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Pontiac Vibe 2009+



  • rog96rog96 Posts: 21
    Got one yesterday finally. So glad 09's have over drivers' window grab handle. And, tap shifting for the 5 speed automatics, nice to use engine breaking for quick or downhill stopping. Wish base model had independent rear suspension and the 5 speed auto. options. The GT sound system must be amazing, hatchback just right for subwoofer's home. Hope the metallic paint holds up in sub-tropics, tired of my white vibe needing washing.
  • I agree about the independent suspension - I wish they would make it standard across the Vibe line-up.

    I thought the base was available with the 5-speed auto IF you upgrade to the 2.4 liter motor. Of course, how many will be made that way? They may limit the number to try and push buyers toward the GT.

    My perfect choice would be base, 2.4, 5-speed auto, with all the safety features standard and standard independent rear suspension. I think I can get that in the new Vibe, except for the suspension. How about the anti-lock brakes? I've seen in one spot that it's standard across the line, and in another that it's optional across the line. Anyone know?
  • Read another review yesterday on the second gen. Vibe. Aaron Gold of's guide to cars said, in regards to Navi:

    'Between the Vibe and the Matrix, I'd take the Vibe for its longer warranty and better looks. The Matrix offers an optional GPS navigation system that the Vibe doesn't get, but that wouldn't be enough to sway me.'

    I don't know if this arrangement is likely to change for Pontiac's benefit. I'd be most content without the navigation system. What I'm really hoping is that the base model will at least offer the option of steering wheel controls that operate my iPod--a feature sorely lacking on my '05 Corolla. I'd also like the larger engine and the roof rack, which I've always liked on the previous model.

