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Mazda 3 Rattles, Bumps, and Squeaks



  • markb3markb3 Posts: 23
    Is it Canadian "Idol" or American "Idol" :) . Are you in Richmond? ;)
  • bcmz3bcmz3 Posts: 2
    Hey due
    I live in Vancouver. :D
  • My 2007 Mazda 3 shifts poorly in the morning/when it's cold-jerky movements, clears up after a few minutes. :mad:
  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 10,629
    Please turn off your caps lock.

    Mine: 1995 318ti Club Sport / 2014 M235i / 1999 Wrangler / 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica Wife's: 2016 i3 REX/2009 Cooper Clubman Son's: 2009 328i

  • shlavekshlavek Posts: 4
    Hey all,

    I have a small problem, but I'm curious to get to the bottom of it. I just bought a pre-owned 2004 mazda 3 with 40,000 miles. The car is in great shape and I'm confident that it will go a long ways. I have noticed a strange sound when I'm parking or going really slow. It sounds like an old door creaking....and it seems random. If driven for a while the problem wont be there, but otherwise it is noticable. I've taken it to a mechanic and the car didn't do it. I have done some research and some people say bushings. I see how this would make sense, but I need the problem to happen when the car is actually being looked at...haha. Please let me know if anyone has encountered this problem, and what needs to be fixed for the problem to stop.
  • rcwittyrcwitty Posts: 9

    I have a 2007 Mazda 3 S Touring with about 8800 miles on it. When I accelerate, I often hear a slight rattle coming from the front passengers side. I've taken the car to the shop and they've gone for a ride with me and told me they can't hear it. The rattle is very suttle, and only during acceleration, but it's there. I've had other people say they can hear it. Does anyone have any ideas what this might be?

  • shazzyshazzy Posts: 5
    no seems to know what it is...i am so frustrated...just want to sell it...but if i do i will let u know...
  • sml6sml6 Posts: 4
    I have 2007 Mazda 3 S Grand Touring. At 13,000 I heard a slight rattle sound too from the passenger side. 500 miles later, the rattle became a lapping sound. 200 miles later, lapping sound turned to a high pictched whizzing sound upon acceleration. I took it in for service, and turned out to be an unpleasant experience. I was told the belt needed to be replaced because it had become loose. I was told that I was responsible to pay for the repair! What about the warranty?? Srvc guy gave some lame excuse that thing of this nature, i.e., belt issues, have a limited warranty of 12,000 miles, which I *just* happened to exceed. Bullsh*t! I called Mazda headquarters and they issued the repair, free of charge. No more noise after replacement. 3000 miles later, I'm hearing another rattle, just when I accelerate every now and then. At this rate, I'll be glad when my lease is over. Mazda 3 is surely a bang-for-the-buck. But reliability remains to be another, undesirable issue.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    3000 miles later, I'm hearing another rattle, just when I accelerate every now and then.

    Have you brought it into service again to identify the problem?

