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Dodge Dakota - Quad Cab



  • ayrowayrow Posts: 99

    I share(d) you feelings about the headrests. It is an absulte ridiculous thing the way Dodge designed these seats. Even the more expensive bucket seats are not much better.

    I did solve the problem, however.

    You can see what I did here:

    Good Luck

  • wantone2wantone2 Posts: 19
    I got a call from my salesman Monday that my new Silver Quad Cab has come in. I ordered it on March 12th and it came in on April the 2nd. It caught me off guard, I checked with the Farm Bureau and my first 30 days of being a member is not up until Friday, so I have to wait to go get my truck on Saturday, but I guess its worth waiting for the $500 rebate. Thanks to everyone on this site, I have a huge list of things to check out when I get there. I just hope I don't have any unpleasant surprises. I really like this forum and find myself checking it every night when I get on the internet, everyone on here seems to be very dedicated Quad owners and it is interesting keeping up with what others are going through, both good and bad, thankfully mostly good from what I have observed. I'll post an update this weekend after I pick up my Quad.
  • ayrowayrow Posts: 99
    I am STILL waiting for the discount from Farm Bureau!!

    I bought my truck about two months ago and I am still waiting for the dealer to get the paperwork back from Chrysler. Then, and only then, would they cut me a check.

    What a pain in the [non-permissible content removed].
  • My Farm Bureau discount was as easy as handing the finance guy the membership card. They credited me 500$ right there and took care of all the paperwork. Sometimes (but not often) the dealers give you good service.
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    I do not see the big deal about the badges. I am glad that they discontinued the V8 badges on the 01s and wouldn't mind not having the Quad Cab emblem. Of course, I don't allow the dealers to put decals on my vehicles and I would take the Dodge of the tailgate, if I got around to it. I am considering replacing the ram's head on the hood with the new Viper emblem (if I can get one).

    I cannot stand seats with the dorky adjustable headrests. Imagine how much fun the manufacturers have making the public happy. I have never found one that I have felt comfortable with. Also, I have mentioned this several times before, THE BUCKET SEATS ARE THE SAME AS THE BENCH SEATS. The only difference is what is between the seats. The leather/electric seats maybe different, but I doubt it. If you want different seats, you will have to get some Durango seats or something like Ricaros.
  • this light came on and my truck is a 4x2 seems i remeber reading something in the past about this problem has any else had this occur or no what thew cause and fix is?
  • ahasherahasher Posts: 236
    Ok I need to order BOB soon, but i have a wiring question for anyone who has time to check. The 2000 (2001?) QC dash has the "gate open" warning light, and I assume this is a durango leftover. However I am thinking it is good to have for the QC tailgate, since, among other times it would be useful, twice I have had a son not close it fully (I was in the cab) and it fell open on the first bump.
    Question then, is the dash light operative, where i can add a switch on the tailgate, and tap into the wiring somewhere to get the desired function?
  • nortx01qcnortx01qc Posts: 37
    Part of DC cut back is to omit the 4X4 on some trucks in hopes the customer won't notice! Take it back and tell them to finish building your quad!!

    Just kidding April 1st has past.....

    My quad has done this twice (less than 6k miles on quad). The first time they had to replace the instrument panel. Claimed an incorrect fuse was installed. Second time... Lets just say I am waiting for a new local dealer to open soon to see if they have a better service department.

    To let you rest a little easier, they told me it wouldn't hurt anything the first time and it took the two weeks to get the new panel last time. One hour to install.
  • I would rather have SOME kind of headrest than none. I got the power leather buckets because I wanted the console and kids don't destroy leather as quickly as they do fabric. I must say the seats seem chinzy. The sides of the base of the seat are carpeted?? What the hey?? Like I said, chinzy. Some manufacturers do the headrests right, steve. Not only do the rests adjust up and down, but pivot forward and back. The seats in my 2000 VW are the best I've ever sat in. I wish DC would take some lessons from their german brethren....
  • dpeppedpeppe Posts: 6
    Has anyone had this problem or am I the only one.

    I only have 500 miles on my 2001 AC 4.7L and I noticed that my transmission is leaking in the location where the drive shaft connects to the transmission. It is going in for service tomorrow, they said they hadn't had this problem before.
  • gator72gator72 Posts: 115
    I agree with ethuresson; we need SOME kind of headrest. At 6'3", I would hate to be rear-ended in my QC; break-neck city!

    I love my QC, but, it does need a more functional headrest; either adjustable or a higher "solid" version.

