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Mercedes-Benz C-300 2008+

ivanl3ivanl3 Member Posts: 30
I tried Edmunds and Kelly Blue, but cannot find pricing (invoice and MSRP) for 2008 C300 4Matic Luxury Sedan. They only have it for the RWD version, not the 4Matic. Does anyone know where I can get this info?


  • ivanl3ivanl3 Member Posts: 30
    Just checked carsdirect.com.....no dice there either. Seems strange. When I went to the dealer, all they had in stock were 4matics, no RWD versions at all. I am in in PA.
  • johnmarcojohnmarco Member Posts: 22
    So someone in my building just picked up a new 300 Sport. (I'm in LA.) First impressions. Huge improvement over the outgoing model. Looks way better, seems a reasonable size, interior, from what I can tell by peeking in, looks very clean. I gotta say though. The exterior is too busy for me. Too many lines, angles, and creases. I might even say ..... Bangle-ized.
  • snagssnags Member Posts: 27
    Ihave seen both in person and believe the MB to be nicer looking. The interior is a toss up .Anyone else have any thoughts about what vehicle might be the better with all considered?
  • casper1022casper1022 Member Posts: 24
    Have been going around different dealerships in the Seattle, WA area. What would be a fair price for a 2008 C350 with the options of Nav/Multimedia and the leather seat. Dealers Cost for a vehicle like this from the consumer report is $ 33625.00(without the options). Whats a fair price to start the negotiating with dealers which is a realistic offer. Any suggestions?? Thank you.
  • casper1022casper1022 Member Posts: 24
    Hi, sorry am not sure if i can answer your question, i was in the market for the same kind of car in seattle, however, wanted to get the info for the C350 4matic, it seemed the salesperson told me, it would be another $3200 to get this an option. I hope this info can help in your inquiry. Good luck.
  • jthembajthemba Member Posts: 8
    I would like to know the answer to that as well. I am/will be cross-shopping those two models specifically.

    Nevertheless, I have pro's and cons associated with both:

    Age 28


    Pros- Bold design, direct injected 300hp, stitched dash, XM radio, heated and cooled seats, warranty

    Cons- Road feel, ride height (too low), brand image (Cadillac's are for "more mature people"

    C350 Sport:

    Pros- Bold design, technical appointments, paint, drag resistant tail lights, solid feel

    Cons- MB recent reliability, MB interest rate, higher price when optioned

    I could be happy with either, but with both being new releases, my decision will be rendered through a combination of "seat of the pants feel" combined with price point.
  • falvor88falvor88 Member Posts: 6
    Looks like now you can built the 08 C300 luxury/sport with 4Matic on mbusa.com now.

    $31,975 starting MSRP for C300 sport
    $33,775 starting MSRP for C300 4Matic Sport (no C350 though)

    1800 diff to add 4 Matic and it looks like that comes with the 7 speed auto transmission since there is no option for it when building a 4matic c300. Unless its a bug?

    Otherwise the auto transmission is a $1440 option on its own alrady. Only $360 more for the 4matic!
  • falvor88falvor88 Member Posts: 6
    Looks like mbusa.com was updated.

    now the c300 4matic is at $35,215 MSRP. I guess it was too good to be true!
  • mark_wnymark_wny Member Posts: 70
    What would be a fair price? How about list price? The model is brand new. It's been on the lots in the US for about 10 days - and already you're looking for a super deal? I have nothing against a good deal, but there are limits - and this is one of them. If you like the new C-class, you should be ready to pay full tab.
  • lgoldinlgoldin Member Posts: 90
    Hi. I've never owned MB or any German car for that matter and always driven Japanese. New C-class caught my eye by offering manual transmission and decent engine for decent price. I've looked at Volvo S40 (did not like the interior), BMW328 (like everything but with all options it is more expensive than C-class) and Audi A4 (dismissed based on reliability record). I asked trusted mechanic about MB and he said that post 2000 models are quite reliable. What is owners experience? Is 2008 model expected to be reliable? Did Chrysler involvement do anything bad to the MB?

