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Hyundai Santa Fe Climate Control Questions and Problems



  • gizzer777gizzer777 Posts: 335
    So complaints. Between the air and the "assist" from the 3rd row vents, the SECOND passenger row appears comfortable.

    I might add that I am pretty happy about the speed that the cabin cools off after sitting in the sun! I open the windows, put the system on High recirc...and in a few minutes it becomes noticeably more comfortable on the way to full comfort! (I do use a windshield sun blocker which helps while the car is sitting)

    I also appreciate those 3rd row vents when bringing groceries/produce home from the market...helps a lot! (My 3rd row seats are usually in the down position for storage aft!
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    the instructions for automatic should be there (Page 1/135)
    press "mode" and "dual" simultaneously for 3 seconds - let me know if it works - i haven't tried it!
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    !!! OOOPS - I WAS TALKING ABOUT the '07 - SORRY!!! :(
  • econn1econn1 Posts: 2
    I called Hyundai and they looked it up in the manual that matched my car. I had to hold the TEMP down button for at least three seconds, then push the AMB button. Not exactly intuitive, but it worked. Hyundai customer service was very friendly!

    Sounds like 07 may be as confusing as 03. Thanks for trying.
  • I have a similar problem with an '07 Santa Fe. A damp spot appears on the carpet in the area of the passenger's left foot in the front seat. This is directly under the A/C vent, with the water seen to be running down the plastic along the inside of that footwell area.

    Interestingly, a friend with the identical vehicle has the same problem.

    A call to the dealer elicited the reply that "I never heard of this before".

    Anyone have a similar complaint?
  • You have a plugged drain tube. It's a somewhat common problem in any car equipped with A/C. If the drain tube gets plugged or kinked, condensate can't get out and instead backs up until it finds some other way out. In your case, it is getting in the passenger footwell. You need to get it corrected right away, or you can have mold start to develop.

    If you've ever been in an old car that really smelled bad when the air was turned on, it had the same problem.
  • See previous messages 4, 5, 9, 13 & 18. Info there may help. Since I got my Santa Fe out of the shop in June, the air has been fine. :confuse: I still can't explain that one! Hopefully, it will continue working, and I hope you can find a solution to your problem, too.
  • Thanks for the prompt response. I was concerned about mold or mildew in the damp carpet and will get the drain tube looked at right away (if I can't find it myself).
  • rugzyrugzy Posts: 16
    I have a 2007 LTD AWD Santa Fe. Just today the control panel for the climate system has begun to flash like crazy. All the switches and functions still work but all of the button lights and the whole screen flashes intermittently. Obviously this is a warranty issue but I was wondering if anyone else has run into this.
  • rugzyrugzy Posts: 16
    Today I went out and did a little investigating and I found out that the climate control panel only flashes when I have the headlight switch in the "off" position and I have the dimmer knob anywhere but full intensity. With the headlight switch anywhere else, the dimmer works and the climate control panel dims as normal with no flashes. I also noticed that there is a strange electrical buzzing noise coming from the engine compartment fuse box when the above conditions are set up for the flashing control panel.

    Very strange.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    maybe it's a safety feature to remind you to turn your lights on
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    It shouldn't be doing anything like what you are describing - it sounds like a short or fuse somewhere - the dealer should be easily able to reproduce and check the system. The intensity of the daytime light emission cannot be altered, unless the headlights are switched fully on - the dimmer only works on the headlights on/night time interior light intensity.
  • The above is a quote from page Sec.6-16 of the 2008 Santa Fe's Owner Manual. With the picture, I still do not know how to 'slip the O-ring (at the end of the damper strap) over the clip' without possibly damaging the clip. Q1. Does it need a special tool? Q2. Where can I buy a 'replacement air cond filter (z-fold paper with plastic edge)'? Q3. How much $ for this replacement filter?
  • I didn't bother dropping the compartment all the way down by releasing the damper strap for that reason.

    If you've undone the two "H" clips and the compartment dropped down some, there is just enough room to reach over the top of the door and behind it to the filter compartment.

    Use a flashlight to see the clips on the front filter panel to remove it, then you can pull the filter out over the top of the door.

    When it's out, you simply squeeze the paper filter in the middle and it releases itself from the retaining tabs. Squeeze the new one in the same way and release it so the retaining tabs hold it in place in the tray.

