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Pontiac Vibe 2009+



  • gary_ggary_g Posts: 13
    I just bought a new '08 Vibe for $3500 under sticker price. I understand that you are looking at an '09 but I would still do a few things that I did:

    - Solicit quotes from dealers using
    - Don't act like you really want the Vibe. Tell them you are thinking about the Mazda 3, Nissan Versa, etc.
    - Start preliminary negotiations during the last 10 days of the month. Get into serious negotiating during the last 3 days of the month.

    FYI, GM lost 2 billion dollars in the first quarter of this year. They lost 32 billion dollars in 2007. They have 2 parts factories currently on strike. They need your business. You are in the drivers seat when buying a GM car.

    Best to you.
  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    While it's true that GM is in serious negative money numbers, the dealers set the real prices and trade values as they pretty much see fit. They seem to tailor the deals to the local market, as we would expect. In my opinion, GM could stand to have a tighter hand on the dealerships and their procedures. I traded in a Jeep GC and got a deal I could live with. If times were better for new cars sales, I suspect the Vibe series would sell so high that I would not now own one!
  • zzsignupzzsignup Posts: 6
    Umm, not sure about that. Just got mine (GT) for about $150 under invoice. There seems to be a ton of inventory out here (SF Bay Area).

    Ditto what the other poster said, go with the invoice price in hand, and tell them you know about the $579 dealer hold-back (hidden profit), and ask for quotes from multiple dealers (this is probably the most important). Some dealers refuse to back down from their close-to-sticker price, while some will make a deal as long as they make a little profit.

    If you're in the Bay Area shoot me a msg and I'll refer you to my dealer.
  • bikerscumbikerscum Posts: 9
    I'm in Brentwood.... I'd appreciate the name of that dealer. I'm ready for a GT.

  • ragu123ragu123 Posts: 5
    Thanks zzsignup. I am in Tennessee but I wish I was in the Bay Area, you got a great deal. Did it include any rebates or incentives?

    I am still negotiating with a couple of dealers down here...but I am nowhere close to your deal.

    BTW, how do you like the ride of the GT compared to the base model? Do you find the 18" wheels to be noisy?
  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    While staying away from the dealer for now, I can't find a source for information that will tell me which AC filter is appropriate for the 2009 Pontiac Vibe AWD (2.4 liter 4 cylinder Toyota engine). Any ideas?
  • crimar30crimar30 Posts: 8
    Yes, the 18" wheels are noisy, and much harder riding. Got mine last week, and just got the $500 rebate, not dealing here in NC, either!
  • exit123exit123 Posts: 136
    Does anyone know the brand and model of the factory tires on the GT model?
  • I have a 2009 Vibe GT and the factory tires are Goodyear Eagle F1 A/S-C P215/45R18 89W. I really don't find them to be overly noisy. My previous vehicle was a 2005 Vibe AWD and those 16 inch tires were more noisy than on my current vehicle. I feel the 18 inch wheels on the GT are very nice looking and one of the selling points of it. The back-up visibility is very limited and there should be some protection on both sides to protect the vehicle from other car doors, etc...These are minor points and I am very happy with my car (I love the 2.4 engine!).
  • zzsignupzzsignup Posts: 6
    Marina Pontiac in San Leandro. Ask for Luis. Tell him Jeff (red Vibe GT) sent you and you would like to get his price! :)

    Yeah the 18" tires are on the noisy side, however they really give the car a much sportier look (and handling). The price you pay for vanity I guess.

    ragu123 the price was before any kind of rebates/incentives. I made sure to negotiate pre-rebate/incentive price because some dealers are tricky and quote 'after rebate' prices, thus comparing apples and oranges. If the quotes are that high you may want to check dealers in neighboring states and see if they can send the car to you. One dealer mentioned selling a car online to a buyer in Oregon and shipped it for ~$600.

