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Extended Warranty - Toyota Extra Care



  • I realize your post wasn't addressed to me, but I recently purchased a 6yr 100K Platinum Toyota Extra Care warranry ($0 deductible) for my 4x4 '08 Highlander. The lowest price I found was $880 from Toyota of Greenfield. Transaction was very easy.
  • lucky_777lucky_777 Posts: 205
    I bought 7y/75K Toyota Platinum no deductible for $560 from Midwest superstore That was for 4x4. 4x2 should be $60 - 100 less.
  • dema1dema1 Posts: 2
    Thanks for all who responded, as when I presented the various prices to the dealer, they were able to adjust the price of a 7yr/100K (0 deductible) Toyota Platinum Extra Care warranty from $1235 to $890. Which I believe is more in line with the going rate.

    Thanks again to all.
  • tinsytinsy Posts: 6
    We have also just purchased a 2008 Highlander Limited (love it) and am wanting to purchase extended warranty. I am glad to see the lower prices here, my own dealership offered a non-Toyota warranty, did some cking around found out about Toyota Platimum Care and am very glad to find the price from the boards here much less, than I thought. Would you mind telling me the name of the dealership and where you purchased your warranty from. I called another Toyota dealership and they said you can purchase Toyota warranty from any dealership....they just put in your vin # and pull up your car. Would like to be fair & purchase from where I bought the car if they will match price.
    Thank You, this forum has been great

    call and ask for financial department.
  • tinsytinsy Posts: 6
    Thanks for the help. I did sign up for the Platinum care at my dealership.
    7/100,000 for 900.00

    I would not have had the leverage had it not been for this forum. Thank you everyone.
    It is a little higher than some posted here but seeing how I bought the Highlander Limited 2x4 MSRP 40,300 for 35,300 OTD I felt I had an excellent deal. In my state we pay sales tax seperately directly to the state. So to keep all the paper work in one place it was worth it.
  • You lost at list $200, but that's small change...
  • tinsytinsy Posts: 6
    Thanks for replying. I felt it was a good deal(esp for an '08 redesigned), just wanted to know where I stood. Appreciate the info. Do you have the break down?
  • All I said, that you could pay at list $200 less for the same warranty if you'd shop around. As far as car price you need to post in the "Prices paid" thread. You have to list every option that you got and itemize what you paid for it.
  • I got my dealer to match the Toyota Extended Warranty from Troy for 6 yr/100,000 miles no deduction for $875 for my new 2008 Highlander Hybrid. Thanks to ALL for the information. Without your advice I would have been stuck with a $1400 3rd party warranty.
  • trelfaztrelfaz Posts: 1
    I just bought a 7y/100,000 mile warranty for my 2008 highlander hybrid from jerry in the finance dept. from The cost was only $964.00 all others were well over $1200.00 And the great thing is I didnt have to haggle he gave me the low price up front and since I live out of state there was no sales tax.
  • mforermforer Posts: 3
    Hi Everyone,
    I'm going to buy a Toyota certified '03 Matrix if things work out with the price. Car purchasers don't generally know that they can purchase an extended warranty from a dealership OTHER THAN the dealership they are buying the car at. It's most important for those that willing to share their extended warranty "bumper to bumper"/ "wrap around" pricing deals to list the amount, type of policy (gold or platinum) and dealership contact info. Without that info, no one will know which dealership to contact and to patronize. Query: Desperately in need of some contact info for dealerships that offer great prices for extended warranties and their prices. The more info, the better. Thanks a bunch in advance. Time is of the essence! :shades:
  • mforermforer Posts: 3
    Thanks a lot for your posting but one important question...."Toyota of Greenfield?" What state is that dealership? Do you have their website info and if so, please post it? You bought your Toyota Extra Care warranty from them, but where in hatties are they? :cry:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Just a wild guess, but try :)

    Looks like they are in Mass. Don't see a warranty link off-hand.
  • My relatives and I have bought several Toyota Extended Warranties from Toyota of
    Greenfield, Massachusetts. Their web site is

    I saved hundreds of dollars from other Toyota dealers. This is a "standard" Toyota warranty from Toyota. Toyota of Greenfield just sold this for less (I guess make a profit on volume)
  • dakineguydakineguy Posts: 46
    I just bought a 2008 Highlander Limited FWD Platinum Warranty from Tustin Toyota (7 years/100K miles/$0 deductible) for $955.
  • I am interested in purchasing Toyota's Platinum Warranty for my new '08 Highland Limited. Do you have the name of the person at Tustin Toyota who sold you the warranty?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Do you have the name of the person ...

