Cougar Support Group - A New Start

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home of our very first Town Hall
owners club!

Your official spokespersons, responsible for
this club will be badulah and stageleft.

I'll let them introduce themselves, though
most of you already know them, and, ahem, set
the stage, for this change in venue.

So guys, if you'll do the honors ;-)

Bonnie Rick
Town Hall Community Manager,


  • badulahbadulah Member Posts: 961
    All CSG Members:
    Welcome to the CSG’s new home on! It has taken us over two years to make it this far, but I believe once things get rolling it will have been well worth the wait. Currently our new area is under serious construction, so please bear with us.

    Up until now Edmunds has only hosted our groups conference area, but in the future Edmunds will be doing much more for our club. With their help we are hoping to transform the CSG in to an official nation wide Cougar club with benefits that will attract Cougar owners from all over. In the future we are hoping to offer benefits to members that will be valuable to any and all Cougar owners, whether they are car enthusiasts or not.

    With help from Edmunds and our current members we are hoping to expand the size of the CSG ten fold. We currently have a solid core group of members to build the foundation on, and we are hoping to tap in to everyone’s ideas and talents and use them for the benefit of the entire group. With some work and imagination we believe the CSG can be the nations number one Cougar information resource and owners club.

    AKA “Badulah”
    CSG Caretaker
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    Hello all! Welcome to the kick-off of our very own online car club! It's official.

    We welcome the owners of 1999 and newer Mercury Cougars to join us here to discuss the various things that car owners talk about. As Bonnie mentioned, we can add Cat-egories to our topics, so we can keep them straight in the long run. For example, we'll have a "Modifications" discussion where members can post their feelings on, and suggest modifications of our cars, should anyone feel like doing so. Also, we'll have a "General Maintenance" topic that we can discuss things we've mentioned in the past, such as weather stripping, transmission, oil changes, and such other maintenance discussions. We'll add a "Cougar Care" topic eventually, so we'll have a culmination of all the suggestions from our members to our members on how to keep that Cat looking GOOD!

    Just think of our section here as a mini-Town Hall, that only discusses the Cougar. As always, if anyone has any suggestions for additional subtopics, please contact Badulah or Stageleft, we're open to new ideas.

    Thanks again, and of course, Happy Cougaring!
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    ...adding the Cougar/Mustang/Eclipse section. Remember the glorious battles we fought with our adversaries. I kinda miss that.

    Maybe we can name it Cougar vs. other "sporty" cars. Question is, how do we get those other non-Cougar folks to join in?
  • badulahbadulah Member Posts: 961
    A Cougar topic will be left open in one of the other conferences for outsiders and debates. This area is dedicated to the CSG and its members. This is the start of our official club.
  • teejaeteejae Member Posts: 3
    yes i am sure glad he's on our side...

    i emailed you right now.

    make sure you add Jackson Auto Group to the list of bad mercury dealers on your website. if you want me to write a short description WHY they are on it, id be happy to do so.
  • teejaeteejae Member Posts: 3
    its also sad that they are this bad because they are the only mercury dealer in hawaii....

    how about getting some more dealerships here to increase competition! please!
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    I go away for an afternoon and look what happens! I'm taking my kitty on her first road trip starting tomorrow, and I just clicked over 1000 miles today. The weather is supposed to be great, too. I'll have a full report on how she fares upon my return.

    Hapy Cougaring all!
  • dasaint1dasaint1 Member Posts: 230
    ...I kinda figured that was a long shot. I wasn't really serious--sort of just rekindling memories.
  • fredlyfredly Member Posts: 201
    Coolchick, don't forget to get your oil changed, as recommended by FMC, at 1000miles.
    Have fun.

    Hey MWS thanks for the help with my Lugwrench, hopefully I wont need it, but its nice to have. Now all I need is to handle Dealership, you don't happen to specialize in mail threats do you? Just kidding.
  • halo_1halo_1 Member Posts: 27
    Well, I just want to say that since July 1999, I have been a part of the CSG, first as an eager but impatient Cougar owner wannabe. Finally, in November 1999, I became a proud owner of a 2000 Spruce Green Cougar. And, since that time the members of the CSG are the only ones that understand the love and affection I have for my Cat.

