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Mercedes-Benz C-300 2008+



  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Basically, the guidelines haven't changed all that much - for the first 1000 miles or so:

    -Avoid full throttle
    -Try to keep the rpm below 4-5000
    -Vary rpm at highway speeds [try to avoid steady speeds at the same engine rpm for extended periods]

    It's really hard to abuse these engines - a little common sense is all that's necessary. After 1000 miles or so, feel free to let it rip....
  • lkmc01lkmc01 Posts: 8
    If I recall, the owner's manual outlines a pretty specific break-in period. Tells you to leave it in comfort mode too (as opposed to sport mode) - It is a little hard to resist kicking it in a bit.
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    Since we bought the car in December, we've been putting regular and car runs very well. We had 2000 E-320 before and we never used anything else but regular gas.
    Long time ago the guys from Car Talk (Saturday PBS station) stated that there were no real benefits of using premium .... even if was recommended.
    We didn't experience any long-term negatives in the past 8 years using regular gas.
    Any similar experiences? ..... Cost of gas is not the issue.
    Acura models recommend premium but regular is OK for Honda.
  • samh388samh388 Posts: 1
    Thanks for the information.
    I have been wondering if I can do this but not brave enough to try. I have had other cars also recommend high test and have used reg. gas and had no problems. I have the 300 C 4matic since Jan, so far a great car.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Mercedes requires you to use premium in their gasoline cars. They will run on regular because the computer dials back the timing, and the result is slightly less power, slightly MORE fuel used, and the risk of more carbon buildup from inferior detergent content. If you really think this is worth 20-25 cents a gallon, do it. I'm left to wonder, however, why you aren't just driving a car that uses regular and costs less to buy and own in the first place.

    At the pump prices in our area, the difference between regular and premium is about 5%; since your fuel mileage will be reduced by about 2-3%, you're left with 2-3% savings....utterly pointless.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    I am going to boldly step in and I can already hear the fingers typing the flaming response.

    I lease my cars...and I am not worried about carbon buildup in that short time. I have never actually found a difference in gas mileage between using regular and premium fuel...and I have run four tankfuls of both to compare the results. Since I have never floored the gas on any car, if there is a slight decrease to the pep, I don't see it.

    If I owned the car or noticed a difference (knock/ping) I would burn premium....or at least I would burn premium every few tankfuls...I'd probably burn the medium grade fuel normally.
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    We all have our reasons for doing what we do. I like your post.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    I don't understand this mindset, but as I said, it's your car and your business. I don't want to buy your used car, but that's another issue....
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970 you want to buy the car driven by the little old lady who only used it to drive to the drug store.

    If you are buying a used car, you have absolutely no idea who drove it. It could have been me...or it could have been that guy who took the brand new car and floored it at every light and screeched to a halt at the next light completely ignoring all break in recommendations. How about those used cars from the car rental places where they don't do any real maintenance, they are driven thru pothole after pothole, and have never ever seen premium gas.

    Believe really do want my car. I break it in correctly, I put on gentle wear and yes, I burned regular gas...but if you want to run premium, the computer will adjust almost immediately.
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    Sorry, didn't know how to paste the link.
    It states, among other things, that most experts agree that regular or mid-grade is OK in luxury cars.
    .......The number of new vehicle models that either require higher octane fuel or run better on it has risen steadily to 282 this year, from 166 in the 2002 model year, said Robyn Echard, a spokeswoman for Kelley Blue Book, an auto pricing guide........from the article.
    One wonders why?

    Very interesting how passionately others feel about the issue of Regular vs. Premium.
    Please keep sharing and explaining why regular is OK.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    The point is, the manufacturer says that premium fuel is required - not optional. OK?

    Most Toyotas [ and Lexus ] that make more power with premium come with the statement from Toyota that LOWER OCTANE IS OK, as long as you don't care about the extra hp. BMW and Mercedes and Honda [ some Acuras ] are crystal clear about what they have designed the engine to use - for them, premium fuel is not about power or economy, but the long-term health of the engine.

    I've owned 50+ cars since 1962, and always follow the car maker's requirements for fuel. Most have used regular happily, but I have never compromised when the owner's manual is explicit and uncompromising.

