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Toyota Sienna Extended Warranty & Service Offers



  • Hi Retriever1,

    If you don't mind, please forward me the price book. We just bought our 2011 Sienna and now want to buy the ESP and maintenance plan.

  • Hi emptywallet:

    Congratulations on your new car. Here is the complete price book from Midwest Toyota:

    6 YEAR 75,000 MILES $509.00,
    6 YEAR 100,000 MILES $749.00
    6 YEARS 125,000 MILES $1,019.00

    7 YEARS 75,000 MILES $594.00,
    7 YEAR 100,000 MILES $889.00
    7 YEARS 125,000 MILES $1,144.00

    8 YEAR 75,000 MILES $709.00
    8 YEARS 100,000 MILES $1,039.00
    8 YEAR 125,000 MILES $1,399.00
  • toyfan4toyfan4 Posts: 3
    Thanks retriever1, I called midwest and they offered me same price...I've choosen
    8 YEAR 75,000 MILES $709.00 and paid over phone. They had mentioned documentation would arrive in 2 weeks directly from toyota.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Lemme know how that goes. That's exactly what I would choose for my pace/mileage.
  • I have received the official 7year/100k/$0 deductable warranty agreement from Toyota today. It was purchased from Midwest Toyota as advertised.
  • iautoiauto Posts: 8
    I got 8 yr / 100K mile extended warranty for $1200 on Sienna LE.

    Is that a good deal?
  • namariasnamarias Posts: 11
    I think you should give this to your dealer and ask him/her to provide the same.
    Extended warranty is the high margin product/package for dealers and for a car like Toyota they really make a lot of money.
    Show the Internet offer and they will give you at the same price.
    I got a Sienna 2011 base V6 and got a 8 yr / 100k (MSRP 1800$) at $1000 for Platinum extended warranty.
    The dealers' and salesmen have latitude to bring it down to around 40-50%.
    You will be surprised that your dealer will buy into the price reduction.
    It is better to get the extended warranty from the dealer you buy.
    All the best.
  • namariasnamarias Posts: 11
    I think it is a great deal. It is 33% less than MSRP ($1800).

    I got mine with a lot of negotiation for $1000 but I think you did great by bringing it down. If you have any opportunity ask some thing from the dealer in exchange (some freebies)
  • namariasnamarias Posts: 11
    I got the following offer from the dealer here in Richmond VA
    What was offered:
    Total MSRP - $26,809.00 ($25500 + 280.00 Carpets + 800.00 Destination + 220.00 Towing Prep)

    What I Paid
    21,655.23 Base Price
    395.00 Tint
    280.00 Carpets
    800.00 Destination
    175.00 Towing Prep
    23,305.23 Final Price

    I also paid $1179 with taxes for 8 yr/ 100k, 0$ deductible extended warranty, $350 for GAP insurance, $440 for 2 year extended maintenance.
    All of this I got through a 4.4% financing (0% down).

    I did not get much negotiating handle on the warranties, etc as I had many bargains on the vehicle as such.
    I want to know if I could have done better.
  • tell me if I am in left field...on my last toyota warranty purchase it was possible to buy as long as the vehicle was under the mileage/months (36K/36mo). SO has something changed? Why would a person buy the extended warranty on a brand new car? Why wouldn't you hold off and use the $ for the next three years, then buy it/ Unless the ability to finance is a must...somebody school me?
  • namariasnamarias Posts: 11
    You are absolutely right (not in the left ;)). You can buy your extended before the earlier of the 2 warranties (powertrain is 5 years 60k and basic is 3 years 36k) expire.
    However, will you get such a sweet deal then for your warranty 3 years down the line? Ask that question to yourself and if the answer is yes then you can defer it.

    I am a finance guy so I presume that
    PV (future extended warranty price) > $1079 ( the price I paid for 8yr/100k 0 down extended). This means that I will save more by investing on that extended warranty today.

    All the best for your warranty search.
  • Do you get the money back for the "unused portion" with midwest? and what exactly does that mean? - If you don't use it after 8years, you get ALL the money back? Or does the amount diminish over time? I used to have a Honda and paid 1500 , when I traded it in, I was refunded about 750. With Toyota, do you get the whole amount back???
  • sp91546sp91546 Posts: 1
    Dear "mastergunnera8," that, sir, is the exact point I've been trying to bring to people's attention.
    Thanks for being one of the few that "gets it."