    If an outsider were to read some of these posts, they might suggest that we get therapy. But my reply would be, this is our therapy. Where else can we go and talk about the good times, bad times (few hopefully), and love for our Kitty without being judged. Where else can we go to seek advise and help when we have issues that affect our Cougar. Finally, where else can we go that will give us access to a representative of L/M. I'll tell you where, THE CSG. May the CSG live on forever...Cheers(raising my glass of bubbly into the air!!!)

    P.S. I hope MWS finds his way to our new home!!!
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    Good news juanb its so nice to have a happy ending and I like the part about compensation.
  • meowlammeowlam Member Posts: 9
    juanb - I'm so glad to read your latest news.

    First she sacrificed herself to protect you, and now your kitty is going to rise from the dead? I hope the repairs go well -- and that your Laser Red kitty (my color, too) comes home soon!

    :-) meowlam
  • teejaeteejae Member Posts: 3
    carsdirect has contacted me and have said that my car is going to be special ordered, and it will take 8 weeks. i dont know if theyre going to special order it from the factory, or they are going to order it from a mainland dealership and ship it here. they are going to try to get it to me before i leave the country also. however, if they are ordering it from the factory, then i dont think that its going to get here in 8 weeks.

    im also happy that i decided to wait it out for the EXACT cat that i want instead of settling for something less. hopefully patience will pay off. cant wait!
  • ferrywhistleferrywhistle Member Posts: 30
    Well, I looked through the old postings from 1998 and I actually recognize some of the names here! It's amazing that people are really that in love with the car to still be gushing about it two years later. You guys seem like a great group and the only ones who won't tell me to shut up if this car is all I want to talk about (the people I work with are ready to kill me). It's very reassuring as well, because my new Cougar should be here today, and I'll be able to pick it up tomorrow. I got a 2000, with a V6. Black w/black or gray interior (don't know which one they found yet). I got the conv. and sport package. I'm so excited! I've loved this car since I first seen it been never test drove it because I knew I couldn't afford it yet and didn't want to torture myself. So Monday night I test drove it and fell in love with it. I signed that night. Got a great deal too! Well, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm sure you'll all be hearing from me plenty!
  • dasaint1dasaint1 Member Posts: 230
    Welcome aboard!!!

    Yeah, I felt exactly the same way you did. When I first saw the Autumn Orange (beautiful color) Cougar in the dealer, I checked the MSRP price--it a little less than $23K. Ouch, that was out of my price range.

    A year later, I got one for a lot less than that. Dreams do come true.

    Your co-workers may not understand or appreciate what you're going through with your Cat, but we do. So keep on posting!!!
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    Well I found the new area. Not bad. I imagine this "new start" category will contain the bulk of the ramblings-on.

    Near the end of the last discussion area, someone was commenting on block heaters. I'd like to clarify a couple of things:

    1) Block heaters aren't that much of a pain in the a$#. You can leave them plugged in as long as you want and they won't hurt the battery. I've seen people go away on vacation and leave their block heaters plugged in.

    2) Not ALL of Canada is that cold. Us Canadians often get the impression that our friends south of the border all think we live in igloos, hunting for caribou and ice-fishing. Did you know that southern Ontario (where I grew up) actually extends to a more southern lattitude than norhern California? Where I live now, yes, we do get snow in the winter, but it is also not uncommon to have temperatures during the summer up into the high 90s. Just a little Canuck geography, for whoever is interested:)

    I would recommend a block heater to anyone who lives in an area where temperatures may fall to minus 10C (15F) during winter nights. It keeps the engine oil much more vicous so that you're not grinding metal on metal when you start your car in the morning. It also helps the heat come on quicker in the car.
  • fish8fish8 Member Posts: 2,282
    Ferrywhistle - Welcome to our club!!!

    I love my Cat!!!!
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    I believe we are going to open a sub topic in here for dealer discussion. I plan on keeping a running tally of good and bad dealers across the country. If the host hasn't already done so, I will request that this new sub topic be opened.

