Chevy TrailBlazer Loss of power

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howdy all. got my 04 TB, 4.2L v6 in 06 with 13k miles, 23k miles now. was a salavage title (insurance mistake) so no warranty :( everything worked fine. So few mo later had to replace the battery since it's been sitting for a 3-4month and the stock one slowly went dead on me.

I'm a computer admin with some mechanics experience from working on Ninja 900cc..can do maintenance but not much of a troubleshooter when it comes to cars :(

I started noticing that once in a while i'd be driving in the range of 20-65m/h and have no power regardless how I push the gas pedal. Engine runs but tranny doesn't get invloved. I'd release the pedal and just roll for a couple of sec and push again and it'd be fine.
well, it's been over a yr now, and i find it doing it almost every time I drive it. it happens when engine is cold and when it's at normal op temp (I'm in Dallas, car warms up very fast). Most of the time it happens on the ramp getting on the highway and speeding up on the hightway but mostly in that range.

I haven't had any warning lights come on or engine lights... starts everytime, even in the winter. I change oil myself every 3,500 (Castrol GTX 5w30 with AcDelco filter). Tranny oil is still from the factory.

so one day it wouldn't pull while going up a steep ramp and tried releasing and pushing the gas pedal as always but the engine just died. I was able to pull over to the shoulder... switched to neutral and SOB started just fine!

I tried scanning the computer, but the scanner can't seem to establish a connection (keeps telling me to plugin the cable).

I'll take the dash apart this week to check if I forgot to connect the OBDII jack back after I run the fog light switch from the dash into fusebox.

Some guys were mentioning bad Neutral gear switch .. can I test that in some way or only a dealer can do that (where is it anyways)? Is it possible that I cause the problem by resting my right hand on the gear selector while driving?

Since the car didn't have warranty I made following upgrades after I got it: replaced the stock stereo with a mp3/USB deck (had to buy special harness with a chip) and installed a pair of fog lights with harness (7A on the same fuse as RPM gage, only I replaced 5A rpm fuse for a splitter with 2 5A fuses)

Thanx so much in advance for any ideas and advice.


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    I own a 2007 Trailblazer...I6 4.2L, much like yours. I have had a similar problem happen twice in my brand new truck. The first time I was driving about 20mph- the truck lost power and dropped to almost 5-10 mph. With in had kicked back in and it was fine. I have Onstar so I called them and had them do an emergency diagnostic- found nothing wrong. Exactly 30 days later- truck did it again, this time I was doing about 75 down the highway and it lost power and dropped to about 25-30 mph. Very scary on a busy highway!!! I took it to the dealer, they say nothing is wrong. I even contacted GM regarding this matter, they gave me free oil changes for a year becuase they dont know what is wrong. My father came up with this idea that maybe Onstar had something to do with it. We deactivated Onstar (its been over a month since Onstar has been gone now) and i havent had the problem at all. Just was wondering your thoughts on this, it seems like we are having the same problem. No one from the dealership or GM can figure it out, so its almost like I am conducting my own investigation!!!!!
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    unbelievable, isn't it :) Well, I haven't gotten around to checking my OBDII connections so I can't scan for anything :( I now mostly drive on cruise control cause it only happens when I'm pushing the pedal by foot (even though I check everything I can't see what's causing it) .... in mine, the injection controlled by a switch (when I push the accelerator down) the cable that goes to the throttle opener goes through a switch .. thinking to replace that and to see what happens.