    I looked at the Durangos. Better seats BUT, the headrest is the same as the Q/C.
  • victxvictx Posts: 108
    I'm going to try and install some 8" subs in the rear doors on my Quad, let you guys know how it works out. Shouldn't be too big of a deal because the factory speakers are oversized 6.5"s.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (biglucy) The BOB mentions that any seepage seen in this area should be considerd normal. The LONG front axle seal is SPECIFICALLY mentioned. It does not mention what color it might be.

    BTW... what are you doing UNDER your truck?
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    This morning, I left my home in Langhorne, PA and drove to Boonsboro, MD to visit my friend who had recently undergone open heart surgery. I took the PA turnpike (I live near exit 28) to Carlisle, exit 16 and picked up I-81 South to 40 East then to alternate 40 into Boonsboro. I rode around Sharpsburg, Hagerstown and Boonsboro before heading back. The trip back was via I-81 North to 30 East and on to Lancaster, PA where I picked up fuel. The overhead computer registered 19 MPG, and
    using my calculator produced a resulting 19+ some minor decimals. There were of course lots of road repairs and backed up traffic scenarios and the usual heavy stop and go through York. The trip home yielded 20.4 on the overhead, but I did not refuel so there was no manual calculation. I did 60 in the 55 zones and 70 in the 65 zones. Cruise Control all the way. I am quite satisfied with the performance of my Quad. 4.7, 4X4, 5 speed, 3.55 and tire and handling group plus a lot of other stuff. A.R.E. LSII fiber glass tonneau.

  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    "Road trip by bookitty - There were of course lots of road repairs and backed up traffic scenarios and the usual heavy stop and go through York."
    Are you trying to tell us they repair roads in Pennsylvania??? Actually they were putting pot holes in the few smooth spots of pavement left.
  • atokadatokad Posts: 30
    I also noticed the green slime..looks like all is ok and it doesnt appear to be leaking out.

  • quaddubquaddub Posts: 25
    Owners manual raises a few questions for me.
    It says that "A long break-in period is not required... Drive moderately for the first 300 miles."

    Does this mean that engine is fully broken-in at 300? I'd always assumed is was at least 3000.

    It also states "While cruising, brief full-throttle acceleration , within the limits of local traffic laws, (oh sure) contributes to a good break-in.

    Are they talking about highway type cruising?
    Is full-throttle best achieved by pushing pedal quickly and firmly to floor, or smooth and slow?
    Mashing pedal would seem to be hard on tranny--with such a forceful downshift-- but a slow build of speed will perhaps not allow as full a stroke to seat rings(?)
    BTW, hit 100 MPH engine cut-out using the "slower pedal" method --heart skipped a beat--never experienced such a feature before!

    Thanks for the help.
  • ayrowayrow Posts: 99
    To continue the discussion on the seats....

    Yes you guys are right, there needs to be a head rest. The Durango seats that I put in my QC are much more supportive and the headrest is about 3" higher. I am only 5'8", so it is high enough for me. However, I could see how a taller person would not benefit from the entirely.
  • biglucybiglucy Posts: 140
    ! Yeah, that was me with my buttcrack showing! I couldn't decide on when to do the first oil change (2000 or 3000?), so I went for 2500. I was anxious to do the oil change and install the oil drain valve, but wanted to stay close to the normal maintenance schedule. Taking the oil filter off by hand is usually not a problem for me, but even with the easy vantage point from below I couldn't turn the sucker (on the filter was imprinted, "factory installed"...) so I had to take the wifes Audi for a ride and buy a filter remover. I'm still a bit squeamish knowing there is a valve on my oil pan and I find myself checking the oil gauge often and looking on the ground for leakage. so far so good!

    Thanks for the info on the green slime. I wiped it away from the axle threads and will check it again by getting UNDER my truck once more after I run in 4 wheel drive for alittle bit.

    quaddub - so it is said that engines these days are broken in by the time they hit the sales lot. The advice I received was to run the truck at different speeds for the first 300-500 miles. Truth, I dunno, but I wouldn't go full throttle from a dead stop. Get your truck to cruising speed and then let'er rip, not breaking any traffic laws of course Bv} . This should be enough friction to get the oil working the rings.

    Bookitty - I hope your friend recuperates quickly. Shame on you non-Pennsylvanians (iowabigguy!) making fun over our potholes, so what if we have the worst roads in the US. If you think that's bad, you should try hiking on the PA Appalachian trail (rocks, rocks, and more rocks)!

    victx - I'd be interested to know how you make out with your subwoofer installation. Can you take pictures of the process, there's been alot of talk on the forum about replacing speakers and I'm sure alot of folks would like to see how you do it!
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Rick, I deeply resent your comments regarding the condition of the roads in the sovereign State of Pennsylvania. As soon as I finish winching my truck out of this pot hole, I will further address your unkind posting.

