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Mercedes-Benz C-300 2008+



  • I have just purchased a C300 Sport and I am picking up my plates this week. In Texas it is the law to have a license plate in the front and back. I think it is a travesty to drill holes in the front of the car. Does anybody know if this law to put a license plate on the front is enforced?

  • 604doc604doc Posts: 182
    Can't say about Texas in particular, but it is required and enforced in Washington because that's where they aim the laser. Gotta make revenue. :mad:
  • Here you go...

    We installed it on my girlfriend's 2008 C300 6MT Sport. Works great. Goes into the towhook spot. Don't get the idea in your head that you can make the kit yourself, as the MB threads are proprietary. I found this out after visiting a few machine / bolt shops.

    Hope this helps,

  • lkmc01lkmc01 Posts: 8
    So I live in Texas and I have a C300 sport and did NOT put the plates on my car. It is a law in Texas, but if you look at the Service Center at the Mercedes Dealership - only about half the cars have a front plate. Totally legitimate to pull you over, but I've had NO problems AT ALL and log a LOT of miles around Texas. I keep the plates in my trunk...
  • Well I have never leased before, but I was referred to this by a friend. They seem to have some really low monthly payments on Like I said, I haven't leased before but I do hope you find the info helpful.........cheers :shades:
  • Well, we live in Houston, and she got a ticket in the first two weeks after she got plates. It's usually an add-on to a speeding ticket, which was the situation with her ticket. So, since she was unwilling to drill holes in the front bumper, we went with the solution I posted above. But, good luck.
  • madd66madd66 Posts: 26
    I'm in the DFW area too and the dealer I went to today didn't have a good deal at all. The MF the quoted me for a 36mo 12K (premium pkg, tech pkg) lease was at .0045 which is utterly ridiculous since it's around 10.8%! The residual was around 56-58% - I think (my eye caught the MF and I focused on that number). When I told them to recalculate based on a tier 1 credit, they came back and told me this was the tier 1 credit rate.

    Seriously....0045...I just laughed and walked out.
  • madd66madd66 Posts: 26
    Hey, for those out there wondering about the MF and residual (like I was) on the 2009 models I found the following on MB world discussions ( the greatest deals but better than what the dealership in DFW quoted me today (for a 2008 models - honestly how are they going to clear out their inventory with MF rates at .0045)?

    2009 Mercedes C300 Luxury
    24 Month – Residual 67% of MSRP – .00245 Base Rate
    36 Month – Residual 56% of MSRP – .00265 Base Rate
    48 Month – Residual 46% of MSRP – .00265 Base Rate
    60 Month – Residual 40% of MSRP – .00350 Base Rate

    2009 Mercedes C300 Luxury 4matic
    24 Month – Residual 67% of MSRP – .00235 Base Rate
    36 Month – Residual 56% of MSRP – .00255 Base Rate
    48 Month – Residual 46% of MSRP – .00255 Base Rate
    60 Month – Residual 40% of MSRP – .00350 Base Rate

    2009 Mercedes C300 Sport
    24 Month – Residual 67% of MSRP – .00245 Base Rate
    36 Month – Residual 56% of MSRP – .00265 Base Rate
    48 Month – Residual 47% of MSRP – .00265 Base Rate
    60 Month – Residual 40% of MSRP – .00350 Base Rate

    2009 Mercedes C300 Sport 4matic
    24 Month – Residual 67% of MSRP – .00235 Base Rate
    36 Month – Residual 56% of MSRP – .00255 Base Rate
    48 Month – Residual 47% of MSRP – .00255 Base Rate
    60 Month – Residual 40% of MSRP – .00350 Base Rate
  • wsh396wsh396 Posts: 2
    Just got back from a dealer on Long Island, NY and left a deposit on a 2008 C 300 Sport with pana roof, Option P2, Auto, Multimedia, Paladium silver @ $36,500. It was hard to find another C300 Sport, with lower options. Was this a good deal?
  • madd66madd66 Posts: 26
    36K sounds like a good deal for that level of trim. If you're leasing I'd be interested in what they offered you in terms of MF (I also ask for their buy rate as well to see how much they are marking it up), residual and inception fees. I was quoted around 38K in Texas for P1, Auto and multimedia but won't be looking at this car due to the dealer quoting a ridiculous MF (and I'm in the tier 1 category!).
  • wsh396wsh396 Posts: 2
    I inquired about a lease, but Leasing really doesen't work well on the 08's. The leasing price on the 09's was very high as well, no special deals and the interest rate isnt very good either. Purchasing is the best deal, if you have access to cash or low financing from other sources. For Purchase the Discount on the 09 was about 1k off MSRP, where the discount off the 08 was 2.5k off INVOICE. I thnk that one could get 4k for invoice on an 08 C350.
  • madd66madd66 Posts: 26
    Hey, thanks for the information. I'm glad to hear I wasn't getting the run around. I like to lease (since my cars are always in warranty) so it's going to be either BMW or Lexus for this car.
  • avatar1avatar1 Posts: 32
    So I was at the dealer today, nice car the C300 4matic. P1 package and all the goodies, about $40K.