    Now I started getting engine light during rainy weather .. i think one of the oxygen sensors .. but no idea which one. after i drive for an hour smth must be drying up cause the light goes away :)
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    this sounds like new feature that allows Onstar to cut your power if police request that action. Could it be that someone at OnStar is tweaking the system and testing randomly?
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    except I don't have Onstar ......
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    satvic: I was responding to a prior post by vbell with an 07 Trailblazer. OnStars new feature allows THEM to reduce your engine power when THEY want to. So if the driver of a car equiped with this feature decides to punch the accelorator to merge with traffic and OnStar decides to reduce the power at the same time, you won't merge very nicely. Now some will say that OnStar won't activate this feature unless asked to do so by the police, but that doesn't rule out accidental or unplanned activation. IMHO they have inserted yet another weak link in an already weak dependability chain.
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    I understood :) So, in this case my question is: is there smth in the system that can fail and cause the loss of power EVEN IN CASE where the Onstar was never installed on this particular car to begin with? Shouldn't there be some kind of plug to complete the circuit bypassing OnStar device features? any idea what it'd look like if it exists? :)
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    there are numerous conditions which would cause the engine to run at reduced power, all of which are by design. I would recommend taking a very close look at all of your gauges when this happens and report every item to the mechanic. How fast were you going, which gear was the car in, were you towing something, etc. Get a printout from the mechanic of all the possible reasons for programmed, reduced engine power. Then think of what may apply to your particular situation.
    One more thing, do a search of "reduced engine power" in the Ranier, Trailblazer, Envoy forum and see if anything sounds similar.
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    I've experienced the same with my 02 TB. The intermitten power loss , sometimes causing the engin to stall, was due to a O2 sensor. I've had it replaced three times, the last being about a year and a half now. The sensor was so corroded and in bad condition (supposedly due to water leaking onto it??) it was very difficult to replace.

    I've had no major problems since, other than the fact the SES light stays on all the time. Even after being reset. I seriously put black tape over it.

    I have 120K miles on it now.
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    i gotta try this cause every time I drive in rainy weather my engine light comes on. as soon as it dries up, light goes away. I wonder if it that's the same O2 sensor .. do you know how many are there? where is the one you've been replacing is located at? thanx so much
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    sounds like the same exact thing I went through

    seriously, every time it rained, or I washed my car (underneath and under each wheel well) it seemed to trigger the SES light. I am not sure which sensor they replaced, but know that the engine hesitation and stalling went away. The truck runs great now (outside the sway bar links needing to be replaced again) but the SES light is still on. At this point, it really does not bother me anymore.

    What do you want for $30,000, right :)
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    well, I paid $7k cash for my 04 with 13k miles but still feel robbed. Just reaching 30k miles and things starting to go out: little things: door switches, squaky and rattling noises.
    This is last american car for me :) seriously, the darn Honda Accord I had 10yrs ago was purring like a kitten at 180k miles with 32 mpg. Miss it :) Hope that O2 sensor is the last thing I have to replace before I get rid of it in spring :)
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    I am replying to your message to my post about my 07 trailblazer....I have done some more research on this issue. As far as Chevy is concerned they say that OnStar is NOT able to deactivate a vehicle while it is in motion. (even if told to do so by police). Its is considered unsafe. So even if my car was stolen lets say with a full tank of gas, as long as that person keeps driving the car and they have gas- they cant shut it off...lets say the person stops somewhere and shuts the vehicle off- now OnStar can come in and deactivate the vehicle making it so the vehicle will not turn back on. But they can not deactivate a vehicle while it is in motion- which kind of makes sense, but.......i still dont understand what my truck is doing. It hasnt happened again- Ive had OnStar reactivated for about 2 weeks now. Dont know what will one really does. Thanks for the relpy though!!!!
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    hey thanks for the reply....I've had the truck back up the the dealership for a steering wheel positioning sensor (nothing to do with the loss of power problem) but I was talking to the tech there and he says that my accelorator isnt run by a cable. Its basically all run by sensors. The problem is when they plug the truck in to the computer- nothings wrong, which is understandable because I dont have any warning lights to begin with when this happens. Anyways, I have reactivated OnStar...its been 2 weeks.. and nothing has happened since September. It only happened twice so maybe...just maybe it was a fluke in the system- which I find hard to understand on a brand new $30,000 truck. So I am basically waiting for it to happen again. The thing is I wanna get this all straightened out while I'm still under warranty. It all is really unbelieveable. I work for a heating and air conditioning company and I see less problems with new furnaces and air conditioners than I do with cars and they cost thousands of dollars less. Its amazing!!!! That is very strange with the Engine light in bad weather. Do you have Stabilitrak or any traction control system? I know that my Stabilitak light will come on in bad weather..but im not sure if its the same with your truck!!!

    Thanks again :)
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    Stavic...I know we've all been going back and forth with messages...but I do remember when I had OnStar deactivated from my vehicle they literally pulled a plug somewhere near the rear passenger tire. Didnt see them do it, so I dont know exactly where it is, but that is where the OnStar plug is in my truck...Good Luck!!!!!
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    vbell, my information came from a news report that stated that OnStar can now reduce engine power to newer OnStar equipped cars. They do not "deactivate" a car, they reduce power to a safe level so the driver cannot speed away. I would pose the question directly to OnStar, not Chevy or GM.

