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Toyota Camry: Problems & Solutions



  • etalonetalon Posts: 3
    Thanks rtl2 for offering your opinion. The problem I had was because the dealer did not remove the rubber spacers in the front coil springs when I took delivery. All Camry's that are assembled in Japan have these rubber blocks installed when they are shipped over to the States, according to our service manager.
  • jtimes2jtimes2 Posts: 1
    I bought a 1998 Camry XLE V6 brand new with 17 miles on it in 1998. I have had few problems but let me tell you of a couple to look for. I had to buy new tires at 12,000 miles(mind you I paid $30,000 for the car) the Generals were completely bald with threads showing, if you buy a camry do not except these tires, they are awful and I have spoke with Toyota and my dealer and they are aware of it. My camry had to have a shim kit put on the brakes something was wrong with the brakes and they replaced and balanced my tires for free. Also on the drivers door, it is suppose to automatically shut off your lights, well mine doesn't half the time and I have to turn them off before I get out. Also one more thing this car is an excellent car besides these things, I do recommend them and my dealer is wonderful. The XLE V6 has alot of power and alot of accessories.
  • d28n20d28n20 Posts: 1
    Can anyone explain the "blue smoke" valve stem oil seal problem that these cars seem to have? Just bought one 3 days ago for my daughter and took it back to the dealer today because of this blue smoke. From what I am reading tonight this problem is a long standing issue with Toyota cars is this right? And, how much am I looking at paying on getting this fixed. The dealer said he had no idea that the car had this problem and that it did'nt to this when it was there. Do I have any
    recourse with this car?
  • edwardh1edwardh1 Posts: 88
    If it only happens at startup.
  • fxashunfxashun Posts: 747
    lead to sludge. What is sludge? Read the Camry topic. And after you do as I have asked about the oil cap, please report there what you find. I also would like to say that anyone with a 1992 or newer Camry with at least 80K miles that has been cared for "by the book" (5000 mile oil changes) please go out and look under your oil cap. Go to the Toyota Camry topic and report what you see.
  • I have a 1-year old Toyota Camry CE 1999 with 11,000 miles. I bought it new.
    Recently I parked it in my garage and hour later a front passenger window blow out all by itself. It was all covered cracks and looked like a spider web. I checked for any object that could fell on the window and found nothing. I know for sure that nobody was in the garage.
    I contacted dealership – they did not hear about such thing and their explanation is that I had a chip on a window. I guess it is possible, but why the window did not break when I was driving the car and broke hour later while sitting in the garage? Any thoughts?
  • abarbeeabarbee Posts: 6
    As posted earlier my sister 98 Camry was just turned down by Austin Tx Dealer for Warranty....then Gulf States Toyota...and we are now waiting for a decision from California...a woman in charge of Customer far nothing but a run around as my sister has had to rent a car for more than two weeks while they have been developing a story of absolutely no substance to fend off a simple warranty request. When the car was purchased they had a program to give a loaner car for duration of repair time...nice 3 color brochure to catch your eye. Anyway the car has had multiple oil changes and only has 19,000 miles and has sludge like a grease trap. The only thing they have saidis it didn't leave the dealership like this.

    Sorry for the long winded post..but they are lucky it is my sisters car not mine....Presently I am ready to have some art students make me a paper mache lemon about ten feet in diameter and start parking it in front of Toyata Dealerships with my e-mail address. I suggested to my sister that she buy a Toyota based on what I had heard from a few people...My neighbor is waiting to hear the outcome of my sisters case as they had asked about her Camry several months ago and I had given a good report.I know Toyota doesn't really give a damn about my sister but I do intend to cost they far more in bad publicity and court costs than simply doing the warranty work required instead of trying to weasle out of their responsibilities. Thanks for any tips or [email protected]
  • I just finished my 2nd winter with the 95 Camry I
    bought in '98 and both years had difficulty
    getting the windows to defrost properly. They fog up quickly with myself, my wife and my 2year old in the car, and even sometimes with just me.

    I know some cars have unique needs when it comes
    to defrosting, some combination of fan speed,
    temperature adjustment and outside/inside air, but
    I just haven't been able to get it right for two
    years now! I have tried every combination I know including turning the a/c on with the defroster?

    I mentioned something to a Toyota salesman
    recently and he made a comment, "Oh, yeah, we were
    having trouble with the defrosters & the cars foggin up in 95, but that problem's been fixed."