    Before I buy, can you tell me if you like your car? I read through the board and a few people did express how much they did like the car but just two that I could find. Are you guys enjoying the car? Did you compare it to the 328xi? Same price really.

    Would love to hear your impressions!
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    We took delivery of the first W204 in the NW region on Aug 9, 2007. Ours is a C300 Lux [I hate the look of the AMG add-ons on the Sport, and I don't like staggered wheels, so the Sport was not an option], and now has about 9500 miles.

    I've owned 15 Mercedes, and 38 other cars since 1962, and the new C is the best we've had - smooth, quiet, quick, responsive, comfortable, and reasonable fuel use [though I would have preferred the new twin-turbo 4 cyl diesel - maybe 2010]. We have had no issues and no problems. It is a wonderful long-distance tourer, which is precisely why I picked this car.

    The BMW competition [E90 3er] has a couple of things that I really go out of my way to avoid, the most important of which is the mandatory run-flat tires, which I hate. It was also moderately noisier when we tested it, which I also attribute to the run-flats. No one who picks the BMW would get a serious argument from me - it really depends on what you value most. I don't need a "sports sedan" - if you do, your choice might be different.

    The Lexus IS didn't compete - its back seat is so tight as to be unusable...trunk space also too small for our trips.

    In short, I think the W204 C is a great choice. Ours has been everything I wanted except 40 mpg. That will have to wait for the latest diesel, if they ever decide to sell it here.
  • avatar1avatar1 Posts: 32
    Thank you for your impressions, I am even more excited now than I was when I test drove the car yesterday. I drove both the Lux and Sport, I found the Sport to be harsher but less sway hard cornering. Since I don't do a lot of hard cornering and I (like you) prefer the looks of the lux version better, that's the one I am interested in most.

    I liked most how the cabin felt secure, quiet and comfortable. I think the electronics are a fantastic and I love the looks of the car. The acceleration is OK, it's not a sports car and the "reported" MPG is something I can live with, but hoped for better. Maybe the diesel you talk about can help when I return the car in 3 yrs, after the lease expires.

    I was also pleased to hear you had no mechanical problems, which for many has been a problem with the older MB's. I have owned 6 MB's and never really had an issue.

    I too have owned a lot of wonderful cars in my life, my all time favorite car was my 1996 S500, which was a dream on wheels.

    I look forward to hearing about other's impression of the car as well.
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    We agree with ALL what jrct9454 wrote ..... our car meets all our needs and looks good to us.
    We only have 3000 miles on our 2008 c-300 Lux. We didn't like all the stuff the Sport come with (aluminum trim inside, the pedals, etc.) We did put the sport grille on because we like it .... the other grille is OK.
    We looked at IS, BMW-3 and TL. C-300 has a fresh look (to us).
    We only had 1 minor thing (with the loose door knob) which the dealer promptly took care of (Lokey in Clearwater, FL). They even replaced (at no charge) the driver's armrest (because of a little imperfection) and gave us a new c-300 sport for a loaner. I think ours rides better.
  • avatar1avatar1 Posts: 32
    I agree the lux rides better than the sport. Sounds great to hear you are enjoying the car and the dealer is treating you well. Herb Chambers is the dealer here in MA, they are usually very customer responsive.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Don't fall for the low monthly payment with a large up front cost trick. If you want to compare lease deals, add up all the costs...initial down payment, any dealer charges, origination/bank fees and the monthly costs over the life of the lease...then divide by the number of months.

    If you are quoted a $300 monthly payment on a 24 month lease with $4800 down, then your real monthly cost is $300 + (4800/24) = $500 a month.

