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Pontiac Vibe 2009+



  • onthefarmonthefarm Posts: 22
    You're welcome!

    As a side note, they may still be tweaking the site. I discovered options that I'm told would be available for select trim levels are missing under the 'Build & Price' section, for example. I'll cut 'em some slack for a couple of days given that most of the information seems intact. :shades:
  • griswaldgriswald Posts: 33
    Reading the forums, one of the major drawbacks of the previous generation Vibes was uneven tire wear due to lack of a front end camber adjustment. I also had this problem on an older Toyota Corolla and although I'm in the market for a vehicle like the new Vibe (wife actually), I will not knowingly buy another vehicle which does not have front end camber adjustment - due to alignment & tire wear problems I experienced first hand on the Corolla. So please, can anyone advise if this has been corrected on the new Vibe/Matrix's? :confuse:
  • Not only is the new Focus ugly, I'm pretty sure it's the only new car available in this country with NO REAR HEAD RESTRAINTS/SUPPORTS. But hey... a plastichrome doodad on the fenders is so much more important than rear passengers not getting whiplash is it?
  • vspvsp Posts: 3
    I am shopping for Vibe. But none of the dealerships in NC offering any discounts on 2009 and even on 2008 they are only offering pretty much what GM offering as rebate. I thought it is buyers market for cars, but some how I am not getting anywhere with vibe. Is it not the right time to get a deal?
  • pks222pks222 Posts: 12
    The answer to your question is gas prices at $3.25 a gallon or more. The smaller vehicles are in more demand because of their fuel economy.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    The car is just in very low supply at the startup. Production of a new model always is a bit slow to ramp up, so the dealers may only get shipments of a few a time for several weeks. I have not even seen one 2009 Vibe on the road in my area yet.
    Since they have few to sell, and the car is a brand new model, there isn't much discounting.
  • repoman1repoman1 Posts: 64
    Test drove several 2009 Vibe’s today. Here are a few observations:

    There is a big difference in the gearing between the 1.8L 4 speed automatic and the 2.4L 5 speed automatic.

    The 2.4L turns approximately 2250RPM at 70 MPH and 2500 RPM at 75 MPH.

    The 1.8L is spinning 2950 RPM at 70 MPH and 3050 RPM at 75 MPH.

    Overall fit and finish is good. The paint seems much improved over previous Vibes. Prior Vibes had very thin paint and were extremely easy to scratch and ding. Mystic Blue is ugly, it has much more green than blue and should be called Pea Green.

    Interior is nice. Seats are quality material. Dash has a nice layout. Rear seats fold almost entirely flat, there is around a 10 degree incline when they are folded down. The radio has good sound and nice layout, the Monsoon 7 speaker system will please all audiophiles.

    The 17 inch tires produce much more road noise at highway speeds and are noticeably rougher on a bumpy road. The 16 inch tires have a much better ride and have no road noise on the highway.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    That's too bad. Those high revving engines with short gearing explains why the mpg is so much less than a Corolla with the 1.8 powertrain. I didn't think the extra weight would be enough for such a big difference in MPG.
    I guess the short gearing should make the performance peppier than a Corolla though.
    It really needs an extra gear or two.
  • cryspycryspy Posts: 5
    Thank you for your comments.
    How did you find the ride with the 1.8L Auto? Was it too noisy?
  • repoman1repoman1 Posts: 64
    Ride of the 1.8L automatic was good, no annoying road noise or wind noise. The 1.8 automatic in my opinion is too high reving. If you are cruising at 65 mph and accelerate the revs jump instantly up to 4000-5000. Even a light touch on the gas pedal seemed to send the revs jumping. The high reving engine makes the car feel "snappy", which is not acceptable from a $20,000 vehicle.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    So how is the 2.4 with 5-speed automatic?

    One advantage of the Vibe vs the Matrix is that you can get the 2.4 with the Base model, so it will be less expensive and you don't need to get the super low-profile noisy and stiff-riding sport tires.