    I'm glad you ordered what you really wanted. You will be much happier in the end. There is nothing worse than looking back and saying "I should have gotten this option, or that option".

    And fond memories they are. I to remember the days of fishing with the pigmies and racing Celicas on foot while wearing my brand new pair of Kedds. ahhh those were the days. They don't make topics like that nay more.

    (raises his glass with Halo_1 as a tear rolls down his cheek).

    I'm glad to hear your cat will be back in action soon! This time around could you try and keep her under control? I think beating up on one Mustang is enough for a very long time.

    Glad to have you with us! Good luck picking up your Cat. Let us know how it goes. I know what you mean about the people at work. My Co-workers think i'm INSANE! I have actually made myself not talk about my Cat in the office recently due to all the eye rolling and other looks I get whenever I talk about her. They just don't understand what it's like. I actually feel bad for them, stuck driving all of those boring cars parked out in the lot. It's sad really to think what they are missing.

  • stageleftstageleft Member Posts: 391

    So, does the Cougar fit in the Igloo, or did you have to build an addition? :^)


    Glad you're here. We always like to see new faces!


    If your co-workers don't hear you talk about your Cat, do they suspect something is wrong?

    Good morning all!
  • ferrywhistleferrywhistle Member Posts: 30
    Hello again. Told you you'd be hearing from me soon! ;)

    Does anyone know if the 2001's are coming out soon? I'm just curious because when I talked to salesman about price, he knocked $1,400 off without me even asking, THEN told me about a $1000 rebate. The sticker on my car was around $18,800 and he sold it to me for $16,000 without me even asking or haggling! I was wondering if the 2001's were coming out and the dealerships are trying to get rid of the 2000's or something. I was just blown away at how cheap it was. I wasn't going to get the Sport group, but the car cost $3,000 less than what I expected, so I though what the hell! And by the way, please don't think I'm bragging or anything, I was just really suprised at how inexpensive this car was, and am still a little surprised. If I would have known that, I would have bought the thing six months ago.
  • badulahbadulah Member Posts: 961
    The dealers will not be taking the order for the 2001 until mid June. The 2001 will be the same as the 2000, so I suggest you jump on the deal they are offering you ASAP! I have NEVER herd of anyone getting at Cat for that low of a price. What options did you get and which transmission?

    The sport group is worth the cash. The bigger tires/wheels not only look great on the Cat they also handle better. The sport group also raises the top speed of the car.
  • esbrockesbrock Member Posts: 88
    I know some of guys are real knowlegdable about audio systems, so I have a question to ask. I am thinking about adding a powered Bazooka tube to my Cat. The head unit I have installed is the Kenwood KDC-6011. I was wondering if it is possible to connect the bass tube using one of the RCA outputs and still use all four high-level outputs for my speakers.
  • krnchkrnch Member Posts: 127
    It's a tight fit, but I can just barely squeeze my cat into my igloo. I throw a polar bear skin rug over her and use her as a bed;)
  • badulahbadulah Member Posts: 961
    That will work just fine. The RCAs are in addition to the high-level speaker out-puts, not in place of them. The sub should have a gain control built in so you will be able to adjust the volume separately. Where do you plan on mounting the tube, up against the back seat or against the rear of the trunk?
  • ferrywhistleferrywhistle Member Posts: 30

    I thought it was cheap! I didn't get all the bells and wistles, but still. I just got the V6 with a 5 sp(had to have a stick), convenience and sport group with a c.d. player. No leather, sunroof, ABS, etc.

    If you all don't mind me asking, how much did you end up paying? I read back in the posts from 1998 and it looked like most were paying aroung 18-20k. I think they actually lowered the price on the 2000's. They had one on the lot that was loaded with every possible thing and the sticker was $21k.