  • sthavornsthavorn Member Posts: 31
    What are the differences between C300 sport/automatic vs. luxury? Any infos are very appreciated. Thanks
  • be325be325 Member Posts: 91
    I believe the tires are wider in the rear, the car sits about 0.5" lower, stiffer suspension, different front grille, brushed metal (interior) rather than wood panels,???.
  • be325be325 Member Posts: 91
    I wonder how the new C's are selling? I have yet to see one (Sport or Luxury) on the road.
    When we visited M-B showroom some time ago, most of the cars there were not available for a test drive. We were told that these cars were ordered long time ago and were waiting for new owners.
    Those who bought the new C, aren't sharing much, unless I am in the wrong posting category.
    Also, I am counting that reliability of the C has improved.
  • casper1022casper1022 Member Posts: 24
    It seems all the dealers have been telling me, the sales are going great, more of the C300's are selling as compared to the C350. This does not surprise me, the price of the C300 sport is much lower, however, not too much is loaded to the car, the pricing for the C300 does not include automatic transmission in the price its an option to add, another $1440this goes for the C300 luxury too, being in the luxury class you still need to add the $1440 for automatic transmission, something close to that figure. Some dealers have sold their only showroom cars so really there would not be any for one to see or test drive. I ordered my vehicle back in August and was suppose to be ready by end of October, the other day I was phoned, the vehicle will not be ready till Feb 2008. Does this tell you the car is pretty much in demand at this time being new in the market?
    I have been researching and found that they have studied this car for 7 years and I suggest before you make a decision, you would really have to check options and accessories (stock) which comes with the C300 or C350. After looking at all the options and all and having to add the features like automatic transmission even on the C300 luxury the price did not differ much for a C350 which made me change my mind, though I really did not need the extra horsepower on the C350 and even did not like the choices on leather and the black maple wood trimming in the interior. I was also surprised that for a high end brand car, the manufactures are not willing to take any special orders as far as changing color of leather seats or wood trimmings for the C350. Hope this helps you and yes they are selling which is why most dealers are selling at MSRP without any discounts. What state are you from? Every dealer can locate the car for you they have access to the nationwide inventory of MB so am sure they can work something out if you wanted the car and are willing to pay the bucks. Good luck!
  • be325be325 Member Posts: 91
    Actually, we were thinking of picking C-Luxury in Sindelfingen next May and saving 7%, since we're going there anyway. We like the car but are looking for impressions and evaluations. Another person's views and impressions widen the scope, put things in perspective and help with initial infatuation. Thanks for sharing.
  • manybmwsmanybmws Member Posts: 347
    I test drove both.

    Interior - CTS wins
    Exterior - both have appeal
    Seating - CTS for sure
    Ride - Benz
    Engine - Benz - CTS too noisy
    Options - CTS but it increases the price over the C.
    Handling - Drove FE3 CTS suspension. Not as good as I expected. I drove both a luxury and sport C300. Both handled well with the Sport very flat in corners.
    Steering feel - Benz
    Panoramic sunroof - Benz
    Overall value - Benz

    Value proposition and feel would steer me towards the C300.

    Hope this helps.
  • oberpfallzoberpfallz Member Posts: 3
    Hello all, I used to be a Product specialist for BMW but just switched to Mercedes. Any questions regarding the New 2008 C or any of the other models, please feel free to direct to me. I can also answer availability concerns in the North Georgia Area starting October 1 2007..
    I used to post on the boards as KandG and have written stuff in the LR3 forums, 300zx z32, and for the BMW E46 3 series,



    Greg (uberfallz)
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Member Posts: 5,504
    Very helpful/interesting.


    It'll take a few years to determine which of these, if either, are worthy in terms of reliability/longevity.