    Anyone else out there have similar problems? Know
    a fix?
  • abarbeeabarbee Posts: 6
    an update....Toyota's Customer Relations Dept in now telling me that there is little they can do for another week till Mr Kerchoff from Gulf States Toyota comes back from vacation since his office in Houston made the decision to not honor the warranty....we had a bit of a heated conversation as I inquired who would be paying for the rental car for another week while we waited for this vacation to end....

    She asked me if I would like to skip this process and go directly to arbitration.....The sheer nerve of Toyota.... It appears that the distributor points to the dealer ..the dealer...points to Toyota..and Toyota points to the door....we should have a decision on my sisters car within a week which will mean we have been renting a car for the better part of a month before a decision is made by California Toyota.

    To all you satisified Camry owners out there change your oil and keep every reciept or you will be made to feel like a criminal. My sisters cars....BMW...a Mercury..a Ford Tarus have all been serviced by the same independent garage in Downtown Austin for over sixteen years....Are they saying she lost her mind and quit changing her oil after all these years? I wish I knew what they were really saying except it shouldn't look like that. It is gunked up with black [non-permissible content removed] and who knows how it got that way? She doesn't and I surely don't...but I guess the big Corp is going to keep us waiting another week...then send us to arbitration....then on to who knows what...

    My sister is much calmer about her prediciment than I fact I am reserving a domain name that I will post here later next week if things go as I expect they will for other people to come to with warranty gripes so we can find out just how many people have had a similar experience. I realize not all are treated this way from the many kind words I have read posted by some but for those like Rinehart and my sister it is a very frustrating experience to believe you are protected by a warranty and then you are just dumped.

    The internet I believe has put the shoe on the other foot and from the mail I now have without even posting on other automotive sites(could someone e-mail me more sites where I might post)I think Toyota has standard run around if it is an expensive warranty item. I cannot prove that yet but I sense it already. They didn't want to discuss any other cases as "All cars and use of cars in different areas of the country give different results" Bah.......humbug....

    Ms Fairbrother (her name no joke) told me she did not want to hear about e-mails I recieved from others with a similar experience and problems with their cars. This is not what I would call Customer I have said my sister is more patient than I am but it looks like the big run around.
    Once again Thanks for all the tips and help... [email protected]
  • mxylplik2mxylplik2 Posts: 19
    Notice how the latest Camry's don't have break-away side mirrors. Its surprising that Toyota has not provided this feature although I'm sure many customers want it. My sales guy said something like "less wind noise" but the Lexus ES 300 (basically the same car) has the break-away mirrors and you would think the Lexus would have less wind noise!

    Has anyone explored the feasibility of having the Lexus ES 300 mirrors put on the Camry XLE (the one with the tweeter right next to the mirror)? If so, how much would it cost to have it installed by the dealer? The job would be complicated as the tweeter is in the housing right next to the mirror. Maybe I could sell my Camry mirrors to the junkyard.
  • Set control to Defrost and Turn on the A/C and set temp control to mid-range....this should do the trick.

    Later models (mine= 98) work so that when you set control to Defrost, the A/C is turned on automatically.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Do you know why they designed the A/C to come on with defrost?
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    The "defrost" feature also removes condensation when your windows are fogged up. Humans expel a great deal of moisture in their breath and it tends to fog up the inside of the windows on cars that have the ability to recirculate air. The A/C removes moisture from the air that is blown on the windows and really helps reduce the fogging.


    PLUS: It helps ensure that you run the A/C at least once every couple of months. This keeps the seals in the system "wetted" so they don't dry out and start leaking. It really does extend the useful life of most A/C systems.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Thanks for the answer. :)
  • hello25hello25 Posts: 30
    Mr. Toad's Wild Ride had a happy ending and maybe your story will too. Please keep posting. I wouldn't file a suit for your own time off. That would only distract you from helping your sister.
    You took the time off. There is no contract to enforce. I am very mistrustful of buying a Toyota.

    To the post re: putting ES300 part on Camry by dealer. Don't flatter yourself to think one part can be put on another car. It is a similar car but 1. it is a different car 2. made in a different factory in Japan.
  • abarbeeabarbee Posts: 6
    It has been that and it looks like a long one....
    I don't have a clue as to what Toyota is up to...

    Mistrust is an understatement when it comes to these guys backing up their warranty in this particular case.