    Personally we also got $2900 in rebates ($500 'Conquest' and $2400 GM credit card) so our final out the door cost was $19,682. Not bad! Your mileage will probably vary. :)
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    You must have the "original GM Card" as only $1000.00 allowed on the newer cards.
  • ragu123ragu123 Posts: 5

    I am also going to be using my GM Card rebate for this purchase. Do you know if the sales tax is calculated based on the original negotiated price and before deducting Conquest and GM card rebates or after? I have a $4000 GM card rebate so how they calculate the sales tax would make a big difference in the OTD price.

    BTW, I think your state (CA) is the only state that has a fixed Doc/Processing fee so dealers can't hide additional profit in the TT&L dollars. One of the dealers here gave me a really good deal on the Vibe but when I asked for the itemized OTD price, I discovered a $400.00 processing fee.
  • bikerscumbikerscum Posts: 9
    ZZ... I owe you man. Luis quoted me about $25 below invoice, + the $500 rebate. I guess I could have haggled a bit, but since my negotiations took about 8 seconds I'm happy. lol

    '09 Vibe GT w/ sunroof & 5sp. auto.... $20425-$500 = $19925.

    $1720 below sticker.

    If you're ever out my way, the beer & lengendary Brentwood sweet corn are on me.
  • crimar30crimar30 Posts: 8
    Was there any trade-in involved?
  • bikerscumbikerscum Posts: 9
    No trade in. I doubt they'd be high-fiving over my 13 MPG 160000 mile 4wd '00 Durango. I paid 35 large for that thing.... KBB trade in is about $2700. Not the best investment I ever made.
  • crimar30crimar30 Posts: 8
    I had one of those!!
  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    Sounds to me like you certainly got your money's worth out of the Durango. I truly looked hard at the 2008 Aspen version of that rig, but the mark up is just too lofty to ever get where I would want to be; then this white Vibe 2009 AWD turned my head. Looking at your moniker, I've gotta ask, what do you ride? I've got a 2007 Triumph Rocket III I bought new last year. It looks good in the garage, next to the Vibe.
  • crimar30crimar30 Posts: 8
    I now own a 13 MPG Nissan Titan 4X4, that sits in my driveway except for towing my boat to water somewhere, while I drive my Vibe everywhere else!
  • bikerscumbikerscum Posts: 9
    '91 FXST/C... owned since new. Never saw a reason to change. :)

    Interesting about white Vibes. I saw a white AWD & really liked it, so I asked the dealer to find a white GT with auto. Not one within 400 miles. Not sure if it's because no dealers order them, or they sell out first. I DO like that look.
  • bikerscumbikerscum Posts: 9
    For those shopping... here's a pretty good site for actual pics of new Vibes... different trims & colors. (Unlike the Pontiac site which has things like dark black tinted windshields lol). They even have the legendary white GT. :)

    Prices are way out there, but the pics are helpful.

  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    Yes! The FXSTC is a great scooter. I bought the original 1986 version new, in FEB '86 and took delivery on Valentine's Day. I kept that bike for 8 years-- a record for me. We are enjoying our AWD Vibe. I would recommend it! The 2.4 is snappy!
  • ragu123ragu123 Posts: 5
    I got an Ultra White GT yesterday. :D It was the only one in the 200-mile radius of my zip code. When I used the Pontiac site to locate a GT the results showed mostly Red (about 80%), some black and the rest were liquid platinum. I don't think they are selling faster than other colors...I think dealers are not ordering as many whites as they do Reds and Blacks.

    BTW, I had to settle for $250 over invoice…and a $285 Doc fee. If it wasn’t for the GM Conquest rebate and my GM Card earnings, I would be driving a Mazda3 or a Honda Civic right now. Honestly, I don’t know how GM can compete in the small car market with likes of Honda, Toyota or Mazda. :confuse:
  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    Many thanks, and I'll check that site. As for dealing with GM dealers, I feel that some of them could do with more rules of conduct from the factory, but with the "offshore" manufacturers ever kicking the door, I guess GM is being held hostage to some extent. I agreed to let the conquest rebate be eaten by the dealer's outrageous (documentation 1% + gouging 99%) fee. I then paid cash over my trade-in. Being a 2009 model, and thus having about a year and a half of current-year life available, I went for it. Had it been a 2008, I would have passed up the Vibe. I know that sounds like sour grapes, but it's the truth!
  • bikerscumbikerscum Posts: 9
    Picked up my carbon grey Vibe GT from Luis today. GREAT dealer.... whole process including test drive & the final tour/instructions of the car was under an hour. Price was as agreed upon, & they matched my credit union's 5.5 APR. A brief pitch for the extended warranty & I was done.