    The people who drive them (as you've done) will bring us the information we need.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
  • electricianelectrician Member Posts: 4
    Does anyone know if its possible to install an override piece so one can view the Dvd while driving? i heard of navigation video input adapters, but wanted to know if anyone has managed to put it?
  • casper1022casper1022 Member Posts: 24
    hi, i myself was interested in getting this answer, however, MB will of course not encourage it since it is against the law for them to do it. I then started to research to have another system installed which was still top of the line and included the back up video in it, the same issue arised the DVD had to be disabled while driving, which can be done, however, the problem now is the car being new and system only designed for this particular make of car, whomever is installing the multimedia will have to fabricate their own mounting kit. I am sure the dvd can be disabled, its a wire which needs to be disarmed so it will play while the car is on drive, it has something to do with disabling 1 wire which is hooked up to the handbreak. I know I will investigate after I buy the system, my friend has done this to his own system but its a PIONEER not HARMON KARDON, its just looking for that right wire, however, it worries me, it might void the warranty once someone else touches the electrical system. It surprised me that DVD will play on park, well, who will be watching the DVD while on park and draining the battery? Hope this helped you. I will also research the fact if a back up video can be installed as a kit with this system as an extra feature.
  • electricianelectrician Member Posts: 4
    thanks for the shared input , i have gotten word that a company by the name of NavTV HAS a module that is supposed to override this issue. i will further investigate and see if they really support this car since its a 08 model
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Member Posts: 420
    I would consider comparing lease rates because the Cadillac will depreciate more than Mercedes if you purchase.

    As long as it is under warranty, initial reliability will be a MB problem, not yours.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Member Posts: 5,504
    ". . .initial reliability will be a MB problem, not yours. . ."

    Well, yeah, kinda. The reality of dropping off a car for a warranty repair & picking it up later, even with a loaner, is that it takes a noticeable chunk of time out of your day. Sometimes it becomes several chunks. I'm not at all interested in learning the first names of all the people in the service department.

    You may be.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
  • manybmwsmanybmws Member Posts: 347
    How reliable have recent C-class cars been?

    Been a while since I sold a '98 ML 320. That WAS a nightmare. :sick: :lemon:

    Can't believe I am considering a new C-class.
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    still leaning towards the CTS for the $$...simply adding the performance group on the CTS gets me what I want at about 37K MSRP...and going through my buying service saves me about 1500 off MSRP at the moment.......also looking at scheduled maintenance and costs....MB prices and schedule seem more than that of the CTS....when I see plugs replaced at 30k I wonder to be honest......at least the is the routine maintenance schedule at one of the local MB dealerships here in northern VA.....
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Member Posts: 316
    ". . .initial reliability will be a MB problem, not yours. . ." Ever heard the phrase, "time is money?" The MB dealer is a 30 minute drive (45 in rush time). I have better things to do with my time, and I would rather be driving my car than a loaner.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Member Posts: 5,504
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
  • daschedasche Member Posts: 11
    I just picked up a C300 Sport w/automatic trans & panoramic roof for $34,700 here in NJ... dealer gave me $1,125 off the sticker price. I searched the dealer inventory online, quickest way to see what they have in stock, w/what options. A friend in Virginia purchased one too and had to pay sticker price, they would not haggle because of demand.
  • be325be325 Member Posts: 91
    Local dealer (Tampa Bay Area) offered to order C300 Luxury in metallic paint for $32,300 (34,500 OTD (6%tax)... no other options --- for us old people, it is easier to set a budget and then deal in OTD figures. We tried to compare what we get at Lexus and Acura.
    We are OK with waiting a few months and we are not interested in any of the premium packages MB is offering on C300 Lux. We set a firm 34k OTD budget. What do you all think? Is 34.5k OTD too much (I guess for a buyer every number is too much) for C300 Lux with no other options but metallic paint?
    We looked at the EDProgram ... the local dealer wants to match it.
  • manybmwsmanybmws Member Posts: 347
    Just got my hands on one of these to test drive. I had previously driven a C300 Luxury and a C300 Sport optioned with 18" wheels.

    I liked it a lot. I felt the 4Matic system was basically transparent to the driving experience when compared to the rear wheel drive car so not much to comment on there. I actually thought that the 17" wheels/tires felt a little rougher over rough services than the C300 Sport with 18"ers. Probably due to the rubber. The 18s available for non-4Matics are not available on the 4Matic models because the system apparently adds another .5" offset to the rear wheels. I was told that you could mount the front sized 18s on all 4 wheels but did not verify with a tech.

