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Toyota Sienna Extended Warranty & Service Offers



  • snimossnimos Posts: 5
    2008 Sienna the extended warranties offered by the dealer $1700
    when i get home i call GEICO to add new 2008 Sienna in my policy GEICO offer me mechanical breakdown 7 years/100k $39 for every 6 months that mean i paid about $500 in 7years
    the only thing i forgot to ask them is any deductible ???
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's a good price, just be sure to read the fine print and maybe even ask for references from someone who has actually made a claim.
  • snimossnimos Posts: 5
    my policy deductible @ GEICO $500
    di not know in case mechanical breakdown how much will be for deductible i gess $500.
    I read GEICO link the deductible $250 for mechanical breakdown

    anyway i try to cancel mechanical breakdown whit the dealer
    then the guy @ financing he give me higer % loan rate

    now i stuck with dealer extended warranties
  • wildeenwildeen Posts: 1
    I just bought an 08 CE Sienna today. The MSRP was $25 545. With dealer discounts and Toyota rebate I ended up paying $19 998, before trade and downpayment. This was the advertised price in the Boston Globe and the Boch Toyota website. Fair play to the dealer, he gave me all the discounts that were advertised although I had to be on the ball to make sure some werent brushed off. I had been on the phone all week before I went in to make sure they would honor their ad. As soon as I arrived the floor sales guy immediately started saying I didnt qualify for all the rebates. When I referred to my phone conversations with his associates and the confirmed price of $19 988 he said he would honor their word and gave me them, even the recent college grad rebate
    Took the warranty over 60 months, put payment up by $10/month. Dealer said he got me 4.24% financing as long as I got the warranty. Was too good to refuse. I still got the $1250 rebate, warranty works out at $600.
    Really pleased with the Sienna. Drove like a dream down from Boston. So much room. Cant believe the value.
  • Hi: We just bought a used 2009 Sienna LE with 30k miles. It is certified, which means that the power train warranty is 7 yrs / 100k. Should I get an extended bumper to bumper warranty? I have had them with American cars and they are always worth the cost. But we are thinking that Toyota quality may make a warranty purchase a waste. What are people's thoughts?

    Also, what are people's experiences with costs? The dealer is offering an after-market MPP waranty for $1465. The Toyota brand warranty is $2,600 or so.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Those prices are on the order of being double what is reasonable.

    When my Sienna was new a full 7/100 warranty was being quoted at $800 or so, and you're only buying the non-powertrain part of it. In fact it looks like you would have redundant coverage on the powertrain.

    For that much, I'd pass.
  • We're considering buying a used 2005 Sienna with 52000 miles on it for $14,000 from private party and am wondering if we should/can get a B2B warranty on it and how much it would cost. The vehicle seems to be in great condition from what we can see..but I was wondering if getting a warranty would be worth the peace of mind and cost.

    We would greatly appreciate any input on this..thanks so much!!!!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    To get a factory B2B warranty it would have to be under the 3/36k original warranty, so not factory.

    An aftermarket warranty would probably require an inspection, and my cost more than its worth.

    CPO models usually cost about $2 grand more but they do a lot of reconditioning plus they extend the warranty. That may be a better option if you really want the coverage.
  • just bought a 2010 sienna le night, and we bought the extended warranty that is offered through southeast toyota and it came to 1063, includes gap coverage it will take it up to 100 000 miles the national toyota extended care is not offered in fla or through s e t ( south east toyota) is it worth it? comments are welcome please. Oh we love the van and the dealer we got it from price was 26322 not includes tax tag title, no dealer fee as we went down to palm beach and got it from earl stewart.
  • I am looking to buy a used 2007 Sienna van with 30k miles from a private party. It also comes with Toyota's transferable 7yr/100k Platinum warranty. How much should I offer for the warranty above the fair price for the van? The owner wants $2k, which I feel is quite high.

  • Get an online quote for the Toyota extended warranty from either Toyota of Littleton, MA or Midwest Toyota, Ks. Use that as a basis for negotiation.

    $2,000 seems high. If way out of line and the owner refuses to reduce his price then you should buy online. The seller can get a pro rata refund of his 'original' purchase price from Toyota which should keep him happy unless he is trying to make a profit on the transfer to you.
  • Thanks redpearl!

    I did not know you could get a pro-rated refund on the remaining warranty. I will suggest that to the seller if he refuses to budge. Right now I am thinking of offering around $800 to $1000 for the warranty.