    Initial impressions.... I love this car. Very comfortable, quiet, more than enough power, well finished, cupholders/storage everywhere, more front seat leg/arm room than my Durango SLT in the same driving position.

    Minor quibbles.... move the 110 outlet to the rear cabin where it'll be more useful, replace it with another 12v outlet which would be.... more useful. Include an oil pressure gauge on a GT car, the top end sound system should be a multi disk unit.

    I did a lot of research before buying the Vibe, & I'm still convinced $ for $, it's the best value out there.

    Do I sound happy? :)
  • bikerscumbikerscum Posts: 9
    Not against Pontiac, or the Vibe.... just a gripe.

    For God's sake put a spot SOMEWHERE on the dash, ANYWHERE, that has a smooth surface that a suction cup accessory mount will stick to!!

    Not my Vibe, Durango, or Mustang GT has such a surface.

    Rant over. :)
  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    And how about having the horn honk in addition to the lights blinking when you lock the doors with the remote! Isn't that pretty standard on most all 21st Century manufactured cars/trucks? :cry: :surprise:
  • smokiescatsmokiescat Posts: 7
    I believe the honk feature with keyless locking can be turned off. My Vibe has never honked when I lock remotely. While the sound is a good reminder that you have your key on the outside of the locked vehicle, it also tells passersby that you are leaving a vehicle unattended.
  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    A mechanic at the Pontiac dealership told me that the honk feature is not available. I have looked for info in the owners manual, and find nothing. :(
  • zzsignupzzsignup Posts: 6
    "You must have the "original GM Card" as only $1000.00 allowed on the newer cards."

    Yeah, it's the original one. We've been charging on it since my last GM 10 years ago...

    Too bad GM capped it, it's not like they're losing out, just rebating some of the merchant credit card fees, and it helps give GM some exposure when buyers are looking for new cars.

    "Do you know if the sales tax is calculated based on the original negotiated price and before deducting Conquest and GM card rebates or after?"

    Hey ragu123, sorry for the delayed reply, had been out of town for a little bit. Saw you already bought your Vibe, but here's the info anyway. As you probably figured out, the tax was based on the negotiated price before any rebates.

    "I think your state (CA) is the only state that has a fixed Doc/Processing fee"

    As much as I gripe about California being over-regulated, this was nice. I was glad I didn't have to negotiate every little fee.

    "ZZ... I owe you man. If you're ever out my way, the beer & lengendary Brentwood sweet corn are on me."

    Thanks bikerscum. Though I have a buddy who lives out in Concord, with gas prices as high as they are, doubt I'll get a chance to come out to Concord/Brentwood soon! Just glad to be able to help out.

    Glad you like yours. Just took mine down to Las Vegas and back, pretty comfortable ride considering the heat (90+). I'm already due for the 3000 mile oil change... guess I really like driving it. Unfortunately I already got a crack on the windsheld... thanks to our wonderful bay area highways. Grrr...

    Yeah, a DVD capable MP3 player would be even better, but I guess that's too much to ask for a $20k car. Agreed with you on the dash, I guess they are trying to make it stylish with the curving dash-line, but it sure makes it tough for GPS/radar detector mounting. I used a little silicon 'grip-pad' (they have them at auto parts stores) to rest my GPS on.

    I know how you feel, I haven't been this happy with a purchase in a while.
  • gary_ggary_g Posts: 13
    "I'm already due for the 3000 mile oil change..."

    - Check that 3000 mile number. The manual for my '08 Vibe says 5000 miles.
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