    Engine response is good although this car (probably due to the extra 4Matic weight) is a high 7s 0-60 car (as tested by Motorweek recently). All in all though on the highway it is responsive and the exhaust tone is very appealing along with a smooth application of engine power.

    Handling is very good since when I pushed it around an exit ramp it felt very confident in the turn.

    I have driven a lot of new 3-Series (as loaners) and a brand new 335i Coupe. They are nice but the runflats ruin it for me. Plus I hate to say it but I like the styling of the C-class better.

    So just my thoughts, hope this helps...
  • bobby718bobby718 Member Posts: 1
    I just put 400 miles on my c-300... I'm very happy with the car... I recently sold my S-500 2001 and have to say; I like the 300 better... Great car to drive.. Great looks... solid build... What more can I say? Benz is the Best...
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Member Posts: 2,363
    Ours was the first delivered in the Northwest, and we now have 5000 miles on it. Everything is working, no issues, best drive we've had...ever...and that's saying a lot.

    It's strength is the ride / handling compromise - excellent ride quality combined with noticeable improvement in steering and cornering. And very solid - no interior noises. We couldn't be happier.
  • areddyareddy Member Posts: 8
    The headlamps settings dont make sense to me. What are the steps to turn the Low Beam Head Lamp on? I dont really understand the steps stated in the manual. When I try to set it up myself, I end up having the Low Beam on with the front fog lights also getting switched on. If I keep the head lamp setting to auto "A" the High beam indicator shows up and the light mode switch to High Beam. The dealer kind of didn't explain this to me clearly and I can figure out how to keep the lights on low beam with the fog lights switched off....can anyone help?
  • daschedasche Member Posts: 11
    The "A" setting is for the low beams. Perhaps the stalk to flash to pass is in the permanent high beam position. The fog lights will not work if the setting is on "A". The fog lights will work when the setting is on parking lights are turned all the way to the right. Pull the light switch "out" once for the front fog lights, pull it out again and the rear fog lights will come on. The icons will also light up to let you know which fog lights are on.
  • areddyareddy Member Posts: 8
    I guess your right, I didnt realize the stalk could be on high beam. I need to go home and check that. This is my first MB, need more time to get used to the controls and their locations ;). Thanks
  • daschedasche Member Posts: 11
    My first too, which is why I check this website everyday, LOL... we can learn together!
  • raidersix2002raidersix2002 Member Posts: 5
    I am considering a new 2008 c 300 4matic. Frankly I have driven Hondas all my life but I have waited way past time to purchase a lux brand. The reason I have is because after about 470,000 miles and two hondas reliability has never been even a thought. I have read Soooooo much bad about the C class I am afraid to buy one. The option is a Lexus. The MB dealer was surprisingly candid about the electrical problems the C class has. What is the early feedback on the C class?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Member Posts: 2,363
    ...because it feels like I've said this in so many different venues in the past month:

    I've owned 54 cars since 1962, including 15 Mercedes. We took delivery of the first C300 delivered in the NW on August 9th, and then proceeded to leave on a 5 week road trip that brought us back home with 5100 miles on the car.

    There have been no issues whatsoever. Period. And in terms of the way the car behaves on the road, it is hands-down the best car we've ever owned [and I have had them ALL, including multiple Hondas, Toyotas, and everything German].

    Our car was built in June in Bremen, and has a serial number in the 17xxx range. The only other time I took a risk like that was when we bought our '96 Acura RL a month after production began. The new C is so much better than that car, it is hard to know where to begin.

    Now I'm not big on the 4-matic, because we don't really need it here [Portland OR area], notwithstanding the fact that everyone seems to think they have to have AWD in this region. It just adds complexity and weight....unless you live in a serious snow-belt area, winter tires are all you really need to get around. The new 4-Matic system is simpler and lighter than the old design, so that's something in its favor. What I can say is that the underlying car is going to feel like a pleasant surprise to anyone coming out of any Honda product.