    I'm really disappointed in the rated mpg of the 2.4 though. You can get a V6 with the same mileage in other vehicles.
    Even the 1.8 mileage isn't all the great.
  • cryspycryspy Posts: 5
    Just too bad this high rev thing on the 1.8 Auto. That's the main reason why i can't settle on the Vibe. I find MPG of the 2.4 model too low.
  • I am looking at a 2009 Vibe/Matrix with a 1.8 and a manual transmission. I enjoy driving a stick and if I am getting a little car, I want to have a little fun. First off Carmax has already discounted the Matrix and it works as a good club with the dealers. They dropped there price by $1,000 when they saw that there were legitimate competition. The next thing is that if you get the Vibe 1.8, the manual trans and the prefered option package, it does not come with power locks. Somehow though it does come with keyless entry. They dealer is going to get back to me on that. It also looks like the 2009's are cheaper than the 2008's. I am waiting for the dealer to figure that one out too. The front seats in the base model don't fold flat. Finally can anyone explain the difference between the base radio and the upgrade? Is it just two more speakers or is there some difference in the MP3 input
  • vibovibo Posts: 9
    I have owned my 2009 Vibe for almost 2 months now. My previous Vibe was a 2003 1.8L 5speed manual. I am a little better off now, so I splurged for the 2.4L, 158 horse, engine from the Camry. It also has the 5 speed automatic transmission.

    It is a blast to drive! I don't feel like I am driving an economy car with this one. Anyone out there thinking of buying a 1.8 because of mileage, please try out the 2.4 and see if the savings is worth giving up the fun and the ability to safely pass other people.

    I should mention that I live in the foothills of the Las Vegas valley so I do climb long hills everyday. With my 2003 1.8 I really had to downshift a lot and really had to work the engine hard especially in 105+ degree heat. With this Camry 2.4 engine its a breeze.

    Also, concerning pricing, I ordered the 2009 Vibe the first week of January and paid $500 over invoice. I did have to wait for it about 5 weeks.

    For all you that are looking for big rebates on this car, forget it. I watched for rebates and deals all the time from 2002-2008, because I had friends who liked my car, so I tried to help them find a good deal on a new one. The biggest rebate I found was $500 cash back. Out here in the west Vibe inventory is pretty limited.

    Now with the price of gas going through the roof, and the build quality of this car, your best bet is to negotiate hard with the dealer, and talk down the sticker price. There is not a lot of cushion in the sticker either.

    Good Luck!!
  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    I'm "standing on the brink" of trading into a 2009 AWD Vibe. I hope to trade in my 04 Jeep GC and keep the spread as low as possible. I drove the FWD GT model at one dealership, but they had no AWD models available. The other Pontiac dealer has several AWDs, so I am considering starting negotiations. Using Edmunds pricing and reviews has been more than helpful in this endeavor, let me tell you! :shades:
  • repoman1repoman1 Posts: 64
    868 miles on my 2009 Vibe, 2.4l, automatic, 90% highway driving, most at 70-75MPH, just started to use the air conditioning the past week so most was with AC not running. Average to date: 30.65 MPG