  • namfflownamfflow Posts: 202
    I guess there are as many opinions of headrests as there are.....well, you know the rest.

    I for one have no problem with the headrests in my Dakota. My last several mopars had fully adjustable head rests and I didn't really care for them. It seems that whenever someone left the back seat (even though it was a 4 door) they would "tweek" the headrest and I would have to adjust it every time I got in the car.

    I would just as soon have low back seats with NO headrest.

    At least these fixed headrestrs aren't as much a bother as the ones from my 70 Challenger and Barracuda.
  • ferousferous Posts: 226
    Doesn't DC VOID your warranty if you drive on Pennsylvania roads? Something about abnormal abuse by owner. Just like if you install a snow plow on your QC.
  • just wondering why they replaced the insturment panel just because a wrong fuse was installed i would think a more logical fix would be to remove the fuse and be done with it..... ? i have,not heard back from dealer as of yet to see what the fix or cause is i will post up date when i hear though any one else have this problem or have info regarding it?
  • We DON'T refer to them as "potholes" (how uncouth).We prefer to think of them as "sudden dips".
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Scottie, thank you for joining in against the great Northeast basher, Rick (iowabigguy) who hails from New York but became exiled. It's pretty difficult to see pot holes in the Midwest until the snow melts. That occurs in the Summer which begins August 12, and continues for almost the entire day. Since leaving the Great Northeast,
    Rick has grown envious. Let's take up a collection to help send this boy to camp in the Adirondaks,

  • biglucybiglucy Posts: 140
    It's with deepest regret to inform everyone that bookitty was sQuAsHeD this afternoon as he tried to winch his quad cab out of a "sudden dip". The QC flipped over and his A.R.E. LSII cover squashed him like a bug. I have the best doctors from the good side of town working on him now. Fortunately, Norm was able to scratch out that last post before the accident.

  • hennehenne Posts: 407
    well i placed the order on my new quad today since the buyback is supposed to be determined now. they are giving me back all my money including accessories i have added and then charging me .15 per mile which will end up around 3600 dollars. 3600 divided by 15 months of ownership = 240 per month. not a bad 15 month purchase/lease/demo/test drive lol... i am happy with the deal so NO bubble busting lol...

    the new truck will be a 2001 red quad sport, pt4x4, 4.7, auto, 3.92, sure grip, cassette and cd in dash, overhead computer, basically loaded with everything but buckets, leather and no awd.

    i have to admit d/c has been great to deal with so far on this deal.

    wish me luck on my 2nd truck.

  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Robert, despite having problems, D/C along with the dealership has treated you very fairly. I for one would happily pay $240.00 per month for the opportunity of driving a new truck. It is a great deal. You are to be admired for your patience and loyalty. Best of luck.

  • maceymacey Posts: 59
    QC 4.7L Performance mods I have in mind are:

    Cold Air Inductiion - Intense Performance Stage II

    Jet CHIP/PCM

    180 Degree Thermostat

    Gibson Swept Side Exhaust

    For the above, do I have to wait for the 4.7L to break in, say after 300-500 miles, or can I install the cold-air induction and Gibson Exhaust on the same day I take delivery of the truck?

    Suspect I'd want to wait on the JET Chip and 180 degree thermostat, right?

    Changing subjects, anyone know of a OEM vendor who makes roof racks for the QC? For the Mopar rack, my dealer wants $200, $325 to install, and won't paint it flame-red to match body color...what are my other options?

    Also, anyone have experience with the LUND X-Step running boards?

    Thanks in advance.

  • txqc2000txqc2000 Posts: 121
    Personally, I'd drive your QC around for a little while b/4 adding the performance parts, just in case you find something wrong with your stock QC. That way, the dealer can't pass the blame onto you and your 3rd party performance parts and delay in fixing any problems you might have. I'd only add Mopar parts on the day of delivery so they are covered under the new truck warranty.

    Also, I wouldn't add the Jet Chip until you've done the intake and catback 1st. Then use the Stage II chip to get better performance, if you even need it at all. I'd also wait on the 180 degree thermostat to see how hot the chip really makes your engine run. On my 5.9L, during hot days and in stop and go traffic, my thermostat needle has yet to break 210 degrees with my Stage II chip. Although the thermostat part is inexpensive ($5.00 or so for a Robert Shaw 180 degree thermostat), it is a real pain to install, at least on the 5.9L engine, so if you have a mechanic install it, the service charge could be 15x the price of the part. Also, Mopar and Mike Leach & Co. have told me that with their HP PCM's, you don't need to change out the thermostat.

    Regarding the roof rack, I was wondering if you considered using a part-time rack like the Yakima? I believe it can hold more weight and you'd have tons more accessory options. Just a thought.
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