    Our '02 C240 was not perfect, but we never had any serious problems, and none of the electrical gremlins that plagued the early W203s. I deliberately stayed away from the features that were causing the problems [the memory seats, CD changer, and COMAND system]. So far, I have heard of no significant issues with the W204....certainly, our car has had none. As always, your experience could turn out to be different [we have had our share of less-than-perfect Japanese cars], but I couldn't be happier after 5k miles on our '08 C.
  • akhilparekhakhilparekh Member Posts: 1
    I just test drove the C300 Sport yesterday and thought it was good overall. I am looking at buying the C300 sport w/ automatic transmission and multimedia package. What is a reasonable price to pay?

    In addition, would you recommend a BMW instead of the C300 ?

    Thanks in advance.
  • nedzelnedzel Member Posts: 787
    "In addition, would you recommend a BMW instead of the C300"

    Depends upon what you want. The BMW will likely handle a bit better, but you'll have to deal with the runflat tires (no thanks).
  • shawn22shawn22 Member Posts: 6
    Has anyone seen the C350 Key for the Cure edition.
    It offers a very cool Sahara Beige leather package that really pops. Only 1000 of these will be sold.
    I was hoping to find out if anyone knows if they might offer the same luxery package on these limited editions on others in the future. So far no-one at an MB dealership knows.

    The current Black on Black is kinda dull looking.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
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  • gsb01gsb01 Member Posts: 1
    I saw your posting here on Edmonds and have a question about what is actually standard in transmissions on the c-300 luxury sedan.(not the sports version) I assume it is a 6 speed, but I am being told that one must purchase the 7-speed in this car and this just seems totally unrealistic as a transmission would need to be in the base price of the car and not as an additional fee to the base pricing. Is this really just an option and if so what would be any advantage/disadvantage as to having it or not. Also any feedback on the Multimedia Package (Nav system) would be appreciated as well.

    gsb01 (Atlanta GA)
  • ventureventure Member Posts: 2,869
    The C300 Luxury comes with the 7 speed automatic. The C300 Sport comes with the 6 speed manual transmission but you can option in the automatic.

    I'm looking at the sales brochure right now.

    2020 Ascent Limited, 2024 Subaru Legacy Sport

  • tomotomotomotomo Member Posts: 57
    Unless MB has made a change, the 2008 C300 comes with a 7-speed automatic as an OPTION at a MSRP of $1440! The standard transmission is at no extra cost! I know as I bought one in August 2007.
  • ventureventure Member Posts: 2,869
    All I know is what is in the sales brochure and what the salesman told me:

    The automatic is standard in the C300 Luxury and the C350. The manual is standard in the C300 Sport with the automatic being optional.

    This is verified on the mbusa.com web site.

    If you bought the C300 Sport, what you said is true.

    2020 Ascent Limited, 2024 Subaru Legacy Sport

  • be325be325 Member Posts: 91
    If C300 Luxury comes only with 7-speed automatic transmission, it is STANDARD option and I agree with those who say that one should not pay the extra $1440 to have it! We odered C300 Lux and now we are having second thoughts (we have until 11/14 to change our minds without losing our $1,000.00 deposit) because the $1,440 seems to be an additional profit for the dealer. Is my perception correct?
    Have another question to other owners or those who tested it: How good is the basic stereo in the C300 (without any upgrade)?
  • casper1022casper1022 Member Posts: 24
    I agree totally, which is why after doing all the calculations, C300 luxury and the C350--the difference was not much, like $600, I decided to get the C350 instead. One must realize that the C300 luxury does not come with lots of the features the C350 comes so please re-do your calculations and ask your dealer what exactly it comes with the features. I was surprised that the C300 luxury did not come standard without having to pay the extra for manual transimission, it was very deceiving to think until I called like 3-4 dealers to verify this extra cost. Hope this helps.
  • tomotomotomotomo Member Posts: 57
    Please be advised that I bought a 2008 C300 Luxury and it is in my garage! I also had to pay about $1440. Extra for an automatic transmission. If the automatic is as you state "standard" then MB has apparently made a change in pricing. I will contact MB as well as the dealer!
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