    As always, do what you feel is best - but this is not a case of some "conspiracy" to make you spend more money than you should. From my perspective, if this is a deal breaker, focus on a make that is designed to use regular - there are certainly plenty of them out there.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,054
    ". . .focus on a make that is designed to use regular - there are certainly plenty of them out there."

    Absolutely true, but you're overlooking something that's very, very (very) important in this segment (and many others): People can see if you're driving a, let's say, "less expensive" car. They can't tell if you're cutting corners in order to afford the fuel for it.

    Appearances are what count. Otherwise the car leasing business would be a fraction of the size it is -- only makes financial sense if you can write it off for business.

    There used to be a town in the White Mountains of Arizona called McNary. It was a lumber mill town built by Southwest Forest Industries, and there were more Cadillacs in front of shacks in that little settlement than I'd ever seen before or ever have since, not that I've looked too hard lately. I don't need to -- I spend time on these boards.

    Some things never change.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Appearances are what count?

    If you say so.....
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    Wouldn't be nice if one of those engineers from Lexus, MB or Acura shared her/his expertise .....for those of us who get most of our mechanical wisdom at Panera Bread Coffee Shop ... or those who are 'told' by their mechanic - who in turn heard about regular vs. premium issue - in his lunch room ........
    People who spent time in the lab testing the differences would do us a big service. Maybe then we would know something 'for sure'?
    Let's remember, this is a discussion and let's not make fun of others who may have a different view.
  • ikramericaikramerica Posts: 101
    For all the experts saying Regular will ruin your car, consider this.

    I bought my C280 4Matic via the European delivery program. In the EU, I was allowed to fill up with Regular gas. Yes, all MBs are allowed to run on 87 in the EU. I had to sign a paper that said that I understood that when the car was sent to the USA, the timing would be adjusted so that it would require Premium gasoline, and that I promised to comply. Seriously. I have still have my copy of the form.

    Why, one might ask, does a Mercedes in the EU run on Regular and that same car, when transported to the USA, get retimed for Premium? Emissions standards. The MBs don't meet the standard correctly with Regular. It's not carbon build up, or anything like that. Modern engine computers are designed to constantly adjust the fuel mixture to get proper combustion. The timing may not be ideal, but that's not going to hurt a modern car. You won't have lots of carbon build up on your valves. But you won't meet emissions standards either, and if MB didn't require that you used Premium, they couldn't sell their cars here.

    I have been using premium for the first 3 years of ownership (except the 1000 miles in the EU I drove, where it was Regular), but that is when it was only 19-20 cents more. Now that gas stations have gouged the price up to 40+ cents, I'm going to try it on the next two fill ups. Then try "Plus" for a couple, and see if I can tell the difference. But I know I won't damage the car.
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    Has anyone lost the plastic black door-knob (push/pull in emergency) in the process of locking the car!
    We have the auto locking programed in. The other day we had a small child in the back seat who couldn't wait until the car stopped and the driver unlocked the doors. Well, the child pulled up the knob to unlock the her door and the knob came off. The knob cannot be reinstalled securely and pops up every time the car is locked (the knob does not go deep enough). No big deal, we drive without it as we rarely have passengers. Normally, the door knob would bring the rod up and unlock the car... or be pushed in to lock.
    Has anyone had this problem?
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    I am not getting any answer from the dealer (everyone very busy helping other customers) so I want put this question to the forum: How do you program locking/unlocking features in 2008 C-300 so that the passenger can open/unlock her door after the car came to a stop and the driver didn't unlock the doors yet (the doors locked automatically after reaching 9 mph)? Unless you pull the door knob up you can't open the door using simply the door handle.
    ....... One culd do away with auto locking.
  • soplushsoplush Posts: 29
    I was all set to not look at the Benz since it says it requires made my day.
  • lkmc01lkmc01 Posts: 8
    YES. I made a post earlier on this. My kids pulled off the door lock covers in the rear and when I examined them - there were stress fractures. I took it to the dealer and they actually replaced the entire locking mechanisms in both rear doors - apparently, there is stress too in the locking mechanism itself. The dealer is aware of this problem if you take it in. Hope this helps!!!
  • svehlak34svehlak34 Posts: 1
    I'm new to the forum and am currently trying to buy a C300 Sport. 2009 Prices were just released this week and I'm wanting to put a deposit down and get one of the first. I'm in the Dallas area. Any idea where I might get the best deal, even if it means driving to get it? I'm looking for C300 Sport, Steel gray w/black mb-tex interior. Automatic, P2 and Multimedia Pkg and I want to add the rear spolier.
  • wrs2wrs2 Posts: 2
    Brakes Squealing at 5000 miles,the same as they did at 1500 miles! When I took it to the Dealer at 1500 mi. they changed the pads and resurfaced the rotors(thought this would solve the problem. WRONG!! Taking it back to them again on the July 30. Does anyone have a FIX for this problem? OH YES,My car gets washed weekly!!
  • rlm51rlm51 Posts: 21
    Haven't heard the brake squeaking noises since the maintenance. Am just coming up on 4500 miles.