    How is the sound system? I ordered mine with the c.d with premium sound. I was wondering just how "premium" it was. The car I test drove just had a cassette and don't know if had premium or not, but even that wasn't bad. Also, I want to wax mine as soon as the weather breaks around here. Any suggestions on what type of cloth I should use? I don't want to end up with scratches all over it. I used a terry cloth towel on my current car, but that is so scratched up I couldn't tell if it was me doing it or if was there or what. I want to keep this car looking brand spanking new for as long as possible.
  • badulahbadulah Member Posts: 961
    I got my Black V6 MTX Cat with the Sports & Convenience packages, ABS, sunroof, chrome rims, and midnight black cloth interior for $17,500. I thought was a steal, but you really beat me! I didn't opt for the CD player because I have my own audio equipment. I really wanted traction control, but the lame salesmen told me I couldn't get that option with the MTX. I also wanted the side air bags, but at the time the air bags were sold in a package with the leather and power seats. The package was about $2,300, and I didn't want to spend that much more.

    For GREAT waxing tips, check out the CSG's latest detailing suggestions by CSG member Jimbo_G at:
  • ferrywhistleferrywhistle Member Posts: 30

    Thanks for the info. Is that the site I've been reading about so much in past posts? I'm still reading part 9 (topic 1677) finding all sorts of information (not to mention it's quite entertaining) And by the way, this kind of confuses me - Part 9 is older than part 3? I don't get it. How are these boards organized? I titles just given at random? lol
  • ferrywhistleferrywhistle Member Posts: 30
    I just went to that site and looked at the members page. Look like your cat is almost the same as the one I'm getting except yours is a little more suped up. How you liking the black? I've had three cars and they've all been red -lol- and everyone is warning that black gets dirty quickest and wah wah wah. I don't care if it show dirt quickest since I'll probably be washing it twice a week just so I have an excuse to touch it and rub it and stare at it and be really close to it (am I scaring anyone yet?)
  • badulahbadulah Member Posts: 961
    That's funny because my previous three cars were also red. I LOVE my black Kitty! Yes it can be a pain to keep clean, but when she is all shined up she is the best looking Cat you have ever seen (IMHO of course).

    The sites are in numerical order, so i'm not sure where your question is coming from.

    The web site is another new addition to the CSG. Currently is it posted on my free AT&T web space, but we will soon be moving it to a permanent URL. If you have any suggestions, comments, or concepts for the web site, please e-mail me or StageLeft with them.

    AKA "Badulah"
    CSG Caretaker
  • dasaint1dasaint1 Member Posts: 230
    I apologize if I stereotyped Canada as an icebox. Didn't mean it that way. But what I really wanna know is--can I use the engine block heater to keep the coffee warm while I'm away from my desk??? :>)

    You must have a lot of time on your hands to go back and read all the posts in the CSG. But if you wanna read some "real" interesting posts, go check out the Cougar V6/Mustang GT/Eclipse V6 topic. It was unfortunately put to rest because some people refused to stick to the topic (I won't tell you who but the first 3 initials are Bad... and the other person begins with Sta...).

    If you have the time, check it out.
  • esbrockesbrock Member Posts: 88

    I was thinking of installing along the side with the driver end facing the back. I have haeard subs sound better if you point them towards the rear of the vehicle.
  • badulahbadulah Member Posts: 961
    Actually my two 12" subs are up against the back seat firing straight back. I had them installed facing up, but I changed the configuration afterwards because I didn't care for the way they sounded. I think firing straight back will be your best bet, but since the tube is easy to move around you can try all sorts of configurations.

    O I see how it is, point the blame somewhere else. As if to say you didn't partake in our..... creative conversations.
  • ambercadabraambercadabra Member Posts: 56
    Heya all...

    I'm still a week or so away from getting my Cat, and I'm AAALLLL types of ancy, but I couldn't resist joining the "club" already. Hope y'all don't mind my hoppin' on the bandwagon before I pass initiation.

    For those of you who were asking about what prices people were paying, I don't mind sharing: I'm buying a 2000 V6 in Silver Frost with Graphite Leather interior, Sport Package, Convenience Group, ABS, Traction Control, CD, Sunroof - ok, ok, just about everything. (Hey, its my first brand new car, and I figured since it was the Cat, what the heck). Sticker for it is 21,400, and I'm paying 18800. Not bad, if I do say so myself.
  • gustafscgustafsc Member Posts: 361
    Sounds like you've got the same option list that I do.