    Dealers just love to advertise and quote deals with low monthly costs and high down payments....because most just look at the monthly payments. Don't fall for a smart buyer.
  • 604doc604doc Posts: 182
    Plus, it's not a good idea to put money down to reduce the cap cost on a lease. If you drive off the lot and the car is totaled, the insurance will only pay off what's owed to the bank. Your down payment would be lost.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Insurance doesn't work that pays the fair market value of the car at the time of the loss. It doesn't matter if you own it outright or you owe someone for a loan or lease.....What they pay has nothing to do with the down payment.

    However, if you lease the car and you total it, the "fair market value" paid by the insurance company may be less than you owe the leasing company. This is covered by the gap insurance provided in most leases. But, if you've paid money up front, then that's used to pay the gap....not the insurance.

    Hopefully, you won't total your car, so it doesn't matter...but if you do, you will likely lose your total up front payment.

    The other reason not to make an up front payment is something that most folks leasing don't know about. It's called "multiple security deposits"....and it's a much better use of that money. In return for your loaning the leasing company multiple security deposits, they will reduce the money factor on the lease. Yes, Mercedes leases have this option. It's a security deposit so you get the money back at the end of the lease.

    You have to work out the numbers with your dealer....but in general, multiple security deposits pay you 8-12% on the money you loan (not the entire lease) by saving you money on each payment because of the lower Money Factor. That's far better than you can do keeping that money in a bank. The only reason you wono't get the money back is if you have damage to the car when you return it, but you have to pay for that no matter if you have multiple security deposits or no security deposits.
  • avatar1avatar1 Posts: 32
    I just spoke to my ins company. They will actually pay off the lease and pay 100% of your down payment in the 1st two years of the lease. After that, it's prorated, but this is a new program with Liberty Mutual. 604doc is right about the Money Factor, the higher your upfront payment, the lower the money factor is with Mercedes. The deal I just wrote reflects that.

    As an aside, I told the salesman I liked the grille from the sport model better than the luxury model, but I liked the lux model overall better than the sport. He offered to swap the grille and now I have a lux C300 with a sport grille. This is what I wanted. I personally felt the sport version's ride was harsh compared to the lux version.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Once again...there are two types of upfront payments. One is a capital cost reduction which does not reduce the Money Factor and exposes you to loss of your money if you total the car. The other is to make multiple security deposits which you get back at the end of the lease and do reduce your money factor as well. I assume that avatar1 used multiple security deposits.

    Warning...many dealers (and most sales people) don't even know that they offer an option for multiple security deposits. If you run into one of those dealers, find the finance manager and have him pull out his literature and learn about the program.
  • jamieh1jamieh1 Posts: 1
    Hello avatar1,
    BUY the C300 and NOT 328xi.
    In terms of style and sophistication, you can't beat Mercedes. BMW is nice but the style is outdated and "square" meaning it looks hard and not sophisticated.
    I bought the c300 6 months ago and I have to say I am very impressed with the car and I LOVE IT. No regrets whatsoever. I got one with the paranoma sunroof, 6-disc CD changer and the multimedia package with the 7-inch screen navigation for only $37,000 OUT THE DOOR including taxes and license fees.
    So you should try to bargain yours down to around that range. $40,000 is a bit too high.
    Good Luck.
  • avatar1avatar1 Posts: 32
    I picked up the C-300 tonight and I have to tell you I am more than impressed. This car has every option and I am still slogging my way through the NAV manual. The ipod interface is better than I thought and better than the salesman said it was, he didn't know how to work it. I am so glad I didn't get the BMW but I am glad I test drove it. I think the deal I got was good, I neglected to mention they handed me a check for $2325 to pay off my lease on the Acura I drove in with. So all in all, I am quite happy with the car, the dealer and the finances. I am saving over $175 a month over my last lease and this is by far a superior car.
  • for the stereo system there is a memory board that acts as an adaptor for a memory card. I have been to several electronics stores AND asked the MB service department about how/where to get the board. No one seems to have a clue as to what exactly or where I can buy one from. Can anyone give me more details like an exact description of what I need and where to buy from?
  • Can anyone lead me to a forums that discusses some of the more technical aspects of the Mercedes C300 class? I have question about the navigation system and other audio file type questions. For example I would like to change the voice on my nav system and maybe "adjust" my voice command system. Thanks
  • The dealer told me that the voice cannot be changed. What other questions do you have, I will try to answer them if I can. I have the C300 and have been getting deep into the manuals and systems.
  • How about the memory board question in #209?
  • press the voice button, say "dial number" and then it should let you say the number you want to dial. You can save numbers in the car's address book and assign voice tags to those numbers and then you can say "dial name" and it will.
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