    I felt my sister was in great hands with Toyota and feel I have let her down recommending these charlatans...

    [email protected]
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    I'm really sorry how things turned out for your sister. My family has had nothing but great experience with Toyota products. So I feel that Toyota should do nothing less everything to ensure every toyota owners are happy.

    And they way you have been treated truely dissappoint me. I don't see how they can refuse you a warrant repair if you have the record of maintainance and your car only has 19K miles on it. It's clearly covered under warranty. You should take them to court, I don't see how you can lose.
  • hello25hello25 Posts: 30
    I love Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. It's been taken down in Florida but you can still go on it in California Disneyland. It's a bood and an animated movie. Mr. Toad has "motormania." I certainly do. You didn't let down your sister abarbee. Anyone is lucky to have a brother who cares as much as you obviously do.
  • abarbeeabarbee Posts: 6
    Not directly mind you...but though a personal assistant...(wish I had one to deal with Toyota).
    Got a call from James Juell(sp)(he said it rhymes with fuel) yesterday claiming to be an assistant to Mr Inaba....said they understood and appreciated the fact that I was helping my sister. (so far so good I thought) Said we had another chance to straighten this thing out....(I was starting to think that they might have seen daylight) He went on to say he would FAX me the Arbitration Form (I was so taken aback that I gave him my Fax number which he obviously already had with my Company Fax cover sheet.)

    It is a bit ironic that he 'understands'. I didn't and still don't but for what it is worth Toyota did respond.

    Ms Fairbrother on the other hand did not count the number of pages Fax'ed nor call to confirm the shortage registered by my machine...but I get the feeling they ended up in the trash pretty quickly so why would they want to count and collate the pages sent them.

    If they didn't even check the number of pages in a dispute pending how can they ever accuse my sister of not checking the oil.
    [email protected]

    Twice I called the dealership yesterday and left messages for the Service Manager to please call so he could explain our options and their projected
    costs....I went to the dealership late morning and he was not available...talked to the service rep and looked at the pictures of 'sludge'. No argument from us. It is sludge. By gosh after one month of checking we all see that now. We are moving right along at lightning speed....We have pictures...documents...many people involved..and we all agree....sludge...

    Now if the President of Toyota will just call the

    1 Ms Fairbrother...who will call her assistant

    2 Betty Tuscon....who will call

    3. Gary Kirchoff ...who will call

    4. Robert Howard...who will call

    5. Paul(who has since quit, bought a house, and moved to a new job since this started)
    Jason who replaced Paul...who could walk into Terry Evans Office and ask him to call ...

    6. Alan Barbeewho will call....

    7. his sister to tell her her options

    8. Who can't call anyone because they won't authorize any work till she goes back to the dealership for the third time to sign the repair order form.
    Mr Yoshi Inaba....Do you really understand??? And if you do, why are you not changing this?

    Would you want your daughter or sister treated this way? Really?
  • exit00exit00 Posts: 11
    Has Toyota actually told you or your sister in writing the EXACT reason why they feel the problem isn't covered under warranty? Is it strictly that they are saying that the oil was never changed? You should be able to get copies of the work receipts from all the places where the oil was changed...of course that wouldn't prove that they actually did the work or didn't really do something stupid. Many years ago, some service guy left the oil cap (laying on top of the engine) and connected the hoses to the wrong spots causing the fan to blow air from the vents incorrectly.

    I assume that Toyota is saying that the problem arose from external forces and not from the fault of the engine itself. (I would love to know what factors they determined to make this decision.) I hope that Toyota isn't taking the mentality that customer service doesn't matter anymore since they are selling their cars at a high volume.

    Anyway, good luck and hope Totota just fixes your sister's car regardless of what they think caused it....haven't they heard of good will???
  • abarbeeabarbee Posts: 6
    If Toyota would say it was contaminants in the oil then I could go to the oil company. They have stonewalled this entire thing and will say nothing except the engine shouldn't look like that.

    I do not disagree with that I will try to get a look at it today if the Service Manager will return my call so I can drive across Austin to get a look at the heads and block. It has to be mechanical if not oil contamination.

    Any mechanics have any thoughts on what kind of heat could turn oil into grease without seizing the engine. Any plausible explanation would be helpful.
    [email protected]
  • abarbeeabarbee Posts: 6
    Called Maund Toyota twice today waiting for the heads to be removed...They never called back...
    Looks like they have other fish to fry...

