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Extended Warranty - Toyota Extra Care



  • YES ! You either have a certain time frame to cancel or at worst case, prorated.I believe you might have 30 day's for full refund but I wouldn't be quoted on that.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited December 2010
    The other wrinkle is that you may not be able to buy a replacement Toyota extended warranty if you cancel the current one. Honda has (or had) this policy but I don't know about Toyota.
  • Both of you are correct. I did cancel and we do have 30 days to get a full refund and after that a prorated refund. I checked with Jerry and he said that Toyota does not have that restrictive clause about not being able to buy a replacement Warranty if we cancel the current one. So I went ahead and cancelled with the current dealer and Jerry quoted $ 1400 for the same Warranty! So, that is a straight savings of $ 500 that ima gonna use to buy myself a high end Escort Passport Radar Speed Detector!!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Cool beans. That's a nice way to ring in the New Year. :)
  • The Toyota extended warranty is a RIP OFF - and TOYOTA SUCKS. We purchased the same 100,000 mile extended warranty for our 2006 Sienna van for about $1500. The sliding door failed a year ago and the warranty claim was denied. It took many many many hours of fighting the warranty claim and finally we were able to get half the cost covered. Last week the van chugged to a halt 80 miles from town - I had it towed the 80 miles to the Toyota dealer, where upon they told us we had to pay $1100 to have the engine dismantled so the Toyota Investigator could determine the cause of the failure. It turned out the head gasket had blown. The customer service person at the dealership assured us this was covered by the warranty and was not a result of anything done by the drivers. The head mechanic assured us of the same. The service manager assured us of the same. The investigator assured us of the same. We received the call this afternoon from the warranty claim center saying our claim was denied.

    Tomorrow we begin the uphill battle of getting our due and getting the engine (replacement is the only option) covered. Frankly it is BS. If you own stock in TOYOTA - sell, sell, sell. I will never buy a TOYOTA and you should not either. TOYOTA SUCKS!
  • I purchased this warranty 3 1/2 years ago for my Sienna and Camry Hybrid. I think it was the best choice and have found it invaluable. My Sienna had a sensor problem at 60,000 miles that was $750 to fix and the Toyota dealer took care of it and it cost me nothing. Now i am selling my Camry Hyrbid and having that 7yr/100,000 zero deductible warranty is an incredible selling point making the car more valuable and much easier to sell. Fidelity is owned by JM Family who is the Toyota distributor for the southeastern US and is an incredibly reputable company. You couldn't ask for better security and customer service than these guys. I purchased a warranty from an internet company 6 years ago for another vehicle and they went out of business and i am out the $1400 I paid for it. That was very frustrating and I didn't want to take any chances again. Last point is that if you don't use this warranty you get your money back at the end of the contract. To me this is a no brainer worth while deal with nothing but upside whether you use it or not and a great asset when you go to sell your car
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Such effusive praise makes me think you are selling cars down in Florida yourself.

    Southeast Toyota has quite the reputation alright. For padding the cost of new Toyotas.

    Why does Edmunds' pricing for Toyota vehicles differ from pricing at my local Toyota dealer?
  • Can you verify if you have Toyota extra care warranty or you have something different? Why was your claim denied?
  • Dunno what kinda warranty you purchased, it could be an Aftermarket warranty, not from Toyota itself. You shoulda been browsing this thread before you purchased that warranty on the internet as u claim to have done. Better late than never...
  • k_at_mdk_at_md Posts: 1
    Thank you Lucky777, "MIDWESTSUPERSTORE" is the real deal. Their Toyota care price is 35% less than where I bought my 2011 Toyota van from. Thank you again......
  • purchased 08 Highlander with 35,000 miles--can get bumper to bumper certified platinum service agreement 100,000 miles or 2016 for $990. Should I do this? My warranty is over soon.
  • nick_in_ncnick_in_nc Posts: 1
    That is a reasonable price to me.

    When I first called about my prius, (this may be different price for a hybrid as well) the financial guy told me that I had to get it certified (even though it was before the 36k/3yr had expired and that they have inspected it for me to buy). $395 to do that. He quoted me $1895 for the 100k warranty. OH my. So I shopped around. I finally bought a warranty without having the certified part. My best quote was $1055 for 100k, and $1695 for a 125k 8 year warranty. I chose the 125K.

    I use more miles than time, so I wanted the longest they could give me. With all the computer stuff on them, it will be worth it.