    I got my replacement cabin filter from Pep Boys for around $20.
  • Thanks for the info, jcwsbltd. I'll try your suggestion after I pick up the replacement Z-fold filter from Pep Boys. I have heard the dealer charges $90 for this filter (might include both plastic frame and element). Could this filter be rejuvenated 3 or 4 times with a vacuum cleaner? Or is it a single use disposable?
    How do you squeeze the paper filter in the middle? Fingers? Combination of fingers and L-nose appliers?
    I've undone the two 'H' clips, as well as pinching the front clips to slide out the plastic frame about 45% (when I got stuck). Have not tried to collect and squeeze filter in the middle.
  • My new Santa Fe Ltd. has automatic climate control. Is there a way to just have the outside air blowing at different fan speeds? It seems it's either a/c or heater, but not just outside air. Thanks.
  • Can't you just turn off the Auto function and press the fan button a few times to reach your desired fan speed? :confuse:
  • paulnzpaulnz Posts: 16
    I have the same problem as dukesdad2. You would THINK that if the climate control system is off that it would just let the outside air in without heating or cooling it, but that is not the case. The air that comes in the car seems to be heated or cooled based on what the temp setting of the climate control system is(even though you can't see that temp when the system is 'off').

    I have only found two ways to get around the problem:

    1. Push the recirculate button, but then you don't get any outside air into the car.

    2. Set the climate control temp to the same temp as the interior of the car thereby causing it to neither heat nor cool the air. Seems like an awful lot of work just to get some fresh air.

    Have others noticed this same thing? Or do we perhaps have defective Santa Fes?
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    Yep - it's made that way - it's simply attempting to keep the temp at the desired setting. The big question is : is the Auto control really off, if it is switched off?
  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    Remember when heating and cooling your car was simple (simple twist of a knob). This is why I chose the SE instead of the Limited. I absolutely hate auto climate control. It is a huge step backward (in function) and only increases the automakers profit margins.
  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    I have the same vehicle (2007 SE). No complaints here at all and I live in the high humidity of the south.
  • mr_rplmr_rpl Posts: 2
    I have an 2003 Santa Fe. A/C started blowing hot air, so I checked the a/c and the freon was low. We charged the system to recomended level. It was just a minute or two after charging the system that we hard a loud noise and a cloud of freon coming from under the hood. It seems like a release valve opened and let the freon out, because we checked the freon level again, and it was low. We charged the system again, and again a cloud of freon was released. Does anyone know what may be causing this problem? Thanks in advance.
  • I can confirm the same conditions on 2008 Limited AWD. The system seems to always be in an ON/SLEEP state even if the fan is not engaged resulting in either HEAT or COOL depending on the ambient temperature.

    I've learned to live with it.
  • aquavishalaquavishal Posts: 2
    Hi All,
    I have 2003 Santa Fe LX with 77K miles on it, It has Automatic heatiing and cooling controls installed.
    From the last few days when I started A/C first time in this season, it was not blowing the cold air. I verified it for 5-7 days by turning-on /off A/C but it surely not working.
    I went to Hyundai dealer and had it checked for 100$. He told me that there is some problem with clutch tied with A/C compressor and need to replace clutch and rebuild A/C compressor. I learned that this seems normal wear and tear. Total cost with labor is close to 700$

    Seeing the cost too high, I thought of verifying with my local mechanic. He checked and told me that A/C is not getting power from electronic controls. and need to see where electric current is breaking?? this response was totally different than what was told by dealer - no relation with A/C compressor or clutch.

    now this become complex, I thought of verifying it with Firestone. They also had it checked for 40$ and told the same electric current missing problem. They double checked that A.C and clutch seems fine. They also told me to investigate fully with additional 90$ cost.
    Now I am totally confused. I would have trust authorized Hyundai dealer more than anyone else but this incident is puzzling me.

    I would like to ask other people opinions and have they ever faced such an issue. Maybe any clue about or related to this problem.
    one thing to note here is tht FREON and other things are full and AC unit seems fine.

    Please help
    Thanks and Regards
  • denvertrakkerdenvertrakker Posts: 132
    My vote goes with your mechanic. The dealer is taking the path of least resistance - throwing parts at the symptom without understanding the problem. If there's a problem in the controls, then power is not reaching the electric clutch, so it doesn't pull in and activate the compressor. It does have a relation to a/c and clutch, just not the way your dealer told you.

    I would certainly have your mechanic determine what's happening with the controls - that's more likely than a failure of the clutch/compressor assembly (although that's certainly possible).
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    anybody check to make sure the a/c compressor relay is not the problem?
  • jmartin80jmartin80 Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 Santa Fe. The last week or so i have noticed that when i turn my ac on it will blow cold air, but then after i drive for about 15min. the temp of the air will start to get hotter. I have checked the freon level and it says it is at the perfect level. Has anyone run across this problem or have any incite as to what may be causing this.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    check to see how the compressor is operating...
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