    Some members here have suggested that out-of-state Toyota warranties are not legal in California (where I am). Do you know if this is actually true? Where might I check? I hesitate to ask a dealer because they have a vested interest in selling the warranty.
  • The only requirement is that no claims were made against the warranty. It is in the 'cancellation' clause on the contract. Contract on my 2005 Highlander also said to return to selling dealer but I called Toyota directly and returned the paperwork; received the check in less than 2 weeks. Used the refund to purchase Toyota warranty on new 2009 Sienna.

    Not aware of any ban on CA dealers accepting out of state purchased Toyota warranty. Perhaps 3rd party/independent warranty due to CA emissions.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    $1063 seems good given the $2 grand price being mentioned...
  • Thanks redpearl! Appreciate all the advice.
  • look at or warranty you can get an online quote from both. I found them at . For the vehicle you are looking at the cost for a bumper to bumper is around $900
  • Jack, I am hoping that I won't have to shop around for a new one and the owner will accept a reasonable offer for the existing warranty. If I have to get a new one, I will check out the links you've suggested. Thanks!
  • thanks for the 2nd opionion ateixeira its appreciated.
  • jprocjproc Posts: 135
    Didn't a few of those 3rd party warranty companies go belly up a few years back?If I was going to buy an extended warranty I think I'd stick to a manufacturers one.Toyota probably isn't going broke
  • Hi there,

    I just bought a certified 2008 Sienna. It was a pre-rental, so the mileage is almost 48K (most 2008 CPO sienna in the SF bay area are pre-rental and with similar mileage, or the price will be jacked up a few grand).

    Anyway, I was offered the Toyota extende care Platinum package (pretty much the same as original bumper to bumper coverage) until 7yr/100K for $940. I drive about 15K/year, so it will last about 3.5 years. For less than $300/year, is it worth of the peaceful mind?

    This is my first Toyota vehicle, so I don't know the repair cost of this fairly new van in the next few years. A quick research shows the common failures are power sliding door (I have one), heat relay (seems to be on older model).

    What do you folks think?

    I bought the warranty, but it's refundable within 30 days.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    7yr/100K for $940

    Seems like a great price, to be honest. Especially considering you're past the factory 36k mile warranty.

    Go for it.
  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    Ok, I am confused. I thought that you could not get a factory extended warranty past 3 years or 36k miles. This is a Toyota warranty you got from the dealer and not aftermarket.
  • Yes, it says clearly on the contract "TOYOTA Extra Care, 84 months/100000 miles".

    I guess it's because I bought a certified used car from a Toyota dealer, which the F & I manager told me that I had 30 days to purchase the extra care package. Probably not applicable to private owner whose vehicle's orginal warraty is expired.

    Mine is a LE with EVP #1 (passenger side power slide door, power driver seat, home link, trip computer), so not a ton of bells and whistles. But like people say "they all break", being Toyota means less breaks, but not none, especially with the relatively high mileage on the van. I believe it's more of the mileage that wears the car than the year.

    I used the Edmunds True cost of ownership to estimate the repair cost of the 2008 sienna LE (8 passenger), and the 4th and 5th year cost are $384 and $447. They run the estimate based on 15000 miles/year, so mine is literally into the 4th year now :(

    Sounds like a pretty good deal I got, I think I will keep it.

    Thanks all for the input.
  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    Thanks for the information. That puts a new twist on buying a certified Toyota and upgrading to full coverage. I do not believe that you can upgrade a Honda certified warranty to full coverage. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

  • Just locked in a Toyota -provided extended warranty coverage for 7yrs/100K for $700 (dealership in the Pacific NW area) on a brand-new 2010 Sienna XLE (vehicle purchased 10 days back)
  • moevtmoevt Posts: 4
    That seems a great price. My 2010 Sienna XLE AWD was purchased in June and the dealer quoted me $1,395 for the 7year/100,000 mile Plantinum Toyota Care warranty. On the day of the purchase, he wouldn't go down one red cent! I read about better deals on this forum and called dealership back within a few weeks and told him I'd pay $945 (to match internet quote) and he agreed immediately. I will never pay full price again!!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    Dealership name, please?
  • I am planning to purchase a 08 CE Sienna with 27K miles

    The dealer has offered a extended warranty of 5yr/100K for $1,500 (not a Toyota dealer)

    Is this a good price? I like the option of putting the cost into my monthly financing but do not want to overpay for the warranty.

    Since this is not a Toyota dealer can I go to a dealership and get a quote from them also?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Get other quotes because I've seen 7/100 for under a grand, and that's from Toyota.
  • What are people usually paying for a Toyota Extended Warranty and what are the different levels?

    Does the level change what is covered or just the length of coverage?

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