    Can't imagine why they don't want to show me the heads?????????
  • lynne29lynne29 Posts: 46
    What type of gasoline to you use most often and what part of the country are you in?
  • luckyjdrluckyjdr Posts: 10
  • fxashunfxashun Posts: 747
    Toyota won't pay for your engine because if they admit that there was a flaw in the engine itself they would have to find out what really happened to it. If they conclude it was "operator error" they don't have to take responsibility for putting out a possibly faulty product nor does it count as a warranty repair which would be reported to the J.D Powers etc..
  • mxylplik2mxylplik2 Posts: 19
    '99 Camry and I hear squeaks / rattles coming from either the glove compartment or the passenger side window / door / pillar. I've emptied out the glove compartment but that didn't solve it.

    What has been your experience with identifying the source of the squeaks / rattles and having the dealer repair this type of problem (under warranty)?
  • bobc3bobc3 Posts: 5
    Hello, I had rattles coming from near my door on the pasengers side and it ended up being the seat belt retractor in the side panel between the doors My local dealer replaced it for free and the sound is gone. Good Luck and happy motoring Bob
  • Hi,
    My name is Tricia Barbee and I am the registered owner of a 1998 Toyota Camry with only 19,100 miles. Until about 7 weeks ago it had been an excellent car and a pleasure to drive. Equally or more important than this fact is the fact that I am the sister of "abarbee" who has posted on this site on my behalf quite a few times as [email protected] Commenting on 2-3 posts, I would like to state that my brother has been an incredible ally and asset to me and I am very proud of him for guiding me through these shark-infested brutal Toyota waters. I am pleased he is my brother and cares so very much. I only wish Toyota gave one single penny's worth of consideration for the welfare and transportation of all of their clients throughout the world combined.

    On a slightly different note (although this is NOT the academy awards, thank goodness) I would like to thank Edmunds for hosting a forum beneficial to so many of us with serious/critical vehicle problems. I appreciate the opportunity to have our views stated openly and without censure.

    It is now late on a Friday night but tomorrow I will post briefly giving the actual facts of my case, Toyota's rude and demeaning replies, and where we currently stand in this "David versus the giant Goliath" saga.

    Suffice it to say that absolutely NOTHING Toyota Motor Sales, USA or Toyota "WORLD" can do at this point can undo or amend the unforgiveable damage they have CHOSEN to do to some of us as owners and proponents of their cars. And for my part, the name "Toyota" will be forever the equivalent of untrustworthiness, shabby treatment, and a manipulative and conniving attitude, as far as the misguided upper echelon human beings who work for that corporation are concerned. I pity their families. We all know how they have treated us.

    Please feel free to comment on Edmunds and also to contact me via email. The two email addresses I have set up for this disgusting foray into automotive battle are:
    [email protected] and also
    [email protected]

    I will sincerely appreciate any opinions and advice you all may be able to give me,
    thank you very much,
    tricia barbee
  • Oops....
    Just read my previous and first posted message and realized I had omitted THE basics. The 1998 Camry I own was new, not used, when I purchased it at the &*$%^$ dealer, so no other owners could have abused the car. I have had all regular oil changes done and yet dealer said it appeared the oil was never changed... even with proof of changes. I am having to have the engine rebuilt completely AT MY AND ONLY MY EXPENSE!!!!!!!! My car has been in the shop for forty (40) days (since March 6)..... This is enough time for Noah to weather the original FLOOD.... and I still do not have my car back. I might be better off with a lifeboat from Noah's ark.

    Thanks....tricia barbee
    [email protected] and
    [email protected]
  • lynne29lynne29 Posts: 46
    what kind of gas do you use?
  • Sorry...I missed your question...
    At the advice of dealer when I purchased my Camry (V6 engine), I alternate between 89 octane and premium 93 octane. Specs call for 91 octane, not available in that rating here. So I usually fill car twice with 93, then once with 89 octane. Occasionally, it is filled with one tank 93 then one tank 87, but not on regular basis.
  • Made a mistake...last two sentences SHOULD have read: So I usually fill car twice with 93, then once with 89 octane. Occasionally, it is filled with one tank 93 THEN ONE TANK 89, but not on regular basis.
  • exit00exit00 Posts: 11
    I sympathize with all the problems you (and your brother) have encountered going thru this car horror story. I personally feel that Toyota is no different than all the car companies...their only concern is the bottom line dollar. And for the is just pot luck if you buy a car at a good one or a bad one.