    We ask that you not post the names of sales people or other contact information here. If you wish to exchange that kind of information then please take it to email. Thanks.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • So noted. dakineguy, at your earliest convenience, would you please contact me through my email address and let me know the name of the person at Tustin Toyota that I should contact for Toyota's Platinum Warranty price. Thanks.
  • I wonder if California residents can buy the warranty out of state, for example, from Troy @ Toyota of Greenfield in MA. If you go to for a quote in CA, you'll get an error message: "Sorry - the states of Califonia and Florida require you to purchase warranty agreements from an in-state dealer"
  • Can you further explain in detail your reply and in particular, about the "error message." I need futher clarification and detail, please; the more the better.

    I will be buying a Toyota auto soon and plan on buying a Toyota extended car warranty from a dealer in another state....because the prices are better and it's for the same product. I already checked.
  • If you go to that link and input some car info for a quote in CA, you'll see the message. I just checked with a dealer from another state, and was told that If you are in CA, you can buy from out-state dealers as long as the transaction is NOT processed via internet (fax or mail is fine). That's what I learned. Don't blame me if anything goes wrong :-)
  • My wife and I went to a local Toyota dealer in California to inquire about Extended Warranty for our 06 Highlander Hybrid. We were given a quote of $1795 for the Platinum Package, 7 years/75,000 miles with zero deductible. When we balked at the quote, we were then told that since the vehicle is nearing 36 months, “you have only a few days to wrap this up.” When we were about to leave, the Finance Manager picked up his phone and supposedly called his supervisor. I said “supposedly” because he began talking far too soon after dialing. His boss must have been just waiting for the call, and grabbed his phone in a flash! After the lightning “conversation,” the manager said his boss had approved a discount – we could get the same coverage for $1595. The new quote was $200 less, and the dealer was not making any money, but “we’re doing it for our customers”.

    I began searching the internet. Lo and behold, quotes that are more reasonable began appearing. The internet is a great equalizer. It allows car owners to check locally, state-wide and nation-wide.

    The Internet Extended Warranty Manager at Molle Toyota came through with the most reasonable quote of $645. He beats the next two lowest quotes by $5 and $10, and he beats the highest quote by $1150. There are definitely sharks out there. Let the buyer beware. If you don’t watch out, you can really get conned, and ripped off big time.

    If you are not sure which warranty plan to choose, go to: ehicleProtectionPlan

    then select Protection Plan Comparison Chart to view the different plans available.

    If you emailed Molle Toyota, you will get a reply with a quote, including a scanned (pdf) copy of the paperwork for you to review. If it looks good, call with your credit card. You may be put on hold, as the call is transferred. Part of the recorded message at Molle Toyota says: “if you don’t buy from Molle, you’ll pay too much.” Based on my experience, this is very true!

    Molle Toyota is in Kansas City, MO.

    I want to share this info with everyone on this forum!
  • I was quoted $860 for 7yr/ 100,000,/ 0 deduct,Platinum plan, What plan were you quoted for $645 ?
  • Mine was only $645 for the Platinum Plan for 7/75 with zero deductible. We have more than one vehicle, and we don't put that many miles on the Highlander Hybrid, so we feel that 75,000 miles would be adequate - that's how we selected the 75 plan instead of the 100K.
  • Hi - I am researching whether this platinum plan is really worth getting on my new highlander. I haven't closed the deal at the dealership on the new car, but they really want to sell it to us.

    My question is, can I purchase this warranty at a later date? I believe my dealer said I could, but that it would be more expensive. True?

    The quote given was $1350 for 7yrs/75k miles or $1650 for 7yrs/100k miles. As I research what others have posted on this board, I see the dealer is getting a high profit margin. Is this just another tactic for the dealer to squeeze more money out of you?
  • I have been struggling with both of these, together they cost an extra 2800.00.
    Yes I was pressured into them. I have been doing research and asking mechanics what they think. Most say get rid of em and put money in the bank. These plans are ways for the finance depts to make a profit off of us by trying to scare us into thinking something "bad" is going to happen but they will be there for us. HA!
    What do u think out there?
  • I posted my experience in Sept of 2008, Message #59 (just 5 messages before yours).

    Since then, I have received a few emails sharing similar experiences. It is clear that some dealers are using this trick to con us in spending more money, by trying to scare us. Recently, I accompanied a friend when he went in to buy a Tacoma truck. Based on price searches done on the internet, the dealer did give him a good price. Sure enough, he was "encouraged" to protect his investment with an extended warranty. I saved my friend over $1600 by buying from an out-of-state dealer. It's the same warranty - just from another Toyota dealer from another state.

    I did not buy GAP insurance, just the Extended Warranty.

    It makes me mad that these sharks are out there taking advantage of their customers.

  • jhornjhorn Posts: 18
    Hartford Toyota offers $975 for Pt 7yrs/75k miles for my 08' HL Limited. It appears that they still have some margin in this quotes.

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