    Got mine for $18,500, out the door (tax, license &doc fees included).

    Glad you found us. The original premise of this gang was to provide emotional support while we were suffering long waiting periods for delivery of our cats. (5mo for me) All we could do was envy those who were piling up miles and admiring stares.

    Skip G.
  • badulahbadulah Member Posts: 961
    The CSG was originally set up for those who were waiting to take delivery of their Cats. Some of us had to wait MONTHS to take order, so in order to remain patient we used the CSG to support each other through the long wait. So your more than welcome to join our growing group.

    For the full CSG story, check out our new home page at:
  • ferrywhistleferrywhistle Member Posts: 30
    I'm waiting for my cat to come in. Should be here today so I should be able to get in tomorrow or Sat. I don't know if reading this board is making the anxiety better or worse. It is definelty building up the excitement.
  • badulahbadulah Member Posts: 961
    oops! Messed up my HTML tags on that last one. O-Well!

  • malibumalibu Member Posts: 155
    Where are you located..the reason I ask is I called my dealer today to check on status of my kitty, I still have 4-5 weeks to go. He has been very consistant on the timing which is good. He did say he has a black special order coming in tomorrow. Someone ordered about 1 month before me, but couldn't tell me the name. I'm in San Luis Obispo, CA. Just curious if it was you.

    I too need to know what kind of towel or Chamise to use to dry my black cat when she arrives, I want to wax her ASAP and I have been really worried about what kind of cloth to use. I have always had red cars also and this is my first black one. We all have so many little quirks in common, no wonder we love the same car!

    Thanks. Lisa.
  • daexpertdaexpert Member Posts: 140
    Guess what guys? I am the owner of a NEW 2000 COUGAR!!!

    Yup, I got me a V6 2000, manual (no more auto for me, somehow I'll learn to drive manual!), ABS, traction control, sunroof, leatherseats, everything. It's black.

    I got the car for $20, 600. I know I know, it might seem too much for some of you but considering the fact that my car was a lemon and that I was fighting hard for the dealer to replace the junk I was driving, I don't think it's too bad. The dealer bought the car back and the payoff in the loan (for my previous car) is also done with, therefore I pretty much start fresh, no negative equity. Although, I'm sure the added some of that negetive equity to the car somehow, but I don't think it was such a bad deal after all. What do you guys think? If you guys think it was a bad deal for me, please dont' tell me!!! Cause I'll feel bad =)

    Anyways, the dealer was set on giving me the car (which is fully loaded) for almost 22K, but I didnt' know there including the negative equity and stuff in there (like through my rebates). So I talked to them and was ready to walk out but then the manager told me to come back and renegotiate with them. So that's where we ended up.

    The leather is not the one that came with the car, it's actually aftermarket, and the cost is about $950 but I'm "supposed" to be paying invoice for it. The main reason why I acceptd the deal was because it was much more reasonable thatn the crap they were giving me before about being like 2k down with negative equity and I do like the Cougar just not the cougar they gave me. So, now I have a black one instead of the silver one and I'll be learning to drive manual this weekend.

    So what do you guys think about this entire ordeal? I think I did pretty well, and you can always do better, but I could have also done much worse like trading my car somewhere else and have them pay me like 10K for the car and then I'd really be in negative equity.

    Well, this post was long enough, sorry if it doesn't make sense but I'm typing really fast and I'm excited that something worked out for me. = )
  • halo_1halo_1 Member Posts: 27
    Congrats, on your new and improved 2000 Cougar. Hope everything works out with this one. Regarding, the deal, the important thing is that you feel good about how it worked out. Personally, it seems you are in a better spot today than you were last week. Enjoy your CAT...