    Houston, TX
  • dogood2dogood2 Posts: 1
    Hello Everyone, Two days age I bought a new 2011 Sienna LE. Today I discovered this forum. I wish these events had occurred in reverse order as I would have learned a lot that would have helped me in my purchase. But - that's the way it goes. Excellent forum with good questions and cogent answers. I'm especially interested in the discussion about extended warranties. I bought a Platinum Plan (8yrs. - 75,000 mi.) for $1000. The dealer said it was marked down from his usual price of $2000. But now that I see the plan from Midwest Toyota (8yrs.,100,000 mi.,and $709) I'm considering switching plans but have some questions. Where is Midwest Toyota and how do I contact them? Who do I contact? Somewhere in the forum I thought I read that it's best to buy the Plan from the dealer you bought the car from - true? Thank you for your consideration. John.
  • 3zhu3zhu Posts: 1
    Hello Everyone, thanks for this forum, and we have decided to cancel the extended warranty.

    The dealer sold us 5 yr 80k for $1495. We bought it on $200 costco membership discount if we purchased the same day as the car (2011 Sienna). This is the first lie, as we later found out this price with discount is already $200+ higher than the Toyota's suggested retail price.

    The dealer told us we have 30 days to cancel it. This is the second lie. We called Toyota Financial Services and were told that we will have 60 days (in CA) to cancel it once the dealer has submitted into the Toyota's system. Guess what, the dealer has not yet submitted the application when we called. We have plenty of time to cancel it.

    Then we called the dealer and told them other Toyota authorized dealers offer much lower price. You already know what they told us: the dealers out of state could not sell you the warranty package reliably. This is the third lie. The Toyota Financial Service told us that we can purchase warranty package from any Toyota dealer, we should shop around, and as long as we purchase it before 3 year and/or 36k miles. Call them for yourself.

    Just want to share this to all of you, so you get prepared when you shop. We are glad we can cancel it before too late. We have bought the same "expensive" warranty before(did not discover forum like this one. sigh). Enjoy shopping.
  • fjeff1fjeff1 Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    Thank you to everyone who posted info on this forum. I purchased a 2008 certified preowned Sienna on 10/15/10. We were offered the Platnium Extended warranty for $1250.00. I was not sure at the time of agreement whether we wanted this warranty so even though they made it seem like it was a decision that needed to be made at that moment you actually have until you pick up the vehicle. I stumbled upon this forum during my research and took a lot of the info and researched further. Something that’s not explained is that the coverage is pro-rated from the original date of purchase. Not your purchase date, the original owner’s date of purchase. My vehicle is a 2008, so since the coverage is for 7yrs 100,000miles three years of this has already been used. So I have coverage for 4yrs not 7 like they would have you think. This gives you more flexibility in the price. Also whoever said you have 40-50% play was absolutely correct. It was offered to me for 1250.00 and we paid 750.00. I shopped around. There’s a lot of dealers that will give you quotes right on-line. I also contacted Toyota financial direct (# is 1-800-228-8559) to see if this was something you can do and they said you can buy coverage from any dealer (if it’s pre-owned it must be purchased by pick up of the vehicle.) I got several quotes and they were a couple hundred less then what my dealer offered. So I went back to my Financial guy and didn’t get specific and said everything we did and that we shopped around and also contacted Toyota (say this so they know you did your homework) And told him we got several other quotes and if he can come down to $750.00 we have a deal. He didn’t even come back with a counter offer it kind of makes me feel like I should have gone for more. So like I said, don’t get specific just do your homework and make it sound like you have. And you’ll be good. Also a little info as to negotiating the sale price of your car. If you have small children bring them, and go near closing time to negotiate the sale. We got 3k off sticker 5k below book. Also got full value of our trade. We got a ridiculous deal Thanks to everyone on this forum !!!!
  • I purchased extra 2 year of Toyota Auto Care when buying 2011 Sienna back in April. However, Toyota only mailed vouchers for the first 2 years. The customer rep told me the extra 2 years auto care is approved and the vouchers should be mailed out within 30 days. It has been more than 5 months and more than 4 phone calls since my first call. Of course, the answer is always the same - "It is approved and the vouchers should be mailed out within 30 days". They agent even knows that the vouchers are not mailed out yet. I do not know what Toyota is trying to do. However, my patience is running really thin right now. :mad: I guess Toyota think if they do not mail my vouchers in another 18 months, I probably will forget all about this purchase.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Demand a refund and watch them speed up the process...ridiculous.
  • Thanks! I recieved the vouchers two days after I told Toyota Financial Service that I have filed complaints to CA Attorney General, DMV, and local BBB.