    Fuel regular unleaded with 10% ethanol. We can't buy real gas here. I would probably get 2-3 more miles per gallon if I didn't have to use ethanol. Ethanol is junk, it's just a filler that decreases gas mileage and performance and is causing the price of everthing we eat to increase. Ethanol is simply a useless government mandate.
  • I read with interest the post #58 from vibeowner1. I too, have purchased a red hot metallic Vibe GT from my dealer in Amherst, New York. My wife and I drove it from Tonawanda, New York to Durham, North Carolina to visit her son, drove it around town, and drove back a week later. We averaged 30 miles a gallon on the nose, and that's with going 70-75 miles an hour and also driving in Durham, Cary & Raleigh city driving. Total miles approx 1800 miles. I traded in my 2005 Pontiac Vibe AWD for this. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! My previous Vibe was excellent and I never had one problem with it, but the 2.4 engine and the upscale design, etc. is just fantastic. Before you buy a Vibe with the 1.8 motor just try one with the 2.4----it is a blast!!
  • During my first visit to the dealership, I had no idea I was going to buy a 2009 Vibe GT. Now I am a very happy owner and strong advocate. My minivan years are behind me. Like the minivan, my Vibe is practical and versatile. On a recent solo camping, hiking and photography trip, I slept in the vehicle on a custom mattress made to fit along the length of the right side when the front passenger seat and rear seats are folded down flat. Unlike the minivan, the Vibe is economical to run. On my trip, I averaged 9.5 mph over the Interstate speed limit, which in one long stretch through Kentucky is 70 mph, and still got an amazing 28.9 mpg. Also unlike the minivan, the Vibe is lots of fun to drive. However, from my perspective, my Vibe GT was a few details short of perfect. Two details I was able to address. First, I exchanged the 18-inch wheel standard on the GT for the 17-inch optional tire offered on other models. Without the lower profile tire, I lost a small percentage of tight cornering ability but gained a whole lot more in noise reduction and comfort. Second, over-the-shoulder blind spots force me to trust the mirrors more than I’d like. The view to the rear is limited, too, so I had aftermarket back-up sensors installed to allay fears that I would back into something or, worse, someone, such the grandchildren who live with me. Third, I would have greatly appreciated an in-dash compass, such as the one my wife has on her PT Cruiser. I like to drive backroads without a GPS but did not like the idea of sticking a compass on that great windshield view. Please note that these details did not keep me from making one of my most satisfying purchases in many years. This is the most I have smiled on the road since my motorcycle days of about 30 years ago. This is far, far safer.
  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    I enjoyed your comments on the GT. I have noted that same "blind" area in the rear of the the Vibe AWD models, but the lack of competitive rebates is slowing my buying decision more than anything else. And the AWD model has significantly less mileage to offer, but I prefer the added traction. I may end up getting a "bigger bang for the buck" elsewhere. :confuse:
  • crimar30crimar30 Posts: 8
    Have any people over 6' bought, or test driven a new Vibe with the power sun roof? Is there still enough clearance for a comfortable seating position? I tried out one without a sunroof, and it seemed ok, but was not able to find one with the sunroof.
  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    I drove an AWD 2009 model just yesterday, but it did not have a sunroof. The seating was quite satisfactory for me, and I am 6' 1". I suspect the front seat comfort would likely prove quite adequate for long hauls, but only an all day trip would convince me. I am quite likely to purchase this vehicle today, provided the last moment negotiations go my way... :shades:
  • My 6-foot son-in-law felt there was plenty of room in the passenger seat. At first on a recent daylong 600-mile trip, I thought the seat was a little firm. Either I adjusted or the foam padding "loosened up," but it felt most comfortable on the trip back. We don't know if was pyschological or what, but both my wife and I thought the seats on the GT were a little more comfortable than those on the regular model. We took test drives in both. However, we were lucky to be able to exchange the 18-inch GT wheels after we purchased the vehicle. A 2-hour trip on concrete highways with bad joints convinced us that the noise from the 18-inches was almost unbearable. The 17-inch replacement wheels don't let me corner as fast (which in some ways is better) but are a lot much quieter and less harsh. 2,300 miles in less than four weeks and still enamored.
  • plowboy1plowboy1 Posts: 3
    I have an 08, manual transmission with 15K miles using pure synthetic and a K&N filter. With 85% highway driving 75-80 I get 32.8. IF I slow it down to where the engine likes to run (2500 RPM@ 65 MPH) I get 35-36.

    These should have a six speed with Overdrive. I have no idea what Pontiac is thinking... mileage would bump up 1-3 MPG.

  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211 I did. I traded in my 2004 Jeep GC Laredo, paid cash for the spread, and now own an Ultra White AWD 2009 Pontiac Vibe. :confuse: What have I done?
  • gary_ggary_g Posts: 13
    I like the way the '09 white Vibe looks compared to the '08 white Vibe w/grey body molding on the lower half of the car.

    I just bought an '08 Moonstone (charcoal grey) which looks good with the grey body molding.

    Good luck!
  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    I looked long and hard at that darker grey metallic, and was headed into buying an 09 AWD that color. I then discovered my 09 AWD in ultra white and selected it. Good luck to you, and I suspect we will both enjoy these cars. I should admit that mine is really going to be my wife's regular ride. :(
  • crimar30crimar30 Posts: 8
    I just bought an '09 GT, the only thing I don't like about it, is the fact that there is no side molding, and as far as I can tell, you can't even get it as an accessory. Got 31 mpg with my first tank of gas!
  • ragu123ragu123 Posts: 5
    Has anyone been able to negotiate a price below MSRP for a Vibe GT or a Base 2.4L ? I have got a few quotes from dealers in my state (TN) but I feel they are too high. The lowest quote for Vibe GT w/auto trans was for $500.00 below MSRP and for the Base 2.4 w/ PCM pckg, auto trans and AC for $1000 below MSRP. Am I wrong to think that I should be able to get a better deal on the 2009 Vibes?

    I was going to post this message to the Vibe Price Paid & Buying Experience board but didn't see that many topics about the price of 2009 models there.
  • smokiescatsmokiescat Posts: 7
    I got only $700 off the MSRP. These cars are hot and wanted, and the dealers know that, so there is almost no wiggle room.
  • ragu123ragu123 Posts: 5
    Thanks Smokiescat.

    I guess they (dealers) have the upper hand right now. With the tax rebate checks being mailed out this month and the price of gasoline creeping up to $4, any small car with good gas mileage is going to be hot and wanted. Thats probably why they are not budging on the prices.
    Well, they better get as much as they can now because they will be marking them down to invoice or less when October/November rolls around. I just wish I could wait until then. :(
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