    My partner bought one and he paid $2495 for a 100k... we have to go back and cancel it as well.
  • hookman3hookman3 Posts: 1
    Well, based on previous posts, it seems that Jerry still works at the Midwest Superstore dealership in Kansas, and I just purchased an extended warranty for my new 2011 Highlander through him at similar prices that were quoted before. Here's what he sent me:


    5 YEAR 80,000 MILES $449.00, 5 YEAR 100,000 MILES $584.00

    5 YEAR 125,000 MILES $734.00

    6 YEAR 75,000 MILES $479.00, 6 YEAR 100,000 MILES $689.00

    6 YEAR 125,000 MILES $924.00

    7 YEARS 75,000 MILES $559.00, 7 YEAR 100,000 MILES $814.00

    7 YEARS 125.000 MILES $1,034.00

    8 YEARS 75,000 MILES $659.00 8 YEARS 100,000 MILES $944.00

    8 YEARS 125,000 MILES $1,259.00

    No taxes or fees if purchased outside of Kansas.
  • I got the following quotes for 6yr/75K warranty for 2011 Sienna.

    Midwest Toyota : $ 509
    Acton Toyota : $ 500
    Molle Toyota: $ 460

    My Original dealer quoted $895 for the plan..

    Bought it from Molle Toyota.. The rep there was a very nice gentleman called Brad...
  • Just bought a new HL last evening and had a question regarding the warrenty. Would I be able to buy the 7/100,000 mile Toyota Platinum Warraty at 35K miles? Or do I have to purchase it now while it is brand new? And if I am able to purchase it at 35K, will it still be the same price as if I were purchasing it now?

    I ask because I would rather not buy it now as the car is already covered under the 3/36 mile warranty. So if it's the same price, I would be better off buying it at 35K miles and extending myself out to 135K miles. Please let me know if anyone has had luck purchasing the extrending warranty down the road after using the car for a couple years.

  • You have until your 35,000 mi warranty expires to purchase the extended warranty (very simple process). The price will sometimes be a little more , as prices are usually raise's a little each year, but normally minimal.
    You will not recieve a 135,000 mi. warranty as 100,000 mi warranty includes your factory warranty. That is pretty standard any where you might purchase an extended warranty. The Platinum plan does include a few xtra's that are not included in the factory warranty, one that comes to mind is I believe towing, and hotel allowance if on the road during breakdown. I purchased mine throught Midwest Toyota Superstore Hutchison Kansas , for more than half the cost our local dealership was asking.
  • Great, thanks for the explanation. So regardless of when I buy it going to be up to a total of 100K or 125K depending on which one I purchase. I still may wait until 30K or so to gauge how many miles I will be putting on each year to see which warranty will suit me best

    And the platinum service warranty covers all the electrical components as well, such as navigation, and push button start etc? I upgraded from an 2000 Honda, and the additon of so many electrical components are incredible (in a good way). That however is probably my biggest concern, I just feel like there are so many more things that could go wrong.
  • Right, electronics is the same reason I purchased the warranty plus peace of mind and possibly a good selling feature if I were to sell it, which I have n plans to do.
  • Can anyone confirm that california residents must purchase warranty agreements from in-state dealers? eg: CA residents can't purchase from Midwest Superstore?
  • belevinbelevin Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    I am asking all you for advice and I am sorry this is so wordy...

    Well in 5 days my 2004 Toyota Sienna Platinum After Care 100K / 7 year warranty coverage expires, and I asked if I could extended it again because I paid about $800 for the first 7 years and have received well over $3000 in benefit including a new A/C Compressor and just last month a new transmission pan gasket.

    So I did not expect any positive acknowledgment but was pleased to hear back from my Colorado local dealer that the new warranty with the 60 month option or 60,000 miles would cost me $2950. My current mileage has about 73,000. I can pay with 10% down and then $149/month for the next 18 months at zero interest financing.

    In 2004 I purchased my warranty in Colorado from my friend's dealer since my friend purchased an identical Sienna and the Poway CA dealer offered the warranty for (if I remember approximately) $1500 and I bought it from Colorado while living in San Diego for $800. So it worked for me! That is 7 years ago!

    I am thinking that purchasing such a warranty holds off my need to buy another new car for 5 more years. We are tight on cash and was told that just to fix a sliding rear electric door would cost over $2000.