    Anyway, my question is did Toyota change your oil and oil filters? If not, then is it possible that the place that did do the work totally screwed the oil changes up...(ie, no actual oil change, wrong oil, put transmission fluid instead of oil in?) I can't remember how many articles or news stories that have told about these kind of unbelievable shabby maintenance jobs.

    Since we can't hear the Toyota side of this, I wonder if their position is that somebody screwed up your engine by messing up the oil changes? Seems to me, that with your fairly new car and low mileage, that something really bad and stupid had to be done to cause this to happen to your engine.

    good luck!
  • lynne29lynne29 Posts: 46
    I meant to ask what brand you use. In the Northeast, Mobil gas has caused a lot of problems with Camry, 4 Runners and Mazdas, reapirs which were "graciously" paid for by Mobil!!! More details to follow if you've been using it....
  • hmmm... well I primarily use Exxon, Texaco, and sometimes Shamrock depending on whether I fill up near the office or home. Never used Mobil or Conoco though. Thanks for thinking about it. I am in Austin Texas.
  • edwardh1edwardh1 Posts: 88
    Good question - its possible they never changed the oil - after these oil changes, did you ever pull the dipstick to look at the oil to see if it was fresh and clean?

    What type place did the oil changes ????-
    speedy place
    chain store
    a friend or yourself/
  • Has any Camry owner experienced excessive tire wear on General HP400 high performance tires? I only have 19K miles and they are worn out. Toyota says that this is typical on the Camry V6s. Toyota recommends the Dunlop SP4000 which gets 40K miles and is one of the tires used on tbe Camry
    V6s. Since Toyota puts two different tires on the Camry V6, General HP400 which gets 20k miles and the Dunlop SP4000 which gets 40K miles, shouldn't Toyota put the Dunlop tires on my car at 1/2 the cost?
  • new_guynew_guy Posts: 1
    Talking about Camry's, I bought a new 2000 Camry
    LE....2 days after I bought it, I opened the hood
    and found that the exhaust manifold had some rust
    on it....My car had about 125 miles on it and
    according to the dealer, it happens to all the
    Camry's...the reason he gave was that the exhaust
    manifold gets hot and hence the color on the
    manifold burns out exposing the iron surface which
    quickly starts showing rust... Has anybody
    experienced this before and is it normal?
  • rsmtomrsmtom Posts: 28
    Don't worry. It's absolutely normal to see rust on exhaust manifolds. Virtually all factory manifolds are made of cast iron because of low material cost and durability. The manifolds get too hot for a paint finish to survive, so a thin surface layer of rust quickly develops. They won't rust through during any kind of normal service life for the car. I have a 10 year-old Toy truck (214,500 miles) with the original manifolds, and they show the same thin surface rust as when new.
  • hi exit0 and edwardh1....Good question...
    2 OIL CHANGES were done at an Exxon business for over 30 years but just closed last year.
    2 OTHER OIL CHANGES were done at a local family owned automotive shop... which has been in business 29 1/2 years AND which has done excellent post-warranty work on my previous 2 cars. This shop was recommended by and does most of the business on the cars of the state judges officed across the street from him and a large volume of business for the legislative community with whom I work. I have no question as to their ability and carefulness.
    1 OIL CHANGE done, when I was in a hurry, at Jiffy Lube..... whom I don't care for but would not suspect of actually doing anything wrong.

    Next times, I will always pull the dipstick to look at the oil to see if it seems fresh and clean.
    Thanks for your many ideas.... tricia
  • exit00exit00 Posts: 11
    Well, it seems that your oil changes should have been ok....but I would NEVER use the jiffy lube places. This was where some lady that works with my wife had transmission fluid put in the engine INSTEAD of oil and vice versa....needless to say what happened to her car.

    I never want to generalize about these things, but I've heard of many horror stories of mishaps like the above at jiffy lube. Hopefully, they weren't the culprits of your car problem.
  • To Exit00, that was an excellent question.... and I will never ever ever again have my oil change at any jiffy/quick/speedy lube place. But alas that was the last oil change prior to my cars extreme problem ... and they don't think it made the difference.