    Only thing that I notice is what I would consider an inordinate amount of dirt (brake dust?) on the front rims. The rims are almost black between washings. I was at the dealer yesterday and they sell something called wheel wax. Reading the description, sounded to me like the wax was made just for that purpose. Maybe I will try some sort of protectant and see what happens.

    Also, my C300 Sport is driven almost exclusively on short, frequent trips.

    Good luck,

    Bob in the Mile High city
  • Good evening:
    What is the msrp, invoice on the c300 luxury sedan with p2 and multi-media 4matic? What monthly payment am I looking at on either a 27 or 36 month lease 12k? I can eliminate the all wheel drive from the equation to lower my monthly payment. I live in northern nj. I'm not sure if there are any '08 left..
    Feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  • scottwfuscottwfu Posts: 5
    If it is a relief for anyone here, I too had the same problem, paid for new pads, only for it to come back a day or two afterward. It came back off and on a few times, but I already have 35k miles on my 2008 C300 and it has not been heard in 4000 now. Hopefully, it is gone now, but who knows.....Other than that ABSOLUTELY NO problems.
  • Did anyone pay the dealer for window tinting on their C-Class? I was told it is $275. Or did you go to a 3rd party window tinter? How much did they cost?

  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    I mentioned some time ago that we lost the plastic door-lock knob (2008 C-300). Service at Mercedes told me that there will be no charge for the service (to re-install the button). Apparently this is a bigger job than I thought because they want to keep our car all day.
    I remember that one of the person on the forum wrote that the dealer replaced the whole system due to known mechanical 'stresses'. I thought that the button came off when the passanger tried to unlock her door ..... because wasn't glued properly or something. Perhaps the passenger had to pull very hard because the button was stuck? .... more than it should?
    I'll be more enlightened on Friday and let you know what happened.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    This has become a known issue - people are breaking the back door lock pins with regularity, and the design makes the fix more complex than it should be.

    I expect Mercedes to address this in the future, but probably not before the 2010 model year. In the meantime, be warned to unlock the rear doors electronically - pulling up on the pins can be risky behavior.
  • sawyercsawyerc Posts: 13
    Hi all. This is my first post to the forum. I have had my C300 Lux Edition for about 3 months and love it. It is fun to drive and it passed the comfort test as I drove it to the East Coast which is about 12 hours driving the speed limit. It is very easy to creep up in speed with this car and the 4 matic. Very easy on the curves, hills and straight aways. I get a new car about every 2-3 years and this one is a keeper as long as the first year bugs don't cause me to think different. Speaking of bugs. The express close on the sunroof is not working. This is the 2nd time I have had to take it in. The first time the express open and closed stopped working. This time the express open works but I need to keep my finger on the close button and it studders closed. Anyone have a fix I can try. I tried "re-aligning" it like the owner manual suggests. That worked one time but then it happened again. Does anyone have any suggestions that are not in the owners manual or short of taking it to the dealer?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    You need to return to the dealer - there is a software fix for the sunroof problems, and failing that, they may want to replace some hardware. There should be a Service Bulletin out on the problem you describe - ask your service adviser to check.
  • benzmanbenzman Posts: 4
    I have a 2004 C320 4-Matic that has had no problems--NONE. It will be 5 yrs old in Jan. Driven it to Fla 2 times, Ga 2 times , Vt, etc. It gets 20mpg putting around town and 30+ mpg on the highway at 80mph in complete safety and luxury. This is my 3rd Benz and would highly recommend to everyone.
    P. S. The Dealer has been great to deal with also.
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