    Try googeling "OnStar can reduce power" and read the reports.
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    well, I think I figured out why the code scanner cannot get any reading out of the computer .. I changed the OEM stereo for a KENWOOD mp3 deck last year - DOH ! :) Well, SHEVY wiring runs through the stereo which makes the security system work etc...Also, you sistem chimes come out of your stereo when you open the doors etc.. SO, for those who consider another stereo, FYI you have to spend $100 or so for a special harness that contains a circuit box to preserve your security system capabilityes and has a speaker (for the chimes). I don't have the original harness anylonger to test my theory but I bet that after market harness with circuit is the reason my scanner can't read onboard computer.

    As far as the loss of power, I don't have OnStar system .. and this car never did! I am a very concervative driver, I never floor the pedal or push it pas 2k RPM..

    I am taking the vehicle into dealer on Monday to have them test the exhaust O2 sensor. I will have them check for the OnStart stuff........ will keep you posted.
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    We bought a 2002 Trailblazer from AutoRama about 4 months ago, if even that. But about 2 weeks ago I was driving and got lost on the highway and ended up 6 hours later home. But what would normally take me about 20 minutes up the highway from where I finally figured out where I was, it took me about 1 1/2 hrs. to get home. All of a sudden the power just went. I mean, I had power but only the first gear. Couldn't get out of it unless I backed off and barely touched the gas peddle. At first I was trippin cause when it first happened I kept tryin to make it go, but all I got was roaring so loud and the vehicle wouldn't go any faster at all. I could only get on the side gravel part of the highway and go no more than 20-25 miles per hour. Eventually I had to get over some lanes and I finally would get it up to atleast 40-45 but no more than 45. Thank God there was alot of traffic that was making everyone go pretty slow but alot of times I thought I was going to get in an accident since it was so hard to get it up to 45!

    So could it be the transmission? I had been getting on star to pop up in my little window above the steering wheel and I would push the buttons up above and I would hear a message from on star telling me that on star wasn't activated and to activate it I needed to call such and such number. I never have since it's an extra exspense that we can't afford right now.

    I'm really frustrated as to what could be the problem.

    Could it be from bad gas? The reason I ask is because I had stopped at a BP station in the outskirts of some town I was in.......yeah when I was lost......and before stopping there everything was fine with the trailblazer!!!

    I do remember that when I was lost, I had my 21 yr. old son in the vehicle with me. I was trying to get him to an insurance place so he could get insurance on his vehicle and ofcourse I got lost on the way there too, but he was yelling at me and needless to say I was pretty aggravated and I would go really fast a couple of times cause I was so frustrated at him yelling at me and not knowing where the heck I was. But this was way early on, I didn't have any problems at all til after I got the gas at the BP station.

    I guess I'm just wantin somebody to tell me that it isn't something serious and if it's just from bad gas then maybe it's a simple problem that I can fix myself.......probably not huh!

    But if anyone of you can help me out with this I would appreciate it. I've been reading on here and I'm so upset at all the problems that everyone is having. I've been so happy to have a vehicle, I thought was going to be safe and reliable for me to travel out of state to see my family, which I have a few times since we purchased it, but now I'm just heartbroken. I couldn't even spend any holidays with any of them this year.

    So I'll be prayin that somebody can help out on here! Thanks for listening!

    P.S. I'm not from this state so that's why I got so lost. :mad:
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    I really need some advice here. How can I get the codes from my 2002 Trailblazer myself?