    As inconvenient as it will be, I plan to have all my remaining oil changes performed by Toyota, although after this experience, I do not trust them either... but at least they will have the computer records of my oil changes and maintenance and I hope this will have some bearing if necessary. What an AWFUL experience for your wife's friend... that is the type of thing that Toyota implied could have happened to me.... their actual words were "it looks like somebody put axle grease in your engine!"
    Appreciate your comments, thanks tricia
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    I am not all that suprised that someone actually put transmission oil into the engine. The possibility is always there, and when there are so many cars out there, it was going to happen soon or later to someone.

    We are human, so are the mechanic. And we can make mistakes. My mother is a registered nurse. She told me that the surgeons in the past, have left operating tools INSIDE the patient and forgot about it. Now it's required that the nurse at charge to account for all the tools before closing the patient up. Scary!
  • tl565tl565 Posts: 78
    This is a great board. I was close to buying a new vehicle and always thought Toyota's were bulletproof. With all of these problems I have read about them, I now definitely have second thoughts.

    I even went to the trouble of renting a '00 Camry to see how I liked it. Even though it was fairly new, it had a lot of the rattles and buzzes that people have mentioned about on this board. The drivers door even squeeked when closing and a little red light was on the dash board, looked like a warning for the rear tail lamps. I was very surprised at how the actual quality stacks up against the Marketing hype. As a result I scratched the Camry off my short list.

    Thanks for all of your participation!!!
  • exit00exit00 Posts: 11
    wenyue - yeah, I agree that with all professions, mistakes do happen everywhere...and they seem to happen more now than in the past. Seems like the quality of work everywhere has fallen in general. Speaking of those surgical instruments left in patients, there was a horror story on one of the tv shows (20/20 I think)....unbelievable what they left in people! And I certainly don't want to bash any company BUT with all the things I have read and witnessed by jiffy lube, I would never, ever take my car there. I have found many other places which are almost as fast and much more reliable.

    t1565 - I would suggest that you test drive a few more Camrys...all the ones I drove prior to purchase had no rattles, etc. Maybe they gave you a demo to test drive which had gone thru some hellish test drives before you. But, I've been around for a long time and I can say this about any car NEVER know if you are going to get a great car for sure. But if you play the percentages, then the Toyota Camry (and most likely all their vehicles) are at the top of the list for reliability. Historical data proves this...though not to say that you can't get a bad one. Hey, 15 years ago we bought a Ford selling car and highly rated at the time...BUT that car required so many repairs (but no engine problems) over the years that I refuse to buy another Ford. Was this typical of Taurus's or did we just have a bad one...who knows.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    exit00: I totally agree. There is no perfect person, no perfect brand, no perfect store. If even the most highly trained profession, surgeons, can do stupid things, then the rest of the world certaintly isn't immune. A lot in life depends on luck. :) There are Kia owners who are totally happy with their cars, and there are also Toyota/Honda owners who end up with lemons. That's the way it is, baby. :)


    Testing a rental cars is a source of good imput about a car's capability and features. But I personally wouldn't expect a rental to have a high degree of fit and finish. After all, rentals typically gets more abused than most. I would test drive the car (from the dealer's lot) that you are willing to buy. Good luck on your car shopping. :)
  • tl565tl565 Posts: 78
    Thanks for the input. I test drove several newCamrys off the dealers lot but I thought it would be better to drive one that had a couple thousand miles on it to see how it held up. My friend from work has had problems with his 98 and I've seen all the problems mentioned here on the board. Sure enough, the one I rented had many of the same problems mentioned on this board.

    Since Toyota seems to charge a premium over other cars I would expect more from it. If the Camry has misc. problems like other cars on the road, than I may as well save the extra $1000 to $2000 dollars for a nice sumer vacation! My point is I used to be willing to pay more for a Camry because I expected it to be troublefree, but that doesn't seem to be completely true.

    Thanks again for your help.
  • edwardh1edwardh1 Posts: 88
    Many posts say people like the 92-96 Toy cars better than the 97 up years because of the "decontenting" that they think has occurred -
    does anyone have any specifics of what they think is "cheaper" on the newer Camrys???
  • linseylinsey Posts: 1
    Im interested in buying a 93 camry with a v6 engine. The car has a total of 120,000 miles on it already and I have heard mentioned that the v6 is not very reliable and that the rods in the engine give out really easily. Please give me some input on wether this is a very reliable car and if the rumors I have heard are true.
  • white exhaust smoke upon startup in morning after sitting overnight. thats the only time 72k well maintained.. any ideas what it might be and what
    attention it may need.. thanks
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