    STILL waiting for GM to update the Pontiac website to reflect the 'build and price' feature for the new Vibe as well. What's taking these guys so long? Am I too impatient? :(
  • rog96rog96 Posts: 21
    Glad you pointed that out, according to Vibe pamphlet. 2.4 base with auto tranny is in fact 5 speed! And sun and sound (previously moon and tunes) pkg includes steering wheel mounted AUDIO controls which would at least control volume of an iPod connected to aux. port . So if you go the base route, you lose out on rear wishbone, and must settle for a sunroof if you want the nice sound system (unlike the GT where you don't have to get a sunroof, seeing the monsoon system is standard) I wanted to get base with steel wheels and then get real nice alloys online. Not crazy bout stock alloys, but they are better than my 03s' at least. And I'd rather have a 55 tire, not 45, given the bad roads here. 18" wheels make tire replacement very costly also, 16" or maybe 17" is plenty...
  • rog96rog96 Posts: 21
    Does the 09 have fold-away mirrors? Its' looks like it does in the book, I sure hope so.
  • aa9zzaa9zz Posts: 6
    Do the new units have On-Star, MP3 and XM, all three?
  • rog96rog96 Posts: 21
    Yup, 90 days of XM, 1 year of On Star, and at least an aux. jack - which I know sounds fantastic using line out from iPod (not headphone jack) cause I've driven most GM vehicles for dealership trading and tried both ways, huge difference imo ... I also know the huge markups d ;~D
  • aa9zzaa9zz Posts: 6
    Fantastic. The dealership told us we could not gete all three in the 2008. We ordered a 2009 and am waiting to see when they will hit our southern Indiana showrooms. We're having trouble waiting. Thanks for the information,.
  • rog96rog96 Posts: 21
    I'll answer my own question ... Yes, hurrah! fold-away mirrors (all models) for 09, just noticed that in the Vibe booklet.
  • aa9zzaa9zz Posts: 6
    What 2009 booklet? Where is it. Online I hope.
  • Does the brochure indicate control for a MP3 player/iPod from the head unit or steering wheel controls at least? I signed up for the booklet online but have yet to receive one in the mail. :(
  • aa9zzaa9zz Posts: 6
    Where did you sign up for a booklet? I'm still looking.
  • rog96rog96 Posts: 21
    Got mine at dealership where I work. They had them stashed in the back room, duh. Not sure about the mp3/iPod head unit control. I just use aux. port on the other vehicles as I'm in and out of so many ... Any other questions I can look up in book? Hopefully I'll be more helpful. Everything looks sweet with this overhaul. Wished they had put GM motor that has more power and MPG, not sure how they compare reliability-wise though.
  • rog96rog96 Posts: 21
    Roof rack standard on AWD, option on base 2.4 only. Cool spoiler for GT only (standard) Of the 3 alloy styles, AWD has the beefiest looking 5 spoke for an option, base has the narrowest spokes (again as an option) and of course GT they come standard - spokes have a slight triangular flare by the tire edge as you can see in the pics online. Other than the usual red, black, white, the navy looks more like cobalt, the mystic blue looks greenish gray, (quite nice), the carbon gray is charcoal, and the liquid platinum is silver ....
  • aa9zzaa9zz Posts: 6
    I was happy to see the GM name and the Toyota engine. I am looking to for 150-200,000 mile use from the Toyota motor. Not that confident in GM motor but like their cars better. Would like a more fuel efficient unit though. I guess if I can get a 175,000 out of this car there will be different types of fuels and engines when I trade. My local dealership does not have any materials on the 2009 yet and Pontiac does not have anything on line. I love the Vibe but I am not impressed with the Pontiac website as far as information availability is concerned. Hopefully the units will be in the showroom in a few weeks.
  • I clicked on 'Get Updates' at the bottom right of the '09 Vibe webpage. I signed up for it as soon as I learned the new model would appear in February. Some time had passed and I hadn't received one, so I re-entered my info.' again, thinking my first submission was lost somewhere in cyberspace, lol. To date, still have yet to receive it, so it looks like I'll have to go into the dealership after all to get one.
  • You're welcome, and no problem. Sorry my reply was so late. FYI: the GenVibe website has a picture of a red GT that was taken by a dealer if you want to have another look at the real McCoy! It's sweeeeeeeeeeeet!
  • Thx for asking, rog96...I do have a few more questions. First, does your brochure indicate whether the AWD model is available with the 17" five spoke alloys versus the chrome wheels? And the roof rack: is this an available option on the base version? Really do wish Pontiac would get their website updated so I can build & price what I want before making the trip to a dealership. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. (Since you work at a dealership...any buzz about when the official launch date will be?)
  • Sawyer's Pontiac in Lansing/East Lansing Michigan has several 2009's now available. I stopped and saw them last night. I think they had about 5 of them. They had 2-3 base models with various configurations and options, and 2 GT models. I didn't see any AWD models yet. You can find information about them and view their window stickers at this site:
  • From the preceding comments it looks like the early enthusiasm is for the added performance of the 2.4, and I didn't see a single mention of the fuel efficiency, even though it should take a substantial hit, probably not inversely proportional to the increased displacement from the 1.8, but significant nonetheless. There's only sketchy promotional info available at the Pontiac website, but you can sign up for email updates. I'll wait to see the whole range of base & options plus specs.

    That Sawyer dealership may have sold his 09's as there are none listed at the website.
  • Hmmm...I still saw five of them listed on the site this morning. Here's a direct link to the page - maybe that will work: =&make=Pontiac&model=Vibe&trim=&minYear=&maxYear=&maxPrice=&engine=&transmission- =&transmissionSpeeds=&drivetrain=&colorOEM=&colorExterior=&colorInterior=&fuelTy- pe=&cylinders=

    Yuck - now that's a messy link! :-)

    I understand your point about fuel economy and because of my circumstances, I would most likely go with a 1.8, even though I do like the idea of more power and the 5-speed auto. I wish the 5-speed auto was available with the 1.8.

    Fuel economy is my first consideration in a vehicle because I commute about 70 miles each day. It's the main reason I bought my 2005 Vibe - my previous car was a V-6 that required premium. It returned around 30mpg too, but I wanted to get more than 30 and not have to pay premium prices.
  • aa9zzaa9zz Posts: 6
    An interesting note on signing up for information; I signed up in December, received my first note yesterday and it was on the 2008 Vibe. What's up with GM? Have they not stepped into the Internet and the use of their web yet?