    How many miles do you average per year?
  • I just took my Mazda3 in this week for a sound I heard when I accelerate, just after backing up. The noise happens at about 10-15 mph, and I can also feel it through the gas pedal. It is the exact sound you are describing, but I notice it every time I reverse and then accelerate forward. The mechanic was able to duplicate it when I was in the car with him and told him how to recreate it. It seems that it happens only when reversing and turning the wheel, then accelerating forward. When we pulled into a lane of parallel parking spaces and backed up a few feet without turning the wheel before going forward, the noise did not happen. The mechanic agreed that it was strange; however, later on that day, they tested the other Mazda3s they had on the lot and they said that it happens on all of them. I've been living with it for a few months now, and nothing bad has happened, so I'm hoping it continues this way. At least I've logged my complaint with a Mazda dealer in case something happens later.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Those pesky sounds can be annoying! Another area that I have found prone to creating noises are the brakes, especially if there is a film of rust that's developed when the car has been sitting for a while. The next time it happens, you may want to have a friend stand outside the car to identify the problem area (front/back, driver/passenger side) as it may give your mechanic something more precise to check.
  • shlavekshlavek Posts: 4
    It's me I took my car the the mazda dealer since it is still uder warranty, and it has been fixed! It is from faulty bushings...somewhere in the stearing and suspension linkage. I guess the bushings are liquid filled and when they leak and wear out they make that creeking noise. I have put maybe 1000 miles on since they have done the work and its perfect, no noises what so ever. Lucky they also caught the leaking motor mount when I was there...also another liquid filled part that went faulty. Only promblems now are crappy sqeeking brakes and found out I had 2 bent wheels. Went to the dealership I bought it from and they basicly told me to get lost and I cursed them all out. I ordered high performace rotors and pads, and hope they stop the pesky noise and improve the ride and braking...I will let you know. As far as the wheels...since I have the 17in ones they were about 800. I can't believe mazda wont stand behind the wheels and my mechanic can't believe it either. As far as noises I have seen described by others, they seem common when you do a little research. If your mazda dealer basically tells you to get lost go to a different one...luckly the one I went to was pretty good.
  • tali3tali3 Posts: 4
    Hello shlavek, you are right on! From the very beginning I have been having trouble with the dealer re: the noisy brakes. When they are cold or it is rainy or icy, they grind and squeak. Curious, what is your mileage around? When I was approaching 20K {do driving for work and some OOT traveling} after the car was purchased new with 100 miles last July, I noticed that now, when the car is cold, there is a VERY loud screeching, almost high pitched foghorn sound EVERY time I back out of my parking space at home in a.m.. I have been convinced lately that it is much more than rust on brakes {what dealer decided and did nothing back in Dec.}. I have been fearing that there is a problem with wheel or axle - to a tee, apparently what you are describing. Perhaps because I drive more than the average person, we will be hearing more about this. 'Wonder what a Mazda zone rep. would have to say....lets keep ourselves posted and fellow zoomers too...!!!!
  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 10,629
    This all verifies what I heard a German engineer say about the difference between European and American drivers:
    Europeans don't care if the brakes squeal- just as long as they stop the car.
    Americans don't care if the brakes stop the car- just as long as they don't squeal."

    Mine: 1995 318ti Club Sport / 2014 M235i / 1999 Wrangler / 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica Wife's: 2016 i3 REX/2009 Cooper Clubman Son's: 2009 328i

  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Europeans don't care if the brakes squeal- just as long as they stop the car.
    Americans don't care if the brakes stop the car- just as long as they don't squeal.

  • shlavekshlavek Posts: 4
    Hi again,

    As far as my brakes go they sound horrible. It's not the fact that they are just loud they feel like they are not catching right, especially in rain! It is annoying that they are loud, but they are chirping and creating some other interesting sounds. My rotors look horrible... the surface appears ok but they are very rusty. The dealership turned them and the problem was still present. I just said screw it and bought cross drilled slotted rotors that are powder coated. I also bout high performance QUITE ceramic pads. When I have them installed I will let you know the difference.
  • mizzoumazdamizzoumazda Posts: 17
    I hear a high-pitch harmonic noise when I am driving on a smooth road in quiet conditions, most commonly when the car is coasting/decelerating. It is rather annoying!
  • stibiubstibiub Posts: 2
    Hi rcwitty

    Any news on this?