    Congrats, on your new CAT...
  • jayhawk5jayhawk5 Member Posts: 70
    Congratulations on your new cat!! I think you'll find it's even more fun to drive with a stick (IMHO). Now get out there and bond with your new car!
  • stageleftstageleft Member Posts: 391

    I am seriously glad that you got what you wanted. As Halo_1 said, "the important thing is that
    you feel good about how it worked out." I'm glad we didn't have to call you away from the "H" :^) Have fun driving the MTX, once you get it down, you'll find the Cat is much more nimble (and hopefully, this one won't "sleep" all the time. Do you have an experienced MTX driver you can rely on for advice?
  • ferrywhistleferrywhistle Member Posts: 30
    Okay, I knew it was supposed to arrive today so I stopped by the dealer after work and there was a line of six or seven Cougars like they just came off the truck. In the back, sitting quietly in the corner, was my brand spanking new cougar. I knew it was mine because it was the only black one and it had a five speed. I checked out the sticker and it was exactly what I wanted (I was a little worried about it coming in the wrong color or with a bunch of stuff I didn't order). I was exstatic(sp).

    So, I get home from work already giddy and waiting for me was a message from my salesman saying to give him a call tomorrow and set up a time to pick it up. Tomorrow! Yeeee hah! This time tomorrow I will be cruising around town in a black cat! Well, I'm off to go change my pants now. Got a little too excited.

    I'm in Toledo, so it wasn't me. ;) You know what I don't understand? Why do you all have to wait so long? I asked for mine on Monday (3/27) and it's here already. They found mine at another dealer, though, so maybe that's the difference.
  • daexpertdaexpert Member Posts: 140
    Yeah, I feel pretty good about the deal. I knew going in that I would lose a little dough with the deal, but nothing compared to how much I would lose if I had sold the car somewhere else and then try and pay off my loan! My main purpose was to fight the dealer as much as possible and not get ripped off as much as they wanted to rip me off =). I think I did okay. There were some lessons learned definitely. = )
  • stageleftstageleft Member Posts: 391

    Congrats! Enjoy your first drive.
  • ferrywhistleferrywhistle Member Posts: 30
    Congratulations. I've been reading your whole sordid story (I've been reading these postings since Monday I just didn't post until today). I'm glad you got everything worked out. Dealers suck. I was sooo paranoid going into this, but I must say mine has been great. Speaking of:

    badulah or stageleft:
    If you do decide to list good and bad dealerships on your web site (which is great btw) make sure to include Franklin Park Lincoln Mercury in Toledo, Ohio as one of the good ones. They've been great. Found my car in 4 days and I got a great deal. Of course, I haven't picked up the car yet . . . maybe my opinion will change tomorrow.
  • dasaint1dasaint1 Member Posts: 230
    Congratulations!! And I'm glad you're happy with the deal 'cause that's what really counts.

    Hopefully, from now on, all your posts will be happy ones. Good luck learning the mtx.

    Congratulations to you too!! Yeah, I waited over 3 months for my Cat, but it was factory ordered with a born-on-date of 2/17/00 (sounds like a beer commercial). Looks like you got lucky.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!
  • dasaint1dasaint1 Member Posts: 230
    You got a real good deal. I got the same color and options minus the leather seats, and I paid slightly more than you did. But then again, my dealer shafted me (but that's another long story I don't wanna relive).

    I love my Cat. And even though, I may have paid more than others, she's still a bargain compared to other cars I could've bought instead of the Cat and driving her makes me feel like a million bucks.
  • ferrywhistleferrywhistle Member Posts: 30
    Born on date of 2/17/00, huh? That's pretty cool. One day before my birthday. I wonder if I can find out when mine was born. Do you know how I could?

    And don't worry, I will enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. I plan on picking it up tomorrow and not coming home until Sunday night. Maybe I'll come home for a couple hours on Sat afternoon to wax it. I stopped on my way home today and spent over $50 on wax and cloths and car soap and a bunch of goodies. I bought all Meguiar's products, since I've read so much about them from all you. Can't wait to test 'em out.
  • malibumalibu Member Posts: 155
    I wanted the special edition, so I had to factory order it. Soooo happy for you and a bit jealous too! It seems like everyone has a new kitty and I sill wait...I guess I'll have to continue the sleuthing to find out who ordered the black one here in town, as long as it isn't a girl with blonde hair and it's not a special edition than I'll still have one of a kind.


    Way to go! Congratulations!
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