    Of course, the TFS was trying to put all the blames on local dealer. They forgot that the vouchers were sent from TFS in FL and TFS received the order 6 months ago.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    There you go...good work.
  • I bought a 2009 Sienna XLE with 36k miles a couple of days ago. Want to buy extended warranty, but the price quoted to me by financial manager was outrageous! 1yr/100K toyota platinum care 1981.00-seriously??? Is this price so high because the 3 yr/36K just ran out or are they trying to make major money off this??? Help!
  • That's a rip off!!! Read my post above. I just bought a 2008 with 4yrs 60k extended warranty. It's based on the year and the mileage. If it's a true toyota warranty you should have 5yrs and 64k miles. and it's totaly negotiable. Mine after negotiations was $700.00. Good luck
  • I just purchased a 2011 Sienna LE two weeks ago in Central Florida, and have not yet purchased any additional extended care coverage. I spoke with different Toyota Florida dealers after the purchase, all of whom stated that a purchase of the Toyota Care extended warranties (as provided directly by Toyota) are fixed by the State (of Florida), and are non-negotiable. Anyone have any experience with this in Florida?
  • mnseattlemnseattle Posts: 2
    Hi John,

    Who did you purchase the warranty from in Midwest Toyota? 8 yrs/100K for $709 is pretty good deal. I just purchased a 2011 Sienna XLE and got the platinum plan 8 yrs/75K miles for $1995+ tax, which I realize now is a rip off.

  • MN,

    I dealt with Jerry Jones from Midwest. Price was as advertised and the process was a breeze :)
  • In 2006 I negotiated the extended warranty for a fuklky loaded XLE after seeing posts here. I had to settle for $900 as I wanted the Fidelity warranty of the local dealer who was also doing all my scheduled maintenance which I negotiated for the same cost as WalMart to rotate tires, change oil and complete manufacturer recommended checks. So far the extended warranty has picked up costs for Struts, new radio and motor for 3rd seat- over $4K. If you have electronics galore then I'd recommend negotiating a price from $750-$900. I never buy extended warranties of other products. Tanker
  • In 2006 I negotiated the extended warranty for a fully loaded XLE after seeing posts here. I had to settle for $900 as I wanted the Fidelity warranty of the local dealer who was also doing all my scheduled maintenance which I negotiated for the same cost as WalMart to rotate tires, change oil and complete manufacturer recommended checks. So far the extended warranty has picked up costs for Struts, new radio and motor for 3rd seat- over $4K. If you have electronics galore then I'd recommend negotiating a price from $750-$900. I never buy extended warranties of other products. Tanker
  • We just purchased a 2012 Sienna XLE Limited van from our local dealer. We decided to purchase the extended warranty since we got all the bells and whistles on this van. Our dealer offered us a "deal" at $1670 for the 8 year/75,000 mile Platinum Toyota Extended Warranty. My husband had read on this forum that there were dealers offering much better deals on this same extended warranty plan so I called Midwest Toyota in Hutchinson, KS and spoke to Jerry Johnson about the extended warranty. His price was $709 for EXACT same warranty from Toyota. Jerry was great to work with and we handled everything over the phone and he emailed me the invoice and is mailing the the paperwork to me. Since we live out of state we paid no sales tax on the warranty. I gave my dealer an opportunity to match this price and the closest they would come was $1070. I guess some dealers are just out to make excessive profit on these extended warranties. We would highly recommend contacting Jerry (800-530-5789 or 620-664-8844 cell) if you are looking for an extended warranty for Toyota, Scion, Lexus Platinum Factory Zero Deductible Warranty or Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln Factory Premium Care Warranty.
  • Over a year later, and dealerships still use the same lies!

    -I was offered a "package" and "discount" since I was a previous Toyota/Lexus customer. That moved super inflated prices to just inflated prices.

    -I was told "you can only buy the extended warranty and the prepaid maintenance plan the same day I purchase the car". Right.

    -When I said no thanks, I was given a $200 "Costco discount" too. Nice.

    -Then I was told about tire protection that does not cover my tires. Huh?

    Molle Toyota in MO is the way to go for the extended warranty. They are actually cheaper than Midwest.
  • I am looking to buy a CPO sienna. Anyone have any thoughts about the price for an extended warranty for a 2011 Sienna with 32K miles that is toyota Certified Pre Owned?

    I spoke with a midwest Toyota dealer that quoted me

    7/100 $889
    8/100 $1039
    8/125 $1399

    I would need to get this extended warranty before 36K miles and just thought that I would have the dealer remove the CPO and just get the EW from midwest. Or how much would the additional coverage of 7/100 platinum EW add to the CPO? I would think it would be less than the $889? All thoughts are appreciated.
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