    I think I have the same problem, the noise is exactly as you describe it: slight rattle, only during acceleration, usually pretty quiet but sometimes a little louder. It used to come from the front passengers side but it moved to the middle of the dashboard, between driver and the passenger. It's some kind of a "tick-tick-tick-tick-tick" that can be heard every now and then, in all gears and rpm. It appears more often when I'm climbing. It never appears when accelerating idle.
  • pjadepjade Posts: 5
    Yeah, they replaced my power steering pump and the noise went away for awhile, but now it's back. Who knows? Yuck!
  • stibiubstibiub Posts: 2
    It turned out that some cables from gear shifting system were causing this noise. Never heard it since fixed in service 2 days ago. So, an easy fix in my case. Good look.
  • 4camv4camv Posts: 2
    That is just the fluids in the transmission. Like and liquid, when it gets cold the it gets thicker and wont move as quick. after you
    drive it for awhile and. get the engine ,and the car warmed ,and get the fluid moving and it will work fine. im from the deep north mid-west so i have this problem in the winter. nothing to worry about
  • 4camv4camv Posts: 2
    04 mazda 3 2.3L 130,000+ miles
    So i had my vehicle towed because i had it parked in one of those (no parking between blah times and blah times) for to long. So when i get the car back
    i turned on the AC and immedietly it makes this really loud buzzing noise and it
    it dosn't do it when i turn it on Vent or Heat or Defrost it dosn't do it only when i turn it on AC. so i checked it and its not the fan dosn't the fan runs fine when its cooling the engine its self s please help me I REFUSE TO TAKE IT TO A DEALER CAUSE THEY WILL RIP ME OFF!
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  • dag1111dag1111 Posts: 1
    Just a few questions for felow mazda3 grand touring hatchback owners.

    1. Doe amyone with the 2.3 L automatic engine notice that the car is often in 5th gear when onyl at 25 mph. Or that it seem inappropriately in a higher gear then i would have chosen?

    2. As a result of the above, when cruising there is a low hum from the spinning of the engine. It disappears with acceleration.

    3. I am new to movable headlights. Even at the 0 position, the headlights seem not to be shining far enough into the distance???

    Thanks for any help
  • mazdrvrmazdrvr US Posts: 112
    Does anyone have this issue? My 2 front seat belt buckles tend to squeak & creak; i'm not sure about the rear ones because I rarely have more than 1 passenger. I can't seem to figure out what exactly is causing this problem; I tried wiggling the buckle when it's connected but I can't make the noise but my slight natural movements from driving then you hear it. Also, the weather temp doesn't affect it either it happens most of the time all year round. Does anyone know if this might be replaceable under warranty?
  • tali3tali3 Posts: 4
    This reply is for shazzy and mazdrvr -- Besides alot of break noise and squeaking which I have gotten nowhere with Mazda on {rec'd msg. back from zone rep. for my area stating that "this is just Mazda breaks which are noisy and the rotors get film of rust in rain/snow, etc. - no accountability here} I have been hearing the rattle sound coming from somewhere up front and the same thing happens, when I accelerate but not when I don't...hopefully we can stay in touch about this; I also describe it as a percolating sound...another m3 driver or two have talked about faulty bushings and a leaking engine mount -- can see those entries by reading through forum under 'rattles bumps and squeaks' -- who would have thought that this top rated car would have so many issues that mazda and the dealerships can almost never seem to 'reproduce' or replicate the sound.....
  • tali3tali3 Posts: 4
    Shazzy, pls. read my reply to mazdrvr on new postings about the rattling sound we are experiencing....thanks, tali3
  • phetherphether Posts: 1
    Hi everybody,
    I just got my 2009 mazda 3 two months ago, only 2300miles on it right now. unfortunately i hit a big pothole 1 month ago on highway, pretty big one in area i mean, but not very deep, but still felt big impact on the 2 wheels on passenger side which hit the pothole. i didn't see any damage on the wheels, but 1 week after that i began to notice a groaning type of noise from underneath front end close to passenger side when going over speed bumps in RAINY days. it sounds like rubber being squeezed. i did find the noise only once in the morning(no rain that day), but nothing in sunny days. i'm not sure the reason could be the wetness or coldness, since both rainy days and mornings get lower temperature. my car drives good now, i don't see anything wrong with it unless the noise.

    i took the car to dealership for a look but they didn't find anything. the weired thing is they took off some bolts and nuts of the concerned area and tightened them back on, and then the noise was gone. but today the noise comes back again, not that obvious as it was before but loud enough for me to notice.

    here's my question: could this be caused by that pothole i hit 1 month ago or just has nothing to do with that hit? if there is something wrong, what could it be? i'm quite worried by this, since i always worry that i had broken something under my car in that bigass pothole.

    thanks a lot.
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