    I tried to price check it back at my old dealer in Poway CA where I bought the vehicle and they only would offer a power train warranty for 2 years for $1800 so I am beginning to think that this Platinum warranty extension is worth having at that price. They told me that my quoted price of $2950 was based on mileage and that a Gold warranty would cost me only $2400. But I had the gold prior and IMHO the only way to go is the top of the line Platinum warranty.

    One more bit of information would be that my wife sits in the car for endless hours in park (maybe 2 hours / day) waiting for my five kids to get through their activities such as soccer practice. So I am sure that my engine has many more miles on it then the mileage meter reads.

    I AM JUST LOOKING for someone to confirm that this extended "used" car Platinum warranty is a good idea.

    Thank you,

  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 570
    Is this a Toyota warranty underwritten by Toyota or a third party warranty?
    Please check all the fine print. A five year extended warranty on a seven year old vehicle is unusual. It may be fine but double check.
  • I purchased the 7-year Platinum Extra Care plan back in 2004. Never had a claim -- until now, big time. With two months to go, my regular (independent but Toyota-certified) mechanic found a major internal engine problem that sounded to him like it was something going bad in the bottom end.

    He said go right to the nearest dealer, which I did. After some hemming and hawing, they said they heard the same thing. I produced detailed maintenance records. I never once had a lapse in lube and oil changes. The dealer service rep said it would be a "slam dunk" that my warranty would handle the extensive repairs, and would probably end up replacing the bottom end.

    Today he calls and says the problem is in the top end with some "scoring" in the cams and oil journals. And what causes that? "Lack of lubrication. Well, clearly the lack of lubrication was not my fault, since I've no external leaks and I've been religiously maintaining the car -- a 2005 Camry V6, btw. So now he wants my permission, before the "inspector" from the Toyota warranty company arrives, to tear apart the bottom end to try to find the "failed part."

    And if there is no "failed part?" The inspector says "lack of lubrication," denies the claim and I'm on the hook for $3,000 in repairs that probably won't even address the real problem.

    Keep in mind this car has LESS than 50,000 miles on it and I'm the original owner.

    Anyone else had a similar problem? How did it come out for you?
  • I am curious how this worked out for you... What happened??? Was this an original OEM Toyota Corporate warranty or a third party (fidelity?)?

    Please give us an update.

  • I was told to buy the extended warrenty for my car a VW passsat wagon , I should have done my research, this company has hundred of claims that they will not cover , My car overheated due to a faulty thermastat -which caused the overheat ,cracked a cylinder head that needed to be fixed and the grand total of 7500 !!! I begged and pleaded with the dealership to lower there prices , which they did , FWC only covered the therm and 200 of the 900 for the teardown they required ... I am going to viral with all the documents to prove this company scams people ..I will send it to the President of Toyota and all the media outlets, pbs,radio ,newspaper,youtube to get this company to pay for what they should have covered for me and countless others .. The warrenty price is 2950 of which after they pony up the funds to pay for the problems ..I intended
    to make them regret they never helped consumers please help by responding to this we are paying consumers and we have RIGHTS....
  • shortyesshortyes Posts: 8
    After reading Edmunds, I went and called Midwest Toyota and got a quote for an extended warranty 8 yrs 100K. Even though I am in Florida, I just got the confirmation from Toyota. I'm pleased with Jerry and the pricing. It was 3x cheaper than what SET asked for.
  • smooth01smooth01 Posts: 18
    Glad you called them, they are good to work with and not trying to rip people off. I have no interest in these warranties other than they asked me to spread the word for them ( when I purchased mine) which I have. I have also found they sell warranties for other MFG's , so if you would know anyone buying a new vehicle other than Toyota ,you might ask them to check with them before buying from their dealer. I have not heard of anyone yet that has not been satisfied with their results after contacting Midwest Toyota.
  • The Price is good. But the claim that they can reduce your rate "If you purchase the Warranty" is a violation of Truth in Lending. If they can reduce your rate, they can reduce it whether you purchase a warranty or not. In Fact, you should now demand that reduction in rate regardless of you warranty purchase.

    Dealer does well with pricing and then lies to you regarding rate. No reason for this.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    edited July 2012
    I sent Jerry at Midwest Toyota an e mail. He called me within 15 minutes. Only sells the top of the line Toyota warranty with $0 deductable. I probably will be purchasing the 7 year 75,000 mile one for my 2012 Limited 4WD V6. Quoted a price of $594 which is less than 3 times the price the Dealership I bought the car from offered.
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
  • What is jerry at midwest toyota email or number?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Please check their website for current contact info. We don't support the posting of phone numbers or email addresses on the forum.
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