193 a piece. I then drove it straight to the dealer for the alignment. It still pulled to the right!! My wife took it back 2 weeks later to have it checked. They said it was in spec but that the tires were "too aggressive", "meant for a Ridgeline". This is BS because 1: I used to work in a tire shop and they are not an aggressive tire and 2: I called michelin and they said the tire was meant for a SUV/Crossover. I will continue to monitor this forum and see what happend. I also plan on calling Honda and will post any new information I find. Good luck to all of us in fixing this problem!
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