    Is there a certain number of times to turn the on and off key switch on and then will it tell me if there is anything wrong with it by displaying codes?
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    I purchased my 2007 Trailblazer in March, 2007. Since then I have had 3 episodes of loss of power. Each one I was driving and I loss power, engine still running but no power to it. My check engine light went on and then off. I was lucky because I did not get in an accident. The only thing I could do was turn off the engine and restart and it was fine. It happened in August, December and now February. I took it each time to the dealer where I purchased it. In August, they said they couldn't find anything. In December, they found an error code and replaced a sensor and said they fixed it. Now in February, they found some error codes, replaced a module but told me they have no idea if the problem is fixed or not. Basically, I was told to drive until it happens again. I explained my concern of my safety - what would happen if I was going 65 mpg and this happened on a busy freeway. They said they can only deal with what the computer tells them. So at this point, I got it back from the dealer last night and found this website and hmmm it seems like I'm not the only one having this problem but still no one knows what is causing it.
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    My 05 went to the dealer today for this same problem plus a few others. OnStar sent my monthly email with an diagonstic alert on the emissions systems. Service center replaced the O2 sensor. We'll see if this works. Gota take it and have the battery replaced also, I'm not paying their price. My dad has a 02 pickup that was doing the same thing. His would quit doing it when he added fuel treatment or injector cleaner but, two days ago it died. His turned out to be the fuel pump.
    For those of you considering going foreign, been there done that, good luck. I had a Kia Sorento. We loved the Kia but, it stayed at the dealer almost as much as we drove it. Always for the same problem. Always had to call Korea for permission on the minimum they could do to fix it. The last time it went in they stapled a wire on the transmission, we took it straight to the Chevrolet dealer and traded. At least with my Chevy I get service, don't have to wait on Detroit to make a decision and something always gets replaced not stapled, which at least makes me feel better.
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    What do you mean "they stapled a wire on the transmission"?
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    I don't know what that means. That is all they told me and was on the repair statement they gave me. I didn't take the time to look under it to see what they did, I'd had enough of the run around.
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    Chevy 2005 TB
    My truck first starting having hesitation issues when going up hill @ 35,000 miles. Of course I took in to the dealer they kept it for 3 days and could not find anything wrong or duplicate the issue. They told me it was probably a bad tank of gas. Things were fine...nothing happened until last week. Due to "other" issues I waited to have my 30,000 mile check up done last week. I am currently at 45,000 miles. I went to get in the truck to take it in and the check engine light came on. Not a big deal as I was already on my way to the shop, they did a diagnostic test and it was coming up as a o2 senor issue. The mechanic working on my truck told me what the code was but said that he did not think this was the issue. He did the 30,000 mile check up; the check engine light went off. I picked up the truck and things were fine until the past Tuesday night. I was driving to work...sitting idle at the exit ramp my truck shakes a bit then dies. I cut the engine off, restarted it no more issues on the way to work. That afternoon...same thing happened. Waiting my turn at a stop sign, car dies. Turn it all the way off, restarts with no issues. I drove it home. Wednesday night while turning onto our subdivision street coasting at a low speed the truck looses power again. Called up my mechanic he told me to bring it in right away...just got a call from him stating that GM has a PCM update that will re-calibrate several things from the transmission to the electronic throttle control. I will repost in a few days to let you know if this does correct the hesitation and stalling issues that I have been experiencing.
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    Please let us know!!
    I have a 05 TB with 60k miles. The problem that I am having is that when the engine is cold I will have power loss and as soon as I take my foot off the gas, the car will die. The engine starts right back up. The check engine light nor does any other service light come on. This problem is very sporadic. I did add some Lucas fuel treatment and we did not experience the problem, but I think it was just luck. This problem happened to my wife this morning. Any ideas???
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    thanks alot!!! It hasnt done it for a good 6 months or more now!! Onstar has been reactivated and I havent had a problem since!!!! :confuse:
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    Hey vbell

    What exactly did they do to fix your problem? I'm taking mine in tomorrow.

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    It looks like I have solved my problems! I want to thank you all for the TSB concerning the loss of power and stalling. This past Saturday I went to the dealer and had the software update done. While at the dealer, the service person recommended a fuel system cleaning for $130. I declined because the service techs get paid a commission on what they sell. I added a can of Sea Foam to my tank. This is the same thing that a lot of mechanics use to clean the fuel system of carbon. I also replaced the O2 sensor on Sunday.