    I would have though I would have received information immediately upon signing up and then at frequent intervals thereafter.

    Maybe one of us could apply to run their website so they could get proper promotional value from the net.

    Is the 2009 out yet? Not according to their web or any information I have asked for.
  • I'm a manual junkie also, although I'm thinking I'll go automatic the next time around since most of them now get better or the same gas mileage. I like the performance and "fun" of a manual, except when I'm caught in traffic jams commuting to work, which seems to happen more often anymore than not - thus the switch to auto.

    I'm impressed with the Honda Fit also. It will definitely be on my list. It's comfy and has a great interior. The exterior doesn't excite me quite as much as the Vibe.

    Based on the quick time I had in an '09, I actually like the interior of the '08 and prior model Vibes better. I especially don't like how tiny the rear side-windows are now, and the cargo area has also shrunk. The back seat isn't nearly as roomy either, in my opinion. If I were in the market for a Vibe right now, I'd probably go for the 2008. Of course, AWD is also on my short list due to the crappy winter we've had this year.

    Couldn't agree with you more about Ford. Have you seen the "new" Focus? Talk about UGLY. I hate the silver thing they slapped on between the front doors and fender. The back end is ugly as all get out too. Not to mention the "new" car is really the old one with slightly different sheet metal and some interior upgrades. I see Ford is already offering rebates on them. When will they get their act together? I saw the Focus "concept" in Detroit - based on the European version. Now that was a nice, small car. Ford is doomed if they don't start making smarter decisions and giving the consumer what they want. Heck, build a Focus based on the Mazda 3 - now that's a nice car!
  • Thanks for the link. My eyes must have been in sleep mode when I went to their Vibe inventory page yesterday, or i just didn't see the 9's above the 8's. I'm encouraged that there is such faith by the car maker in models with manual transmissions. That has been my choice all my life, but I will have to buy automatic in next car, to suit wife. I'll probably be needing a dead pedal to give my left foot a place to go. I wish I had a video of the break dance my wife's girlfriend did when imitating the foot-hand motions of an MT driver. They are not going to get it, sigh.

    My choices are narrowed to the Honda Fit Sport, also waiting for the '09 details, and the Vibe. The Focus ZX5 would be a strong candidate if *^%#*^#%^Ford hadn't dropped it. I'll be staying tuned to this forum, plus Edmunds new car pages plus looking for email from GM.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    It looks like you can't get the Monsoon stereo on a base 1.8.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Gas mileage may be the same or s,lightly better on the automatic, but the performance is shockingly different.

    One feels eager and wound up - ready to go. The other is pure mush and smoothed out until its soul is as bland as oatmeal. I test drove a Matrix and a Yaris with automatic and manual recently and it's literally four different cars it's such a huge difference.
  • My husband and I just got a red hot metallic 2009 Pontiac Vibe GT and we love it! We traded a gas hog (15mpg) GMC Sierra for it and it was quite a change going from such a large V8 vehicle to a 4 cylinder, but this car is really quick and after filling the tank twice now, we are at approximetly 31 mpg. It has a tap shift mode as well, but my husband read that the manual gets 1 mpg less. It has bad blind spots in the back corners when backing out of a parking space, so am using my mirrors a lot just like my truck. The back seat could be a little bigger to make it comfortable for 3 people to sit, but for us with two kids it's perfect. We bought the Vibe GT right off the showroom floor. We went home to clean out our trade and came back and another one was in it's place. I think we are going to see a lot of these on the road this summer especially with gas over $3 a gallon. Love it!
  • onthefarmonthefarm Posts: 22
    Congrats on your new Vibe--hope you both enjoy it for a long time to come! :D
  • onthefarmonthefarm Posts: 22
    Fellow Vibe of 11AM CST, Pontiac has updated it's website, and the 2009 Vibe is available to view (or drool over, take your pick) in all it's glory! I'm one happy camper at the moment--ENJOY! :shades:
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    Thanks for the heads up!
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