    My TB is running like a dream! I'm also getting 18.4 MPG for everyday driving.
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    a 03 tblazer and what you guys are going through is this there is fan clutch and its connected to the engine. Whats happening is its not the engine its the tranny how do i know the 03 i had i replaced well gm did 8 to 9 fan clutches and it still did not work. Turns out the tranny started to slip because REDUCED ENGINE POWER now the light may or may or may not come on because the fan won't let the engine over heat and its built into engine.
    As honda's has a electric fan and it cuts on just when the engine is getting hot and it does not lose power. So as you guys drive you all will see you all are going to need trannies im not lying. The techs know but they are told NOT say anything about a defect and they are not going to let them waste all that time on a defect that gm did not fix. So trade out now and take a hit if you can and buy [non-permissible content removed] autos i did i got a honda and 27000 miles later no problems period.
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    responding to my post from a few months ago...looks like I spent over 700.00 dollars to finally be told that the 02 sensor was bad! My truck has been running like a dream since it has been changed out. Luckily the shop did not charge me for the 02 sensor replacement, since I had to pay for everything else done that was not correcting the porblem. If you are experiencing the same issues have them change it shop told me the sensor did not look bad thus the reason why they did not replce it the first time that i took it in...
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    I recently pruchased 2003 trail blazer. Driving around town its fine. Driving down the highway, after about 40 miles or so, it loses power, but doesn't die. I pull over on the shoulder, shut it off, restart it & it goes on. Can someone HELP please. Has had it in chevrolet shop twice, w/ no explanations.
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    I have a 2000 BLazer/Trailblazer package w/173k on it. 1.5 weeks ago I replaced the intake manifold which gave me a little more zip and slightly smoother ride. So I was en route out of town and all of a sudden the SUV loses power. I was going 70mph and all of a sudden nada! I could not get it to restart. The electrical system seemed to be working fine. Battery good. All liquids fine. All other systems seemed to be fine.
    I was towed to my mechanic (does not use computers just listens and looks) who said I need a new motor. I then spoke with another friend who is a mechanic who told me to take it back to the mechanic who did the intake, which I did. They are much more advanced than the first mechanic and have machinery that the car is being tested. So far no information.
    Has this happened to anyone? What transpired? What else do I need to know? Thanks in advance!
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    Did you ever get your loss of power resolved? I had the problem in 2008 $3000 later and now again. I am so frustrated and dont know what to do...
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    The buttons to the radio on my '04 SE 6cyl. don't work. The knobs do work however. I pulled the fuse (No. 41) and re-inserted it again after 5 min. It changed from AM to CD but I could not change it back and the buttons continued not to work. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?
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    Im desperate! I have read so many post on here about the same things happening, but it doesnt seem like anyone ever gets it resolved. My 04 TB was running fine, then it started to lose power with the ac on, then it got to where we couldnt run the ac at all...within a week it was losing power on hills and then just went from 60 - 10 in like 60 seconds!
    This is our only vehicle and its been in the shop now for a week with I cant even tell you how much money sunk into it. So far they have changed the cam sensor, the crank sensor, oil change, checked the throttle sensor, and I really dont even know what else.
    I have seen so many different things on here that if I had them fix all of them I would be better off just parting out the car! Not really but Im sooo frustrated!

    Please please someone help! What can I do? Its been coded and everything that might have come up on the codes has been fixed. Someone suggested the O2 sensor but I have like 3 or 4, and none of them look bad.

    I would appreciate any guidance!!


    In Mo. Without A Car!
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    I have a 2002 Trailblazer that, while driving down the road, would just quit. Engine stopped, no power steering or brakes. Dealer said there was no "error codes" of any type. When I put the car in PARK and turned off the ignition, and tried to restart, it WOULD, as if nothing had happened. My dealer kept my car, and, was able to experience the same LOSS OF POWER, and, finally got a BAD O2 SENSOR reading. It was causing the car to FLOOD ITSELF, causing the engine stalling out. Hope this helps all you POWER LOSS folks. Cost me $400 to get it fixed. Seems like a lot of faulty O2 SENSORS in GM products.
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    That is crazy that it cost you $400 for the O2 sensors. Anyways, I has having this same issue too. There is a SB from GM about this issue. The fix is a software update for the computer. The update cost about $85. Just be aware of this if the issues start occuring again.
  • wes123wes123 Member Posts: 3
    Well, they replaced the O2 sensor, and, I'm pretty sure this solved the problem. Remember, this did not show up on a computer code. I first paid for a fuel filter and throttle body cleaning, before they found the O2 sensor to be the cost to me = $600. :sick:
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    Hey everyone, I have a 2002 TB LT 4WD. This past Saturday my wife and I drove about 30 minutes to visit a museum. After we left to go have lunch, we drove about 1/4 mile to an intersection. When the traffic light turned green and we accelerated to make our left turn, our TB struggled for power, it rattled, like we had a flat tire. We pulled over, I checked the tires but they were all good.
    We decided to try and make it home, but the TB was barely given us any power to merge onto the freeway. We decided to pull into a burger joint and have it towed home and not risk any damage or have it break down on the highway somewhere.
    From what I noticed, all the guages seemed normal. I did not smell anything unusual as for as gas or oil, plus I did not notice any leaks after we parked it.
    When I start it up, it sounds rough, like it is gasping for air or fuel. I can hear a "putt putt" from the muffler and can feel the exhaust coming out in spurts and not a smooth flow. The vehicle was fine on the drive over, not issues, we had the a/c running as well with no issues. Any ideas what it could be? I'm thinking of changing the O2 sensors to see it that helps. We have already had the transmission replaced once about two years ago. Nothing but problems with this vehicle, don't even get me started on the window but the drivers side works now, I have replaced it twice already.
    Also, does anyone have any issues with the RPM guage not working, it is useless, sometimes it works, but most times it is just all over the place when the engine is(was) running fine. When I rev up, the needle moves up, but does not come back down, the more I rev, the higher it goes until it's pegged care all......Eli
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    I want to try to help all those with the loss of power problem...We just had this issue and tried everything my mechanic could think of, including: new O2 sensors, cam sensor, crank sensor, tune up, oil change, throttle bottle cleaned, new fuel sensors inside the car and under the hood...after alot of money it turned out to be the caytalic converter!! Once this was replaced my TB runs like a dream! I hope this helps anyone looking for the fix to this issue, :)
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    Well it turns out that the issue with our TB was that the #1 cylinder coil was not operating properly, it had a Code P0301. It took it in and had it diagnosed and repaired, runs like new now, it cost $227 and change, but well worth it. I think it's time to invest in a code reader.
    The RPM gauge is working now, the mechanic said he did not do anything to it, so I'm not sure what the deal is with it.

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    Worried about being killed at intersection. TB for no warning, has no power when pressing gas pedal. No warning when it is going to happen. Very random. NOT SAFE!!!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Hello Hjhildo,
    Have you had the vehicle diagnosed for the concern? How intermittent in the problem? Can you please e-mail me the VIN of the vehicle? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
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    I had the trailblazer into the mechanic. There is NO code on my computer that even says this is happening. If no code, how can it be fixed? What is causing the problem? Will it happen to me in a life or death situation? It happens whenever.
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    I am extremely concerned about the gas pedal situation. Some one could be killed. The computer in the vehicle does not even acknowledge the problem. There is NO reason for a hardly used 2006 vehicle should have this problem or ANY year vehicle to have such a harmful problem.
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    I had the same concern with my wife's 2005 Trailblazer. We almost caused a serious accident. It's a good thing the other drivers were paying attention. You are correct, there was never any codes either. I took it a dealer to be checked out and they found nothing. I then started search and found that there is a SB for this issue and it recommended having the computer software upgraded. It took the trailblazer back to the dealer and told then I wanted the upgrade. I had to give the copies of the information that I found and argue with them. They finally did it.
    I sometimes still experience some surges but the dealer says that GM tells them this is within their normal limits. They are going to think "normal limits" when this causes someone to die due to an accident.
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    I am having similar issues. I was driving down a straight road at about 35 mph and hit the brakes going up to a red light and all my internal lights and gauges went out. Headlights still worked, but all inside power went out. It has happened 3 times today, all around 0400-0430. The next thing that happens is the flat tire signal comes on, then the check engine light, and then all other instruments come back. However, the stereo stays off until I stop and restart the truck. It's an after-market, so I have to reset all my settings, as if I just installed the radio.
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    The vehicle was hooked up to computer. NO READING about faulty gas pedal. Happened twice so far, not a warning as to when it will happen again. Hoping it is not in an intersection and someone is killed.. There is NO power in the vehicle to move because the gas pedal does not react. The TB hardly has any miles on it, just 37000. I feel like I am driving a death trap, I should not have these worries or expences in a fairly new vehicle.
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    How do you get the computer software upgrade? Is it at chevy's expense? It's not MY fault the TB is broke. :cry:
  • hjhildohjhildo Member Posts: 9
    Where is there an answer to my problem? It is a serious problem that chevy should be concerned about. It is not only me with the problem. It should be a recall before somebody is killed.
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